Credit Card Verification in the Mosaic

A number of people have expressed concern that the form in the mosaic is not secure on the blog, which is incorrect. The mosaic form submits data back to our servers using the same secure SSL technology that your browser uses. We’ll be providing additional notification to that on the form going forward.
We’re also working on the bug thats come up today for some of you thats causing the window to continue to reappear.




It would be nice if the CCV made actually sense . But he asks, gives a negative answer and comes back every 5 Minutes … It would me makes angry if any stream worked in Mosaic 😉

Thanks for that. I knew that it would be secure 🙂

justin thanx for your help man…i am very frustate right now…i cant get neither the regular mlb tv llinks to work..they keep showing me an error message after i submit my CCV… in the mosaic its just like you described…
i hope you guys cna fix this ASAP. ive already didnt see my team opening game.i hope i can at least wacht the western openers tonight.

btw this is the error message i get at : There was an error. We apologize for the inconvenience. If the problem persists, please call Customer Support toll-free number: 866-800-1275.

ive already tried calling the number, but no success.

I can maybe help brunnoce

Go on and log in before you click any streams. Then go to the media guide, and choose the game!

thanx trying to help m8, but i was already logged in when i tried.

We should not have to be using our credit card information every time we log in, that’s nuts. Logging in with our email and password should be sufficient. I for one do not want to be pulling out my credit card everyday to use mosaic.

cl2fred – Completely agree! It’s crazy!

Well my case its evan worst..i cant evan log keeps asking my CC in the mosaic..and in the site, it asks my CC than after i try about 3 times they gimme that error message…thats just absurd..i payed for the service. its not like this is some charity or such…please some help here…casue the costume service is just a joke…i think i was a full hour trying to get someone to help there and no, i couldnt , they kept putting me on hold than hunging up..not to mention that i payed long distance call on those calls, as i live in brazil and i have to pay american tool free.
i am really upset right now, never thought this would happen, specially in opening day…they should have test this stuff during ST.

Well, most important question – why are you asking about CC details? CC has nothing to do with the restrictions! Only thing, which matters is IP address. Or why arent we asked about CC details when watching regular MLB.TV streams? And werent those CC details already filled in while purchasing? —
Brunnoce – use Skype. It will be for free

I agree! & it is completely nuts about using our credit card information every time we log in. Also I try to call MLB about this problem & I don’t like to be put on hold or being hunged up on. MLB ***** BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hey justin things have changed here for me…now i at leasr am able to wacth the 400k games without the CC prompt, so any idea when the 700k link will work?

Not here. I’m still getting the credit card form every time I log in and I hit OK leaving the form blank and none of the games load. Just blank TV logos.

To me is happening the same problem that kittenkins described above. I cant even log in the Mosaic.
The people of MLBtv had all spring trainning to resolve that issues, and now, in the oppening day we cant watch the games tha MLBtv promise when they sold the Mosaic service!

this is really stupid. you have my credit card information on file already. my user id and password should be sufficient to access the system. when i paid up front, that was the *only* time i should be asked for credit card information. please fix this, so that i can use mosaic.

It’s obvious that some companies don’t understand what the term, “Quality Assurance” or “Testing Phase” means in development. Unexcusable.

when enlarge to watch single game it takes me back to demo can watch the small mosaic but when try to watch game bigger it takes to demo page.

I bought the Premium service and today I received an eMail advising me to download Mosaic.
After downloading, I am greeted by the Credit card info form which does not indicate encryption. I did not fill this out and exited. When I log onto MLBTV, I am able to see games at 700kbs, but when I click on mosaic, all I get is the info screen inviting me to see the demo and/or download it. I am running Win/ XP and Media Player 10.

How do I get to use Mosaic?

Thank you.

i’ve been on hold for a ******* hour

i’m blacked out from orioles and nationals games in a region that doesn’t broadcast the network that they play on. absolutely no way for me to watch these teams. i’m extremely upset and will probably cancel my subscription.

Justin, may you please explain why the CC verification is even showing once logging on to Mosaic? We have to enter our ID and password to start the process; can you not obtain the same information from that as MLB does when we enter the information for an individual game?

Justin, pardon the second post, but can you give us a timetable on where this stands? It looks like opening day and Mosaic is a wash, but will I be able to use it tomorrow, the following day, this weekend? I believe Mosaic is a feature that drew many of us from the regular to the premium package. If it is unusable, then we should be notified.

Hi justin,
i’m from Italy (sorry formy bad english) and when I connect with mosaic I have many request of CC data. What is problem? i don’t say what write in “State”? my zip code is not understood for your system?

If I ckick OK i see only empty videos. I can see scores, alert, but i can’t see any games.

Sorry for this msg, but (i dont know how is in US) for me 120$ is a very big amount of money. i love MLB, made all possible to can I watch baseball. thanks

I simply cannot believe this isn’t fixed yet when they had since last October to take of this. Unreal.

Guys- see my other post that i just put up on this – sorry for the delay. We’ll have the CC issues resolved for all games tomorrow.

Same problem here. I’m from Brazil and I’m having the same problem as everybody else.
I login and then it asks me to put my CC information.

I left it blank and clicked OK, and I couldn’t watch any game, just blank screens.

I had MLB.TV Basic and just upgraded to the Premium and the Mosaic was the main reason for it.

And now I just found out that I can’t use it…



Same here. CC screen, and when I just click on the OK button, the Mosaic screen comes up, but I cannot view any game. The only viewable thing is MLB tv. The other games are just blank screens.

What am I missing here?



You’re not missing anything, its definitely a bug that some of you are seeing, though we hadnt been able to replicate it in our testing. Its getting fixed tonight as we update a few things here and should be completely resolved for tomorrow’s games. Thanks again for your understanding.

Will I have to re-download the mosaic, or will the update be automatic the next time I try to launch the app tomorrow?

When I last tried, it appeared to load an update, then nothing happened at all, no log in screen, no mosaic, nothing. This moring before work, I at least had the application running. Using a G4 mac.

I have the same problem. At least, I’m not alone. I was afraid that it was just happening to me.

We’ll see tomorrow, Justin. I hope you fix the problem.


Thanks for the comment, Justin.

I was able to follow the Red Sox game vis premium, and that work fine. Everything apart from the final score. lol.




When you say, “We’ll have the CC issues resolved for all games tomorrow”, do you mean that I will not need to ever enter my credit card information to use Mosaic? The problem I am having is not a technical one — it is a policy one. I gave my credit card info once. There is nothing in the user agreement that says I need to provide this information again to use the product.

Justin, I have to agree with and would urge to eliminate that portion from Mosaic. I am still wondering why CC info has anything to do with blackouts and where our regions are. Hope all goes well with the work. Thanks again. Red Sox took it on the chin, so I am rather glad I did not see it in TV-quality.

I don’t even have the same CC anymore (the one which I used to buy premium has been since stolen and I canceled it). Does this mean I have paid for a product that I will never be able to use? Our account info should suffice.

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