New Build Available A205

Hi all,
We have a new build available for you that I’ve just posted. The changes in this build are a new version of swarmcast, designed to help those of you that have been having difficulties with the medium and high quality streams on the 4/6 game panel views. It should not affect anything else. For reference, this is build A205, as seen in the preferences panel within the mosaic. Also – apparently we have a fan at the chicago tribune, of both the mosaic and the blog. You can check out the review here.

UPDATE: Aside from the new build, prior to our evening games starting tonight, we’re doing some maintenance work on the 4/6 game streams right now – so if you see intermittent availability for the next hour, this is why – its not related to the new build.

Thanks again,




    Does this clear up the slow motion and then fast forward every other pitch. please help


    @ Roundguy
    That type of behaivor is due to a slow system/video card/ or low memory. Send me your DXDIAG and I can take a look.



    i have tested mosaic on over 10 different PCs. the symptoms you have are a constant in older/slower PCs, especially ones with video cards with less than 64 MB RAM.


    I just purchased the new laptop Asus G1 with alll the bells and whistles. I was using my desktop, and was working fairly well. Now with my new laptop, I just downloaded onto it, and I’m getting message that mosaic is unavailable. Is it me, my computer or mosaic?



    New build did not help my problems – I still greatly exceed the minimum requirements (1.5 GB of RAM, 128MB of video RAM). Running the mid or high quality streams eats up all of my CPU processes and causes stuttering and frequent rebuffering. I have an integrated video card.


    I am still unable to connect on the high video quality level. Any suggestions? And on the low level I am constantly re-buffering every 2 minutes. Very frustrating.


    So when do we get what we were all led to believe is TV-like quality?

    Seriously, there’s been little-to-no improvement so far since the launch. I called tech support a week ago and the guy said it would be fixed withi a week, so I stuck with you guys…but, here we are a week later, and the quality *****.

    So, when can we expect to see TV-like quality?


    Can you help me? When I start up Mosaic, everything is working except for video. All I get is black screens. Audio is working fine, scores are updating, and I can switch from game to game. I can watch regular games from the site, but Mosaic has no video. Any ideas?



    Have you tried the 700k feeds tonight? I am watching Reds-Brewers and saw some of the Royals-Tigers and the 700k feeds look better tonight then they have all season. Very impressed.

    I am watching on a 46-inch LCD, fullscreen, and they close to standard definition quality. Very pleased tonight.


    Did you change the date on the computer? That screen means the mosaic was unable to get the file for the current day.

    @ hcouch

    Have you updated your video driver? Does your video card support Direct X 9? Have you sent me your DXDIAG file? So far this issue is fixed with an updated video card driver.


    @ Mosaic,

    Are you going to address my questions concerning bandwith ? 7:00 -10 pm I can’t get anything but frozen pictures. AMAZINGLY about 10:30 ET I can watch games in 400 and 700k with very little freezing.

    My bandwith at 7:40 pm on the MLB tester is 30545 K

    What else could cause this to happen every night except a lack of bandwith on your part ?

    This worked fine for me all last season and all spring this year I was able to watch the 700K (688K) feed perfectly


    Hogan, no I haven’t…I assumed the 1960 KPS was the best quality lol

    I’ve got a 30″ Dell monitor, state of the art, and a computer to match, so I know it’s not my system.

    It’s just not what we were supposed to be getting for the money.


    Hogan, slightly better here on 1960, but still not anywhere close to “TV-like quality.”


    I hope this update is not done yet because I am still having the same problems with 4/6 games at a time


    Ditto, I cant watch any quality games in that time( multiple or single). On the media player version it works fine.


    I would have to agree with most of the posts so far. The 4/6 have been unwatchable. Fortuantely, Mosaic in the single-game mode has done nicely. It would nice to take advantage of the multiple games, but the buffering is not stop. I know it’s supposed to be a 1.5 stream, correct? Is there any discussion to make the single games that high stream too? Currently, it tops out at 700k. Thanks.


    oh well, just crapped out completely after 45 minutes of watching…just froze, won’t reload lol



    I don’t watch many of the 6-game feeds. I usually swap back nd forth between single games and have found the 700k single game feeds look better tonight then they have all year.


    Having problems since the update tonight…I can get the 6 screen feed with some delays, but no single screen at all..keep getting message that stream error…retrying…retrying…had no problem up until tonight…


    Hey Justin,

    Watching the Nationals-Braves game on Mosaic, there’s this weird repeating sound effect in the background that sounds like a combination of Darth Vader breathing and cartoonish fireworks going off. Sounds weird, I know, but it doesn’t seem to be going away. Can you hear it, and if so, where the heck is it coming from?



    the 4/6 game modes are unreliable. they keep coming and going.

    also, for the 2nd time tonight i have heard “firework” type noises when watching a game in single game mode. i was watching the nationals game last time i noticed it just now during ryan church’ AB.

    i made sure it wasnt something on my computer running in the background and i couldnt find anything. tell me im not crazy and this is some bug.




    Get used to the weird fireworks noises in washington home games. Some type of noise they have at the games when the team is at bat or has a big at bat/situation. Gets really annoying.



    im not crazy. the “firework” noises are happening right now during the nationals 8th inning AB.

    then its like darth vader breathing.. TUNE It IN NOW.. WEIRD!!


    Those awful noises have been there all season in the last couple of innings of Nats home games. I think it may be something at the stadium???


    The problem I am having is that I have no problems seeing 4/6 games, but when I want to isolate just one, the stream will not connect no matter what level of video quality I choose. Anyone else having this problem?


    I’ve got a brand new computer (Vista, 2GB Ram, and 2.2GHz AMD 64-bit processor) and I’m having issues with the video slowing down and then catching up. It never happened in previous builds. The 700k quality is much better though.


    I’ve found that the changes made today present very well the results desired. On my desktop, the 4 – 6 runs in its highest quality without a hiccup. On my laptop, it all depends on the signal quality / distance from my router. Thanks.


    The “GAME STATUS” tab in single game mode is still not in sync with the game. It shows the result of the pitch before I see the play on the field.

    However, the out-of-sync audio which has been plaguing me in multi-game mode seems to have been rectified. Wonderful!

    But what gives with the out of sync “GAME STATUS” tab?


    none of the channels connect,

    I’ve gone through a couple of builds, initially I was getting the “MLBAMPlayer has encountered an error and needs to close” error, but that has gone with the newer builds. I’m up to date and currently using A205.

    It is stuck on “Connecting” sometimes it says stream error.

    I’ve done the bandwith test a few times average over 2000kbps. I’m using an ATI Radeon 9800 pro, and have updated the drivers.

    I have no problems when using

    any help is appreciated



    Tonight I have found that the 4/6 game feeds are about a minute behind the single-game feeds and the player alerts are way off.

    About a minute after Marcus Giles hit his homerun tonight, a message popped up, Marcus Giles is on deck. Also, the game status (little diamond icon) when watching in 4/6 game view is WAY ahead of the video.



    This latest update really seemed to smooth things out for me. I still have a bit of freezing and choppiness at the medium video level 4/6 view, the single view is perfect at 700.

    The problems I’m having are do to the limitations of my video card, not because of Mosaic. I have 2 Dell PC’s and like many others my desktop and laptop, have video cards that you don’t support. This lasted update did help though, so things are better.

    As Hogan mentioned the alerts are a little off, I noticed that last night as well.

    Thanks for the tips…!!


    For the past three days including this mornings Red Sox Angels game everything worked great on Mosiac. No problems what so ever. At around 9:35pm CT, I logged back on and an update came through. Now Mosiac is worse than it ever was. I’m getting choppy feeds, slow downs and then speed ups, buffering problems. Don’t tell me it’s my video card because my video card and system is up to your specs plus everything worked just fine over the weekend and earlier today so it can’t be my system. All I know is since the latest update went through, it’s now a mess. Please help.


    Hi watching Dodgers/D-Backs Monday night. What a beautiful picture!!!
    Just got Mosaic tonight so no comment as far as reliability etc. It does appear to have a lot of very cool features though!

    Thanks for all the effort in improving & refining.

    One question, is there a way to play archived games along with live games in the 4/6?


    I thought by uninstalling and then reinstalling the mosaic it might go back to working fine like it did the past three days but that has not worked either. There is only one game playing right now (Dodgers/DBacks) and the slow down and speed up is worse than it ever was. My big question is why is this happening now and not ever during the past three days. I had some earlier problems with this but it all went away this weekend. Saturday, Sunday and this morning mosaic was perfect. Now it’s not even worth turning on. WHY. Please, Please help.



    I’m not having any trouble going from a 6/4 into a single game view at all. All I have to do is double click on the monitor I want and it goes right into the single game view. How are you doing it?


    Overall I think Mosaic has been much better recently and I find myself using it almost everyday to watch the games. It’s great to flip back and forth between interesting contests so easily. In he new build I’ve noticed two things…

    1. At higher quality levels (both 4/6 and single game views) the sound, esp. for the Dbacks tonight, was a few seconds out of sync with the video. When I went back to low quality view the sound was in sync again.

    2. When viewing On Demand Archived Games it seems like the “Timer” bar at the bottom that shows elapsed/total time isn’t working. For example, I went back to the Dodgers game from last night to watch the ballboy getting knocked out and the timer only had about 1:11 minutes available, so I could not scroll all the way to the 7th inning. I’ve noticed similar problems in other games too.

    Otherwise I’d have to say that as a vocal unhappy customer from the Opening Week, I’ve really begun to enjoy the Mosaic. I can’t wait for the 2 new views to be released, the Home/Away audio, Gameday Audio integration, and inning linking in archived games to be functional.



    heres my nightly comments. the buffering was ok for the earlier games in the 4/6 modes but got worse as the night went on. i had to restart mosaic twice to jumpstart it.

    the single game mode was nearly perfect.


    I am new to mosaic. I’ve only have had it for a few days now. I just bought a brand new, high end computer and when I first started using the mosaic I had this frequent rebuffering problem all the time. Then I realized my external modem was over five years old. I checked with my ISP and they said this modem was obsolete and they havn’t been using them for over 2 years. So I got a new modem and this seems to have fixed the rebuffering problem.



    Bandwith at 7pm was 30450K and I couldn;t watch the Red Sox replay (or any game) even in 400K.

    Now it’s 12:50am and my connection speed is less (27560K) and I can watch the game perfectly in 682K without any freezing.

    Will Justin ever tell us MLB doesn’t have the bandwith to support all it’s subscribers or will he continually blame everyone’s PC and internet service ?



    Funny but many of us had plenty of early evening bandwidth. I was running 2 PC’s all evening without problems, and at one point even added a 3rd one. No problems at all from MLB at 8pm at my house.

    As far as you watching archive games at 12:50am…those work a bit differently I think then a live feed.

    Just might be a problem on your end after all.


    I’m having a problem similar to bostoncybersox.
    Everything seems to be working pretty well on Mosaic except when I goto the on-demand games. It seems that the games get cut off at about 2.5 hours (or at about the 7th inning). This has nothing to do with the actual archived game itself since if you go and watch the game off of the website, the full game comes in just fine.

    This problem is new and probably has something to do with the fixes you made w/ the audio/video on the on-demand games, plus the fixes with removing the pregame stuff.


    As an additional note. It seems the game will continue to play past the point where the scrollbar/clock would suggest. The timer seems to continue to go upward but the scrollbar/total game time seem to be messed up.



    Everything worked fine until 3 games into the season.

    When you have the same computer on the same network and it works with less bandwith then the problem is not yours or in thsi case mine.

    I was told by the tech rep the product is over subscribed.

    What they are trying to do is avoid giving refunds.

    They know a class action suit is on the way and their defense will be everyones computer was not up to snuff which is just BS


    Just thought I’d throw this out there… I was was having trouble watching any 700K single game (both web and Mosaic), lots of rebuffering. This would also happen sometimes on the 400K feed. I am located in Hawaii and have a DSL connection with somewhat high latency to the mainland. I assumed that was my problem. I noticed everytime I would connect to a feed, it would connect via TCP or HTTP (by looking at the WMP statistics). Then tonight, I happened to connect to one of the 700K feeds and it connected via UDP. Ran like a champ! So, I turned off the TCP and HTTP settings in WMP forcing everything to try to connect via UDP. So far, now every feed I connect to (400K or 700K) runs perfectly. I didn’t have to open any ports in my router, but others may have to. I’m going to keep an eye on it and try again during peak game times and see if I still have good luck. Just wanted to pass this along if others want to give it a try. It was suggested earlier to turn off UDP and force HTTP and/or TCP, but for me forcing UDP did the trick.



    A typical you said they said kind of thing when you talk about what a tech rep told you.

    MLB goes thru your ISP before coming to your PC. There are several places where problems could be. The point is.

    What your doing night after night here on the blog, offering the same line of discontent isn’t working, because the other posts don’t match the problems your having. Yes people have problems, but not the ones your reporting. And if you notice the problems are being taken care of.

    If you need help, try using honey, it works far better then bitter lemon.

    Have a good night..:)


    I don’t know how a major corporation like MLB could sell to the oublic for a fee a product that simply does not work as promised. Face it
    it does not work as promised. The picture is not even close to tv quality not even 1950s TV quality. The system freezes up and rebuffers every few seconds. I want a refund. And I think you should give everyone a refund and keep them signed up and fix the problem. Like an automobile recall, you pay to fix your product. Don’t rip off the fan anyomre than MLB currently does.


    I have asked before without an answer, but can we please have a way to change the brightness, contrast of the video feed. Some of the games are really dark.


    OK, I just installed the new MOSAIC update and when I go to the 4/6 viewing screens I still get re-buffering issues every 10 seconds. I’m on a MAC OSX version 10.4.9 My processor is 1.9 GHz Power PC G5 and memory is 512 MB. Does anyone know what my problem is? I’m still trying to figure it out the last two weeks and no answer.


    Hey Scott glad you got it all working. Thank you for showing everyone that the problem can be a router setting, which is beyond the Mosaic’s control.


    Wow, good catch! I would have never been able to know it was the modem. Let us know how the new modem works out.


    Did you just call me Honey? 🙂

    I just want people to realize that some problems are beyond my control, and may require them to do some configuration of their system and or router.

    The connection issues are something we want to hear about, but in almost every case where some one says “my system is up to spec” they are using old video drivers. In any regard I help the lemons and the honey.


    Have you emailed me your DXDIAG? If you would like a refund you will need to contact MLB support

    However the problem is most likely fixable if your willing to work with me.


    We take the feed as it’s sent to us. You can adjust the brightness and contrast on the monitor. There are even settings in your video card software that can adjust this. All the games I’ve seen look fine regarding brightness.


    What video card is in your Mac? Have you installed the latest flip4mac? Anything going on in the console while it re buffers? We did implement a change that has not gone out yet that should improve performance on these views on the Mac. It’ll be in the next build.


    Doesn’t sound like you got a good support agent if the cant fix your problems and blames the company. If you want to contact me with your problem I’d be happy to work with you. There are a lot of subscribers and users of the service, but the vast majority of them are not having issues.


    yea I found this bug and it’s getting fixed.


    The internet is shared, and if your neighborhood was all surfing the web, or if everyone in your office started surfing/downloading your personal internet experience would slow down. We monitor the connections/bandwidth of the streams through out the night and if necessary make changes. In some cases like this past Friday a server went down and a lot of people had problems.

    Bandwidth tests are not all the same or reliable. Please visit


    I am attempting to run Mosaic on Windows Vista Ultimate 32 bit. However, when I start the application (before the UI appears) I get the following error message: Framework

    Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {2A7F1E4B-1724-487C-9419-F24F01CAA644} failed due to the following error: 800703e6.

    See the end of this message for details on invoking

    just-in-time (JIT) debugging instead of this dialog box.

    ************** Exception Text **************

    System.BadImageFormatException: Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {2A7F1E4B-1724-487C-9419-F24F01CAA644} failed due to the following error: 800703e6.

    at onQ.BroadbandServiceManager.BroadbandServiceManager.Initialize(Panel DisplayPanel)

    at onQPlayer.PlayerForm.InitBSMAndApp()

    at onQPlayer.PlayerForm.PlayerForm_VisibleChanged(Object sender, EventArgs e)

    at System.Windows.Forms.Control.OnVisibleChanged(EventArgs e)

    at System.Windows.Forms.ScrollableControl.OnVisibleChanged(EventArgs e)

    at System.Windows.Forms.Form.OnVisibleChanged(EventArgs e)

    at System.Windows.Forms.Control.WmShowWindow(Message& m)

    at System.Windows.Forms.Control.WndProc(Message& m)

    at System.Windows.Forms.ScrollableControl.WndProc(Message& m)

    at System.Windows.Forms.ContainerControl.WndProc(Message& m)

    at System.Windows.Forms.Form.WmShowWindow(Message& m)

    at System.Windows.Forms.Form.WndProc(Message& m)

    at onQPlayer.PlayerForm.WndProc(Message& m)

    at System.Windows.Forms.Control.ControlNativeWindow.OnMessage(Message& m)

    at System.Windows.Forms.Control.ControlNativeWindow.WndProc(Message& m)

    at System.Windows.Forms.NativeWindow.Callback(IntPtr hWnd, Int32 msg, IntPtr wparam, IntPtr lparam)

    ************** Loaded Assemblies **************


    Assembly Version:

    Win32 Version: 2.0.50727.312 (rtmLHS.050727-3100)

    CodeBase: file:///C:/Windows/Microsoft.NET/Framework/v2.0.50727/mscorlib.dll



    Assembly Version:

    Win32 Version:

    CodeBase: file:///C:/ProgramData/MLB%20TV%20Mosaic/MLBAMPlayer.exe



    Assembly Version:

    Win32 Version: 2.0.50727.312 (rtmLHS.050727-3100)

    CodeBase: file:///C:/Windows/assembly/GAC_MSIL/System.Windows.Forms/



    Assembly Version:

    Win32 Version: 2.0.50727.312 (rtmLHS.050727-3100)

    CodeBase: file:///C:/Windows/assembly/GAC_MSIL/System/



    Assembly Version:

    Win32 Version: 2.0.50727.312 (rtmLHS.050727-3100)

    CodeBase: file:///C:/Windows/assembly/GAC_MSIL/System.Drawing/



    Assembly Version:

    Win32 Version:

    CodeBase: file:///C:/ProgramData/MLB%20TV%20Mosaic/onQ.BroadbandServiceManager.DLL



    Assembly Version:

    Win32 Version: 2.0.50727.312 (rtmLHS.050727-3100)

    CodeBase: file:///C:/Windows/assembly/GAC_MSIL/System.Xml/



    Assembly Version:

    Win32 Version:

    CodeBase: file:///C:/ProgramData/MLB%20TV%20Mosaic/Interop.SIMULATIONMANAGERLib.DLL


    ************** JIT Debugging **************

    To enable just-in-time (JIT) debugging, the .config file for this

    application or computer (machine.config) must have the

    jitDebugging value set in the section.

    The application must also be compiled with debugging


    For example:

    When JIT debugging is enabled, any unhandled exception

    will be sent to the JIT debugger registered on the computer

    rather than be handled by this dialog box.


    Is it possible to ditch the pac-man and run something like highlights? These retro video game clips get a bit repetitive after awhile. Cheerleaders maybe? 🙂


    I get no audio for all games except for st. louis & boston games while in 6/4 mode, do you have any possible solutions to this behavior?


    @ Dave

    Those are the only live games, thus the only games with audio. The baseball channel will also have audio, but there is no audio for games that are not playing. There will be previews for those games about a half hour before the game.


    the baseball channel does not have audio, nor does any other games but the st. louis and boston games, this has been going on all year, I thought that I had no audio in 6/4 mode all year, but found out yesterday that it was actually giving me audio for those games only.


    OK…Several days ago you mentioned something regarding the Network Tab settings in Windows Media Player.
    I just played with the settings again, and now, with ONLY the HTTP box checked…both mosaic and MLB.TV via the website are working extremely smoothly.

    I think you should mention this “fix” again as I don’t remember it being stressed and it seems to have worked wonders for me!



    “The internet is shared, and if your neighborhood was all surfing the web, or if everyone in your office started surfing/downloading your personal internet experience would slow down.”

    Are you seriously saying that this could be why I’m rebuffering every 2 seconds? I can’t watch the games I paid for because little Billy two doors down is googling something for his science project?

    Wow. I guess things aren’t looking up for this baseball junkie, considering that I now live in one of the more densly populated areas in the world (Taipei, Taiwan).


    I have this new build, and I still can only get the 6/4 views at the lowest quality. What a piece of ****!!


    well everyone else is getting full audio, so send me your DXDIAG and i’ll take a look.

    – Click on [Start]

    – Click on [Run]

    – In the [Run] line type “DXDIAG” (no quotes).

    – A DirectX dialog window will open.

    – On that dialog will be a “Save all information as” button.

    – Click that button and save the information as: to the Desktop

    – Reply to this email and attach the file you just saved to the desktop. Once we get the file we will be able to see where the problem lies.


    @ Photo
    Sure I’ll re post it

    Windows Media Player:

    If you’re having trouble watching single game streams on either MLB.TV or within the Mosaic, I’d suggest trying the following:

    1. Open Windows Media Player

    2. Open Options, you should see a network settings tab – select this

    3. You’ll see RTSP/UDP/TCP/HTTP. Try just leaving TCP and HTTP enabled, if it’s still not working, try just HTTP.


    I am saying that your internet connection is not a SOLID stream guaranteed to be 100% yours all the time. In most cases it fluctuates and this is just expected behavior. There are many reasons you could be experiencing re buffering. Cable internet is shared, DSL signal is based on distance from the node, wireless is based on location to the source as well. There are many factors involved. I’m just suggesting that it is not 100% the Mosaic. If you would like to work with me send me your DXDIAG, and we will figure it out.



    I’m still unable to connect to any of the channels.

    It is stuck on “connecting”

    I have no problems watching on on either 400K or 700K.



    @ Ruairi
    All channels? even low quality?

    This means the Mosaic is not able to connect to the streams. Which means you have something blocking it’s access.


    The usual cause is a firewall or virus checking application preventing

    access. If you have windows firewall you can review the following link to allow the

    following applications to the internet The programs that need access are



    and Swarmcast-MLB-TV-Mosaic.exe


    Open Ports:

    Out: TCP on port 1755

    Out: UDP on ports 1755 and 5005

    Most people behind firewalls will end up using TCP streaming. But UDP streaming is

    much more efficient. You can enable UDP streaming by opening up these ports:

    In: UDP between ports 1024 and 5000


    I’m not the only one experiencing this problem, others also indicated no audio in 6/4 mode from what I saw on a few threads, however I did send an email with the contents of my DXDIAG, none of which tests failed, to



    You’ve said several times that UDP streaming is more efficient, but also recommended to deactivate UDP in the Network tab of the Windows Media Player setup. Are these related?

    Also, how can I be sure that UDP streaming is being used?



    Check out my post above from last night regarding UDP. I opened ports 1024 – 5000 UDP protocal on my router, and checked off only UDP in the WMP network settings. That solved all my problems. However, by unchecking TCP and HTTP it may affect video streams from other sources, so you may want to leave them checked. It seems like the program will attempt to connect via UDP first, and then if it can’t it will try TCP and then HTTP. So as long as the UDP ports are open in your router, it should connect using UDP. Again, this solved my problems, so I had wanted to throw that suggestion out. But no guarantee it will solve yours.


    Also, to see what protocol is being used in regular, right-click anywhere on the video while it is playing, choose Statistics, then the Advanced tab. It should say RTSP (UDP) next to Protocol:


    1. yes, i am running the latest setup file.

    2. yes, i am running as administrator

    3. after rebooting, I now get the following error when starting the application:

    Couldn’t read TVScript Application from C:\ProgramData\MLB TV Mosaic\TVScriptApp\mlb_broadband_ondemand_2007.qcb: Error HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call to a COM component


    1. when you are watching a single game, and drag a tile into the video screen to load a different game, i feel like if the tile you drag is the tile of the game that you are already watching, this command should be ignored. as it stands, the program re-loads the same game into the video screen. this is particularly frustrating when you accidentally grab a tile and drag it into the video area, which seems to happen quite a bit for some reason.

    2. it would be great if the game tiles across the top also had the inning in addition to the score.


    yes, I have flip4mac installed. And, when it re-buffers all the screens freeze. Let me ask you, on a MAC, how do you find out what video card you’re using?


    Why Why Why am I still having problems with intermittent video. I have over 500kps and yet I cant even watch the 400k streams without having difficulties. This is quickly becoming a waste of money.


    I have build A205. Mosaic video quality is pathetic. It’s blurry even when I select single game, the 700kb stream is horrible! It’s streaming at 1960 kb/s on 6 game lineup. Buffering way too often. I hear no audio, I have never heard audio on Mosaic. All other apps on my computer have audio. My computer is a Dell XPS 600 with dual 7900 GS video cards, and Creative Soundblaster X-Fi Platinum sound card, 2GB of RAM. I have no problems with either and it’s capable of running Oblivion at a very good pace so it should be able to cakewalk through Mosaic right? I don’t think it is my computer. With so many problems I hope MLB is willing to change it’s no refund policy to avoid many many angry customers taking action.


    I signed up on April 5 for the premium service. Every day I have gotten a “service temporarily unavailable” message. Every day! Customer service is horrible. Emailed several times and no response. I appreciate that the “team” is working hard to fix the bugs but you guys just aren’t ready to release this and take people’s money. I’m just about fed up. Please respond to me with how I can actually get what I’m paying for because Mosaic is non-existent to me right now. Thanks, don’t mean to be rude but I’m very frustrated.


    Well no one has responded to my post last night that said everything of mosaic was working perfect for three days until last night when a new update came through. Sinse then, I added another 512mb of memory to my system and downloaded a new up to date video driver and I’m still having the same problems in mosiac of the video going slow then fast and then again slow then fast. Isn’t 1024mb of memory enough? Again, I just don’t get it. Everything worked just fine over the weekend until the latest udpate came through Monday evening. Please answer.

    On a second note, is it possible from the brouser when you go to the full screen mode, can that somehow be stretch out to fill my widescreen the same as it does in mosaic? If there is a way, I won’t need to use mosaic. I just want to use the wide screen on my computer to view games and the only way to get the true wide screen full screen mode is in mosaic. Maybe there is a way for the brouser to to go to the true widescreen full screen mode. Please let me know. Thanks.


    What date does your computer say it is? It is April 17th? It needs the correct date.

    Is is possible your running last year’s version? You need to uninstall if so and download the latest version.


    what video card are you using? Does it have Vista approved drivers installed?

  75. totally screwed us. The quality is **** like last year, especially red sox feeds. Can’t even see daisuke pitch because the picture freezes.

    Archived games work, though.

    3ghz 128video ram,1gb ddr. Definitely your bandwidth, cheating us.



    Have the A205 as well and the video quality is worse than a few days ago. The Rays game brightness is dialed way up as well. The 400k and 700k really aren’t much different. Also still get the freezing. I’ve pretty much given up.


    Something strange is happening with mosaic for MAC. Every time I run it and then try to login is quickly says service unavailable. But I installed the PC version on a PC and try to login and it works fine. Also on my Macbook Pro laptop it logs on fine but not on my 24″ Intel iMAC. Wierd, what could be causing this.


    The A205 update has created piture freezes on individual game feeds. The video quality has suffered since this update


    @ Mosaic

    I’m running fine both with 4/6 game, but do have a comment on the single game. Right now, I’m watching the Washington- Atlanta game and suddenly I got a picture in picture thing. It is staying even as I change games. The “in picture” is the Met Pilly game, and it is always that game no matter which game I change to.

    Anyone else seeing this. I have 2 Pc’s going on single game, but only have this on one PC.


    Any fixes for retaining aspect ratio on a full screen feed with a widescreen monitor? At this point, going to full screen on my MacBook Pro stretches the 4:3 feed to 16:9, distorting the picture.


    I have been looking for the following games on archive and would like to know if they are available for MLB.TV Premium:

    April 10 suspended game, Milwaukee v. Florida

    April 14 Detroit v. Toronto

    April 16 Kansas City v. Detroit.

    Thank you.



    I have had that PIP Error as well. I have also had the games being a grid of the 15 feeds. This was on both single feed and 4/6 screen.

    I actually like it. Instead of 6 games I can watch every one.


    A few other comments. First,when watching the on demand highlites the stream seems to default to the highest level and you get the message box prompting you to set to the lower lever. Not a big deal, just a little annoying.
    Second, is there anyway to have an “always on top” option.


    Now I get a streaming error and can’t connect in the 6/4 screens but can watch in single game mode. I lower the screen views and still get errors. yesterday the 6/4 was working ok.


    Sorry, just read the update notes about the 6/4 screens in the header. Disregard as I assume it’s maintenance work.




    what video card are you using? Does it have Vista approved drivers installed?

    The video card is a Radeon X1600.”

    The drivers are Vista approved.


    when i am using mosaic at first, it is awesome, but after like 15 minutes, it becomes really slow and has a hard time connecting. I have a macbook pro (intel). any ideas? thanks.


    You set your system to the right date/time. Good catch!


    yes, next build will have “maintain aspect ratio for full screen”


    We can only play/display games that are available. I have found and reported that the Mosaic is showing full games as available when they are not. This will be fixed soon. The Mosaic should have the same archive games as the website has, no more, no less.


    I’ll take a look at that, but it seems to really just depend on the game your watching. Some highlights are available in 700k some are not.


    Requested DXDIAG via email. Thanks!


    I’ve been unable to connect in 6 and 4 all day due to a streaming error. I’ve never had this problem before today. Now what ?



    Everything I click in Mosaic right now opens a webpage. What gives?

    P.S. – If the next build keeps aspect ratio, there better be an option to keep true full screen as well. I don’t find it stretches enough to bother and hate watching stuff in 4:3 mode


    I’ve re booted three times today to get the single games to work and now I can’t even make that happen. What are my options now ? I made no changes to anything and the mosaic worked yesterday. I doubt I’ll get an answer via email as i sent the Diag stuff and never heard back. All I get now is a connecting messeage and an empty screen. I guess I’m out 20 bucks.


    Please someone else tell me they can no longer connect. I watched part of the rays game today. No video or audio. Nothing.



    I am getting nothing at the moment either. Everything is messed. I can’t login to webplayer, I can’t watch anything but the lowest stream of 6 game mode in mosaic. Every time I click to go to single game i get brought to the mosaic purchase page.


    I think it is time for MLB to provide information on how we can get refunds. I commend the effort in trying to bring this product to fans, but its not ready for prime time and it doesn’t deliver.


    It would be nice to know if there is a problem with the service tonight. I can’t even get it on the lowest stream.


    I agree newerror. If there was a mega problem I would assume this board would be flooded. It keeps wanting me to upgrade my subscription but I paid for a year already.


    Hogan, I have the exact same probelms as you. I have to sign out then come back in on the worst video screen in mosaic. I don’t even get to the bufferring stage in the single game. What I can’t understand is why everything crashed today.


    i’m tired of missing the first out of every inning because whoever is responsible for bringing back the feed after commercials is asleep!


    I continue to experience streaming issues. The picture stops or at times the picture is not in sync with audio.


    Seen a few people say that they get subscription web page clicking on games in the Mosaic. If you get this can you verify you can watch games via the web player. There may be a problem with your account. If you can not view games via the web as well please contact MLB via

    @ Newerror

    If you can not connect at even the lowest stream then you have a Internet connection problem. This stream does not use swarmcast and unless something is blocking the port or the mosaic from internet access should work.

    Something I found helpful today was to do the following

    – Select Start

    – Select Run

    – Type in ?CMD?

    – At the DOS prompt type in ?netstat ?b?

    It will display a list of programs running with the ports they are using.

    You MUST see the following

    localhost:8001 Swarmcast-MLB-TV-Mosaic.exe

    You should also see a few ports with swarmcast-mlb-tv-mosaic.exe and a few with MLBAMPlayer.exe

    If you do not, then that is why you are having problems. Something is preventing the mosaic from accessing these ports.


    Missed a home run in the boston game earlier due to the “commercial in progress screen”.

    Can I please be given contact details for the people who are in charge of that service so I can make a complaint/suggestions?


    Ok, whoever is sitting on the commercial in progress button for the red sox blue jays game needs to be fired immediatly. i have missed the first batter of EVERY SINGLE half inning so far and it looks like i’m about to miss all of the top of the 9th. it’s a close game and this is unacceptable!


    great, it looks like he woke up enough for me to watch the last 2 ******* pitches of the half inning. COME ON!!!!!!


    Seriously, can you at least tell us what the policy is?

    Why is it that you have to remove the adverts from the games?

    You completely lose the atmosphere of the game missing even a pitch and watching pac-man or pong over and over and over is enough to drive you insane!


    when i click a game in the mosaic it sends me out into a browser session to the mlb preview page or the login screen. i am logged in. i am otherwise watching a half dozen games simultaneously on the mosaic.

    i want to watch the yankees, exclusively.



    I am shocked that MLB endorsed a product that purports to transmit “TV-like” quality video feeds in Mosaic fashion, convinces consumers to pay a considerable price for the product and it simply doesn’t deliver on its promise. I have new computer with all of the requirements to run the program and despite having these minimum requirements, the product simply doesn’t work. Sure it gives you a pleasant 15-20 second snipet of the games before buffering continuously. Good thing my TV doesn’t do this. Otherwise if it did then I could see how this MLB product could be considered TV-like. Very dissapointed and considering canceling and requesting a refund. Shame on MLB!



    I had the same problem. I couldn’t log into games on the web either. After an hour on hold with Customer Service, the lady told me they cancelled my subscription and refunded my credit card this afternoon cause I requested it. I never requested it but anyways. I signed up for the 5 day trial until I make sure the supposed refund shows up on my card


    I have more than enough requirements to run mosaic. I have a 3.1mbps dsl connection and I am getting buffering like crazy tonight. I can not watch any of the games. I tried to port forward with a static ip I still get continous buffer. Please help.



    I feel your commercial pain. I’ve been lobbying for them to remove these screens since they started putting them in last season. it’s really annoying and they always miss crucial parts of games.

    Last weekend they went to commercial when a reliever was coming into the game and never returned for the whole inning.

    What’s so frustrating is that it’s a problem that doesn’t hafta exist. Instead, they don’t want companies to get free ads and hire some minimum wage kid to press buttons and not pay attention.

    It’s not a mosaic problem but i’d like to have it solved somehow


    thanks hogan –

    i had a subscription that should’ve renewed this year, but it was on a card that i retired. i bought a new subscription earlier this month (premium) on a new card….i’m wondering if this caused something to go haywire.

    i dunno. i have a couple online requests in to get this resolved. one night i can forgive…but if this is an ongoing issue…ugh.



    Have you tried accessing the feeds through the web?

    If it doesn’t work, I’d call and put your phone on speaker (if you can), it took me 55minutes to get through but i put it on speak and did other stuff while i waited. I still dunno why they cancelled my subscription but ya never know.

    Maybe someone is taking our e-mails off here and mailing to cancel them. LoL. They told me sit was an e-mail request.



    As others have reported tonight, I to am having trouble getting quality video from the 6/4 Mosaic. The lowest level seems only, but normally I’m able to move to the mid range with no problems. Today doing that gives me connection errors. I’m then forced to close and reopen the program, because I’ve unable to go back to the low level.

    The single screen seems to be working normally.

    This is the first night I’ve had this problem.


    I thought I would chime in on the single game fullscreen aspect ratio issues.

    I find watching anything in a stretched aspect ratio to be unacceptable. It really looks terrible on my 16:9 tv. I would prefer an option in a future build to maintain the 4:3. However, in the meantime I always make sure to change the desktop resolution of my computer to a 4:3 setting (800×600 for example) BEFORE I launch Mosaic. This works fine on my PowerBook and MacMini. But it is not a perfect solution, especially if I want to check email or web browse during commercials.

    Of course I have found no elegant solution for games that use an HD feed that are 16:9 letterboxed to 4:3. This yields either a big black border on all 4 sides or a very ugly, mega-letterboxed, 2.35:1ish version. Any help on this front would be appreciated.

    I also find it annouying that any key press disables fullscreen mode. It would be cool to switch to another application during the breaks and come back still in fullscreen mode.

    Thanks for your continued support of this product.


    I have to echo the comments on the delay when returning from a commercial break. I would rather watch the commercials if it meant never missing an Ortiz home run again.


    I am willing to take the job of watching all the games and making certain the Pac-Man screen turns off at the right time. All I ask is a small percentage is the money received from MLB.TV subscribers. Let me know when I can start. Thanks. 🙂


    @hogan – feeds thru the web? you mean the page on the mlb site that allows you to choose the game you want to watch? the media page outside the mosaic app?

    yes, i’ve tried that and i get the same result…

    and my mosaic still works fine. just not the individual games.

    no reply yet from customer service…and my card has not been credited so i’m hoping they didn’t cancel me inadvertantly.

    thanks for the help hogan! as for calling…eh. i want to see if this gets resolved via the web-outlet before i burn my cell phone minutes.


    What you describe means that you have been canceled. I’m sorry if you did not mean to do that, but that is why you can see the mosaic but not the single games. I’ve had two people already this morning say this happened to them.

    @ Newerror you MUST be running the mosaic when you run NETSTAT -b otherwise you wont see anything. Sorry if that was not clear.

    @ connection issues

    I hear you, and there are people having issues since the swarmcast update. Still many are not, and we will keep monitoring the situation.

    I can tell you this, that due to the swarmcast file changeing it is possible that your FIREWALL, or VIRUS, SPYGUARD program may not allow this new file to connect to the web. You may have to re allow it, or re add it to the list of allowed applications.

    You see The Mosaic is kind of acting like a virus in a way, it connects to the web updates (changes size) and then pulls down files to your computer. Many programs detect this and try to close down the program. However the Mosaic as you know is not a virus, but you need to tell your protective programs that.



    ARGH! The new build goes 4:3 when I click fullscreen, and then the whole program stays 4:3 when I exit the fullscreen mode.

    I know some ppl complained about the true fullscreen, but some of us were happy with it the way it was. Why not insert an option to choose what we want? I really didn’t find it distorted much and loved using Mosaic over the webplayer because of the true fullscreen option.


    re the commercials-can we have an answer on this please? we do miss plays and we are into baseball more than computers so something baseball related would be better-other than that this service is a godsend for someone in the UK


    @ Mac users
    If you cant Connect on Medium/High Quality restart the mosaic it is possible that swarmcast died. I just had it happen to me anyway, no Medium/High streams, restarted Mosaic and it fired right back up.


    Seriously, it’s not that tough. Give us options, don’t just come up with blanket changes. I want full screen back!


    The new update just completely blew up the program… In vista it only launches in a really tiny window that I can’t resize, and when I try to click anywhere on the program it launches the website (presumably so I can complain).



    ARGH! The new build goes 4:3 when I click fullscreen, and then the whole program stays 4:3 when I exit the fullscreen mode.

    I know some ppl complained about the true fullscreen, but some of us were happy with it the way it was. Why not insert an option to choose what we want? I really didn’t find it distorted much and loved using Mosaic over the webplayer because of the true fullscreen option.

    Yep this really gets me mad… Also you are not able to look at your web browser without having to min. mosaic anymore… I would alt-tab during games to check email or whatever and now I have to min. mosaic to do that… just more hassle for no reason.


    Jason: New build A208 seems to be working perfectly. It had 17 new files, please let us know what was affected. Can you explain to me why when I connect to Mosaic at the middle quality level, it shows a strange buffering sequence before the picture locks in. It quickly goes from a small buffering percentage, like 5, 27, 47, 74, then goes all the way back to something like 10% for maybe 3 seconds, then the picture locks in and Mosaic plays perfectly. I just wondered if anyone can explain why I see it drop all the way back to 10% buffering just before it starts playing? Thanks for any insite.


    Until recently, I was having no major problems. I usually just stick to one game at a time, and I like to go full-screen with it. However, as of recent the screen either freezes or goes black. It is very frustrating, and I have been an MLB subscriber for two years now. Please help


    @ruhikuz: Agreed with your 4:3 comment. It’s kind of annoying not being able to use a true “full screen”, particularly when watching only one game as opposed to the 4/6 format.


    Regarding full screen. I hope at some point we can offer it as a feature, to do both, or allow you to choose.


    I saw that too, you need to grab the latest install and reinstall the Mosaic. there was update for Vista users that was only in the new install. You must have installed before this was released.

    I’ll put in some feature requests today regarding full screen and how you guys would like it to work. I agree and think your ideas are solid. It’s just a matter of priority and time.


    That feature is called our Time warp, and is just to mess with your head. It’s a bug, minor, but something we will fix down the road.

    @ Elospetto

    Send me an email with your DXDIAG, that is the best way to get help.

    It’s posted up above, but to avoid the major scroll session here you go.

    – Click on [Start]

    – Click on [Run]

    – In the [Run] line type “DXDIAG” (no quotes).

    – A DirectX dialog window will open.

    – On that dialog will be a “Save all information as” button.

    – Click that button and save the information as: to the Desktop

    – Reply to this email and attach the file you just saved to the desktop.



    Why does my Mosaic stay in 4:3 when I exit fullscreen mode? I get black borders around the main mosaic screen after I exit fullscreen.

    Hope you can get back to true fullscreen ASAP. I think more people preferred this viewing method then you thought.


    I forgot to mention I am running Mosaic on a Macbook. What is generally happening is a gradual lag in the speed of the feed, followed by a frozen image and/or a black screen. Thanks again.


    With Windows Vista Home Premium you have these versions of the following programs; Direct X10, Windows Media Player 11 ,Internet Explorer 7 and Flash Player 9. All these versions are newer then the ones you say are needed for Mosaic. Should Mosaic be optomised with these new versions or does it matter.

    Also, I think all the replies on this page should be numbered. Sometimes I try to refer back to a previous reply and have a heck of a time finding it.


    Alright, now I’m getting extremely annoyed. I’ve had to restart mosaic 14 times during one game due to constant freezing issues. What’s the deal? Once again, I am running mosaic on a new macbook.


    I agree with Hogan_disciple, I have a 15.4 widescreen monitor and the only reason I watched on Mosiac is because I was able to “maximize” the mosiac and get a “widescreen” look. With the new build I just installed (A208 Swarmcast 4.0.104 (Build:1144),when I hit the maximize button, the mosiac does not go to the “widescreen” ratio. Will you be able to fix this or add a tool on the mosaic to make it look like it use to. That would be great.


    “The new update just completely blew up the program… In vista it only launches in a really tiny window that I can’t resize, and when I try to click anywhere on the program it launches the website (presumably so I can complain).”

    -Couldn’t have said it better myself. I used MLB Mosaic until 1:00 AM CT watching the Cards-Giants game last night on Vista with no problems, so whatever you guys changed happened in the last 12 hours. Please fix this back!


    @ Mosaic

    When I got today’s update, it took care of the problems I was having yesterday. I can now run 6/4 at med quality again. Whatever the update was it worked..:)


    @ mosaic

    Two problems I am seeing since the latest update…

    9 out of 10 times, buffering freezes at 99%. I have to change the video quality setting to make it rebuffer until it eventually works.

    When I go full screen and then come back, Mosaic wants to always be on top of other windows. I have to actually minimize it to see the windows behind it. Upon initial startup though, before I first go to full screen, it works fine.



    With the 4:3 ratio update, HD feeds that should be widescreen are being squished into a 4:3 frame with borders along the top, bottom and both sides. resulting in worse distortion then I ever experienced with a 4:3 feed stretching to true fullscreen.

    So now all these actual widescreen feeds are distorted because they are meant to be widescreen, not 4:3.

    C’mon guys. Use some brains over there. Some forward thinking would avoid all these non-sense issues that come up after every update. Fix it to give users a true fullscreen, or 4:3 fullscreen. Nothing wrong with giving ppl a choice.

    This should be at the top of the fix list in my opinion.


    I’ve been experiencing some issues with the LIVE GAME, GAME STATUS box while watching a single game. I like to have the pitch count and men on over there on the side while I watch the game, yet the many times the pitch will show over there before I am able to watch. IE; The count will go to 3-2 on the side when its still 3-1 in the game and audio. Plus I’m having some audio and video sync issues . . . And so you know I’m on a Mac Book Pro with a 2.16 ghz processor, 1gb ram, a 256 mb video card with my bandwidth currently at 2282 kbps. So I shouldn’t be having any computer issues, just streaming I guess. Thanks ahead of time.


    When I maximize the window to the full screen I can not maximize the mosaic. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and the mosaic will still not go to full screen.


    Seems like todays update did something for me as well. I also am not having any problems today outside of a little freezing in the single game mode. 6/4 in the highest quality works again with a little freezing. Haven’t touched my pc settings.


    It is really disappointing that you punish people that have a Widescreen monitor by making them now watch Mosaic and single games in 4:3 mode. You have taken a step back technology wise. You brodcast a lot of game in widescreen and now we’re forced to watch them in 4:3. I cringe each time I see an update being downloaded. Please bring back Widescreen and quit punishing those who have got on board with technology.


    Oh, and I have a widescreen and couldn’t be happier with the change. I couldn’t stand to watch 4:3 stretched out into 16:9, so full screen wasn’t an option before; now it is.

    I will certianly concur that broadcasts already in 16:9 format shouldn’t display with a big box of black all the way around it, however.

    And I’m having the same problem as reported above where after going to full screen, Mosaic wants to stay on top. (WinXP Pro)



    Yea I see that on my end as well. It’s a timing issue because as your aware all of the games are delayed and not ‘real time’. There maybe something we can do to slow down the data, but it’s a fine balance.


    You can only go full screen (no graphics) in a single game. Are you saying that is not working for you?

    @ Aspect Ratio vs true full screen

    It is better over all to keep the aspect ratio to preserve image quality. The feature to allow you to select which may come in a future build. For now we cant make everyone happy.


    @ mosaic
    I have a widescreen monitor and now after the current update I have black bars on the left and ride side of screen in Mosaic Six Screen Mode when I maximize the screen. Is there anyway I can get rid of the bars and stretch the screen like it did before the most current update?


    As I mentioned before, after exiting fullscreen mode, Mosaic doesn’t properly resize itself.

    Here is what I’m talking about with links to photographs:

    When I open Mosaic it fills my screen:

    Then I click on a single game and Mosaic still fills my screen:

    Then I click fullscreen and when I exit, there are borders down the side:

    Then I go back to 6-game mode and I still have borders:

    Please fix this so the program resets itself when I exit fullscreen. Bring back true fullscreen so I can enjoy Mosaic again. Watching the games in boxes *****. It wasn’t bad at all.


    Do not use maximize then full screen, there is a bug that it will not return properly. White bar should be removed in 208.


    guys-technically now no problems-but you need to tell us why the problems with missing at bats continue because we are watching pacman-we are all adults so if it’s a financial reason then tell us-if you’ve been told that you can’t tell us then tell us that too, but we shouldn’t be missing so many at bats due to mosaic being slow to go back to the game


    It’s a do over, nice to see you clowns can censor comments.

    Pacman feature works well.

    ALL other features S U K !

    Refund the monies you *****.CLOWNS.

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