New Features: Player Tracker and Gameday

Quick update for you all. In addition to testing alternative methods of distribution on Panel 2 (Please write in or comment here on your panel 2 viewing experience lately!), we’ve rolled out our first pass at two new features. Now, while you’re blacked out, you can take the mosaic application to a scaled down version of the Gameday application. Next time you see a live game that is blacked out, click twice on the screen to go to the single game view, and you’ll see the new feature. We’ve also launched the customizable Player Tracker which will allow you to view alerts only for players you are interested in. Check out Player Tracker in the single game view for more detail. We’re still working out the kinks in both of these, but wanted to make them available for you all to start taking a look at.

Also, If we receive good feedback on the higher quality mosaic streaming in Panel 2 from you
all – we’re considering moving all panels to the higher quality format. Please write in and let us know how panel 2 is working!





    Hi, when I try to use Player Tracker, I get this error in the Player Tracker window:

    Player &r2=&r

    I edited and saved my list and clicked Update and got the same thing.



    Player Tracker doesn’t do much for me… It shows my batters on deck, then at bat, but it keeps rotating through them long after their atbat is done. So the first time through I like it because I can switch to that game, but after that it’s useless!


    Ditto to rdales comments. I can be watching the Yankees and Bosox, the Yankees are batting and I get an alert that says Ortiz is on deck. The alerts are great when they work but annoying when I’m watching a game and they’re wrong. My second comment regards Panel 2 – the reason I still get the constant breakup and stuttering is because it streams at 798 k bits/second. Why can’t it stream at a slightly lower rate? I think your requirements are only 400k – even 500k or 600k would work. My third comment is the way that the video and audio are out of sync to the point that eventually I’ll see a player standing at the plate, hear the ball being hit and hear the play before I even see the ball being thrown. This seems to only happen as the game gets into the later innings. I always end up closing your site and just going back to which always works beautifully. My 4th comment is why does no one ever acknowledge our posts? Does anyone actually read these? I have never had anyone ever respond to any post I’ve ever made here. My bet is that the only acknowledgement that rdal will see is that I read his post and agree. For all the work that the techies of your company have put into Mosaic can’t someone take a few minutes and start responding to specific posts rather than issuing global announcements that don’t address any of our issues?


    I agree, you just get answers to questions nobody has asked. The quality of Mosaic is pathetic!

  5. Justin

    Hi guys – excuse the somewhat belated reply. The team has been primarily focused on getting our Mac beta going over the past few weeks which has been widely requested. As soon as we get that out the door, we’ll be back focused on the functional issues discussed. The feedback is very much appreciated.




    Hey everyone, I just downloaded Mosaic and can’t wait to use it for Opening Day today. I am truely looking forward to Mosaic because last year it wounldn’t work! This year, so far, so good. Good Luck everyone and “Play Ball!”.




    Player Tracker doesnt seem to be working, I have a roster of last years players, and when I click on edit, it opens a panel that doenst even list these old players…its random players. I have tried to remove and add my new roster but it fails to update. Help!


    I would like to echo the comment about the Player Tracker not working. I tried to add players to my roster through the pop up window, but no players show up in the mosaic program. Fails to update?


    I cant load players either, very annoying. sometimes after i load players i go back and there will be a bunch of completely different players loaded.


    I’m not able to even begin to create a list of players. When I click on ‘edit list’ a blank internet explorer page comes up..???


    I also cannot use player tracker – the page opens up, i can enter in all the names, then when i click save & update nothing happens and the roster doesn’t make its way over into the mosaic


    I loaded in my list of players, then restarted the mosaic, and the list in the mosaic was empty. When I went back to edit my list of players, there was a completely different list of random players that I didn’t put in. I will be upset if I have to load my 22 players all over again. Also, the MLB customer service is very dissapointing. If you call, they say send them an e-mail or call back. If you send an e-mail, you won’t get a response for at least a week.

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