Note for our international fans

We’re working on a few blackout related issues, and have disabled the mosaic for this evening. It will be back and live for you all for tomorrows game.




    International fans are still not happy with the streaming.

    Honestly, it was much better when we have TV network feeds.

    Your home-made programs (Seth and Bone, etc…) are excellent, but the HUGE mistake you have made is the will to integrate your home-made commercials into the game feed.

    It really messes up the game and it is really not confortable to watch.

    You could make as many improvements as possible, the bottom-line will be the same: TV network feeds are better.

    Really, with such streaming, archive games are unwatchable and far from being as great as previous years when we get TV network feeds. In 2004 and 2005, I downloaded EVERY postseason games and burned them on CDs, this year… don’t count on me to download them…

    Let the TV broadcasters do their jobs and bring us their feeds, and do your job separetely.


    saw the betas are down waiting for the gold release. any word on when that will be?

    will the mac version be released at the same time as the pc?

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