Installer Questions

Here’s a quick update on the install process for some of you that have asked questions about it. The MLB.TV Mosaic uses the latest in video technology to overlay the user interface on top of the mosaic video and present the application as you see it. In order to ensure that your machine will be compatible, we perform some tests during the installation process so that once installed, it should work on your machine.
If you see errors such as “Unable to create VMR”, it can mean two things. First, and most common, you might need to upgrade your video card drivers to the latest version. You can generally find drivers from either your computer manufacturer (ex. Dell, Gateway, Lenovo, etc.) or from the specific manufacturer of your video card (ex. ATI, NVidia, etc.). Specifically, we require support for DirectX 9.0c, so when you check with them you can use that as a benchmark.

For those of you who have upgraded your video card drivers, and are still not able to get the installer to run – please write in to or comment here and we’ll take another look at specific issues. However, the solution in this case is largely going to be you may need to purchase a newer video card to get the mosaic to work. We’re continuing to work on optimising the application, and hopefully in the future will be able to offer a version that is less resource intensive.




I have downloaded it & I am having trouble getting it to work. can someone tell me how or if someone else is hjaving trouble with it?

thank you


can not make it work properly video is in slow motion and sound keeps cutting my connection is hi-speed at 3 mbps

Bob K. – Would you mind being a bit more specific about the trouble you’ve been having?

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