New Mosaic Build

We just released a new version of the Mosaic, which addresses a number of things. 

-Game state transitions from pre to live to archive mode. 
-Memory and performance optimization on PC and Mac
-Alerts/Player tracker updates
-Continued updates related to the blackout issues that some of you have seen. 
We’re also continuing work on stability related to the high quality streams that a few of you have seen on Vista, updates to full screen mode for “true full screen” when the feed is in 4:3 aspect ratio, and an isolated Mac stability issue as well. In addition, we’re working through your comments here and on the support forum, and will continue to address individual issues as they arise. Thanks again for your patronage, we hope you enjoy the product. 
Note:  We also just had a minor encoder problem, that may have affected some of you watching the multi game views. If your video has stopped, a restart of the application will bring it back. 


  1. mosaic

    its working for just about everyone at this point, though we are still working through some localized issues that are specific to various users machines. I emailed you the other day, but didnt hear back. We’d be happy to help make sure we get you working.




    i am still getting the messge mosiac is unavailable try back soon,very frustrating after the first week of the season.


    Yes i have been getting the “temporarily unavilable” message everytime since tuesday night. What’s the deal? My mosaic cant even find updates. I run XP here at work and Vista and home and cant get it going.


    everytime i open mosaic its up and running for about 20 seconds…i start to see games popping up and the audio works….then it turns white and an error message pops up and says MLB MOSAIC HAS STOPPED WORKING….then it turns off….i have uninstalled redownloaded and reinstalled everyday since it came out….any ideas?


    i am still getting the message mosiac is unavailable, try back later. well the season has started and i have nothing to show for my $120. this happened last year as well. do you not test this system out before the season opens? or do you wait until the season opens and then try to figure out the problems at the subscribers expense?


    I’m getting a message saying mosaic is unable to validate my info for purposes of checking my location for the blackout system… can someone help with this please?


    I’m still not able to use Mosaic or the browser plugin on my first gen MacBook running OS 10.4.11. Yesterday I was having the crash problem after it ran for a minute or two, but with the new build I’m getting the message that they can’t verify my location for blackout purposes. This is very frustrating, since it actually worked during spring training.


    this sucks big time im on the phone getting my money back im done with this SORRY MLB.TV ITS DID NOT WORK OUT


    For those getting the “validate location” error, reboot your PC. That worked for me.


    Following up … didn’t reboot, but it seems to be working now, even the high-quality stream. I hope other folks’ problems also get worked out.


    Still have blackouts on all screens. This sucks. When are you going to start giving refunds?


    Still getting the same blackout errors. Unable to install Mosaic because my zip code can’t be validated. Entering the requested
    credit card info doesn’t seem to help. This is really sad. Interestingly, I was able to watch the Dodgers play in China
    two weeks ago….



    Mosaic worked fine last year. What has gone wrong
    this year? Have have the sane desktop and the same
    laptop, and both worked last year. I get the message
    that Mosaic is TEMPORARILY not available.
    I have downloaded and installed the latest version.
    What can you do to help?

    By George


    I’ll try one more time here………Nope. Mosaic is still “temporarily unavailable”. do i need to re-download it or something? I got it last year. I paid my money this year and can see games thru the site

  15. dianagramr

    I’ve downloaded and installed Mosaic twice, and upon starting it up, get an Mlb Media Player error stating that it can’t find a entriqlogger.dll file and that I should reinstall the application.

    I can still watch the games, but I keep getting the error message.

    I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling, to no avail.

    Any ideas?

  16. bill213

    Okay, 70% of the time mosiac is working nicely….30% I still keep getting the “blackout” popup when logging in. Unfortunately the blackout popup occured last night during the bottom of the 9th of a very good game and I was forced to miss the ending. Being a first year subscriber, I am very weary of this product from my week of experiences so far. When can we expect this to be fixed, because I’m not going to be waiting much longer before the refund voice in my head starts kicking in.


    I downloaded the new build

    After days of Mosaic’s “temporary unavailability,’ ( it has worked once so far in 2008), I have had it. Today not even the MLB TV page will load, thank goodness the Sox are on TBS.

    I called 866-800-1275 and was on hold for over 30 minutes. When I got a human being I was asked my e-mail, I provided it, then I was promptly disconnected.

    I encourage everyone with these issues to email and demand a two month refund. I would also suggest, to have these MLB TV/Mosaic folks take you seriously, to send a copy of your email to your state attorney general’s office of consumer protection.

    I do not like paying $120 for absolutely nothing but hours of frustration. They have had enough time.


    I still haven’t been able to view one game. I called customer service twice and this is the second time I posted on this blog. This is ridiculous.


    Okay, this isn’t really regarding in general. I live in Oklahoma. I bought the package so I could watch Yankees games. I have been repeatedly “blacked out” because somehow is reading that I am in New York. From Oklahoma. Really? I’ve tried to get help all season from the “customer service” department at and have been anything but successful. I’ve tried to call and can never get through. The few times I have I have been hung up on. I’ve sent emails and have received no resolution. I have even asked to get a refund as I can’t watch the games I was told I would be able to and was told that I was outside the “30 day window”. This is the worst customer service I have ever seen and have been unable to get any resolution or even talk to anyone that remotely ACTS like they care. At this point I’m just going to tell everyone I can not to get this package and to make other arrangements to watch games. I’m going to see what other blogs I can put this on and then contact the Better Business Bureau. Good luck baseball fans!

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