For clarification

Those of you who were being told you’re logged in too many times, should no longer be seeing this message. If any of you still are, we’d like to hear from you either via comments here, or on the support forum

In addition, if anyone is seeing all games blacked out, we’d like to hear from you as well. 



    I’m either receiving the blackout messages (despite being in England!) or being told that the service is temporarily unavailable.


    is mosaic working now, everytime i login it tells me its unavailable, when is going to work


    i live in belgium, i have mlb tv. monday before the yanks opener it worked. since yesterday nothing works, no video on every game i try, older games still work on archive, but last nights yansk opener won’t open.

    I had no porblems during spring training and now no game will play,

    whats the problem, can anyone help


    Everything seems to be up and working properly for me except I can’t watch any of the 1.2 mbps streams – I get a “streaming error” when I up the video quality to 3 bars for both of the games that are currently being played. Those streams, however, do work if accessed through the website via an internet browser.


    I get nothing. Mosaic says: “Loading…”, but nothing ever loads.

    Going through the web interface doesn’t work either.

    I am on Mac OS X 10.5.2


    Hi Justin,

    I am being blacked out of all DETROIT Tiger games. I live in Chicago (60601) and my credit card’s address is in Chicago. Please help! Customer service told me to come to this blog.


    I am being blacked out of all Detroit Tiger games. I live in Chicago (60601). Blackout comes up for regular video player and Mosaic. I was told by customer service to try this blog. Please help!

  8. gspira

    Every time I try to log in to Mosaic, I get the “MLB Mosaic service is temporarily unavailable. Please check back soon” message. Well, it’s now been 3 days, and soon hasn’t arrived yet.


    I have been having the same problem as everybody else, the service is temporarily unavailable. I had Mosaic last year and I signed up this year and reinstalled Mosaic which I understood it would update the old. Is there anything else I need to do. I had no problem last year.


    I have tried using the mosaic twice in the last three days. Both times I have gotten “service temporarily unavailable”. I live on Long Island, NY and use windows xp individual games seem okay. I have not changed the mosaic program since 2007.


    I haven’t been able to veiw any games for 3 straight days now. I am on wait with support on the phone. I payed a lot of money for this premium package and it doesn’t even work. They told me last night that everything should be fixed by the end of the night. They need to give refund some of our money that we payed for this service.


    Good evening,

    I’m able to view games in both the web player and mosaic, but when I go to Fullscreen mode in either one, I just get a small box of video, with big black blocks on all four sides, similar to watching a widescreen movie, but on all sides. Is this normal? I know I was able to watch Fullscreen in the past.



    I have not been able to listen or watch any games in spring training or since the season start. Please hurry up and fix the bugs! I am very frustrated and do not want to resort to using other option available to me through my Satelite company – but may need to satisfy my craving for baseball if this keeps up. If you can give us an idea of how long this take – please tell us.


    My laptop seems to be fine with Mosaic, however, on my desktop, I’m getting Stream Error, Retrying… even at the Loading… screen.

    I’m not running a firewall and I’ve tried two different configurations of network cards.

    Video Quality at lowest didn’t help.

    Uninstalling and re-installing didn’t help.

    The peculiar thing is I get stats – player stats and scores streaming to me and I have no problem viewing the browser videos.

    I did have overmodulated audio yesterday, but updating to Silverlight 2.0 Beta fixed it, however, I can’t go full-screen with the video on this version like I could with v1.x.

    That’s about as much technical difficulties I have with my desktop for now.

    My laptop over wireless had been flawless except for the blackout check and actual Mosaic downtime.


    I have hbad problems with blackout restrictions and now now consistently seeing below message in the player:

    We are currently performing maintenance operations.
    During this time, sections of the site will not be available.
    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

    Thanks for your help!


    What an emberassment of a program… ‘stream error, retrying’ on everything. We payed MONEY for this, if it was free, would almost expect this kind of incompetence. Why not employ some people who know what they are doing instead of developing software that people make in 200 university programming.


    Hey folks,

    My blackouts and multiple login problem is gone, but now I have this one for you;

    When I open Mosiac in the 6 screen view, the bottom right screen is MLB TV. When I click and drag a game from the top scores into this bottom right screen, the program crashes.

    Let me know what you think or if anyones else has it. I have a new Mac, and I’m still figuring it out, so maybe it is me.



    I feel your pain, all I have gotten on mosaic is “stream error”

    For this i paid good money? Worked fine last season.


    I’m getting the blackout on all games from my laptop wireless connection, but my wired desktop is working fine. (Yes, I signed out of the desktop before trying the laptop). Also, I can’t see archived games from earlier today from either computer.


    Still getting the cheerful “Mosaic Temporarily Unavailable–Try Back Later” message. Three days trying to log in, 3 days with the same message.


    I’ve gotten the whole kit and kabuddle.

    I’ve gotten streaming errors, Mosaic Temporarily Unavailable, blackout messages. I really wanted to see the Cardinals opener and it says I can’t watch it due to black out restrictions ( I live in Australia). Very dissapointing. Now I’m mostly getting streaming errors. Please help.


    I can now sign into mosaic. If I try and select the blue jays, NYY game from last night I get a stream error. Using the web browser 800k or 400k link I get a blackout error. I am normally blacked out for Jays games since I am in Canada but this is an archived game from last night.

  23. skiddys

    I am pretty sure that I am being blacked out of games that I should not be. I usually am only blacked out of Cardinal games, but today I am blacked out of Chicago games as well. Is this right? I am no where near Chicago.


    Does mosaic check for updates every time? It seems every time I start it, it takes 20-30 seconds to check for updates.


    I am asked to verify my location everytime I Try to watch any game on or mosaic. calling support does no good.
    I can listen to audio now after a 3 hour fight with silverlight and vista. everything is working but mlb can’t verify my location of 62918. can you please fix my account.

  26. gspira

    It’s now Day 5 of America Held Hostage due to Mosaic Being “Temporarily Unavailable”

    Day 5 of being told to “Check back soon.”

    Day 5 of being told that everything will be fixed before the start time of the next games, only to not have anything working by the start time of the next games

    How much of a refund are we going to get for this service not being available the first week of the season? According to the law, I believe, mlb must refund its customers at least $3.33 each, though of course that is only the minimum legally required as of now.


    Mosaic will not work on my Dell desktop. However, it is working fine on my Dell notebook. This afternoon a popup appeared on my desktop screen asking for my credit card as a means to verify my location for blackout purposes. I find this absurd. has my address and card information already. I can’t fathom why there is a need for it to be refiled.
    Moreover, why won’t the Mosaic work on the desktop? The unit has all of the system requirements for the program to function?


    I have tried to log on multiple times over the last five days – every single time it is “Temporarily Unavailable. Please Check Back Soon!” I have been very patient and I truly hope that the service will respond individually to everyone who has posted on this forum. But I don’t even know where to begin.



    Mosaic or not, this just isn’t working. I have the base MLB package, and I cannot login. I can’t even login on the MLB website. It keeps giving me timeouts.

    Also, if your tech support line says to check here for updates, I expect updates on TODAY’s status.

    Its 4/3, it took me 20 times to try to login, I keep getting “Your request is being processed. Estimated delay: 5 Sec” then connection reset message.

    Please, give us a status update. Thank you.


    I bought this the other day and have still yet to be able to log on. Each time it says -“Temporarily Unavailable. Please Check Back Soon!” Seems like a waste


    I am now logged on to Mosaic, but for Live Games the date shown at the top is Thursday, March 6. How do I access the live games for today, April 3? I am able to access the archive, but today’s live games aen’t available, or at least I can’t figure out how to access them.


    I as well have had the same completely unacceptable issues as described above. What a joke this service is. $20 a month is what we should be paid for wasting all of our time trying to get this to work. Those “Temporarily Unavailable Check back soon,” words are ******* me off. Please MLB or someone fix the problem immediately, or declare refunds.


    after the updates are done loading a message pops up saying unable to open application. application not found. has this happened to anyone else


    I still receive a blackout message on all games. Everytime I try to call I get put on hold and then disconnected. This is insane. I’ve now missed the entire first series including opening day. What am I paying for?!?!

  35. skiddys

    For clarification. Has anyone actually been contacted about any problems they have had? Or do they even look at what is being type on here?

  36. skiddys

    Looks like everything is up and running good. Thanks for your hard work Justin, I know how much you care for us customers! Mosaic works and back to only blacking out my favorite team! Which brings me to my next question. Why can’t all games be available? What is stopping a deal being done to show absolutely every game on here. If internet TV is the next big thing won’t it happen anyway? Why not now!

  37. mosaic

    Hi guys, sorry for the belated reply, we’ve been busy working on a new build. We’ll be working our way through each of you and reaching out to address individual issues early this afternoon.


    I’m still receiving the black out message for ALL games. I’ve also seen “We are currently performing maintenance operations. During this time, sections of the site will not be available. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.” Archived games DO seem to work. I received a call back from customer service this morning, but they were unable to fix the problem. Their advice…..”Keep trying.” If this keeps up through the weekend they better start thinking about refunds.

  39. whatevs

    i can’t seem to watch anything. i keep getting a message that i’m one step away from watching games in the super highest quality ever – i just need to purchase more product. i have already purchased the necessary product, though, and would like to watch games now. what must i do?


    I still keep getting a message about being logged on to multiple computers…. Please help!!!!


    I am blacked out from every single live game, and customer support will not call or email me back. Please help.


    I am still getting a blackout message for every single live game. Customer support will not email or call me back. Please help, 120 dollars is a lot to pay for no games for 2 weeks!


    I am receiving blackout messages for all games on both my laptop and desktop at home…..but not on my same laptop in my office…could this be a provider issue? It was OK until 2 weeks ago….any ideas please!


    I am being blacked out of all Brewer games and I live in Wisconsin. IS this going to happen all the time?


    everything is blocked out for me as well, in Jacksonville, FL but all games nationwide are blacked out. Says just Tampa and Marlins should be blocked out (why I dont know when they are both over 200 miles away) but even todays Yankee game is blacked out as are every other game at this time.


    Okay, this is really regarding in general. I live in Oklahoma. I bought the package so I could watch Yankees games. I have been repeatedly “blacked out” because somehow is reading that I am in New York. From Oklahoma. Really? I’ve tried to get help all season from the “customer service” department at and have been anything but successful. I’ve tried to call and can never get through. The few times I have I have been hung up on. I’ve sent emails and have received no resolution. I have even asked to get a refund as I can’t watch the games I was told I would be able to and was told that I was outside the “30 day window”. This is the worst customer service I have ever seen and have been unable to get any resolution or even talk to anyone that remotely ACTS like they care. At this point I’m just going to tell everyone I can not to get this package and to make other arrangements to watch games. I’m going to see what other blogs I can put this on and then contact the Better Business Bureau. Good luck baseball fans!

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