Mosaic Update: New Build

We released a new build this afternoon that addresses the following:

-Additional performance/memory usage optimization
-Bug fixes for users on Vista related to file permissions
-Functional/cosmetic updates for smoother experience
-Added option to disable alerts
-Installer updates to utilize the latest NexDef software
We are still working on the intermittent issues that a few of you have reported with the 1.2 megabit streams, but believe that the NexDef updates may resolve this in the latest version. We’re very curious to hear your feedback. For the quickest response, please head over to our Support Forum.

Thanks again,


Clarification regarding Silverlight

For clarification’s sake, as we’ve had some confusion about the technology used on our various products this week, I thought I’d post the following. MLB.TV Mosaic users have been facing issues this week which have now been largely resolved. We’re aware that some of you are still seeing intermittent issues, and are working down the list to try to get to you all. The best way to get support on your individual issues is in the Support Forum. In several instances these issues have been erroneously connected to Microsoft’s Silverlight plug-in.  MLB.TV offers three different download options for its subscribers to view content, one of which utilizes Silverlight (for a side by side view, please visit: The issues being reported and addressed here are associated with the MLB.TV Mosaic, which does not use Silverlight. Microsoft is currently engaging with to ensure the Silverlight platform delivers the functionality MLB users expect for our web based MLB.TV product, as opposed to the MLB.TV Mosaic, which we work on with another partner. 

New Mosaic Build

We just released a new version of the Mosaic, which addresses a number of things. 

-Game state transitions from pre to live to archive mode. 
-Memory and performance optimization on PC and Mac
-Alerts/Player tracker updates
-Continued updates related to the blackout issues that some of you have seen. 
We’re also continuing work on stability related to the high quality streams that a few of you have seen on Vista, updates to full screen mode for “true full screen” when the feed is in 4:3 aspect ratio, and an isolated Mac stability issue as well. In addition, we’re working through your comments here and on the support forum, and will continue to address individual issues as they arise. Thanks again for your patronage, we hope you enjoy the product. 
Note:  We also just had a minor encoder problem, that may have affected some of you watching the multi game views. If your video has stopped, a restart of the application will bring it back. 

For clarification

Those of you who were being told you’re logged in too many times, should no longer be seeing this message. If any of you still are, we’d like to hear from you either via comments here, or on the support forum

In addition, if anyone is seeing all games blacked out, we’d like to hear from you as well. 

Mosaic Update

Here’s the update for today. We’ve rolled out a few changes that will address the login issues that some of you have seen. We appreciate all of your comments and feedback, and are working individually with a number of you on more specific issues. We’ll have another update later today.


Login Issues

We’re aware of the login issues that some of you have experienced, and will be deploying a fix for these prior to games starting tomorrow. We appreciate your understanding in the meantime, and thank you all for your feedback. 



As you may have seen, we have re-enabled the mosaic after working through the tech issues we were concerned about earlier. It will be running through the rest of the evening, and in normal operation from this point forward. Again, we appreciate your patience as we ensure we provide the best experience possible. 

We’re working on a few intermittent issues that have been reported related to viewing some of the video on the 6-up view, as well as login related issues. We’ll keep you updated here and on the support forum as we progress.

Mosaic Update – Temporarily Unavailable

Hi all, 

In order to prevent some of the issues that some of you experienced yesterday, we’ve temporarily disabled the Mosaic application this evening, which is why you’re not able to log in right now. We’re working on ensuring that the issue is resolved, and are working towards a re-start for the next round of games this evening. We appreciate your understanding as we address the problem. 
In the meantime, all of you who are premium subscribers can watch MLB.TV in the browser. You can find links to all of the games on the Multimedia Guide, or from the mini scoreboard on the homepage
Thanks, Justin

The 2008 Mosaic is now Available

Thanks very much for your patience. With this being MLB.TV’s most anticipated Opening Day ever, we appreciate your frustration. Ultimately we ran into conflicts that were buoyed by an entire suite of new products rolling out simultaneously that didn’t affect themselves with less than the full slate of games being played concurrently.

We hope you all enjoy the mosaic throughout the season and will be monitoring the support forums here around the clock while we ensure that everything is stable.

If you are having any trouble, we ask that you post in the support forum, as opposed to commenting here, as it will get a more timely reply from a larger group of our engineers.

Once again, you can go to the forum by clicking here.

You can download the Mosaic for Mac and PC by clicking here.

Thanks from the entire MLB.TV Mosaic team.


Installer Update

Again, we appreciate your patience, and your frustration. The entire Mosaic team is working through some technology issues related to the rollout of the Mosaic for you all today. We’ll have it available shortly, and will update you here as soon as it is ready.