Mosaic Video Quality / Streaming Issues

UPDATE 2:20 PM ET: Hi all, it looks as though the streaming issues experienced earlier are smoothing out. We’re still very interested to hear from those of you that are having streaming trouble/rebuffering actively within the mosaic, so if you have the time, please comment here. Thank you again for your understanding.




Fix the install

cmon this ***** i want to see what I paid for

Yeah, how bout you fix the problem so a lot of us can ACTUALLY OPEN mosaic. Does me no good right now if you fix the vid issues, fix the install issues.

I am getting “network stream error” in 4 or 6 picture view. Any suggestions?

The Problems in short form:

1. The programm asks every 5 minutes for my CC-Informations etc.

2. Only Baseballchannel shows a picture in the multi-channel window … If you click on a channel to watch on a bigger one, it doesn`t work on the bigger screen as well.

3. The problems are on every Speedquality options.

you dont want to hear from us that cant even run the install file?

mcdermet, would you mind trying to reboot, and let us know if you’re still seeing that?

will dp

Wow this is just as terrible as it was last year.

Unable to Connect. Try A Different Quality Level. Get this message for EVERY quality level.

This thing is a joke.

Still not getting nothing justin

I’m getting “stream errors” too, both in multi and in single mode. I can see the stats of games, but no picture or sound. I’ve tried turning off my firewall, even bypassing my router with no luck.

The embedded video player on works fine, but not mosaic.

I open Mosaic and get the six-pitcure window showing only the Baseball Channel. I have the scores of five games, but no games. Also, I’m frequently being prompted to give my address information, which is fine, along with my credit card information, which is not.

“We are unable to verify your location for blackout purposes. Please enter
your billing credit card information below to verify your billing address.

No charges will be made, this is used only to verify your address.”

This keeps popping up over and over even after I fill it out

I rebooted and am getting streams now

Can’t get to mosaic. says to try a different stream level and I keep trying to do it. No stream level works. And after I sign out, I can never get back to Mosaic. Is it supposed to automatically go to the mosaic player? I’m watching on the embedded player on, but not getting the Mosaic I asked for. Why pay for premium?

Same here:
“We are unable to verify your location for blackout purposes. Please enter

your billing credit card information below to verify your billing address.

No charges will be made, this is used only to verify your address.”

I can see the 4x and 6x on the mosaic but I can’t see the individual screen video, it stays stuck on connecting forever. Also I can’t see the video thru, If I click on the tv button it reroutes me to the main page everytime and if I go thru the gameday live screen all it plays is the Right Guard commercial.

I’ve got six games coming in lightning fast, great audio and video quality, and seamless switching between games.

April Fools — who happen to be’s customers.

Ok, now Ive paid 2 months for a service that I have not been able to access even on Gameday. Im reading through all these comments but wheres the answer, do I uninstall Mosiac and reinstall it? The only thing this screen gives me is “Unable to Connect, Try a Different Quality Level”. What do I do

Same here, “Try a different quality level,” and nothing works. Have already un and re-installed several times.

Get the Stream Error message for all streams, in all qualities. The web video seems to work fine, but the 700k looks identical to the 400k one. Cheers

Addendum: after I shut it down and open it up again, it crashes every time. Inauspicious start =\

I keep getting that MLB.TV Mosiac is not available, but others seem able to access it abeit with limited funcionality.

I also notice the same vid quality issues, only reason I got premium was to able to get decent full screen picture quality.

for all of you having issues getting streams, do you see the swarmcast icon in the system tray? (bottom right?) Please try a reboot of your machines, and start the mosaic back up. let us know if this is still occuring.

I dont get any video feeds on the mosiac and i keep getting a stream feed error telling me to switch to another quality setting but I get the same message on all settings. any ETA on when this is going to be fixed so I can get what I paid for?

Agree with above post that the 400k and 700k feeds look identical when watching single games.

Also, when watching multiple games at once it says it’s streaming at 1960k but the quality of each window is not good at all.

Like the immediate audio switch though.

rebooted my machine like you suggested and nothing. still the same problems. now it says network stream error.

I have 6 games showing, but I am getting pretty frequent re-buffering, and the video quality is horrible. When I go into the single game view, the quality is no better at all. I have already opened single games directly from and the quality is leaps and bounds above what I am getting on Mosaic. I will restart my computer right now and report back…

I agree the 700k feed is nowhere as good as the world series demo. And it varies from game to game. I’m sure these are bandwidth issues that just could not have been seen without the current amount of regular season connection requests.

First I couldn’t actually install the setup file which cost me about 1 hour to fix, now i can’t see nothing, no view or hearing of the 6x or the 1x types, also it keeps asking me for my billing information which i have typed like 15 times already, i’m getting frustrated. Fix it intelligent people, thanks for your time and attention…

Rebooted, and the Swarmcast icon is not on the bottom. And to the guy watching 6, be happy couse ive got one, the one on my television. Been on the phone on hold with Mlb for an hour now.

Yes, have the Swarmcast icon, that’s fine and good. Still getting a stream error on all quality settings, every time I have the player open, I get a “MLBAMPlayer has encountered an error and needs to close” error message.
Using XP SP2.

Audio very tinny when listening in multi-game mode

Getting constant buffering and rebuffering as described in the post. When I open to 1-game mode, the video quality is still pretty bad. (Does Mosaic support the premium 700k stream for 1-game mode?)

first and foremost. thanks for the constant updates.

im still having problems with any mosaic viewing. i can live with that for now.

im not that impressed with the 700k stream compared to the 400k. i dont see much of an improvement.

Significant rebuffering even at the lowest quality setting (XP SP2, 1.5 MB LAN connection)

I too have been getting streaming errors. I tried rebooting also and nothing. Sometimes when I switch to singe game mode, still don’t get picture or sound, sometimes I do.

Alright, restarted, swarmcast icon is still in the system tray, but now I am getting a stream error and can’t see anything…then after some time I get an “unable to connect, try a different quality level” message…I have tried all quality levels and get the same message on all…

every thing pop ups but the live game video

No luck on the reboot. The swarmcast logo in the system tray and still get a service is temporarily unavailable.

This is some Bush League stuff.

MLB.TV Mosaic, after a few hiccups, worked fine for about an hour. However, stream quality was poor; buffering took forever in the mosaic and single-game format; and, the video froze, causing me to close out the program and miss the Braves extra innings rally. Software also takes forever to load – longer than any other program on my computer. Swarmcast is rather annoying sitting in my tray, as well. I can’t even get video at this point, so I just shut it down and turned on my XM Radio.

Considering the money I spent for this access (and the fact that I’m a cable subscriber), the experience has been awful. I’m extremely disappointed and I don’t accept the opening day jitters excuse. This technology should have been ready for prime time before MLB took my money.

This is typical of how MLB treats its fans.

“unable to connect… try a different quality” still (all qualities).

Still can’t successfully verify my billing data (cc has been stoeln and canceled)

the clock is accurate though, 22:10 CET on the dime!


Well, I agree on the money part! BUT I SEE 6 games now so we are going somewhere with this. But its REAL SLOW

The Mosaic worked for about 5 minutes, but now it just stalls out. Get maybe 5 seconds of play. Tried other video streams (other sites), and it is not my connection to the net. Tried the non-Mosaic 700k feed, and it worked better. Not very happy at this point, I had Extra Innings on cable last couple of years, and this situation is horrible.

I can’t see anything this mosaic program is just frustrating I’ve tried everything and I still can’t see nothing, It has consumed all my free time and patience, I’ve written my billing profile a lot of times and it seems that is wrong so please fix it mlb people, Good Luck….

We are unable to verify your location for blackout purposes. Please enter
your billing credit card information below to verify your billing address.

No charges will be made, this is used only to verify your address.”

This keeps popping up over and over even after I fill it out,

please help me


Had the streams, everything was working, albiet not the best. (tinny audio, lot’s of buffering in the mosiac). Saw a couple recommendations for rebooting to get better streams, so I did. Now it doesn’t work at all in the mosiac, and only sometimes when I’m watching a single game. I really wish I could still watch these games on cable!


I could live without mosaic until you get it right but the normal webbased streams (both 400k/700k) are breaking down on me now as well and this is crucial. Does anyone else suspect servers being overloaded? I have my buffering settings set to buffer 30 sec. of content which takes about 3 minutes(!) and that is good for 36 seconds(!) of watching before rebuffering or just stopping. My internet connection is 12 Mbit. BTW, my mosaic issues are the same as several others. No video or audio whatsoever and CC verification popups all the time

Bandwidth test from MLB shows me at 5674 kbps and yet I try to stream 6 games on mosaic and it freezes on me or it keeps buffering. Very choppy.

I want my MLB Extra Innings package back with my cable company. I could count on that working right at least. Instead I am stuck with this not working.

I still can’t watch any games unless it is done as a single game.

The first time I opened the program, it brought up six still screenshots for about a minute, then worked for about ten seconds and stopped working entirely.

The second time, it worked fairly well for about four minutes with one rebuffer in the middle, then stopped working entirely again (has currently been stuck on “buffering: 0% complete” for about ten minutes).

Even when it does work, though, the picture quality is nowhere near the “TV quality” that was promised. It’s very grainy, which is just awful for how small the picture is, and the sound is very tinny. Frankly, the whole thing is just terrible, and I’ll be complaining to no end (or at least until I get my money back) if it’s not fixed in a few days.

Yes, I’m having the same problems, Mitch: the single-game streams are a disaster, and Mosaic is constantly rebuffering at all video-quality levels. MLB servers are obviously overloaded. Why didn’t anticipate the sever load given the DirecTV deal is beyond me. I worried about this when I signed up, but since I’m not about to switch to DirecTV for Extra Innings, I had to in order to follow my team. This launch is a botch, and if can’t get their act together, they should offer refunds. This is amateur hour.

MLB has failed to tell the users of the Mosaic that the form they require you to fill out again (name, address, credit card, etc..) is NOT secure…. Therefore making it possible to steal ones data while its be transmitted online. If you have already submitted your information again via this method, I would consider orering a credit monitoring service ASAP.

blackjujubees, the form is secure, we’ll address notification better on it in the future. it works the same way the form in the browser works. if you’re not comfortable using the form in the mosaic, you can just use the product in the browser, let it store your credit card there for verification purposes, and then you wont be prompted again in the mosaic.

But Justin: what’s going on with the streaming debacle on both single-game feeds and Mosaic at all video-quality levels? Are the servers up to the product you’re trying to deliver or not?

(By the way: any chance you can mask our e-mail addresses so spam-bots aren’t able to further deluge our inboxes with junk mail.)

Hey Justin your Customer Service is horrible
I still experiencing the same “network stream error” like everyone else. When finally see the Mosaic screen just shows the MLBTV channel.. no game in any other screen. The verification error message keeps poping up, even thought i just click “OK” and dissapear for a while, no need of sending my personal info everytime.

DID YOU GUYS ACTUALLY TEST MOSAIC BEFORE LUNCHING IT TODAY??? You guys certainly did not hesitate in taking my money righ away… why not actually getting GOOD customer service right away????

Important point.. your Call Center phone number is horrible also. It says “We are experiencing extremely long waiting time” and also says “Your call is important for us, please stay in line” WHAT A JOKE!!!.. the phone call automaticly hangs-up after EXACTLY 3 minutes on hold!! Is it that how OUR phone calls are important for MLB??????

Hey.. you guys are a Worldwide brand… the experience with MLB Mosaic and your Call Center should be able to offer at least an “acceptable” Customer Service.

Being fair, I know you guys are doing as much as you can… but this situation shows a complete LACK of planning and testing.

Sorry for being too negative, but I just want a good service and a better product for my 119.95 bucks that I paid.

P.S. just for your information, in the 10 minutes that took me typing this complain, I have closed 10 times your annoyning “address verification screen”. Thx for that!

Justin, I used the product in the browser. Others have too, but Mosaic keeps prompting!

I am running Mosaic on Mac OS X, and I keep getting Network Stream Errors when trying to view multiple games. Single games in Mosaic is working fine though.

We’ve just temped in low quality normal streams, until we resolve the high quality streaming issues we’ve seen. All three quality levels should be working now, though the video is not at the level that it ultimately will be at. we expect to have this running for you by later this evening, and appreciate your understanding.

I can only get video if I lower it to the lowest quality level. Anything above that and I get no video or sound. I did the bandwith test and it came back at 1496kbps so that’s not the problem. Any other ideas???? This is really frustrating.

michael, we’re having some trouble with our high quality streaming, which we expect to have resolved shortly. in the meantime, we’ve set all streams to use the low quality setting.

No video here Mr. Justin, just the MLBChannel. Any suggestion?

The sound is terrible on the lower level. WIll this improve with the higher quality or is it the same at all 3 levels.

I also can’t get my player tracker list to update? Any ideas?

I edited it with my players of choice, hit update and nothing happened. When I hit edit again to check that they saved, a completely different list of players were there. Is this feature ready for use yet?

When Yahoo launched streaming of NFL, I though how horrible it is and how great MLB.TV is. What now? Installation of the Mosaic is cruise for real seawolves. I guess ordinary PC users will be unable to cope with that. And even for me, it is ridiculous, that I had to install milion of various application to my PC and I still don´t understand why that blue-and-red ball appeared in my system tray, despite the fact, I have never agreed with that. Will Mosaic work, if I exit that? Nobody knows…
However – as everybody, Mosaic is asking me about CC details (BTW – why the **** it is asking me about? First, all my necesarry details are in my profile at; Second, my phone number is in no relationship with my location neighter my CC; Third, don´t understand, why MLB.TV can locate my PC with IP address and Mosaic is asking me about CC!). I fill it milion times and that window pop up again and again. Ridiculous. What is funny – when I send blank form – it is accepted and I can enter the Mosaic. However – all what I can see is the Baseball Channel (in horrible picture quality) and alerts from games, which are currently being played. Classic streaming is OK – however, as many before, I am NOT able to recognize any diferential betweek 400K and 700K streams. MLB.TV has been great, but this day is a disaster

Justin, You should be ashamed of yourself.

I am only getting audio here if I am lucky and at times got video but it kept rebuffing every 5 seconds! Got the package during the Angels Texas game could not watch it. The on demand highlights for the earlier games did not even work. Just audio with the condensed games no picture. What can we all do to fix this problem? Are we going to have to bail on this deal I would rather not want to see the games. We all must know will the rebuffing issue come to an end and we can have a game covered non-stop?

I dont think this is TV quality, hopefully it wont look like this all season.

I am sorry so many of you are all having issues with the Mosiac.

For the most part I have had zero problems with the Mosiac. I can watch 6 games in low quality just fine at all times. And switching to single game mode takes about 15-30 seconds to buffer and play.

Switching between full screen works fine too.

I am a huge fan of the player tracker! It adds a fun element to fantatsy baseball.

My issues:

I can’t watch the 6 games in anything but the lowest quality stream.

In a dual monitor environment I have issues moving the Mosiac from one screen to the other. It will degrade and quality and skip until the mosiac is shutdown and restarted. I am using a laptop though so the video card is rather midgrade.

My overall rating of the pruduct is very high.

I am unable to watch single game feeds. When I open Mosaic I can see the 6 game feed. I get a stream error, try another quality level. However, when I try a different level I get the same error message. This seems to be a common error seeing from the previous posts. Can you please help me

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