New Release for the Weekend

We’ve pushed two new sets of functionality for the weekend and are interested in your feedback. First and foremost, we’ve deployed a trial of some alternative streaming behind panel two. Still in high quality at 800kbps, we’re now using a slightly different method of getting the content to you. We’re very curious to hear how it goes.
Second, the Player Tracker is now up and running. Check it out in single game view on the right side and let us know what you think!





    After entering login name and password I get the Credit Card validation screen and it never works for me, as I get the message “Unable to verify address, please try again later”. I’m in Spain, and this Credit Card validation didn’t work either when accessing single games on MLB.TV. I guess this does not work for foreign users.
    Following to this issue I’d like to ask why don’t you simply verify IP address (it is the real address in the Internet)?


    I’m glad to have the player tracker going, but the alerts need to clear in a prompt manner; right now for example I’m seeing “Jose Guillen is on deck”, “Jose Guillen is batting” and “Jose Guillen is on first” all continuing to rotate, along with several other stale alerts.


    I’m having the same problem that Miquel Castillo has.

    I’m also from Spain, and with this new release of Mosaic I cannot login: “unable to verify address”, etc. It had never happened before, i.e., it’s something with this new release (in fact, previous releases never asked me about the credit card info).


    Hey guys, thanks for the new update 🙂

    The player tracker doesn’t seem to be loading on my machine for some reason, I think the streaming game is preventing it from getting enough bandwidth for it to load. Perhaps you can set the player to load the player tracker FIRST before the game begins to stream?

    Also, would you be able to add the feature to close the red ALERTS bar at the bottom below the game video? It’s annoying and distracting at times and being able to close it or remove it so it doesn’t get in the way would be great. Other than that, I like the progresss you guys are making on the Mosaic player 🙂



    same login problem as others, first time I’ve ever had trouble logging in. note: i’m able to log into the non-mosaic MLBTV as per usual.

    p.s I don’t live in Spain but in the U.S.


    Unable to login. Waste od a download. I think I will just cacel my monthy subscription. better get this fixed or they are going to loose money because of junk software

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