September 2006

Mosaic for Mac

After a longer development and test period that I would have liked, I think we’re finally ready to give our mac users a sneak peek at the MLB.TV Mosaic on the mac platform. Some of our more astute users may have noticed the Mac download link up on the download page yesterday, but im announcing it here on the blog first, and we’ll be emailing our mac user base shortly to let them know its available. I realize the regular season is just about finished, and we’ll be developing on both the PC and Mac platforms through the off-season to have both products polished and ready for you all for next year. For international users, we hope you’ll enjoy the mosaic throughout the post-season as well. Thanks for all of your feedback and support.
The following are some known issues with the Mac Beta that we’re working on handling better:

– Install prompts user to install Java 1.5, but user can not install Java 1.5 with out installing Java 1.31 & 1.4.2 Release 2. Java 1.5 Release 4 requires OS 10.4.5
– Low end boxes will play video slower than normal, and then skip or catch up when it receives a new I frame.
– System needs the font Helvetica Bold to display text correctly
– System needs to support Millions of colors to display graphics correctly
– After an OS upgrade, the display resolution will need to be reset, as the application may attempt to use 256bit color depth.
– QuickTime video issue that some times the video will loose quality until the next I frame update. This reveals itself mostly on the mosaic
– Log in error text is not always correct. It will sometimes say unable to log in on the first attempt, and then “logged in to many times” on the second attempt.
– The dock bar when set to a large size will cut off the bottom of the application when going full screen.
– Video shifts when going from single game to full screen, and from single game to mosaic.
– Login is limited to two concurrent instances, which means 1 mosaic and 1 browser can both be logged in, or two browsers and no mosaic, or two mosaic’s and no browser. The user must use the “sign out completely” on a web browser to log out of that browser. Closing the browser does not log you out.
– Scroll bars will float outside the intended scroll bar range if an update occurs when the user has the scroll bar active.
– Team select drop down does not highlight when a team is selected.
– Clicking ?ok? repeatedly or hitting enter repeatedly on the login screen will cause the application to say ?The MLB.TV Service is unavailable please try again soon?. This message is false, the user just needs to click once or hit enter once to login.
– Alerts displayed when first launching the application may not match the player?s alerts. The default alerts are displayed for the first 15-30 seconds upon application launch.