Video Quality

Beginning tomorrow Wednesday June 14th, we’re going to be testing higher quality video in Mosaic Panel #2. We’ve received requests for better video quality from a number of you, and have been working to better understand our users bandwidth availability before kicking up the quality. I’d really appreciate comments from you all here or via email regarding your experience watching video within the mosaic panels 1 and 3, versus Panel 2. If you could include details on video buffering, stuttering, quality, etc. it would be very much appreciated!


In order to really test the video queality, really needs to enlarge the Mosaic screens. The games are way too small to see. Some observations besides the above: The video is crisper however the playback is staggered. The video seems to be in slow motion and I’m using a brand new pc with well beyond the system requirements of MLB’s recommendation and I have fiber optic cable internet.

knuckles523, you should be able to enlarge the screen by double-clicking on the title bar. I have a 1400×1000 laptop and it fills up the screen just fine.

I too have fiber optic cable as well and can handle 15M downstream. So feel free to to “pump up the volume”!!!

Also a great idea for Mosiac is with the addition of in-house HD feeds of the games is to have these feeds offered as much as possible. With the single game feature mode in Mosiac, the letterboxed view is perfect have the HD feed present.

The other option and one I’m really hoping for is an HD feed of the game on to your pc and not just a letterboxed picture. This feature should be offered in addition to the normal features in order for no customers to drop the product due to bandwith issues and allow others capable of viewing the game in HD on their pc that option.

is the higher-quality video up on panel 2 today? it doesn’t look any different to me than panels 1 and 3.

btw, if you want to try higher-bandwidth video, feel free to put it on panel 3 for us Sox fans 🙂

On the player it lists that all three panels are playing video at 496k bit rate.

Hi guys, we’re working on a few other back end changes and will have it available for tomorrows games. Apologize for the delay. We’re also working through a UI redesign that at some point will feature larger size for the windows as well. Stay tuned.



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