UPDATE: Release Notes

Hi all.. for those of you having Address verification issues, we rolled out a change this evening that should resolve the problems you’ve been seeing and will no longer ask you to launch mlb.tv. Please just put your address and credit card into the popup form and hit ok – we’ll take the submission and cache the information securely so you won’t need to enter it again. We use this information to ensure that you’re properly blacked out based on your location, if we’re unable to utilize other methods to determine where you are. Again, thanks for your patience and looking forward to feedback here.
Update: Thanks to feedback from a number of you, we’ve rolled out some additional changes and believe this to be functioning properly now. Please write in if you’re still experiencing issues with address verification after today.




Entered all the info as requested…Mosaic still couldn’t verify my address. So far I have been unable to use this system.

Same here. This has become extremely frustrating.

we’ll be in touch with you both individually today to sort this out. Thanks for your patience.

Will any of this help in being able to watch an archive in full before 6 AM if you verify we are not in the blackout range? There needs to be a way to hide the score…

I’ve asked many times to have the score hidden when the next day comes around… But how would that impact the replay issue? That has nothing to do with blackout zones.

I cannot download Mosaic. Dialog box states unable to create VMR. I downloaded latest drivers, etc. I have a top of the line video card so this should work. Please help. Thanks in advance.

The unable to create VMR error is an incompatibilty between your video card/drivers and DirectX 9.0c. I’d suggest updating to the latest version of the drivers from your video card manufacturer and trying the install again.

We’re working on modifying the archive view so that the scores are completely blacked out – apologize for the inconvenience in the meantime.

Regarding blackouts and archive playback – thats a business/legal issue related to our relationship with the local rightsholder, so it generally wont be changed by the mosaic.

i entered all the info and they still reject it for address verificay. i have also tried to work with a customer service rep to do this manually by calling m e back and such. still doesn’t work.

i’m just sticking to the older version, but a strong focus on this address thing would be much appreciated

I’m is Spain and Address Verification Form does not work (“unable to verify”). It never worked neither when launching MLB.TV directly. Seems like foreign subscribers do still have lots of troubles.

i’m in italy and address verification form gives the “unable to verify”. there is no way to start the application

For international viewers, the address verification doesn’t work. Instead, you have to provide a static IP address. Issue is, using a DHCP router, it gets rather frustrating having to provide your IP address each time there is a blacked out game. Any chance of incorporating a one off verification process for us international viewers?

I’m an international user. It’s really frustrating buying a package of 1 month of baseball games and end up with a headache. I haven’t read anywhere in the contract that I can’t use a DHCP router together with MLB TV. Please focus on this problem, OK?


We’re looking into the reported international issues and will be contacting you directly. Thanks very much for the feedback. There should not be any issue using dhcp in your home on your broadband connection to assign an ip address to your home machines.



Hi everyone,

It seems that I solved my problem. I just filled in my address information on my profile and so I could verify my address using the same information on the profile.

Thanks for your help!

i have updated all drivers and unable to create vmr still is obstructing my installation of mosaic, this *****, i paid for a month to intend to see 6 games @ once almost every night , whats goin on !! i emailed mlb but no response !!

I have not been able to access Mosaic since I paid for my subscription. A box comes up that says updates found downloading. Nothing else happens. After about two weeks I can intermittntly access MLB TV. Address verification issues continue to plague me. Not much bang for my buck here.

I get the following error when I start mosiac “application has generated an exception that could not be handled. Process id=015b0 (5552), Thread id=0xdec (3564).” I have two options click OK or Cancel. If i click OK the program terminates, if I click Cancel it tries to debug, but the computer says I don’t have a debugger. Any ideas? Thanks for your help in advance.
Matt Miller

Also having the verify your address problem. I’m international user from Finland. I’ve tried putting all the information just like it is in my profile but it wont work.

I get the same address verification problem. When I type in my address info it jsut pops up again and doenst give me access. Very very frustrating.

Does anybody have a working link? I’m getting the same error message. =/

Is there any resolution to this?
I have updated my personal information twice to set my location and Mosaic still will not recognize it.
It is ridiculous that we are swooned to spend extra money for a better quality, better performance, and more complete package and it simply doesn’t work.

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