International Users

For those of you located internationally that have been having access trouble with the Mosaic (and possibly even MLB.TV), we’ve made a few changes today that we think should help alleviate the majority of the issues. Try it out this evening and let us know.




    For the second day (actually night in my case, since I’m in Spain) I had no problems at all due to verification issues, and could log on successfully all the time.
    Thanks a lot for this fix!


    This new update has made me unable to login (yet again!) It worked fine before the new update. I’m from the US so I shouldn’t be having any login problems. Please fix this bug again.


    It is working fine for me now (from Spain). Thanks.

    But… Why does Mosaic insist on installing Swarmcast? If it is needed to download upgrades, at least it should be uninstalled afterwards.


    Okay… I’m no longer prompted for verification at initial login. Frankly, it shouldn’t have been necessary in the first place, due to my MLB All-Access subscription. However, I’m now dealing with another problem.

    Currently, my access to seven of the nine (Fri, August 4) games currently in progress is blocked, i.e. blacked out.

    Bottom line… at this point I can only access the MIL @ STL and MIN @ KC games. Something is not right here.

    Steve, posting from Korea.


    Well, now I’m back to being prompted for an Address Verification… Yesterday, I was not prompted after login.

    First and foremost as I’ve stated previously, this shouldn’t even be necessary – my Mosaic access is supposed to be automatic due to my MLB All-Access subscription. Therefore, my physical address/location/credit card info, etc., should already be in your “system,” so to speak.

    Secondly, I decided to “play the game” of address verification anyway. So I entered the information as requested. Go figure! My information could not be verified. NOTE: I’m overseas, living in South Korea.

    Lastly. Although I was not prompted for an address verification yesterday, I could only access six of the 15 games played on Friday, August 4 (US time). Nine other games were blacked out via the Mosaic. But those same nine blacked out Mosaic games were accessible via MLB.TV. So obviously there were no international blackout retrictions in effect for any of the August 4 games. And yes, I do indeed understand the blackout process/restrictions that are sometimes in effect for international locations.

    Needless to say, my most recent difficulties with Mosaic are downright annoying. The Mosaic is a great feature. But frankly, I don’t appreciate being “screwed with” like this. What gives?


    I have no problem signing in, never have, however, the quality is pathetic and never do all the screens for all the games come up at once!

    So far MLB Mosaic is a complete waste of time and has not got one single bit better since it started!


    It’s possible that the Internet connection doesn’t work as well overseas, I’ve never had a quality issue or lack of screens here in the states.


    Okay… So yesterday (Sat, Korea Time) I decided to try and access Mosaic. To my surprise, I was no longer prompted for an address verification. On the other hand, I was blacked out for all games played east of the Mississippi River. Therefore, I was unable to access seven out of 15 games. Once again, all 15 games were available (no international blackout restrictions) via MLB.TV.

    NOTE: Last week (Sat, Aug 5, Korea Time) I was not prompted for an address verification, but nine of 15 Mosaic games were blacked out. But all 15 games were available via MLB.TV.

    The very next day (Sun, Aug 6, Korea Time) when attempting to access Mosaic, I was prompted for address verification, and naturally my information could not be verified. (This verfication “thing” has never, ever worked for me whenever I’ve been asked to enter the information.) Consequently, no Mosaic access for me.

    So assuming the pattern holds up, I will likely be prompted for address verification once again when I attempt to access Mosaic (Sun, Korea Time). And once again I will likely have to go through the ridiculous procedure of entering my personal information in order to try and access Mosaic, only to receive an error message indicating my information cannot be verified. Ergo, I suppose I will not have access to Mosaic at all tomorrow.

    We shall see.


    Well, whaddaya know… Slammed with the address verification box again. Naturally, my personal information cannot be verified.

    Really tiring… really frustrating…Really a pain in the butt, this Mosaic thing…

  10. Justin


    are you able to watch the normal product, or do you have address verification issues there as well?


    I´m from BRAZIL and almost 90% of the time I can´t watch due to the “verification system”. I try logging in and off (for IP adress change) and sometimes it works. But everyday this past week the speed is terrible (usually below 250). Next year I will have to reconsider siging for the full season



    Yes, I can watch any game via the normal MLB.TV product, unless of course a Korea blackout is imposed due to a national broadcast in the U.S. That’s what makes this whole thing so **** frustrating.

    I just don’t understand why I should be prompted for any sortta verification because my address/physical location and credit card info should already be in the “system” by virtue of my MLB All-Access subscription. By the same token, because my personal data (address,CC card, etc.) should already be “cached” I should not have to deal with any Mosaic blackout issues – unless specifically blacked out in Korea due to national broadcast restrictions.


    No access to Mosaic. None. A box comes up that says “Updates found. Downloading.” Nothing else happens.

  14. Justin

    cpl – do you have a firewall on your machine that may be preventing the mosaic from downloading updates? We’ve seen this come up with a few users that had more aggressive firewall rules than others.


    I can open the MLB mosaic, but it asks constantly for mij billing information, unless I filled in the form several times. I get the same question from MLB-TV and after I filled in the form it was working properly. MLB Mosaic is still not working properly. The screens keep blank after I opened MLB Mosaic.

    Yours sincerely,

    T. van Diemen


    We are unable to verify your location for blackout purposes. Please enter
    your billing credit card information below to verify your billing address.

    No charges will be made, this is used only to verify your address.”

    This keeps popping up over and over even after I fill it out


    I am also getting the error:

    We are unable to verify your location for blackout purposes. Please enter

    your billing credit card information below to verify your billing address.

    No charges will be made, this is used only to verify your address.”

    I’m a user in the United States. I have to verify my credit card information on both the mosaic, and regular every time i try to watch a game!!

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