Multiple Login Issues

A number of you have written in reporting issues with the Mosaic or the site reporting that your account has been logged in too many times after using the Mosaic. We’ve added some additional functionality in our release this evening that we believe should resolve a number of these issues that have been reported. Once you’ve received the update, we’d appreciate feedback from you all as to whether or not this resolved your specific issues.


uhh.. actually it messed things up even more. now I can’t log into anything. I had to create a new account just to put this message on the board.

Justin.. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We can’t log into ANYTHING

mosaic has never worked for me i keep getting network stream error.. why is this?

well, now it tells me I am no longer a subscriber. So I can’t watch any games anywhere. Worked fine yesterday, and in the past.

Conor, are you able to watch MLB.TV? We use the same streams for the single games within the mosaic as we do for MLB.TV – if you’re able to see one but not the other, do me a favor and send me an email and we’ll take a look.



Glittlespam – you’re unable to watch games on the site and the mosaic and are a current subscriber? Suggest you contact our CS and have them take a look at your account.



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