Feature Requests

Hi all,As we continue to release bugfixes and improve the stability of the product for those of you that are having trouble, we’d also very much like to hear from you all as to what you’d like to see in the product next. Please feel free to post comments here regarding features and functionality you’d like to see in future releases.


  1. hogan_disciple@hotmail.com

    Single game streams higher then 700k. If you can stream the 6-game view at over 1Mbps, why not a single game?

  2. xzi@nycap.rr.com

    XBOX360/Media Center capability and you’d have me sold. Otherwise, MLB Extra Innings for me until then.

    Basically, I need a way to watch it around the house and at night on TV, not on a PC. That would be GREAT.

    And the Media Center platform seems like the easiest way to do that. XBOX360 without Media Center would be even better but obviously that would require a partnership with Microsoft to get done–where the Media Center way just requires someone at MLB.tv to write an interface for it that works.

  3. torn_cuff@yahoo.com

    How about relooking at the availability/blackouts of “local” markets.

    I live in Southern Tennessee (Chattanooga). I literally live in a city that is so far away from other major league teams that there is a AA affiliate here. Cincy is 350 miles away!

    The Braves are 100 miles away. Fine. Black them out. But does it really make sense to black out so far away that you are blocking teams’ own AA affiliates viewing areas.

    Obviously there is some flexibility in the product as you guys own the rights. Do the right thing and narrow some of these ridiculous black out areas.

    Thank you

  4. csherwood@comcast.net

    Add the current number of outs in the inning to where you have the score and graphic showing how many guys are on base.

  5. dustin_bills@yahoo.com

    First, I want to congratulate mlbtv.com for really putting together a product that is head and shoulders above what it was. As a struggling mac user, being forced to use windows media player (and flip4mac) was an awful experience. Mosaic is really excellent quality.

    Feature request #1

    It would be nice to be able to stream the audio through mosaic. is this possible now? If so I haven’t figured out how to do it.

    feature request #2

    automatic login both with mosaic and firefox. Its a little annoying to have to wait for the program to launch, download the new build, and then have to type in the login info (even with autocomplete, it means waiting a bit). I wouldn’t mind having a cookie on the computer to do an auto-login. Ultimately it would be nice to launch mosaic and walk away and come back to the game streaming already.

    feature request #3

    A preference setting that remembers what you want to see on the initial. I don’t really need the 6 game or 4 game view to be the default. I want it to launch with a single game view of my favorite team, the mets of course! This seems like it could be an easy one to add.

  6. hogan_disciple@hotmail.com

    When watching a game in single-game view with the boxscore and stats to the right it would be great to be able to see the stats from different games, not just the one you are watching.

    This way, fantasy watchers can see a player’s stats without switching the game they are watching.

  7. rmcc4444@gmail.com

    i strongly second what torn_cuff says about re-looking at the blackouts. its insane im cant watch ranger games on mlb.tv even though they aren’t shown locally.

  8. rmcc4444@gmail.com

    reposting this to see if other people agree/disagree.

    -As I mentioned before, implement a “IdeaStorm” type of website, similar to what Dell has done. This will help you prioritize what features the most people want. I can’t emphasize how much this will help you guys. I have implemented similar web apps for a few large companies and customer satisfaction has gone through the roof in weeks.

    -While in Mosaic, all of the games in progress are listed above the game I’m currently watching. That’s nice but it would be ideal if you added what inning the game was in and what team was batting.

    -When I have multiple players active on my alert list a white arrow goes back and forth between the games those players are playing in. It’s very 1995ish if you know what I mean. I don’t need more things blinking on me. Instead, outline the game box with a red border or something similar.

    -To help you guys support the product better, put the version of the software in the top right corner in a small font. Being in enterprise development, I would guess 25% if not more of the questions from people on the blogs are from people who have out of date software even if they think they do have the latest build. ****, sometimes I’m not even sure if I have the latest build.

    -Add an “Always on top” feature that allows Mosaic to always be on top.

    -I’m pretty sure you are streaming all the games in the background while I’m in the Mosaic. There are some games I will never switch to, but they are taking up bandwidth. Allow me to click on a game across the top game score bar to enable or disable it. Or maybe allow people to make this change in Preferences.

    -Setup an online chat room. You can market it as a chat room for people to talk about baseball, but it will turn into that and also a people helping people resource, giving your developers more free time to improve the code.

    -I’m sometimes watching my favorite team and one of my player alerts pop up. I want to know what he does but I don’t want to switch games. Follow up the alert with the outcome of the players at bat.

    -A one line scrolling banner giving MLB news, injury reports, etc. would further turn Mosaic into an all-in-one MLB portal.

    -In Preferences, allow users to select the stream quality they want Mosaic to start up to.

    -When I have a single game open in Mosaic rather than scrolling up and down to see both teams stats, make it two tabs. Also, when I go to a single game in Mosaic default the stats to the team that is currently at bat.

    -The information in the Game Status tab should always be shown. It could be fit underneath box score in single game mode.

    -Finally and most importantly, GET ON YOUR EXECUTIVES about customer support not answering the phone or responding to emails. I know its not your responsibility, but have your boss throw it over the fence. It’s absolutley insane that we are 5 days into the season and I cant get through to customer support and they haven’t responded to an email I sent a week ago.

  9. dustin_bills@yahoo.com

    I do not want to see commercials! I like silence between innings. Particularly with the audio…radio commercial are awful…

  10. lkdiotte@tbaytel.net

    Get rid of the excessive pitching alerts, only alert who is pitching at the beginning of a game and when there is a pitching change.

  11. dustin_bills@yahoo.com

    -In Preferences, allow users to select the stream quality they want Mosaic to start up to.

    agree…and add the team and number of games to be viewed…

  12. dgmayor@lmalla.com

    – More HD feeds. It was great watching the White Sox and Indians during the week with the widescreen feed. With so many of these games being broadcast in HD, there’s no reason we shouldn’t have the option of the HD feed. This would also alleviate the issue of “full screen” vs “widescreen” issues.

    – Option to keep aspect ratio when going full screen. I don’t want my 4:3 feed stretched wide on my 16:10 monitor. Looks ridiculous.

    – Give us some type of option to attempt a “resync” without having to close the program and reopen it. Many times when we get the buffering issues, it doesn’t resynch to the latest point of the feed, it continues on where it was when it stopped to buffer. This is all well and good, but when the inning/base status graphic below the picture is anywhere from a pitch to an inning ahead of whats on the screen, it almost makes things pointless to watch.

    I agree with the majority of suggestions above as well. I know you have nothing to do with blackouts, but I had this problem when I lived in Orlando. Being a Red Sox fan with the Extra innings package, it would black out all games they played versus the Devil Rays. Well thats great, but my cable company (Time Warner) didn’t carry Fox Sports South, which showed the Drays games, so I couldn’t see any of these games!

    I’m now having the same issue being in Raleigh. I’m in the Orioles/Nationals blackout zone, but Fox Sports for me here isn’t carrying the Orioles games this year (they would show them via the Comcast sports feed from Baltimore). So once again, I’m blacked out on games I can’t see any other way besides MLB.TV or Extra Innings… Selig used the “x amount of games on a day in an area” argument when the deal was being made with Direct TV, but I wonder how accurate that was since some of us are in the “broadcast/blackout area” of specific teams, but have no way of seeing said teams..

  13. cgreek@mailer.fsu.edu

    The number one problem with this application is the quality of the picture. Frankly it’s very poor. I watch only to see my fantasy players at bat, but still I would like much less blurriness in the streamed material.
    I can get up to 1900K, so bandwidth has nothing to do with it.

  14. rmcc4444@gmail.com

    One more. If I love in Boston and I am actually at my house in Boston, I can understand being blacked out from watching the Red Sox, however, if I’m on a business trip out of the country or out of state, I should be able to watch the Red Sox because they are not my local team at the moment.

  15. buckeyeminime@comcast.net

    I would like to see the stat lines listed next to MY PLAYER TRACKER. Other than that, I think that rmcc4444 hit it on the head with his first post. Many great suggestions listed here and as long as I see improvements being made, I’ll stick around!

  16. Justin

    cgreek, for tv quality, you can switch over to the single game streams by double clicking on a game. In addition, we’re working now with some new encoding technology (for the technically inclined, we’re looking to move to multi-pass live VBR encoding – which hasnt been possible to do reliably yet, but we’re getting there) to increase the quality of the 4 and 6 gave view streams, expect to see these get better in the next few weeks.



  17. joeabrams026@yahoo.com

    I’m very impressed with mosaic so far. I think it would be cool if you could choose what audio feed you want to listen to out of “tv away, tv home, radio away, radio home, radio alt. language.” I seem to remember hearing this feature would be available when I signed up. Also, are you allowed to run gameday audio and mosaic at the same time? I remember getting locked out for a couple hours trying to do that last season so I’m afraid to try ;-). Also, can you explain how the lockout feature works so I can avoid it in the future?

  18. joeabrams026@yahoo.com

    Another feature request: PLEASE remove my email address from this and the last post so it doesn’t get harvested by spambots!

  19. chrisw005@comcast.net

    It would be really nice to be able to choose which radio feed to listen to while you watched a game. for example, if i was watching a yankee game that was coming from the yes network ,and i was a red sox fan,it would be nice to be able to listen to the red sox radio feed while watching the game. I don’t know how hard it would be to synch someting like that, but it would be really nice.

  20. Justin

    guys, sorry about the email addresses on the blog – mine is here for the world as well. we’ll work with our blog partner to find a different way to display comments. in the meantime, its been helpful for our support team to be able to contact you all directly.

    joe – its in the works, we’re just working on acquiring the necessary feeds.

    regarding the lockout issue, i’ll put a post up on how to use mulltiple products on the site together here as soon as i get a few minutes.

  21. pat@thepirtles.com

    Instead of showing “Blacked out”, why not show “Blacked out. Audio only” and provide the audio feed automatically (assuming there is an audio feed). And have some rules as to which audio feed to pick (favorite team first, home team second, etc) with the ability to easily switch to the other audio feed if available.

    Save the last video quality setting I picked. Every time I go to a single view game, it is set on low quality and I have to reset it to high quality. I want low quality on the 6 game view but high quality on the single game view (my connection is only about 1.2Mbps at best, so that’s what I can handle). If you are going to have 2 different quality settings for the multi-game view and single game view, then they need to be saved separately.

    As others have said, blackouts are ridiculous. I get blacked out of Houston games, even though I live in Dallas. That makes absolutely no sense. I don’t even want to watch the Astros. I want to watch the Cardinals, who happen to be playing the Astros. We are 4 or 5 hours away from Houston and don’t have any Houston broadcasts here. It makes absolutely no sense to black those out.

  22. raynap10@comcast.net

    Adding the players stats to Player tracker would be awesome. It is a great fantasy tool but keeping my league scoreboard active in the background and switching back and forth is a pain. Things are looking better keep up the good work.

  23. revmrf@verizon.net

    Hello Joe,

    That our addresses are shown is another indicator of the lack of forethought of mlb.com regarding its users and is inexcusable. Notwithstanding the software issues [which I can have a bit of sympathy for, as I was once a data communications software specialist]:

    1. the virtual lack of customer support via telephone [hours and hours of wait time with no access]

    2. non-response to e-mail messages sent to mlb.com

    3. bugs in the software that should have been debugged long before product was online

    a. connection problems

    b. line speed issues

    c. no where near enough servers

    4. product incompleteness [capabilities that were and still are advertised are still not available and not functional]

    5. no forethought on blackouts

    a. away games

    b. customer traveling away from local venue with a laptop

    c. lack of detail information when subscribed

    d. CHANGING the rules by adding local broadcast information during initial phase of Mosaic, on MLB.com?s website

    e. Not informing the subscriber detailing the effect of Saturday?s national [FOX] blackouts in advance

    And the list will go on? all this with an increase in subscription price.

    We should sue with a class action suit.


  24. demolitionman04@comcast.net

    Lets fix the problems were having now,nevermind the feature requests.I cant even see the bul$%#& features they have now

  25. hogan_disciple@hotmail.com

    When I switch to watching a single game in fullscreen mode it would be great if the mouse cursor disappeared after several seconds of inactivity

  26. redsoxradical@patmedia.net


    Last week I received an e-mail from MLB asking whether if would like to upgrade my service for $30. I responded ?YES? to the e-mail and they upgraded my service. They didn?t request my credit card information at that time because they already had it.

    Mosaic worked fine for two days. THEN, I began getting prompted for my credit card information. My son is home from school and the credit card was in my wallet, which was in the car with him. I tried to call MLB and held on for what their ides of a brief period, ?just a moment??until the cell phone battery went dead.

    This morning I tried again entering credit card information and it was unable to be validated, Once again, I called MLB and hung on for 45 minutes until someone picked up the call. By this time I had to run errands and was in the car. I was told that they needed my IP Address and would call me at 5:00 this evening?.it?s now after 6:000 and there hasn?t been a call! In the meantime, suspecting this would happen. I borrowed another call phone and hung on the line waiting for them UNTIL THAT BATTERY DISCHARGED.

    I am now going to call my credit card company any ask them to cancel payment to MLB since I can not use the service or get help to do so.


  27. thepaternoster@gmail.com

    How about an instant replay option that doesn’t require rebuffereing. also, it’d be nice to be able to go back to a specific at bat, not just half inning.

  28. mark_bechtel@simail.com

    i have several requests:

    1. that you respond to the issues raised four days ago.

    2. that you not offer and accept money for a product that does not work.

    3. that whoever runs this place gets fired.

    4. that you you tell me who to talk to about a refund.

    the only bigger joke than the fact that this is **** that doesn’t work is the customer service, which is insulting. YOU GUYS ARE TERRIBLE.

  29. daryanjr@gmail.com

    Here are my suggestions, along with some that have already been made. I?ll go ahead and repeat them in case someone is keeping a running tally?

    6 and 4 Game View Video Quality – I?m not expecting it to be HD, or even SD for that matter. I?d just like to be able to read the on-screen status bars and tell who the player at the plate is. In fact, is it necessary that all games be streamed simultaneously? If I?m allowed 1960 K bits/second on the highest quality setting, it seems logical that with equal bandwidth, streaming 6 games (which I pick) would look better than if I were streaming 15. I?d appreciate some insight on this from someone with knowledge on the subject.

    Restructure Blackout Areas – I expect to be blacked out of Atlanta Braves games. They are shown on television here. Not being able to watch the Cincinnati Reds, however, is unacceptable. Their games are NEVER shown in this market (Nashville, TN) and shouldn?t be blacked out.

    Better Use/Synchronization of Player Alerts – It?s very irritating to see an alert stating a player is on-base before he even steps up to the plate on video. Also, assuming the alerts are eventually synchronized properly, I?d prefer it show the result alert as ?_____ doubled to left field? 2-3 times rather than ?______ is on second base? repeatedly. Also, only show ?_____ is pitching? 2-3 times at the start of each inning, not throughout the entire inning.

    Better Synchronization Between Views – Often times I will see a player AB in 6 or 4 game view that I want to watch in single game view. After I click the game and single game view loads, which only takes about 10 seconds, it?s 2 batters ahead and I?ve missed the AB.

    Audio for Blacked Out Games – Allow a blacked out game to be switched between in 6 & 4 game view just as any other game, but with audio.

    Complete Game Archives – Remove the MLB.TV pregame so I don?t have to click the progress bar 10 times to find the beginning of the game.

    Add Balls/Strikes/Outs between the score and inning under each game screen in 6 & 4 game views.

    For upcoming games listed across the top of the screen, show the start times. For games already in progress, include top/bottom of inning.

    Use tabs for each team?s box score in single game view, rather than the current vertical scroll bar.

    List daily stat lines for each player in My Player Tracker.

  30. rmcc4444@gmail.com


    good news, after 7 days i heard back from mlb.com support via email. it was only an automated messages tho. :/

    saying that, i love the mosaic product and how hands on justin and his team have been.

  31. wetm15@yahoo.com

    I find that either in Mosaic or just trying to load games from the MLB Home page using windows media player I click on a game that is available and media player comes up and nothing plays. In mosaic when I go from the 4 screen or 6 screen to individual screen many games that show on 4 or 6 screen mosaic will not play on individual screen.
    I am using cablevision with 4500kbs


    Dell Inc.

    Inspiron 6000

    Processor Intel(R) Pentium(R) M processor 1.60GHz

    Processor Speed 1.56 GHz

    Memory (RAM) 512 MB

    Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition

    Operating System Version 5.1.2600

  32. herlippy1@aol.com


    If you wouldn’t mind, let me know what they tell you about the viewing home games while traveling issue. I’m in the same boat, and while I know it can be done…I’d like to know how it works.


  33. maw048@latech.edu

    Auto-updating stats on the player tracker would be awesome. Would make it the most perfect tool ever for my fantasy teams. Also, the ability to drag players off the tracker into the slots to have that specific player’s game show up. Or something to that effect. Those two together would make the mosaic so much better.

    Otherwise, amazing product, I love it, and will never go another season without it.

  34. kywolf@gmail.com

    First off, I love Mosaic. I’ve been subscribing to MLB.TV for many seasons now and having this program in addition to the higher quality streams is great!

    One thing that would be great, I think someone may have mentioned it already, is to be able to listen to different Gameday audio feeds while watching other games. This would be great for when my team happens to be blacked out. I can still watch other games while listening to my team.

    I also like to listen to the announcers on WCBS instead of the announcers of the televised game. I can always go through the web and do it but having it all right there would be very convenient.

    Again, Mosaic is awesome and we appreciate all the hard work your team puts into it. Looking forward to additional enhancements.

  35. joshwhite@urgrad.rochester.edu

    I thought I had explained this properly in the post before this one, but apparently some of you guys still don’t get it.

    Everyone is complaining about “How about relooking at the availability/blackouts of “local” markets.” or the fact that they are blacked out for some team that is 3-4 hours away from the. and rightfully so. I agree totally with all the complaints about people have raised. But here’s the problem.

    THIS IS NOT AN MLB.TV/MOSAIC problem. These blackout issues are the result of MLB and their arcane blackout policy, NOT arbitrarily assigned by MLB.TV. Justin and the MLB.TV engineers ARE NOT the people deciding that someone in New Orleans can’t watch Ranger games or someone in Las Vegas can’t watch A’s, Giants, or Diambonbacks games. The only way to fix this problem is to contact the commissioner’s office and get Bud “$15 mil/yr” Selig to change the policy. Jeff Passan of Yahoo sports wrote 2 excellent columns on this topic. There’s also a link to the “blackout map” for the entire US in one of the columns.



    Passan actually spoke to Selig’s office about it numerous times but to no avail. So please stop complaining about the blackout policy on this blog because these aren’t the people that can actually do anything about it besides sending it to deaf ears in the commissioner’s office.

  36. hogan_disciple@hotmail.com

    In 6/4-game viewing, it would be nice to see the amount of outs. You show the score, inning and batters on deck with the info button. All that is missing is the outs and maybe pitch count since it’s tough to read the in-game graphics on the small screens.

    In 4-game mode, it’d be nice to have access to the player stats for all games and switch between the player tracker, player and game stats, etc..

  37. mgmpbd@yahoo.com

    Thank you thank you thank you for NOT showing any television commercials. I am certain this is a legal requirement, and not a philosophical decision. Still, as someone who is tired of being constantly bombarded by sales pitches, I enjoy the silence between innings of MLB.TV games. I am puzzled by anyone who actually MISSES television commercials.

  38. joshwhite@urgrad.rochester.edu

    These are suggestions I have although most of them apply to regular MLB.TV not the Mosaic

    1) Get rid of ads before clicking on a new game, or at least change the ads up. I’ve seen the Right Guard Ad (*Sniff armpit, *Sniff armpit, “We’re Good”) at least 150 times when I had to use regular MLB.TV because Mosaic wasn’t working.

    2) Change the condensed games so that they show the conclusion of every at-bat. I realize that people don’t want to see 20-25 minute highlights, but sometimes they skip whole half-innings or innings at a time and you might miss an amazing defensive play. Also, numerous times they cut right to the next half-inning and there are already 1 or 2 men on base with no idea how they got there.

    3) Increase the number of players you can have in the player tracker for those fantasy obsessed dorks (like myself) who have multiple fantasy teams.

    4) Add textual play-by-play in Mosaic when in single-game mode (i.e. one game is highlighted big). Instead of the box score have the last 3 or 4 plays of the inning or the last inning or two so that you can switch to a game and see what just happened in it, rather than having to open another web browser to see the yahoo or cbs sportsline play-by-play.

    5) Implement some sort of live online chat for those having issues, especially technical (non-billing) issues. This would be so much quicker and easier than waiting on the phone for 2 hours.

  39. hogan_disciple@hotmail.com


    You obviously have yet to sit through a half inning of staring at the “Commercial in progress” screen when the game is being played.

    Last year on several occasions I missed complete parts of innings and already this year I am missing some pitches and outs because the “Commercial in progress” screen is showing when the game is actually on.

  40. icedaddyvi@yahoo.com

    Add the current number of outs in the inning to where you have the score and graphic showing how many guys are on base.


  41. mgmpbd@yahoo.com

    yes hogan, that would be annoying. i have yet to come across that particular annoyance.

    BTW: Does anybody know if it’s possible to rid the mosaic screen of the “ALERTS”, both on the bottom of the Mosaic, as well on the game screens themselves?

  42. daryanjr@gmail.com

    @ mgmpbd

    To get rid of the alerts, can you not remove all the players from your ‘My Player Tracker’?

    Expand ‘My Player Tracker’ and click ‘Edit List’. When the pop-up window appears, press ctrl+F5 to force refresh. Remove all the players, click save, and close the window. Go back to ‘My Player Tracker’ and click ‘Update’. If that doesn’t work, I have no idea.

  43. nevermoor@gmail.com

    I second the suggestion that the finger icon should disappear after a second or two of inactivity on full screen. Also, in XP the newest build appears to not cover the start bar in full screen mode. I liked it better when it was truly full screen.

    An easy change would be to allow me to save my favorite team, so that when I open and the A’s are playing, it goes directly to their game in single view mode. Far less pressing would be to apply team color schemes.

    The “Live Game” screen seems awkward, with a box score tab that is functionally the same as the “Stats” screen but harder to navigate. The “Game Status” tab would be nice if not for the fact that it is usually ahead of the video feed. I don’t know how to fix that, but if possible it should be a priority.

    Thanks for the dramatic improvements since opening day.

  44. mgmpbd@yahoo.com

    thanks daryanjr, but i don’t have any players in my player tracker. i tried your suggestion anyway, to no avail. thanks though.

  45. daryanjr@gmail.com

    @ mgmpbd

    One other thing you might try then is adding just one player, someone that doesn’t get playing time.

  46. jmg31599@yahoo.com

    i’ve noticed that i can resize the mosaic window, but wish there was also an option to make a single game stream fill the smaller window. coupling this with an always on top option would help with multi-tasking.

  47. mgmpbd@yahoo.com

    YES! That worked. The alerts are no more! Thank you all for the advice. And all hail REGGIE ABERCROMBIE! His bench-warming has made this all possible. 🙂

  48. jbluestone@gmail.com

    Some very good suggestions… here is what i would like to see, i will repeat others just in case someone is tallying (as someone else said)

    1)Players live stats appearing under their name in player tracker

    2)In the single game view, make the switching games option work differently, since its a single game view, let me just click on another game and have it switch instead of clicking moving it over the screen and then clicking again.

    3)Obviously – better visual quality… this is being offered as a replacement not a supplement to packages such as Extra innings, you have to provide something close to TV quality for this to be appreciated.

    4)Is it at all possible to have less of a delay between the actual game and the feed… my live scoring from my fantasy website is 2 to 3 pitches ahead of the live feed, which is very annoying because i already know what is happening, i have to force myself to cover the live scoring screen.

    5)Why is there not a split screen or a picture in picture view.. u have the complex 6, 4 etc. views, but the most simple is probably the most desired… split screens is great, and picture in picture is great.. its worked for TVs for many years it would work for mlb.tv

    6)Why do the scores fo finished games dissapear, leave the final score up on the game when it goes to final, and maybe the WP, LP, SV, HRs.

    7) Please put the inning on the games up top.

    8)move the game status thing to the bottom of each game screen and include outs and the count.

    9)There is no need to announce a pitcher is pitching over and over again… just maybe at the beginning of each inning.

    10)If you change the alerts to say the results, like crawford just homered…etc.

    11)If the volume is really on 3 settings, then change it to that.. i hate clicking around till if ind the hot spot to change the volume.

    12)The stats and box score should be merged into one thing… there is no need for 2, since they are essentially the same information.

    13)Can the player tracker list be listed alphabetically. And can you have the active players (players actually playing) moved to the top

    14)In the mac version it doesnt say under video quality what stream speed we are getting

    15)Being able to choose your audio source would be great, and blacked out games would be awsome as well

    16)I understand the blackout rules are out of ur control… but one of the things i would use MLB.tv for the most, is if I was at work and wanted to watch a game and didnt have tv access, this has happened alot and would be really nice.. and as we head into the future with cell phones, tv is becoming more and more the real thing on phones, how nice would it be to be able to go out and watch my yankees on my phone… under the blackout rules this couldnt happen…. just throwing it out there, i know thats not ur issue.

    17)…. if it is at alllll possible to speed up the switching games speed. Again if this is supposed to be replacing TV, i want to be able to change channells, the delay is long enough to be noticable.

    Thanks again

  49. thepaternoster@gmail.com

    eliminate the prompt that mosaic has been inactive for awhile. i keep getting it while watching and have to sit through rebuffering everytime i confirm i want to keep watching.

  50. jbluestone@gmail.com

    Missed a couple things

    1) Yes eliminate or change the promt… when im watching a game, it cuts off the video and asks for a confirmation.. why not add a 30 second timer or something before it cuts the video off.

    2)Instead of having to scroll up and down in the box scores.. have a Team A and Team B tab that shows the whole lineup (as much as possible)

    3)Is it possible to integreate the ability to scroll up and down using the scroll wheel on our mouse?

  51. rbowler44@shaw.ca

    25 players for player tracker just isnt enough especially with multiple fantasy teams. An additional 15 players+ I would recommend thanks

  52. rmcc4444@gmail.com


    great post abou the blackouts. hopefully the mosaic crew will add this to their FAQ.

  53. tjc43@hotmail.com

    Heh you speed tester is rating my connection at 29,743kbps which is close enough to accurate (actual around 37,000kbps). Can you provide a super rediculously high quality feed for those of us who’s connections can handle it? lol

  54. mntwinsfan579@yahoo.com

    Please Help!!!

    Why can’t i edit my player tracker? It tells me to press the edit button above to add player I attempt to do so and nothing heppens. Am I doing something wrong?

  55. russellandrena@yahoo.co.uk

    first off-yesterday was the first time i appreciated how great this product could be when it’s actually working-my improvement suggestions
    1) more details on scores at top of screen (which innings etc) and keep the scores of the completed games

    2) would be great to have one game on screen and stats to another game in the side bar

    3) be able to choose the audio/channel feed

    4) scrolling bar updates along bottom of screen every 20 mins or so

    5) don’t like the bouncing baseball but can live with it-but please get rid of the out of focus pics behind it and in the d-backs rockies game last week missed 2 one hit at bats because mlb tv was slow going back to the game

    6) and i’m never buying another right guard product again until i see the end of that **** deer!


  56. jthompson04@drury.edu

    First, I love the product!
    But I would love to see these added:

    1) The team records during games, and viewing archived games, and recaps.

    2)The out and innings and base map on the status/scoreboard at the top.

  57. dom2114@gmail.com

    A notification of when one the players in the player tracker list is coming up to bat and an option to switch to the game just for that at bat would be useful…then automatically switch back to the previous game.

  58. hogan_disciple@hotmail.com


    The scores for completed games disappear so people that want to watch the archived game can watch without knowing the score. There is a “Preferences” button at the top right to turn the scores for completed games on.


    In single game view, all you have to do is double-click the game you want to watch and it’ll switch to that game. No need to drag and drop.

    Also, there is a delay in loading the game because, like all Internet Videos, they have to buffer. The delay isn’t that bad either, usually only like 5seconds on a 700k feed.

  59. hogan_disciple@hotmail.com


    There are notifications for players in the player tracking coming to bat. There are numerous alerts when the player is on deck and when the at-bat starts.

    To go to that game, if you are in single-game view, you can double-click the game you want to see, or bring up player tracker and click on the player to watch the game

  60. hogan_disciple@hotmail.com


    After you click “edit”, the player tracker chooser should open in a web-browser window. That’s about all the help I can give, sorry.

  61. jacobmowry@hotmail.com

    Hello, in single game media player, in archived game, could we have the “highlights” under related links be hidden? Kinda ***** when you avoid a game all day and then watch the archived game and see that “joe blow” hit a homerun. Thanks!

  62. jacobmowry@hotmail.com

    Also, in single game media player, when I watch a live game..I’d like to be able to see other live game scores and innings so I could switch to another game if i’d like. Thanks!

  63. hogan_disciple@hotmail.com


    This is for the Mosaic program. These guys have nothing to do with the single game player accessed through a web-browser

  64. Justin

    guys, these comments are all excellent, thank you all for taking the time to provide feedback. I’ll be putting together a post talking about what’s next in the next day or so, after we’re through the whole active bug list.

  65. jbluestone@gmail.com

    Hogan, that double clicking is not true for the Mac version, i just tried it., and even, then why double clock, a single click should be how that works.

    I understand that loading the game takes time… but its still a fairly long time.. ive counted, its not 5 seconds for it to buffer for me.. and even then thats a lot longer then it takes to switch channels which is virtually instant.. so if they can improve that.. it would be nice… its not like im gonna not use the product because of it.

  66. arthurmsmith@yahoo.com

    I think this was sort of mentioned, but I’ll say it my own special way… I prefer to have the image aspect ration remain the same as the actual original camera signal… I’m fine if it’s an option, but I can’t stand to look at Beltran’s face looking just as wide as it is high because you can send me a wide-screen image that came from a standard size camera signal. I hope that makes sense. I’m very happy with the overall technology and I’m getting a great image on 1.5 mb dsl. Even full-screen quality looks good to me (except for the fat image thing).

  67. thepaternoster@gmail.com

    a list of start times would be great for the games that haven’t started at the top of the screen.

  68. jesse@organicfamily.com

    Here are the things I would love to see:

    1. Access to a specific inning of an archived game or condensed game WITHOUT first seeing the score. So, if I have to stop watching a game in the 6th inning, i can log in later and continue at the 6th without opening up the linescore and seeing who won. This is a BIG one for me.

    2. Access to archived games, condensed games, and highlights sooner after the actual game is over.

    3. I have to rebuffer a dozen times during any game. I would love to see that redeuced. It just stops playing and then rebuffers to continue. I have a very fast connection and Mac, so I should be able to hold the connection without losing the content so frequently.

    Thanks a lot. I love the product. Keep making small improvements and soon it will be unstoppable.

  69. revmrf@verizon.net



    You are correct only in part. Those high paid individuals in MLB.com and/or MOSAIC can get off their butts and bring the thousands of complaints regarding to blackout issues to Selig, et al. MLB.com changed their policy this year without notifying subscribers in advance. For example: Last year we were able to watch the away games of our local team. Additionally there was a control by IP address and pinging such that they could tell pretty close where your computer was located, so that you could watch local home games when you were away from its prime market area. They do it differently, now by getting the zip code from one?s VISA or card payment address. The Iowa problem by Passan that you refer to is an anomaly? real, yes but certainly not the norn.

    The software problems not withstanding, the blackout fiasco is the biggest problem. I made the mistake of having my subscription automatically renewed on March 1. They changed the rules from last year. After subscriptions were implemented and DURING the regular season ? this past week ? they?ve added verbiage to the web site explaining Local and National blackouts. Also, notice how they?ve set up the terms of use agreement. They protected their butts by including legal stuff way down in the document so that you have to scroll and read for quite awhile before discovering how irresponsible MLB.com is regarding its product and service.

    This was a planned rip-off and it is too late for me to unsubscribe as I?m not on the monthly basis. I?ve e-mailed a ?do not automatically subscribe me? for next year. If I was able, I?d drop out this year.

    Sure, Justin and cohorts are working hard at present, but this MOSAIC product should be classified as BETA, given the failures, shortcomings and non-implementation of the advertised product. This is a business, multi-millions of dollars are involved. I have little sympathy for the designers and marketing.

    Maybe someone will take MLB.com to court.


  70. kapnasty@gmail.com

    Why are California teams that are playing on the east coast blacked out in Nevada? The whole point of this thing is to watch out of market games; so why can’t I view those games?

  71. john.patrick.dowling@gmail.com

    i’m sure these have been covered already, but i’ll chime in, if just to get the features more eyeball time:

    –16×9 mode/”full screen”: i’d like to see a command to fill the screen with the program. however, the program should be able to tell what aspect ratio it’s filling and act accordingly. currently, the filling of the screen with the video stretches it ridiculously.

    –on that note, clipping out the letterboxing when filling a widescreen monitor with a widescreen feed.

    –there’s a bug when you switch between 4- and 6-screen view where the feeds all change. that shouldn’t happen.

    –save my login information and auto-login.

    –feed startup preference. favorite teams, divisions, etc. to populate the feeds with my preferences over what currently starts up.

    otherwise great product! i look forward to seeing all the improvements as they happen with the program.

  72. ajs340@gmail.com

    I’d love to be able to look at the stats for one game while watching another. Considering I’m blacked out for both Chicago teams’ games, and I have fantasy players on those teams whose alerts are given to me, I’d at least like to be able to follow their at bats through the game status if I can’t watch them. I know I can go to Gameday and open that up in a separate window, but it would be much more convenient if I could see stats from one game while still watching another.

  73. nevermoor@gmail.com

    A couple more things:

    Double clicking on the video (at least in single screen view) should go to full-screen, like it does in any other video player.

    When in full screen, there should be bottom right corner alerts when my players generate alerts. This should, perhaps, wait until alert types are manageable via preferences (i.e. I may just want to know the outcome of my players’ at bats for fantasy purposes or I may just want to know when they are on-deck so I can watch)

  74. joshwhite@urgrad.rochester.edu

    RE: revmrf@verizon.net


    There is nothing factually inaccurate or incorrect about my post. You however are factually incorrect and wrong on several points.

    “Those high paid individuals in MLB.com and/or MOSAIC can get off their butts and bring the thousands of complaints regarding to blackout issues to Selig, et al. ”

    Yes, they can but that doesn’t mean that all of a sudden Bud Selig is going to change a 20 year old policy as you would lead us to believe.

    “MLB.com changed their policy this year without notifying subscribers in advance. For example: Last year we were able to watch the away games of our local team. Additionally there was a control by IP address and pinging such that they could tell pretty close where your computer was located, so that you could watch local home games when you were away from its prime market area. They do it differently, now by getting the zip code from one?s VISA or card payment address.”

    Wrong. Completely and totally wrong on all counts. The policies are the exact as they were the previous 3 years (every one of which I had MLB.TV). You were not allowed to watch away games of your local team through MLB.TV last year. That is not true. They are still controlling the blackouts by pinging the IP address. The CC info on April 2nd was only as a temporary measure. I know this for a fact because starting Thursday I was getting blacked out of Devil Rays games (incorrectly) and when I called 2 different times to correct these blackouts, I was told that the reason this was happening was because my IP address was giving a zip code that appeared on the Devil Rays blackout list (incorrectly). So you are completely and totally wrong on all counts. Well done.

    “The software problems not withstanding, the blackout fiasco is the biggest problem.”

    This has been the same exact policy (both National Saturday and local team blackouts) that was in effect the past 3 years. You are either never used the product last year or are completely ignorant. I’d vote for the latter.

    “They changed the rules from last year. After subscriptions were implemented and DURING the regular season ? this past week ? they?ve added verbiage to the web site explaining Local and National blackouts.”

    Again, completely and totally false. There have no significant changes from last year regarding blackouts, PERIOD.

    “This was a planned rip-off and it is too late for me to unsubscribe as I?m not on the monthly basis. I?ve e-mailed a ?do not automatically subscribe me? for next year. If I was able, I?d drop out this year.”

    If you read the terms of the agreement, you would have seen the part where it tells you, that you may cancel a yearly subscription to any MLB.TV product within 10 days of purchase for a full refund. Thus, you may still cancel your subscription for a full refund (if you communicate this within the next 2 days). They may give you some slack about the fact that you technically purchased the subscription on March 1 and it is now more than 10 days since then. However, if you clearly explain to them that Mosaic was not available to use until 4/2 and this is the main product that you are interested in and doesn’t work properly for you, then you should have no problem getting your money back. At the very least, cancel your subscription and if they absolutely refuse to give you your money back, file a claim with your credit card to get your money back. The fact that you were not aware of this again shows your ignorance.

  75. tricklin714@yahoo.com

    happy easter,



  76. jbluestone@gmail.com

    ajs340 gave me another idea…. you should allow the options to have mlb.com gameday be in other windows… e.g. that way u can watch the details without taking away from the video stream…. or something like that.

  77. joshwhite@urgrad.rochester.edu



    Where are you getting this from? The terms of service clearly state

    “In order to provide the highest customer satisfaction possible, MLBAM will refund the paid purchase price of (a) a yearly subscription to MLB.TV Premium, MLB.TV or MLB.com Gameday Audio if the refund request is received within ten (10) days of the date of purchase,”

    Notice the word 10. NOT 5. but 10. So where the heck are you getting 5 from??

    Just another example of pure ignorance.

  78. mlfj4901@yahoo.com

    I am very much looking forward to the two modes on the lower right of the screen that say “coming soon”. They are actually the reason I was interested in purchasing the mosiac. I usually don’t care about 6 games, rather there is usually one game I’m really really interested in, and 2 more I want to keep an eye on. This while my TV is playing the Twins game.

    I definately would love it if we could switch audio feeds.

    I know alot of people are having issues, and are legitmately frustrated. However, I am very satisified with the current product. I was leary at first and now that Comcast is once again going to be able to carry the extra innings product, I was downhearted for awhile. Then I gave Mosiac another shot and realized how often I had been switching channels on cable, and that I wasn’t switching channels here on Mosiac.

    So long story longer, thanks again Justin and gang. Don’t let the negativity get under your skin, you are appreciated.


  79. andy_kaylor@yahoo.com

    I’m running on a system that uses a TV as the display. For this reason, 720×480 is the most usable screen resolution. I would very much like to see the interface for all windows fit in 480 pixels of vertical resolution. The main screen that doesn’t fit is the login window, which is frustrating since it’s mostly blank space. It would be really, really easy to make it fit.

  80. andy_kaylor@yahoo.com

    BTW, anyone who’s wishing for better picture quality, try switching your computer display to a lower resolution. Stretching the 700 Kbps stream to 1024×768 or higher introduces more pixelization. If you can get your video card to display 640×480, the video will look better.

    I watched a game last night at 700 Kbps on a 51″ TV (Window Media Player picked the resolution for S-Video output) and it was near TV quality. Of course, watching games in HD can spoil you.

  81. zerosplashhits@verizon.net

    I have a suggestion and what I consider a silly blackout.

    The suggestion is to show the standings on a tab like the player tracker.

    My blackout problem is that I live in northeast Pa and the Pittsburgh Pirates are blacked out here. It is six hours to Pittsburgh from my house and even with Directv I have to pay extra to get Fox Sports Pittsburgh. Also, even though I am only 120 miles from New York and Philly, there is no way I would be able to get those games over the air. Maybe it is time to look at the blackouts again.

    One final thing on blackouts. While I understand the need for them, we are all paying to see the games, so I think I should be able to see them all.

    Overall I love the program. Keep working to make it better.

  82. jrwc1237@hotmail.com

    How about an option so that i do not have to see these “ALERTS” all the time? I really don’t care that Robinson Cano is on deck for the Yankees or that Jeff Suppan is pitching for the Brewers . . . also, seeing the “ALERT” on each screen takes away almost 1/4 of the video feed.

  83. lekktu@gmail.com

    Count me in as another user who wants a setup option to keep the aspect ratio when going fullscreen. Fullscren video is unwatchable right now on my laptop’s 16:10 display.

  84. cgreek@mailer.fsu.edu

    Besides the extremely bad picture quaility on all images at all sizes, the second biggest issue is the very long “lag” times.
    The mosiac picture is often 2 to 3 minutes behind the action itself as described in the alerts. This is also true when comparing the images being shown to pitch by pitch updates on CBS Sportine.com game updates. I understand there has to be some lag to compress, process and send the video streams but being so far behind the actual action is horrible. Certainly you could match your “alerts” to the video being shown on the screen.

  85. dps62a@yahoo.com

    First off, great product. Very impressed. Couple things that I agree with from posts above:
    -There needs to be at least 10 more spots on the player tracker. For people with multiple fantasy teams, 30 is simply not enough.

    -The stats for said players on the tracker would be key, as many folks buying this product are doing so to watch their fantasy teams.

    -Pitching stats should be included in the game stats.

    Thanks and keep up the great work!

  86. rr2305@columbia.edu

    it would be a helpful feature to follow the game if the live box score automatically switched to the batting team, showing the upcoming batters and stats, instead of having to manually scroll up/down to switch teams after each inning

  87. jeffjco@yahoo.com

    In the six game view, if a game is blacked out, I would like to be able to get the gameday audio for that game.

  88. pridebaseball2002@yahoo.com

    It’s awesome now, but the one thing I would make better is the other 2 views that say “coming soon.” But bassicly, if you have good internet, this is an awesome product.

  89. philosophyguynyc@aol.com

    Is there a way to watch archived games in mosaic form? If there’s not there really should be if it’s possible. This would really help avoid having the score of your local team ruined for you while you’re watching other games and waiting for the blackout to lift.

  90. krishock@twcny.rr.com

    I use a vista media center PC connected to a 32″ hi-def LCD TV and a surround sound reciever. The picture looks ok, but it doesn’t seem like true HD (The background appears blocky and pixelated)

    The two requests I have are:

    1. I’d like to have a button on my media center interface for mlb.tv (Or some kind of integration with it)

    2. I’d like to hear surround sound! I only get the center and front speakers.

  91. dpaladini@computer.org

    My suggestions are as follows. You should be able to :

    1) Goto an inning without seeing the scores in between. Knowing the outcome ruins the game for many I suspect. Others can check the line score first.

    2) Bring back commentary to condensed games. Following a condensed game is a bit of a trick already.

    3) It would be great if the batters name were visable in condensed games (especailly if there is no commentary!).

  92. sdaniel68675@comcast.net

    Hey my biggest problem is that when I come home from work and I want to watch a daygame that has already finished I can’t get on the website and goto the game without seeing the score – at which point I don’t want to see the game anymore. This applies to all the games really – if I want to see the scores I would go to the scoreboard tab on the website and look.

    Is there a way to access the daily mlbTv channels and see what’s available without the score???? Is there another link with no scores???

    Thanks for any help you can give me!

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