Access to MLB.TV / Issues with Mosaic

Hi all,

Again, thank you for the feedback. Just wanted to quickly clarify, for those of you who are still having issues with the Mosaic, you can still get to the 400k and 700k Single Game Streams on by clicking on the TV icon on the scoreboard on the home page.

For users who are having installation problems, we have our support team reviewing your comments here and responding, as well as responding to your customer service inquiries and emails. For those that are successfully installed, and are having issues with the 6 game view in the mosaic, please note that you can double click on a game at the top of the Mosaic window to go to single game view, which appears to be working well. Thanks for your support.


Justin Shaffer


Why is mosaic asking for credit card information again?

same problem here, mosaic is asking for my information over and over again

When I double click the setup file on my desktop, I get an “error reading setup initialization file” message. Any way to fix this?

im getting 5 blue screens but i can see the baseball channel tv good. at the top it says it playing at 1960 bits per second but i only got blue screens

Getting :Error reading setup initialization file” after downloading file.

Nothing but blue screens now (except for the baseball channel).

I cant get past int. file when installing–is this being worked on as well? Had it earlier than lost it entirely.

I also get the “error reading setup initialization file” message. I think its a bit ridiculous that your great new program isn’t even working.

You better have this fixed in the next 1/2 hour.

Issues. Windows XP, SP2.

1) Always asks for Credit Card Information

2) Always downloads an ‘update’. I’ve run it 4 times and it says it’s updating each time (and appears to download something… at least the progress bar moves).

3) On the 6 screen view, only the baseball channel comes up, the others are all blank.

4) On a single game view, I get nothing but the box score on the right.

I am also getting the “Error reading setup initialization file” after downloading the Mosaic software. I’ve been on hold with the helpline for 45 minutes. The message on hold doesn’t indicate any problems other than an audio feed with the WA-FLA game at 700k. Does anybody have a fix for this?

Same Problem here. 4 empty Screens. Just BTV works. …

Update ? I can see the 700k streams fine (using a Mac, 10.4.9 1.8ghz, 1GB RAM), but Mosaic still asks for credit card information, which I am uncomfortable supplying since MLB has it already.

I am setting it on the lowest quality and it is telling me my quaality setting is too high. Reds game starts I hope it works by then.

I keep getting the “please check your firewall settings, can not establish connection” error. Yet my firewall is completely shut down. Any suggestions?

Update No. 2 ?I actually open multiple streams through quicktime and watch multiple games, but would rather use Mosaic.

Me too…. same as the other guy:

Issues. Windows XP, SP2.

1) Always asks for Credit Card Information

3) On the 6 screen view, only the baseball channel comes up, the others are all blank.

4) On a single game view, I get nothing but the box score on the right.

I am a user from the UK. I cannot use Mosaic as the card I used to pay when I first signed up for Premium is now in the bin – so I cannot verify my account. I tried adding a new credit card to verify my location, but Mosaic will not accept this. So I am stuck without Mosaic for opening day! Very upset indeed, these teething problems should have been resolved during ST, not on the day we have been waiting for for so many months. Please help me!

Same issue with installation “Error reading setup initialization file.”

How about putting up a downloadable executable that works? I paid extra so I could run this thing and it’s entirely non-functional.

Also, the FAQ ( links to a file that no longer exists:

To those getting this error message “I am also getting the “Error reading setup initialization file” after downloading the Mosaic software. ”

Click on the link to Download for PC (or Mac) but choose to run instead of download. DO NOT save it to your desktop, the file size will be wrong and it won’t work..I tried downloading it like 20 times, and then when I did “Run” instead of downloading it, it worked fine..

I have all the same problems as above, credit card stuff and the error reading setup garbage. I am not happy at all because I am missing the game. I can’t find anything that has any solutions to the problems.

I can’t run it off the download, I have to save it, I don’t even get the option of just opening the setup file.

Regardless, they’ve had quite a long time to figure out they’re product doesn’t even work.

Trying to run directly instead of downloading doesn’t help.

i tried your run and dont save theory. didnt work. still get the error reading setup message.

Copmmplaints that are still existent:

1) The Player Tracker is not working at all. I spent 10 minutes entering in 30 players only to return and find that none of them were saved (yes I clicked save multiple times).

2) Also, you can only add 30 players to the Player Tracker. Why is that? A standard fantasy roster has 25 players, so anyone with more than 1 fantasy team is out of luck.

3) Why is Alex Gordon not listed under the Royals roster? He is clearly on their roster (contrary to your claim that you have 40 man rosters for every team and players not listed are either unavailable or on the DL) as he is starting today and they purchased his contract yesterday.

i want a month free!

Yep same here. Well so far earlier today had the giant game feed for a bit before whole thing went off. Will this int. file problem be fixed soon—cant get nothing now. Thanks

Me too, the run without saving to desktop didn’t work. I’ve been on hold with the helpline for an hour now.

error reading setup initilization, what to do missing games I PAID FOR.

I’m gonna miss OPENING DAY b/c of this ****. I want a free month.

I think its complete BS I paid $20 for absolutely nothing. MLB isn’t a charity I’m donating to, they have enough money, and you’d think with all that money they could get some working software. DOn’t sell something that doesn’t work, its basic business sense.

free month!

screw the month i paid for the entire season and i cant even do setup. i want an answer so i can use it.

Lol still waitin—- yell when someone gets something.

Mosaic keeps crashing immediately upon launch. No idea what cause is. hardware is more than up to spec. Ideas?

To those that can’t get it to work, and want to watch the game (Mosaic clearly needs to be patched, but it’ll be a great app once all the bugs are worked out I’m sure).

Just use your web browser (I don’t think this option will work on Mac) and hit and watch it through the browser. At least then you don’t miss your favorite team play today. That’s what I’m doing.


MLB is wrecking the best day of the year. C’mon!

Yeah, this is a real mess. They obviously keep saying “don’t forget you can still watch a single game stream” to try to cover for their problems, but I paid for premium and I’m not getting it. I can’t run the setup for Mosaic, just like most of the people here, but even if I did who’s to say it would even work?

and now the white sox game is coming on and it still doesn’t have a live link for me to watch that game. ARGH.

could i at least get a response to my customer service email that i sent 3 hours ago?

only good thing about this is the white sox are on, yeah!

sizemore with a leadoff HR against the chisox..hahaha

I missed the 1st 2 outs of the Brewer game b/c the link wasn’t even up in time for a single game, low quality stream. SO yeah, couldn’t even get onto the lower subscription package on time.

FREE MONTH!!!!!!!!!!


I cant even watch the single games. All the time it asks abaout my credit card information, I fill it out correctly, but still nothing.

Come on its opening day and I want to watch baseball…..

I paid for it and now ????

Does anybody know the result of the MLB Extra Innings fiasco with Direct TV & the cable companies? Can you get Extra Innings from the cable company or did MLB tell them to shove their offer? I’ve got trees so I can’t have a satellite. Now I can’t have Mosaic. ***?!

yea we should def get some sort of compensation for missing OPENING DAY…

its not even that its not working properly. i CANT EVEN INSTALL IT

Wow, now they edit me when I use the letters W T F ??? They’re killing me. Perhaps if they provided a service we wouldn’t have to resort to such foul acronyms. Geez.

I am tiered of typing in the adress verification form again and again and… mosaic.

I upgraded to premium but where can I change the quality? Braves games looks like last season at lower k/s

MLB told them to shove it.

Just wanted to quickly clarify, for those of you who are still having issues with the Mosaic, you can still get to the 400k and 700k Single Game Streams on by clicking on the TV icon on the scoreboard on the home page


You’re very wrong here, havent been able to watch anything. Either get ‘an error has occured’ error or the dreaded address confirmation error.

$99,- down the drain ?

I still get the adress error, everywhere, mosaic, 400k, 700k


This blog is more interesting than the white sox.

Extra only thru directtv. Been strong comcast customer 17 years and direct mainly interested on your credit record first than tryin to sell you the program. iF they see any blimish they want 200 up front as i was told. Not good idea if you want shovel snow off the dish every 20 minutes to get working.

Ok, now I’m really upset. I spent 1:16 minutes on hold with the MLB Helpline and they just hung up on me without ever getting to somebody. It is refund time.

I am having the same problem with it telling me that i need direct x 9.0c *** this is why Indemand should have won the war against direct tv. I will cancel my account of 3 years if i cant see the O’s tonight

this is pretty ridiculous. i shouldn’t be surprised though. has a history of poor customer service. you would think after all the comments and complaints they would *at least* post another blog entry

This never would have happened if George Steinbrenner were still alive.

watching the dodgers vs brewers now… from the 700k single game link on, the picture quality is horse manure. Does anyone know how I can check the actual kbps the feed is? It cannot be 700k.

Why does it sound like you’re listening to the game through a tunnel when you have the 4 or 6 game windows up? Sound quality is fine when you have the one game screen.

Guys, sorry for the delay in replying, we’re trying to cover a lot of ground here. Now that the streaming seems to working well, we’re turning our attention to those of you having trouble with installs. Thank you again for your understanding and support of the product.

It could be that you need to udate your directx drivers if this error persists please report the following error message to customer support

yeah i would if they’d pick up the **** phone

riggs, we’re trying to be conservative with the amount of bandwidth we use to make the video look as good as possible and will be tuning up the audio over the next day or so to address this.

Gee thanks Justin, please divert your attention from installs and go directly to refunds.

cmon justin we should have been the first ones to have issues dealt with this is garbage.


Getting the ‘error reading setup initilization’

I didn’t realize we were Beta Testers for you! Usually Beta Testers don’t pay extra.

If you can’t have this thing working for Opening Day, you should give some type of discount or bonus to the people that signed up early and got screwed!

.exe does not work whether I “run” or I “save” and “run”, so forget that. Also, as others have pointed out, great job putting our email addresses in the clear. This is absolutely the most lame launch experience I’ve had with an app/support in a very long time. And I have to put up with this because of the b-s- DirecTV deal.

I’m with Joe. Go get ’em, man!

I have been an subscriber in South America for several seasons now. Today it has been impossible to watch or the Mosaic, since it keeps on asking for credit card verification and once I introduce all my data, it keeps sending error messages. I hope this can be solved before the Astros opening game at 7 PM…

I think Justin needs an ice cold frosty one right now!


To clarify, I can’t watch either Mosaic nor single game streams…

I believe MLBAM is swamped with complaints as we speak. The customer service hotline says they have a huge amount of callers; and judging by what we’re seeing here, the inbox must be about to burn.

“it keeps on asking for credit card verification and once I introduce all my data, it keeps sending error messages”

same here in germany

indians 5 in the first vs the sox, justin should thank contreras for making me happy

I really hope they can solve the problem until 4pm when the d-backs play

Shuttup man, Contreras is on my fantasy team.

sox got 2 watch out justin




To make matters worse… I was playing a Texas Hold’em tournament on Xbox Live and when I launched Mosaic, it kicked me out of the tourney causing me to lose $4000!!!



no actually they did it via yahoo last season for international useres, worked out great !!!

I’m a baseball fan from Switzerland and have waited from months this day.

Now, I can’t watch the games. We paid a lot of money to get good service and good quality, but … nothing !!!

I’m very disapointed. Please give me one month free.


True. But they should have thought about the bandwidth compatibility with other Internet applicaptions. My bandwidth is at least 3000kbps

My single game feed just cut away

MINE IS 7000

Gruss Gott aus Oesterreich! Mosaic ist sehr scheissdrecht! Bitte die fehler vor morgen fixieren. danke.

justin–Any Idea we can get past the int.file today again? whoa you going need strong drink by tonite guy. ha.

Is the download link for the Mosaic down? I cannot download it.

Actually, MLB is still negotiating with cable and echostar over Extra Innings. Yes, it’s a little late. But there’s a real possibility there’ll be an agreement

Any updates on how to deal with the constant verification pop up on Mosaic? (I can watch premium streams on MLB.TV, but not through Mosaic)


Hope your right spira. Really miss it on cable after having it last few years.

why cant i enlarge the screen to watch a single game. when i double click it. it wants credit info allover again. it takes me back to the demo.


Were you able to successfully enter the CC information into the mosaic dialog?

Credit Card Info? Well, I filled out all my billing details (adress, phone number, credit crad etc.) pressed OK, then the same page popped up a second or to later! Any help would be greatly appreciated!

same credit card problem as above


1) Always asks for Credit Card Information

2) Always downloads an ‘update’. I’ve run it 4 times and it says it’s updating each time (and appears to download something… at least the progress bar moves).

3) On the 6 screen view, only the baseball channel comes up, the others are all blank.

4) On a single game view, I get nothing but the box score on the right.

Right now I can’t even watch streams in the browser anymore. All I get is “There was an error. We apologize for the inconvenience. If the problem persists, please call Customer Support toll-free number: 866-800-1275.”

PC Version Windows XP SP2

It accepts my email and login but the next screen (the credit card info enter screen that I feel sick to my stomache filling out) just keeps comin up over and over. So everyone gets a bit of a rebate right? since you’ve signed us up for some sort of beta testing thing here obviously.

I would suggest NOT submitting your personal data via there NON-SECURE form. I’m a certified MS consultant in Portland. NEVER have I’ve seen something sooo horribly executed and blatent disregard for ones personal data. We’ve tried the installation of this app on several boxes (both XP & Vista- with all updates) without success. MLB support is NON-EXISTENT. We’ve tried calling several times only to be be put on hold and then hung up on. Emal support is a FLAT out joke.

MLB.TV upsold ALL of us on a service that is FLAWED. Maybe you should have done some Beta testing before releasing this junk into the wild!!!!!


I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this, but when I’m watching the multi-screen, when I select a game the audio sounds metallic (like it’s coming out of a tin can). When I select the game to watch on one screen, it sounds fine.

I’m pretty happy with the product overall and didnt run into the bugs other people did. If you could get the sound to work well in multi-view mode I’d be golden.

MLB Mosaic will not open when i click on it, i had problems with the streaming and quality yesterday, and now i click on it and it says “checking for updates” then “no updates available” and closes

Im not sure if the mosaic has installed, because during installation the window will close, as if it was done. but nothing happens, i dont see a loading screen to the mosaic

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