Clarification regarding Silverlight

For clarification’s sake, as we’ve had some confusion about the technology used on our various products this week, I thought I’d post the following. MLB.TV Mosaic users have been facing issues this week which have now been largely resolved. We’re aware that some of you are still seeing intermittent issues, and are working down the list to try to get to you all. The best way to get support on your individual issues is in the Support Forum. In several instances these issues have been erroneously connected to Microsoft’s Silverlight plug-in. MLB.TV offers three different download options for its subscribers to view content, one of which utilizes Silverlight (for a side by side view, please visit: The issues being reported and addressed here are associated with the MLB.TV Mosaic, which does not use Silverlight. Microsoft is currently engaging with to ensure the Silverlight platform delivers the functionality MLB users expect for our web based MLB.TV product, as opposed to the MLB.TV Mosaic, which we work on with another partner.


  1. oegsud1

    For what it’s worth here is what I have observed. I use Vista home premium. When I use NexDef version 4.2.12 and silverlight 1, I have no problems with getting 1.2M stream in the Mosaic, but I cannot get the 1.2M Stream on the web site. I get the following
    Sliverlight error message.
    Error code: 2203
    Error Type: Run Time Error
    Method Name: Source
    If I go back to the older version of NexDef (4.2.11) everything works fine on both Mosaic and website.
    Either version of NexDef works on the Mosaic but only the old version works on the website. The newer version 4.2.11
    causes the error message on the website.

  2. oegsud1

    Sorry, but I made a slight error in the message in Comment #1. The last sentance should read– The newer version 4.2,12 causes the silver light error message on the web site.


    Where did you find the old version of NexDEf, the 4.2.11? I, too, have Windows Vista Premium, have tried all the suggestions on multiple forums, and nothing works. If I see that 2203 runtime error one more time…


    I think Silverlight, when working, is terrible. How do I get back to Windows Media Player? There is no fast forward, no rewind. The bar indicating where you are at for the time is so small it is impossible to accurately get back to where you want to be in a game. Windows Media Player had a bar extending from the left side of the full screen all the way to the right, allowing accurate choice of place. On either side was the fast forward and rewind buttons.

    I also tried to enter a comment in a forum about the fact that has taken away “Condensed Games” entirely and there were already a lot of complaints. is making people wait now for 24 HOURS before making additional comments, since it apparently doesn’t like the complaints.

    I think should directly address both of these issues.

  5. oegsud1

    Using the latest version of NexDef 4.2.12MLB.08_36 and Silverlight 1 and using the procedure in the following url, from the Mosaic Forum ,seems to have fix the Silverlight error problem for me. The 1.2M Stream works in both the Mosaic and the web site.

    Using the older version of NexDef 4.2.11 , still works for me also ,except The mosaic checks for updates everytime you star it up and it automatically puts the newer version in.
    So you have to keep downloading it all the time.
    If you still want to try the old version you can get it at


    I still haven’t been able to view one game. I called customer service twice and this is the second time I posted on this blog. This is ridiculous.


    I just want to say that it took me HALF AN HOUR to connect to or log on to Mosaic to watch the game I was trying to. THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE! We are already a week into the season and should have all of this stuff fixed by now. Because I couldn’t connect to to watch the game, I missed it! I think that this is completely ridiculous! I have high speed internet and could connect to every other website that I went to just fine, EXCEPT MLB.COM!! You guys had no trouble billing my credit card for the MLB.TV Premium package, but now your website is to slow and it took me forever to connect to it! Either this stuff needs to be fixed or I want a refund!


    I have spent over 10 hours on the phone, not including the vast amount of time on hold, trying to get mosaic and the 1.2 steam working. I have been told many tiomes someone would call me, no one ever has. Most of the “techs” are mininally knowledgeable. My lastest request was not to be charge for the month my service has not worked, they refused and said my only option was to quit. Which I did. This has been one of the worst online experiences I have encounterd.


    I paid my $119 for premium member. Can access the 800 and 1.2 premium feeds from the MLB site but when I go to try Mosaic they give me a message that I need to upgrade to premium to use Mosaic. What’s the story and how do I fix this?

    Thanks for any help.


    Reading the above comments pretty much mirrors my own experiences (this is my second year buying MLB.TV on the Internet).

    I never experienced so many problems last year.

    I’m left wondering why MLB chooses not to answer any of the above questions online???

  11. oldbrooklynfan

    Whenever I go on to MLB-TV MOSAIC I get a screen that tells me:
    I made a call for tecnical service, they took my name, e-mail address and my phone number and said they will get back to me.
    Since I found this website I thought, in the mean time, maybe I can blog with someone else that may be able to help me.


    I was getting the following error “AG_E_NETWORK_ERROR” when connecting to the MLB video snippets from games that appear on the team pages and I finally resolved it by changing the LAN settings in IE by making sure all the check boxes didn’t have any check marks. That solved my problem.


    Okay, this isn’t really regarding silverlight, just in general. I live in Oklahoma. I bought the package so I could watch Yankees games. I have been repeatedly “blacked out” because somehow is reading that I am in New York. From Oklahoma. Really? I’ve tried to get help all season from the “customer service” department at and have been anything but successful. I’ve tried to call and can never get through. The few times I have I have been hung up on. I’ve sent emails and have received no resolution. I have even asked to get a refund as I can’t watch the games I was told I would be able to and was told that I was outside the “30 day window”. This is the worst customer service I have ever seen and have been unable to get any resolution or even talk to anyone that remotely ACTS like they care. At this point I’m just going to tell everyone I can not to get this package and to make other arrangements to watch games. I’m going to see what other blogs I can put this on and then contact the Better Business Bureau. Good luck baseball fans!

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