May 2007

Quick Update and Support Forum

Hi all,
I’m writing to announce to you all that we’ve set up a support forum, available here at, that will allow for better consolidation of our support teams suggestions, results, and insight, and allow you all to post your various issues and resolutions as well. Shane, who leads our support team and some of you I’m sure have spoken to, will be the principal maintainer of the support forum and will be commenting there. The blog has been very helpful in providing tactile feedback as we worked to make sure you’ve all been supported, but I think that the next generation of this will be more efficient via the forum. It’s not currently integrated with our user accounts, so you’ll need to sign-in there for the time being, but it should provide a starting point for us to consolidate all of this information. We’re also going to be working on getting a better feedback mechanism in place for next-generation features and functionality. Finally, we’re actively working on enhancing our video encoding as well, to provide even higher quality video via the mosaic and for you all.


Justin Shaffer