New features and functionality for 2008

With a new mosaic this year, I wanted to quickly run through a few things that are different in the app. As you’ve seen, we now have high quality NexDef single game streams at 1.2 megabits on both PC and Mac. These use a newer version of the Swarmcast plugin from last year, now called MLB.TV NexDef. It will install with the mosaic application and it lets us more efficiently use your bandwidth to let you watch better video.

In addition, we’ve added additional multi game views (on the bottom left). In order to allow for multiple quality levels in these views, we are now using individual streams for these views, so they will buffer independently. This will make switching games in the multi game view a bit slower, but we think this is far outweighed by the ability to watch in the 3-up or 4-up view, a high quality stream for the large game, and be able to monitor two or three other games.

More to come, with some screenshots and additional explanation this afternoon after we get started.

One comment


    Not sure where else to post this, but I have had issues getting the most recent version of NexDef (mlb-nexdef-autobahn-4-1.2.12.MLB08_36.dmg) to install on my Mac. It goes through the first few screens, but when it finally starts installing it gets to 2%, and throws an error:
    Install Failed
    The Installer could not install some files in “/private/tmp/AutobahnInstallUser”. Contact the software manufacturer for assistance.
    Any ideas? It looks like that directory is simply a symlink to my User directory.

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