June 2006

Address Verification Issues

A limited number of you have reported issues with Address Verification, and we’ve asked some of you to check back soon for updates. We’ve pushed a few changes in the past few days on this front which we believe to have resolved some of the problems seen. In addition, we’ll be adding an additional credit card verification screen for location confirmation (much like MLB.TV) to the Mosaic application in the next day or so. Once this is complete, we believe that all of these issues should be resolved. Thank you very much for you patience.

Video Quality

Beginning tomorrow Wednesday June 14th, we’re going to be testing higher quality video in Mosaic Panel #2. We’ve received requests for better video quality from a number of you, and have been working to better understand our users bandwidth availability before kicking up the quality. I’d really appreciate comments from you all here or via email regarding your experience watching video within the mosaic panels 1 and 3, versus Panel 2. If you could include details on video buffering, stuttering, quality, etc. it would be very much appreciated!

Arranging the video within the Mosaic screens

Many of you have written in asking whether or not it will be possible to select which games are assigned to the various tiles in the Mosaic. While we’d like to make the product completely dynamic and are working towards that as a longer term goal, for the time being we are technically constrained. In order to attempt to provide the best experience possible, we’ve been trying to organize games from early start to late start across the three panels in the application to provide for the most active live games within the Mosaic at any given time. As we continue to build the infrastructure that allows us to generate the mosaics, we’ll be adding additional featured mosaics in different sizes.

Welcome to the Mosaic Blog

Welcome to the MLB.TV Mosaic Product Team Blog. We’re going to be using this blog for announcements, release notes, and general commentary on our process as we continue to beta test the MLB.TV Mosaic with your assistance. We very much appreciate all of the feedback we’ve received so far, and are looking forward to continued dialogue via the blog with you all.   

For those of you who may not be familiar with the MLB.TV Mosaic, it is a downloadable application that enhanced the MLB.TV viewing experience. It will allow you to watch up to six games simultaneously and select the audio from the game you would like to listen to. In addition, we provide live boxscores, and player alerts alongside the game when watching a single game. More detail can be found here.

Check back first thing April 2nd in the morning for the latest updates on our first 2007 Mosaic release, and expect updates from us often here and via the product.

In addition, you can find some useful links for the Mosaic on the left side of the page.

Check back often, or subscribe to our RSS feed with your newsreader for updates from the team as we continue development.


Justin and the entire Mosaic Product Team

Justin Shaffer
Senior Vice President, New Media
MLB Advanced Media, L.P.