April 2007

New Build Yesterday: A209

Hi all,
I apologize for the late update on the new build for you all. Yesterday mid-day, we released A209, which contains the following updates:

-Line score related bug fixes
-Always on top mode update for PC version
-Archive video bug fixes (scrub issues on PC at end of game & displaying archive available too early)
-Postponed game updates
-Updates for MLB.com media services/login services

Thank you again for all of the time you’re putting in. By the numbers, it appears that the app is extremely engaging for those that are using it. Please continue to either email in to the mosaic team or post issues here, and we’ll be addressing them as they come up.

In addition, we’re working on getting the support forum up to aggregate recommendations and solutions to issues so that you don’t all have to go searching through the blog.



New Build Available: A208

Hi all,
We’ve been off the air for a bit from a build perspective, but released a new one for you this morning. It includes updates in the following area:

– Swarmcast updates/bugfixes for better high quality streaming
– Addition of Swarmcast version for troubleshooting
– Video updates to mosaic client/install to detect incompatible hardware
– Mac stability/bugfixes
– CPU usage is now better on the Mac
– Additional on-demand playback updates

Again, we appreciate all of your feedback. The engineering team and I are continuing to work with you all via the threads here to provide support, and we’re also in parallel now working on getting a support forum set up to consolidate what we all have learned and shared with you.



New Build Available A205

Hi all,
We have a new build available for you that I’ve just posted. The changes in this build are a new version of swarmcast, designed to help those of you that have been having difficulties with the medium and high quality streams on the 4/6 game panel views. It should not affect anything else. For reference, this is build A205, as seen in the preferences panel within the mosaic. Also – apparently we have a fan at the chicago tribune, of both the mosaic and the blog. You can check out the review here.

UPDATE: Aside from the new build, prior to our evening games starting tonight, we’re doing some maintenance work on the 4/6 game streams right now – so if you see intermittent availability for the next hour, this is why – its not related to the new build.

Thanks again,


New Build, and other updates

Hi all,
It’s great to see such active commentary on the blog, we all appreciate your time and are working hard to get those of you still struggling working. For a fast response, the best way to get to us is to post here, or email mosaic@website.mlb.com. I’m also going through emails and getting back to you as quickly as i’m able, but so you’re aware – we have the whole team of engineers reading the mosaic@website.mlb.com emails and responding as we’re able. Thank you all again for the time you’ve put into the product. Its been great to hear from those of you that are pleased with it as well as those that are not. The feedback is invaluable as we continue to enhance Mosaic going forward. In the meantime, for those of you still having trouble, you can always check out the high quality feeds via the multimedia guide in the browser at: Multimedia Guide

On to the release. This release should fix the following:

– Audio/Video Syncing bug related to some on-demand game playback
– New release of Swarmcast
– Crashes on game select/audio select with an error of HRESULT E_FAIL that some of you have seen on the PC version.
– Archive games should now start at the correct place, so you don’t have to watch the pre-game show
– On-demand condensed games/highlights/top plays should now be working for everyone
– Mac version dropping out of full screen on rebuffer
– Mac version updates to game archive status

In addition, we’re continuing to refine our install process. To that end, we’ve added an easy to find version number in the preferences window. If you click on the box next to preferences in the top right corner of the mosaic window, you’ll see the preferences window pop up. in the lower left corner of that window, you should now see that the version number is A204. If you don’t have A204, or don’t see it there – it means you’re probably running an early version that is having trouble self-updating. If that is the case, we’d appreciate you taking the time to re-download and re-install. We’re sorry for the inconvenience, and are confident that barring local system issues we’ve cleaned up the self-update process with the newer versions of the Mosaic application.

As always, thanks again for engaging in the conversation on the blog. Some of you will notice today that the blackouts resemble our normal weekly schedule – so i hope you have a nice afternoon watching baseball.



New Build Available

Hi all,
There is a new build available that addresses application fixes and additional stability issues we’ve seen. We’ve also introduced functionality that will allow for us to show you all something we’ve been working on that I think you’ll enjoy. Stay tuned – update on this coming first thing in the morning after we’ve had a successful night of testing.



BTW: I’ve got a big pile of email from you, and appreciate you taking the time to write in. You’re not going unheard, just had a busy day focused on the app. I’ll be getting back to those of you who wrote in regarding mosaic issues by tomorrow morning. Thank you for your patience.

Blackout Issues

Hi all,
I’ve received correspondence from a number of you regarding blackouts, and wanted to respond en masse to blackout specific issues, as there has been a fair amount of mail and this will get information out to you a bit quicker. We’ve reviewed the accounts of all of you that have written in, and fixed any issues/cleaned up data where we saw that there was an issue with CC verification. Also, in the latest version of the mosaic, we’ve simplified the CC verification form.

For those that are still having trouble getting into games on either the Mosaic or MLB.TV, you’ll need now to call into our customer service department (details here: http://mlb.mlb.com/mlb/help/contact_us.jsp) and speak with a representative. We’ve heard your frustration on wait times, and are working to split blackout related call traffic to address it more efficiently. The beginnings of this are already in place. You can select option 1 on the phone, and that should get you more quickly to a representative that will be able to assist you in verifying your account.

For those that feel that they are improperly blacked out, you should call in as well, and just one call should allow them to either explain why you’re blacked out, or help you get access to the games you’d like to see.

Thanks again for your patience and understanding.



Status Update

Hi all,
Here’s a quick status update for you all on what we’ve been working on. Again, we all appreciate the time commitment to getting this going with us.

We’re working on another build for you all that we’ll be releasing tomorrow morning, with many more updates to the app and bugfixes. I’ll post detailed release notes when the build is available.

In addition, we’re making good progress with many of you who have had installation and playback issues. Generally speaking, the issues we’re now down to are in the following areas:

End User Hardware not within System Requirements: Many of you don’t have new enough video drivers, a new enough video card (that supports DirectX 9.0c), or a PC or Mac that are fast enough to handle the player. In this case, your options are to upgrade your video card and/or your machine. The Mosaic is a next-gen high end app, and unfortunately for some, the requirements are a bit higher than for the windows media player on the MLB.com site. However, if you’re struggling with Mosaic, please note that you can still watch the high quality 700k streams on the site.

Connectivity: Some of you clearly have borderline connections to handle our high quality streams. We’re continuing to work on further optimising the swarmcast app that handles this for us in order to make things more efficient.

Video/Audio playback I’ll be posting some additional tips for those of you still struggling with this. The majority of the issues we’ve seen have been due to hardware not within system requirements, and configuration issues on your machines.

Vista Notice If you’re still struggling with getting things going on vista, please make sure you right click and select run as administrator for both the install and when you run the Mosaic program. This should clear up a lot of the issues we’ve seen.

Thank you all again for your support of the product.



Trouble with live single games in either Mosaic or MLB.TV?

Here’s a quick suggestion that might help some of you.
Windows Media Player uses a variety of methods to connect to video streams over the internet. Unfortunately, it seems that some of them are causing some problems on some of your machines, which reflects poorly on our product, as it looks to you all like it’s not working.

If you’re having trouble watching single game streams on either MLB.TV or within the Mosaic, I’d suggest trying the following:

1. Open Windows Media Player
2. Open Options, you should see a network settings tab – select this
3. You’ll see RTSP/UDP/TCP/HTTP. Try just leaving TCP and HTTP enabled, if it’s still not working, try just HTTP.

Let us know if this helps any more of you. We’ve seen this clear up issues on a number of our end users machines.




It’s come to my attention that apparently there has been some emailing going on that attempts to impersonate MLB Customer Support staff and me. To that end, please don’t give your password to anyone, unless you’ve called into MLB.com Customer Support. Also, I’ve been emailing with a bunch of you, and for reference, you can see my email address here. If you get one from someone claiming to be me or anyone on our team, and its not from mlb.com, ensequence.com, or swarmcast.com, it’s definitely not us or anyone on our product team – so please ignore them. We’re trying to focus on fixing bugs and getting those of you still having trouble up and running smoothly, and we all appreciate your contributions towards making this as efficient an experience as possible.


Easter Build

Hi all,
We just put a build up that should fix those of you having the problem on the PC where audio would start playing but you would just see black screens in the mosaic for 15-30 seconds before video comes in (sometimes worse).