Updates for tomorrow High Quality Streaming Update

Some updates for you all coming before tomorrows games:
We should have fixes in for the following:

– Any remaining isolated player tracker issues.
– Mac Version: Audio switching causing the video playback to stutter/freeze intermittently
– Linescore not showing the 9th inning
– Mac clock intermittently stopping
– More Vista install fixes
– Game status updates around the UI

Issues we’ll be working on tomorrow:

– PC Video showing as black for about 15-20 seconds on startup, before it starts playing. The audio plays from the start.
– Helping those still struggling with installs, audio/video playback, hardware, and video driver issues
– Vista Stability
– Application stability overall
– Additional work on international/edge case credit card verification issues
– A tutorial overview of the features and functionality that may not be overtly obvious. Lots of neat tricks that some of you are finding, but others may not.

In addition, we’re continuiing to optimize the high quality streaming in the 4/6 game view of the Mosaic for tomorrow’s games, which we believe will clear up the majority of the rebuffering issues that some of you have seen. A side effect may be slightly longer initial buffering, with one or two rebuffers early on, but it should stablilize and not rebuffer at all going forward.

We’ll be working through those of you that are still having trouble getting video/audio to play at all tonight and tomorrow morning.

Thank you all again for all of the time you’ve been putting in to help us make sure we’re delivering for those that are having trouble, it’s very much appreciated. I’m going to try to get a few hours of sleep, but will be back in about 4 hours as we’re going to do some network upgrades to better handle traffic load for tomorrow’s day games.

Thanks again,



  1. eaze@bellsouth.net


  2. andy@thesportsjournal.com

    Speaking for myself, I am impressed by the amount of communication here between yourself and the users in order to make this the best experience possible. I’m also impressed by the hard work and dedication…

    Congrats on what is turning out to be an amazing product. I think people forget that no other major sport is providing this amount of service to this extent and there will always be issues early on.

  3. cwgraffix@hotmail.com

    I’m not sure if there is a webplayer blog or where to post feedback on the webplayer, however there is an issue that needs to be fixed. For watching archived games, the line score starts hidden which is great! Below that though is a section called “related links” and in that there are game highlight links that give away what happens during the game. Please hide this as well on archived games. Thanks!

  4. thepaternoster@gmail.com

    any time i try and watch a complete archived game, all that plays is the pregame preview over and over again. the condensed games and the highlights and stuff all work fine. it’s just the complete game. what’s the deal?

  5. jacobmowry@hotmail.com

    Hello…I’ll try to make some sense…When I get into mosaic..it seems like everything is pushed up a bit on the screen, for example..the bottom line that has the teams that are playing is on top of my bottom 3 screens..the top line that has the teams that are playing is in the middle of my top 3 screens(blocking view, in full screen as well)…another example…if I click and drag a game into a screen, I have to click a bit under where the button actually is…this I have to do for anything that I click on….”pushed up?”
    Justin responed(very quickly..thanks) and said it might be video driver related? Not a big computer guy, so can anyone explain what that means(justin is working on it)…

    Also….When I watch a archived game in 700 and then click on an inning it takes me to 400…anyone else have that problem?

  6. jacobmowry@hotmail.com

    Extra innings is back on cable…but if i get mosaic to work for me, I think i’m gonna like this better…justin and the crew, keep up the good work, hope everything ends up working great soon.

  7. voyezvouscela@aol.com

    Hi Justin,

    I just hope that for today’s games, the quality will be better.

    It is annoying that all the changes you are operating on the Mosaic affect MLB.TV single games. Yesterday, we did not have through the 4th inning of the Mariners game the graphics from FSN Northwest.

    As andy@thesportsjournal.com wrote, it is indeed impressive how hard you are working with your team. But frankly, for one year now, it seems that you are having extra work for nothing. Frankly, as I told you the year before, MLB.TV was far funnier in 2004 and 2005: no problem, no blogs with thousands of posts, every customer happy with it…

    Hope for you that at the end of April, the Mosaic will “finally” work at 100%.

    I understand you do not like having furious suscribers writting furious messages, but you have to admit that since you’ve got the idea to launch this Mosaic in April 2006, the whole MLB.TV product has continuous troubles…

    Take the right decisions, and don’t be afraid to through away the Mosaic…

  8. denverhank@comcast.net

    Mornin mlb fans–lets have a great day here.
    Justin and Crew== dont worry not leavin you folks for extra entirely but i will have it as well for the big screen. You have so much to offer such as bb channel and preshow stuff– and of course the mosaic–it will keep me going.

    Also your crews ability to interact with your customers makes me happy. All goods comes with great work– and takes awhile to iron out the bugs–but you never give up. Just hang in there gang Im with ya.

    Many many great thanks for your help and kindness towards me and whole field of customers. Hank

  9. dgmayor@lmalla.com

    For what it’s worth –

    I’ve been running the Mosaic on both XP 32bit and Vista 32bit. It was working alright on Vista until yesterday’s initial “Vista update” to the software. At that point, streamcast wasn’t loading with it. I manually loaded it and it was working fine. I believe you guys fixed that issue later in the evening.

    I watched the majority of the the Sox/Royals game via Mosaic and for the most part it was alright. Some hiccups with having to rebuffer and it would sometimes switch to the lower bitrate, or it would say it was the higher but obviously wasn’t. This was on an 8mb Roadrunner connection.

    During the afternoon, I watched the Indians and White Sox via the web browser, and had almost no issues. I work at a college so bandwidth is definately not an issue, but the Mosaic still has a LOT of studdering and re-buffering issues here. This leads me to believe that the streamcast isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be (especially when the straight feed via the web is fine). I suspect you guys already know this, but more input can’t hurt, right?

    I look forward to having Mosaic running 100%.

  10. julienv@planet.nl

    Dear Justin and all the team,
    I was a Mosaic Beta Tester in 2006 and communicated regularly with you back then.

    So when emails arrived in March that I had to pay $40 extra for Mosaic in the new season, I was mildly elated, however the promise of increased quality and that some of the features we suggested during beta testing would be available, I trusted you and went for it.

    The launch problems have been quite annoying though and it is too bad you guys did not have more beta testing during Spring training to avoind these issues, I would like to know why Mosaic was released with not enough testing (as it was a much changed version from last year’s which was fully tested). You knew the risks,and it looks to me the business side went for a launch with a less than finished product.

    So because of this I expect MLB TV to make an effort for those of us who have been subscribers since the launch in 2004, have been beta testers in 2006 for free and have paid for the full 2007 season of Premium (ie not making use of the 5 day trial).

    A small effort in the form of a refund or, for example, free access to the Post Season would be extremely appreciated and would reinforce my love of this product, your teams and your dedication.

    Thank you for your consideration !


    Just one last comment (supporting cwgraffix@hotmail.com ) : being overseas I make a lot of use of the Archived games and seeing the highlights under the hidden score box, usually spoils ALL the fun of it. Please get rid of it, there are enough highlights elsewhere on the site, even on the homepage actually !

  11. java_cgi_hunter@yahoo.ca

    Have been a sub since day 1 of mlb.tv as well.
    Please, please please do not take away the on screen graphics like last year.

    Every time I called CS last year I got a “most people would rather not have it” answer.

    I prefer mlb.tv to EI package. But I will not put up with another year of no graphics.

    Can I please get an answer, as to this because I will definitly cancel my subscription without graphics

  12. java_cgi_hunter@yahoo.ca

    Oh yeah, the reason we need graphics is cause we have a deaf person in our house that cannot follow a game without the graphics.

  13. asar2001@yahoo.com

    I’m on a MAC version 10.4.9
    Processor 1.9 GHz PowerPC G5

    512 MB. The looping of the same video is gone. The problem that I have now, is that the video keeps re-buffering every ten seconds. Any update on what can be done?

  14. java_cgi_hunter@yahoo.ca


    Read in another thread that ease got a personal phone call. This is distressing to me, someone who is constantly threatening, yelling, and complaining should have been banned, not helped.

    We are all having issues…

  15. voyezvouscela@aol.com

    Hey Julienv, you are absolutely right !

    Business wise, MLB.TV Mosaic is a flop. As customers, we cannot accept that.

    The whole problem is that I am, as you, a loyal MLB.TV suscriber since 2004. 2004 and 2005 were lots of fun: TV feeds and no cuts with horrible screens between innings, with valuable pregame shows.

    Now the MLB.TV team wants to stream their “own” pregame shows. Ouup, they just forget this is not their job, so frankly, it is not funny t owatch it. I’d rather like watching FSN or other regional pregame shows, that’s it !

    Since April 2006 and the will to introduce this “state-of-the-art” (hum hum…) Mosaic, game feeds are bad.

    An exemple: yesterday, out of 14 games, 6 were badly streamed. At the beginning of the Blue Jays / Tigers and A’s / Mariners games, there were no graphics from the local channel. Plus, there were no graphics at all for the D’backs / Rockies and Cubs / Reds games… Also, in the Indians / White Sox and Padres / Giants (at the beginning) games, the video was not correctly sized (a kind of 16/9 video with 2 black banners really annoying). Just click on these archived games to see it.

    I do think all of these problems come from the Mosaic. Technicians are doing so much changes with this program that it affects the game feeds. Is the Mosaic a better product if we see 6 games on the same screen badly streamed ??? I don’t think so.

    So I do understand all suscribers getting mad with it. You’ve got all winter long to solve the problems and release a perfect product, which you haven’t yet done. Sorry, but even the most patient suscriber will get nervous with it, and especially those who really enjoyed MLB.TV in 2004 & 2005, THE BEST PRODUCT EVER AT THAT TIME.

    So yes, public excuses should be nice, and a refund would be very appreciated…

  16. Justin


    Again, we appreciate the comments, and your feedback on game graphics will go a long way towards our decision making process regarding how we handle this going forward. To clarify though, its unrelated to the mosaic, the stream quality, mlb.tv on the site, etc. As we work to get higher quality signal out of the ballparks, in some instances we’ve taken clean feeds, which it’s quite clear has upset some of you. I’ll pass that along to the team, and we’ll work this year to take feeds with graphics, or provide an alternative (that i think you’ll find compelling – more on that later) to them.



  17. mosaic@website.mlb.com

    @ Posted by: jacobmowry@hotmail.com |

    Yes that is a video card Issue, most likely an old ATI or TNT Video card. The only solution is to buy a card that supports Direct X 9. I’m sorry that is not very clear, we require a Video card that supports Direct X 9, and yes you have also have Direct X 9 installed.

    Have a great Day Everyone, Thanks for the positive attitudes!

  18. cwgraffix@hotmail.com

    take the clean feeds if that improves video quality, etc. but in the webplayer you got to have some sort score strikes balls outs, and inning readout. I was finding myself during the rockies game clueless as to what was going on, especially since TV broadcasters don’t normal comment on those details.

  19. voyezvouscela@aol.com

    Many thanks Justin to take charge of that issue and give it to the appropriate team.

    Frankly, TV feeds quality is perfect. And even if you think it is not as good as you have wished, I really prefer watching a video at 80% of its maximum quality, but with graphics, rather than a cristal clear video without graphics.

    So good job to care of that issue !

    Now, if you could get rid of the in-between screens and let us watch the regional TV commercials and pregame shows, THAT WOULD BE THE BEST PRODUCT EVER ! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Adie-hard baseball fan from France ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. kst4p@virginia.edu


    I’m having an issue with Baltimore Orioles and Washington Nationals games. These games are broadcast on the MASN network (all 162 games), but in my area (zip 22903) we do not get this channel on Comcast. I called to confirm this, and they lied to me saying the games would take over the CSPAN channel–I tuned at gametime and it was still boring old politicians, and I was furious that they lied to me. But I am also blacked out on MLB.TV despite the games not being broadcast on television in this area. Is there any way you could lift the blackout restriction on my account for these two teams? I haven’t been able to watch a single game of theirs and it is the only reason I’m subscribed. I already sent an email to cancel my account, but if you can fix this I will gladly remain a subscriber.

  21. kst4p@virginia.edu


    I’m having an issue with Baltimore Orioles and Washington Nationals games. These games are broadcast on the MASN network (all 162 games), but in my area (zip 22903) we do not get this channel on Comcast. I called to confirm this, and they lied to me saying the games would take over the CSPAN channel–I tuned at gametime and it was still boring old politicians, and I was furious that they lied to me. But I am also blacked out on MLB.TV despite the games not being broadcast on television in this area. Is there any way you could lift the blackout restriction on my account for these two teams? I haven’t been able to watch a single game of theirs and it is the only reason I’m subscribed. I already sent an email to cancel my account, but if you can fix this I will gladly remain a subscriber.

  22. bacreaa@yahoo.com

    Justin to update you. As of last night, the feeds were getting better for me. I noticed that the connection speed was about 300K and then it would skip, when it stayed above 500K it was good. I will check it out for todays games and report back. Late

  23. trussdesigner05@yahoo.com

    Justin and your crew.

    just wanted to tell you all that i appreciate all your hard work. i know you don’t get many thankyous, so i wanted to give you one. i know there are problems and i am sure you guys are doing your best to get all problems resolved. when mosaic did not work for me last night i just signed in on regular mlb tv and watched that way. i am at work so i won’t know if my laptop with vista (that was not working with mosaic last night is back up today) i will check when i get home tonight. just wanted to say thanks for all you guys are doing and i am happy with it all.

  24. adam.land@gmail.com

    Have you addressed the issue of swarmcast interfering with the ability to access the internet outside of Mosaic? That is a big problem for me.

  25. btoal@aol.com

    This is I believe my third post on one of these threads, and I’m yet to see an answer form my problem. When I watch the games on mosaic they seem to run in slow motion. I have plenty of memory, and when I run a single game on mlb.tv at 700 speed it looks fine. With the announcement of cable getting back into the extra innings package, if I don’t have this issue resolved soon, I am cancelling my subscription here.

  26. Justin

    adam, you may have an early release, that probably shouldnt have gotten out. it certainly won’t happen in the future. if you were trying to install it off of swarmcasts site directly, that could have caused this as well.

    in any case, if you go into your browser options, under the connections tab you should see lan settings. in there, you can turn off of the proxy config that swarmcast may have applied.

    To clarify, our custom swarmcast install that comes with the mosaic does not do this, as we don’t want to interfere with your internet access in any way.



  27. Justin

    btoal, the guys will be reaching out to you this morning, apologize for the delayed reply.



  28. btoal@aol.com

    Certainly not your fault. You seem to be the one person who has dedicated themselves to helping everyone.

  29. hagedorn@spinfo.uni-koeln.de


    I’ve got a new problem ๐Ÿ™‚

    I just launched the Mosaic, got an update, and now after the Login nothing happens. The screen remains on “Loading …”. In the Console, I see the following:

    WARN MlbSession – login() LoginSuccessful – username:’Hagedorn@spinfo.uni-koeln.de’, UID:’6213992′, computername:’hgd.dyndns.org’

    ==========>set logoutstatus to false after successful login: False

    ERROR TimedEvent – MlbSession event queue, FinishLogin event, exception :java.lang.NullPointerException

    TvsTimer.start() – exit

    TvsTimer.start() – exit

    TvsTimer.start() – exit

    TvsTimer.start() – exit


    So the Login is successful, but something seems to go wrong afterwards … this is under OS X 10.4.9.

  30. cdrutis@gmail.com

    Hi, I am one of those unlucky few who still have the permanent stream error problem. This is the last day of the trial and I would like to know if this is a problem on our end that can’t be fixed by you guys so I can cancel before they charge my card. Thank you.

  31. asar2001@yahoo.com

    Justin, wanted to know. In Mosaic, when i’m in the 6 and 4 screens, the video on all screens keeps re-buffering every 10 seconds. But, when I view a single game in Mosaic I don’t have that re-buffering problem. Why do I have that problem? Thanks.

  32. rmcc4444@gmail.com

    i’m stil not understanding the people who are complaining about lack of support. how many other products are you able to interact directly with the developers? good luck M$ word.

    i do understand peoples frustrations, but the support and communication here has been top notch.


  33. dperkinsjr@yahoo.com

    Absolutely love this product. Could we have the number of outs somewhere near the baserunners graphic? Thanks.

  34. cneas@comcast.net

    I am having difficulty installing Mosaic. I have downloaded the setup file from your page and saved it to the desktop on my PC as instructed in the how to install video. However, when I click the setup, I get this message: “error reading setup initialization file.” Nothing further happens nor do I get any clear reason why it’s not working. I have all necessary PC system requirements listed and I have tested my download speed and it is sufficient for Mosaic. What am I not doing? I hope to resolve this because the reason I purchased MLB.TV Premium was to have the Mosaic feature. Please help.

  35. java_cgi_hunter@yahoo.ca

    I am having the “slow motion” effect on the 4/6 screen.

    Is there any way to correct this.

  36. cwgraffix@hotmail.com

    @ cneas…
    you have an incomplete setup file. It should have a file size of 13393584. Try clearing your browser’s disk cache and re-download.

  37. kywolf@gmail.com

    I have never witnessed so much complaining. It’s not even 1 week into the season. It’s a long season people. Mosaic will work 100% soon. What’s with all the threats to cancel service. You can still watch a game in 700k via the browser. You know the 700k is a huge step up from last years 350k.

    The best part is you can watch baseball anywhere you can connect to high-speed internet. You can’t do that with cable.

    Stop your complaining. Everyone’s excited to see Mosaic work like we’d expect and it will soon. These guys are working their tails of so give them the benefit of the doubt.

    Mosaic is awesome! Keep up the great work! Work forward to seeing improvements.

  38. drew_sumner@emerson.edu

    I’m still not getting video in the mosaic single game view. 6 and 4 work, but it never connects for a single game. Please let me know how I can fix this.

  39. laubiemm@notes.udayton.edu

    This is the first time I have blogged on here, and I am shocked at people’s acceptance of this package. I understand that it is early and things will get better, but why wasn’t I able to download the Mosaic and get the errors out of the way in May rather than April when games count? The video quality is at most half of what it was last year as I use the Mosaic. I am using a computer on a university campus while everyone else is on break… the bandwidth is unbelievably high right now, yet I can only run the game in the lowest quality without major streaming problems. I appreciate Justin and his team’s work, but the fact that I am paying $130 for this package is unbelievable.

  40. scott2b@free.fr

    Have yet to see picture or hear sound on my mosaic! Only get messages of network stream errors, whether in six-screen mode or for an individual game. And this regardless of the video quality chosen.

    I’m running on a Mac I-book 2 GHz Intel Core Duo, and the MLB speed test says my DSL bandwidth is running at 2576kbps. Would I be right in saying that my video card is an Intel GMA 950, or am I reading my computer’s specs wrong?

    I haven’t tried reinstalling, but the mosaic does seem to update when I click on it; what to do? Please send tips!! Thx.

  41. scott2b@free.fr

    Have just tried reinstalling, to no avail. Checked Flip4Mac stuff too — all seems okay.

    Forgot to say: video card is at 64Mb of VRAM, as required, and my OS is 10.4.9.

    Thanks again.

  42. rab@thepopitude.com

    I just want to say, despite all the complaints and errors, thanks to Justin and all the guys for working so hard and communicating so well with the customers to try and sort everything out. A lesser company would release an update maybe once a week and offer less direct communication with us.

    Thanks, Rab

  43. thepaternoster@gmail.com

    Still not able to watch a single complete archived game. keeps replaying the pregame shows on a loop. it’s not the 6 am next day issue either because i can’t even watch a game from monday.

  44. huskersully@hotmail.com

    When watching archived games in the Mosaic, the quality even on highest is never as good as the 700k feed for me

  45. asar2001@yahoo.com

    How does one view archive games in Mosaic? All I see is just a blue screen that say MLB.TV

  46. twiztidkc@msn.com

    I’m still having issues viewing any games in any format (1, 4, or 6)on mosaic, even at the lowest video quality setting. Rebuffering continues to be an issue. I have waited on complaining about this hoping it would be fixed after the first day or two. What is happening to resolve these issues? I am very upset about paying the higher amount to view games at resolution that was promised to be comparable to what I would see on TV…I can’t even watch a game without it rebuffering on the lowest settings.

  47. twiztidkc@msn.com

    I’ve just looked through a bunch of threads and descriptions of problems and none of the suggestions to help the issues I’m having are of any help. I am extremely dissappointed in this product and it sounds like it will still be awhile before all the issues are ironed out…I’m so frustrated at this point I just want to throw my computer out the window. I don’t know how much longer I’m going to be willing to put up with this mediocre service so if it comes to it, how do I go about getting a refund?

  48. chaile@cfl.rr.com

    I give up. Cannot watch more than a single game due to rebuffering every few seconds. good idea, too bad it doesn’t work

  49. bigdogprod@aol.com

    Having trouble getting the audio. Message reads use a different quality level. Where do I make this adjustment

  50. bigdogprod@aol.com

    Also having trouble getting the vdieo. Message reads use a different quality level. How do I make this adjustment?

  51. frank.miele@gmail.com

    I get a stream error when I choose a video quality level higher than the lowest setting. I can only watach mosaic in the lowest quality level. What’s up with that?

  52. frank.miele@gmail.com

    I keep having one of two problems.

    Sometimes Mosaic says that it is Temp Unavailable and that I need to check back soon. To fix this, it was suggested that I reinstall Mosaic (which I have done now about 10 times)

    Sometimes it actually let me in. But I can only see the games on the lowest video quality setting.

    My system info is as follows

    1 gig ram

    2 ghz AMD processor

    OS is XP SP2

    High speed cable connection

    This is extremely frustrating

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