Login Issues

We’re aware of the login issues that some of you have experienced, and will be deploying a fix for these prior to games starting tomorrow. We appreciate your understanding in the meantime, and thank you all for your feedback. 



  1. jennsnelson@yahoo.com

    It will not let me send a request online for help and after spending an hour waiting on the phone, I was informed that only why I can get help is online? All of my games are blacked out and I am told that I am logged on to multiple locations (which I am not). How do I fix this? This is my first evening using MLB and worried about the future problems thru the season.

  2. warpkat@nointegrity.org

    One of the things I hope to see by tomorrow is a fully tested Mosaic deployment. I really hope you guys are going to burn the midnight oil for this.

    I hate to say it, but if it’s not fixed soon, I’m probably not going to renew for the rest of the season…

  3. ajaniak1@comcast.net

    New year, different problems. This is my third year subscribing, and each year, instead of making it better, things get worse. 1st year = no problem, second = constant rebufferings, third = so far nothing is working. When I pay a lot of money for something, I don’t want my patience appreciated. I figure for every game I’m screwed out of, I want 84 cents back. At least try to do something for us. When ESPN fantasy baseball got screwed up at the beginning of last year, we were all given a pay service for free for the rest of the season. 3 years to get a player right? Embarrassing. Maybe some programmer enhancing drugs would help.

  4. stivers25@live.com

    i go to the cheapest web sites and they work great, i go to a billion dollar company’s web site and things are all messed up, not to name names but what’s the deal.

  5. llKeroppill@Hotmail.com

    GOT MY MONEY BACK!. After 45 mins on the phone holding, I finally got the billing department. Complain that I didnt even sign up for MLB.TV account but they charged my account so therefor I got a tracking # & a refund back to my credit card.



  6. bill213

    I just purchased a yearly premium subscription last night and sometimes it would log me on to mosiac just fine and other times it wouldn’t and say the games were blacked out in my area. The website works just fine for me to watch games on, but I really enjoy the “idea” of what Mosiac is supposed to do and would like to make that my main viewing platform. Is this the login issue that they’re talking about?

  7. jhalljhall@yahoo.com

    I’ve got it installed and now I get a popup after login wanting my info for blackout purposes.

    I’ve entered the same info many times. I keep getting the same popup. Is my info wrong or is this a bug?

    Also, the “web” version 800k or 1.2M streaming in my browser does not work.

    I can’t select anything from the drop downs. I get no errors and the status bar at the bottom says ‘contacting mlb.mlb.com’. I get nowhere.

    I’ve submitted a bug on the forum and I’ve heard nothing back for three days.

    Did MLB pay real money to a development company for this product?

    From service, support, and product, MLB.TV is getting a ‘0 out of 10’ from me. Very disappointed. If this isn’t resolved soon I’m going to expect a full refund.

  8. skiddys

    Just got off the phone with MLB.TV and they said to keep refreshing this page to find a solution to the problem. They also told me that a technicion would be assigned and I would either get an email or phone call about the problem. I like many others enjoy the mosaic for many reasons. It is one of, if not the only reason I shell out $20 a month for MLB.TV Premium. I am going to give it maybe a day or two more and I am cancelling my service and buying a package from Charter Digital Cable. I do not buy the yearly subscription for a cheaper price for this very reason. Get it fixed so we can stop complaining and start enjoying the beginning of another great season of baseball! Go Cards!

  9. tincup@machlink.com

    I have the same Mosaic problems as those mentioned here, but is anyone else having problems with the reg player? I get nothing. The media player comes up and it’s just blank, never loads any game, not live, not archived, nothing.. doesn’t matter if it’s 400K or 800K…….$120 for this? dissapointed isn’t the word…same sh!t every year and like a fool, I keep buying it.

  10. lacarreraespacial


    This is the second year I have to bother you at Opening Day because of login issues. I don’t know whether this is the right channel to send this through but it also affects my Mosaic enjoyment so I appreciate your help.

    Last night, I tried to log into Mosaic. First, it said that all games were blacked out (I’m located outside the United States so go figure). Then, in the same computer, but instead using the regular browser to watch a game via a pop-up window, it told me that it showed that I was logged on in more than just one computer, and that same error kept going all through the night.

    MLB.tv is an essential part of my job (I have to watch a ballgame to do my job, hence no ballgames no job) so I thank you in advance for any help you can give me on this subject.

    I can be located at rafaelrojasc -at- gmail dot com.

    – Rafael.

  11. skiddys

    My biggest issue with the regular internet player is that it buffers way too much if you are using DSL connection. Of course if I am at work and using a 6 mbps connection everything is crystal clear. Is it a problem with a slow connection on my end? Or is it a problem with MLB.TV? The thing that pisses me off most is this: There will never be another opening day at Yankee Stadium. This year is the first year for the Nationals new park. Last but not least, I missed opening day for the Cardinals which is my favorite team. Funny how they had months to test and retest the service to make d@mn sure that we did’t miss these important games. I guess they are not up to par when it comes to internet video. I wish there was some competition for them because I would switch to them in a heart beat. Lucky for MLB.TV the country is infested with monopolies and they can get away with this kind of service without caring about losing customers.******* to be us, huh?

  12. cokedude

    Well it looks like you guys are having more luck than I am. I can’t even install the Mosaic. It keeps telling me I need Microsoft .NET Framework Version 3.0, which will not install on my computer. Is there a way to install Mosaic without Microsoft .NET Framework Version 3.0?

  13. lacarreraespacial

    Cokedude, why would .NET 3.0 would not install? You can find it either Windows Update or download.microsoft.com

  14. skiddys

    The Mosaic is working as I type! Hopefully it will continue to work throughout the day! I will check back in too see if they fixed it ahead of schedule, or maybe I just got lucky!

  15. skiddys

    What OS are you using?
    Try google.com and type in “net 3.0” it should link you straight to the download page.

  16. tincup@machlink.com

    I won’t hold my breath, but everything seems to be working for me at the moment..Mosaic and reg player…just in time for the wednesday night blackouts!

  17. cokedude

    I keep getting this stupid error code:
    [03/31/08,21:52:49] Windows Communication Foundation: [2] Error: Installation failed for component Windows Communication Foundation. MSI returned error code 1603
    [03/31/08,21:53:05] WapUI: [2] DepCheck indicates Windows Communication Foundation is not installed.
    [03/31/08,21:53:05] WapUI: [2] DepCheck indicates Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 was not attempted to be installed.
    [03/31/08,22:00:08] Windows Communication Foundation: [2] Error: Installation failed for component Windows Communication Foundation. MSI returned error code 1603
    [03/31/08,22:00:22] WapUI: [2] DepCheck indicates Windows Communication Foundation is not installed.

  18. lacarreraespacial

    Cokedude, probably you’ll need to install .NET 2.0 with all service packs and hotfixes BEFORE installing .NET 3.0. If it’s already installed, you could uninstall it and install again since it might be corrupted. Before installing Mosaic, be sure your Windows machine is completely updated with all fixes and whatnot from Windows Update.

    Hope this helps.

    PS: Hoping some day MLB.com rolls out a MLB.tv update (Mosaic included) for all of us Linux users who don’t like to put up with stuff such as the one my friend cokedude is bearing with.

  19. mblank@gmail.com

    All I get is a blue screen and box score…no matter what quality of film I click on…is this what you are fixing??? ***?? $120…This has been going on for a while now… I want 3/162 of my money back

  20. yahoo

    just got a refund via customer service. well, they said i was getting a refund. if it’s like everything else in dealing with MLB.com i should see it in 6 – 12 months. i’m still waiting for the tech support phone call i was promised. MLBTV is a joke. this was the first time i tried it and it was my last for sure.

  21. biggsdarklightr@hotmail.com

    This system is pure crap. I’m tired of the blackout/login issues. I’ve been patient enough for several days, and I’ve flat out had it. I’d love to get my money back, or at the very least, an explanation and a refund for days missed as this continues, but trying to get a hold of someone in tech service is a total joke. What a piece of garbage system!

  22. cpape@genuineinteractive.com

    I paid for the MLB package last year and was unable to view a single game – only could see a green screen. I spent multiple times on hold for hours and was never able to get a person on the phone to help. So an entire season I PAID FOR wasted.

    Now, I am trying to get mosiac working but keep getting a stream error message.

    Another great year.

  23. bobtallman@insightbb.com

    After days of Mosaic’s “temporary unavailability,’ ( it has worked once so far in 2008), I have had it. Today not even the MLB TV page will load, thank goodness the Sox are on TBS.

    I called 866-800-1275 and was on hold for over 30 minutes. When I got a human being I was asked my e-mail, I provided it, then I was promptly disconnected.

    I encourage everyone with these issues to email customerservice@website.mlb.com and demand a two month refund. I would also suggest, to have these MLB TV/Mosaic folks take you seriously, to send a copy of your email to your state attorney general’s office of consumer protection.

    I do not like paying $120 for absolutely nothing but hours of frustration. They have had enough time.

  24. jason.burch@yahoo.com

    I agree with most every comment I’ve seen on here.. It looks to me like they said it would be fixed by the third o April.

    It would have been great to actually watch the Red Sox home opener (as watching the Sox is why I subscribed), however, all I have done since the game started is try to troubleshoot why all I have is a blue screen… Well, that and stay on hold for 29 minutes only to have the thing hang up on me!

    This is not right.

  25. mattkris@carolina.rr.com

    I’ve thrown in the towel … called and cancelled my subscription for the year.

    It worked without issue last year … nothing this year. Nothing but javascript:void issues. I’ve seen all the guidance on what to do to fix it and followed it to the letter from my end – with no results. The remaining suggestions indicate it is an issue with the website.

    I’ve repeatedly called / e-mailed and been promised that tech support would get back to me … they have not.

    I’m out … good luck to the rest of you.

  26. darinscott@hotmail.com

    Just signed up for a subscription, but can’t watch any games due to an error reading “Records show that your account is currently logged in on multiple computers. Customers are not permitted concurrent use of a single subscription.”

    If this thing hasn’t been working for the last week or so, why are they letting consumers still purchase subscriptions and download faulty software? This is ridiculous – let’s have some one at MLB take ownership of this, instead of blaming it on Media Player and CPU requirements.

    When is a solution coming?

  27. nehc@cox.net

    I have tried 15 times to log in and resolve the purchase of 2 R.S. Nation $14.95 each for my wife and her sister. That was on 02/07/2008. Still NOTHING, except to go to a link that I can’t sign in on. HELP ,I paid via credit card and after this time length they will not refund to me and I’m out $29.90 and got NOTHING. Both were gifts for a birthday LONG PAST. RED SOX, season is 1/3rd over, make good and give 2 LONG TIME fans their rightful stuff.
    Thank you ( I hope )
    Narragansett RI
    Confirmation # 1233701 &1233702


    For all the people who have only gotten a blue screen and a scoreborard: I had this problem, spent hours on the phone with MLB AND HP finally i got someone at Hp who had half of a brain……… Go to start, run then type in msconfig and go to the startup tab and disselect all and save, then restart the computer and try to get on mlb and you will get the logon screen if you are successful you should then go back to start,run and msconfig again and enable your anti virus ( this should be the only boxes checked all other progams will start when you open a application that needs them). Good luck!

  29. mfix13@hotmail.com

    Okay, this is really regarding MLB.com in general. I live in Oklahoma. I bought the MLB.com package so I could watch Yankees games. I have been repeatedly “blacked out” because somehow MLB.com is reading that I am in New York. From Oklahoma. Really? I’ve tried to get help all season from the “customer service” department at MLB.com and have been anything but successful. I’ve tried to call and can never get through. The few times I have I have been hung up on. I’ve sent emails and have received no resolution. I have even asked to get a refund as I can’t watch the games I was told I would be able to and was told that I was outside the “30 day window”. This is the worst customer service I have ever seen and have been unable to get any resolution or even talk to anyone that remotely ACTS like they care. At this point I’m just going to tell everyone I can not to get this package and to make other arrangements to watch games. I’m going to see what other blogs I can put this on and then contact the Better Business Bureau. Good luck baseball fans!

  30. natedogge924@hotmail.com

    Ok this is not cool. Your system will not let me log on because of some blackout issue. I have entered my information multiple times. After each time trying to get into the system your website has told me to contact you. This is one of the many problem I have encountered with your website and I am about ready to cancel my subscription altogether. If you could please contact me with an resolution, it would be much appreciated.

    Thank You

    Nathanial Griggs

  31. docchaiken

    I am also having login problems. Though I recently reuppd for 2009 with premium service, my last year mosaic download will not allow me to enter, tielling me I need to reup first,. Bummer, Is there a different mosaic software for this year that needs to be downloaded so I can log on? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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