March 2008

The 2008 Mosaic is now Available

Thanks very much for your patience. With this being MLB.TV’s most anticipated Opening Day ever, we appreciate your frustration. Ultimately we ran into conflicts that were buoyed by an entire suite of new products rolling out simultaneously that didn’t affect themselves with less than the full slate of games being played concurrently.

We hope you all enjoy the mosaic throughout the season and will be monitoring the support forums here around the clock while we ensure that everything is stable.

If you are having any trouble, we ask that you post in the support forum, as opposed to commenting here, as it will get a more timely reply from a larger group of our engineers.

Once again, you can go to the forum by clicking here.

You can download the Mosaic for Mac and PC by clicking here.

Thanks from the entire MLB.TV Mosaic team.


Installer Update

Again, we appreciate your patience, and your frustration. The entire Mosaic team is working through some technology issues related to the rollout of the Mosaic for you all today. We’ll have it available shortly, and will update you here as soon as it is ready.



2008 Installer

Thanks for your continued patience, we’re continuing to work on getting the installer ready for you all. In the meantime, for our premium subscribers, you can watch MLB.TV via the web based player here.

New features and functionality for 2008

With a new mosaic this year, I wanted to quickly run through a few things that are different in the app. As you’ve seen, we now have high quality NexDef single game streams at 1.2 megabits on both PC and Mac. These use a newer version of the Swarmcast plugin from last year, now called MLB.TV NexDef. It will install with the mosaic application and it lets us more efficiently use your bandwidth to let you watch better video.

In addition, we’ve added additional multi game views (on the bottom left). In order to allow for multiple quality levels in these views, we are now using individual streams for these views, so they will buffer independently. This will make switching games in the multi game view a bit slower, but we think this is far outweighed by the ability to watch in the 3-up or 4-up view, a high quality stream for the large game, and be able to monitor two or three other games.

More to come, with some screenshots and additional explanation this afternoon after we get started.

The 2008 MLB.TV Mosaic is almost here!

We’re putting the finishing touches on the new MLB.TV Mosaic for those of you who are premium subscribers (or those considering, you can purchase a subscription by clicking here), and i’ll again be using the Mosaic blog as a place to provide high level commentary on our new features and addressing general questions/release notes/etc for you all. In addition, this year we are continuing the support forum where our team will be answering technical questions. It’s the best place to check if you’re having trouble getting the app installed or using it, or just want to submit feedback. Once again, we appreciate all of you using the product, and are looking forward to a great baseball season as much as you all are.

More to follow on our new features in short order when the app is available, but at a high level, we’re going to be providing the same high quality NexDef streams that are new this year for MLB.TV in the Mosaic in 16×9 aspect ratio video for you all. In addition, we’ve reworked how our multi game views work, which will improve the quality of the video, but adds some buffering delay. For the technically inclined, we have split these out into individual streams, so each needs to be connected individually. Finally, we’ve also added additional templates for configuring the multi-game view to adjust the number of games and the sizes of the video to your preference.
Thanks from the MLB.TV Mosaic product team.