Welcome to the Mosaic Blog

Welcome to the MLB.TV Mosaic Product Team Blog. We’re going to be using this blog for announcements, release notes, and general commentary on our process as we continue to beta test the MLB.TV Mosaic with your assistance. We very much appreciate all of the feedback we’ve received so far, and are looking forward to continued dialogue via the blog with you all.   

For those of you who may not be familiar with the MLB.TV Mosaic, it is a downloadable application that enhanced the MLB.TV viewing experience. It will allow you to watch up to six games simultaneously and select the audio from the game you would like to listen to. In addition, we provide live boxscores, and player alerts alongside the game when watching a single game. More detail can be found here.

Check back first thing April 2nd in the morning for the latest updates on our first 2007 Mosaic release, and expect updates from us often here and via the product.

In addition, you can find some useful links for the Mosaic on the left side of the page.

Check back often, or subscribe to our RSS feed with your newsreader for updates from the team as we continue development.


Justin and the entire Mosaic Product Team

Justin Shaffer
Senior Vice President, New Media
MLB Advanced Media, L.P.


What does “unable to create VMR” when I try to download MLB Moasiac?

Hi, check out the installer questions posting on the blog for an explanation. Thanks for the comment.

I don’t know if this is the proper spot for general comments, but I think the Mosaic shows a HUGE amount of promise, and I am reporting, after a couple of upgrades (automatic) constant good picture and reliable connections. A big improvement over MLB TV.


Three quick things:
1. There is likely an issue with connection in MLB.TV Mosaic at the same time as being behind a VPN using Microsoft’s VPN client. If I am already connected to a VPN, the system rarely connects if at all, and often gives “System Error-Retrying” messages. However, if I am not behind the VPN and load Mosaic – it runs fine, and then if I subsequently go behind the VPN while Mosaic is running, Mosaic still runs fine. It’s just the initial connection that causes issues. And yes, I have the “use default gateway” unchecked in the advanced options of TCP/IP options in the VPN properties.

2. Mosaic is definitely a well done .NET framework app – I develop in .NET also, so it’s cool to see a “fun” app written in .NET

3. You may want to obfuscate our e-mail addresses in the blog postings so we don’t get hit with loads of spam. I didn’t have a choice to hide my e-mail address.. No biggie, though…

i agree that Mosaic is really wild. six games at once is way cool. would be great if you could choose which six games you want to watch!

keep up the great work, folks!!

If they make the panels larger it will be worth something. Right now I have to look through a microscope to see the games and the scoreboard lines.

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