Fixes for Tomorrow

Alright all of you, I know its been a frustrating day for many of you (it’s been for me as well, to say the least). That said, it’s also been nice to hear from those that have gotten things working and like the app. I’ve been off the air for a bit here as we work through problems and apologize for the lack of instant feedback. The whole team here takes this extremely personally (we’re all big baseball fans too), and want to provide the best service possible to you all.

Here’s where we are for tomorrow morning, regarding the major bugs discussed on the blog today:

-CC Verification Form popping up repeatedly / Not letting people into the application / Not displaying that it is secure: This will be resolved with a patch overnight, and will be fixed for tomorrows games.

-Playertracker issues: You should all expect that playertracker will be working great after another round of bugfixing overnight, and as soon as you see a new version available tomorrow (I’ll announce it here on the blog – probably around 1pm eastern in advance of the first games at 4pm).

-Streaming Issues/Quality: We’re working through the night on some fixes that should address the majority of the streaming issues that weren’t caused by our services provider today. I’m optimistic we’ll be back where we wanted to be starting before games tomorrow. If you’re struggling here, its worth note that the single game view in the mosaic has been working well all day, and is a pretty neat set of functionality with the stats alongside and additional data.

-Install Issues: After getting people the right installer, we’re making progress on this group. We know that some of you are still struggling with driver issues/software issues/etc., and want to address you all individually. I’ll put up another install thread here for those of you still having problems that our support team will be working through. Please post up your OS version and details about your machine with your post there.

Other notes:

-A few of you have asked about masking email addresses here, which i appreciate from a spam perspective, though I’ve offered mine up via the same posts to you all. I’m not sure about making that change, but can take a look into it once the mosaic is working great for you all – which is our first priority. I’ll ask respectfully that we try and keep the commentary here for all to see in an effort to encourage transparency and open discussion amongst the group about the product, but if you need to email, I’ll do my best to get back to you all quickly.

Thanks again for the support and patronage of the product. We appreciate all of your feedback and comments.

Best Regards,

Justin Shaffer


I’m sure you’ve had a wild day. My issue is that after I’ve loaded it, I get a pop-up screen that tells me about this webpage , and I can’t click it off the page so it covers up all the games and doesn’t allow anything to be “clicked on.” I can’t move it or remove it. Thanks

ok we hope in your good quality work.
I think tomorrow will be all OK.

good job and good MLB for all the year for all the guys that wrote here.

(ma se duman el va gnamo vegni li e te sciunfi el mus con quater sgiafe).


It almost sounds like I’ve been the exception! Mosaic worked perfectly for me all day. Not 1 single issue anywhere (except for player tracking). It is a huge step up from what you had last year and I love it!

Again, great job and I look forward to all the improvements that will be made throughout the season!

Keep up the great work!!!

hi kymolf,
where is your adress?

I’ll came to your house to see MLB, ok? 🙂

don’t warry i’m in europe, now..

Sorry, but after 2 years of frustration with MLB.TV, with broken promises and HORRIBLE customer service, I’m “a little” skeptical about all those fixes they are promising.

I really hope I’m wrong though…

Mosaic installed fine on my XP box, but Vista 64-bit wasn’t as good. Installed fine, starts up, says there is an update, downloads — but then gives me a DirectX error suggesting I update my drivers. I have an ATI x800 with the March 28, 2007 driver. No change after rebooting.

I had problems all day. Of course trying to call MLB for help is a joke. Why weren’t these problems worked out in ST games instead of opening day? I still have no streaming of any game on Mosaic. You have my money and I have no Mosaic.

WOW. This is the usual horrible quality I’ve come to expect from MLB TV. I was on board the first year you started streaming and it was nothing but dithered freeze-frame images, out of synch audio that sounds like it’s coming from a tin can and a ton of buffering breaks. I’m so glad I only signed up for a month because I suspected this would happen. Additionally, you take the package off of cable so now I’ll be left with nothing. Complete joke. Excuse me while I go watch some UFC.

So far I’m pleased with the product. I’ve had it on all day and have flipped and switched to many games. I’m in the IT world too so I know bugs and fixes will be coming. Great job for the first day.

I am still having problems with the video and audio feeds not coming in at the same speed and the sound being totally off.

I completely agree with dmcneill. I don’t blame the developers — I’m a software engineer and I totally sympathize — but whoever thought it would be fun to roll this thing out on opening day instead of letting people try watching games they didn’t really care about was nuts. Even if it wasn’t ready then — it isn’t ready now — you could have worked out the biggest issues.

That said, I’ve been using Mosaic much of the day to watch single games in full screen mode on a 51″ TV. Obviously it’s not TV quality, but it’s not bad. And much easier to switch between games using Mosaic that the browser-based version (which also had streaming problems). I had some streaming problems even in single game mode (I’ll be surprised if this ever goes away completely), but when it was working (which was most of the time in this mode), it was very nice.

Who really plans to watch six games at once? I’d like to be able to switch in and out of single game full screen mode from the six game view, but apart from that it seems like little more than a novelty.

Okay, I downloaded this last night, and it operated just fine…there was just about a 3 second delay between video and audio. Now I go to open it today, it automatically updates, and now I get a popup saying there cannot be a connection made to the internet via a firewall. I don’t even have a firewall, and nothing has changed between last night and today other than the automatic update.

The thing that worries me is that I can’t even get the thing to connect without a “stream error” in single game view. Yet they seem to think that works for everyone.

Ah well, at least I signed up during the 5 day trial.

Hey Justin – You’ve done an admirable job of dealing with a crappy situation — you’ve been professional and good natured in dealing with tons of complaints. I agree with those comments of others, however: my experience with problems over the last couple of years does not give me great confidence that things will change tomorrow. I think the high level of complaints on this blog today is an indication that people have a lot of pent up frustration from having MLB tell paying customers over the years, basically, “thanks for the call, go to ****.”

Hopefully tomorrow will be much better, for about 30 minutes i had the 6 screen mosaic mode working all games streaming, except the quality looked no better than 400k, then whenever i clicked on an individual game I would get a streaming error. Maybe it has something to do with vista? but from the sound of it it seems like only 64-bit doesnt work and im using 32-bit, So i tried re-installing the program, made sure my firewall wasnt blocking anything , and now i cant even get games to show up in the 6 screen mosaic view.. hopefully it works for me before the mets come on tomorrow night.

exactly same here

I get an OK video stream nothing spectacular but I either get brief pauses every few seconds or the video plays OK and the audio gets choppy every few seconds…annoying…this is the 3rd computer I’ve tried it on all XP machines, they all do the same thing…blah

Works fine for me except for the video not showing up. My computer exceeds the requirements for Mosaic and I can watch games fine in the browser, but I only get sound in Mosaic. Is this a media player configuration error or am I doomed to the black screen.

I think the software potentially is one that will be great to use! For right now, I would rather watch the games in the browser. I get better video quality watching a game in browser vice the Mosaic software. Video in the software looks very pixelated. It only goes upto near 700kbps also. I hope eventually there will be upto 1.5mbps single games. I purchased the premium package with’s promise of game streams upto 1.5mbps games. Right now, I don’t feel like my money was well spent…

Justin –

Relax, kick back and crack a beer and we’ll go at it again tomorrow. Honestly, it worked fine for me all day…

Justin ?

Thanks for your work today. Best of luck with the patches.

Say justin and your great crew gang–as long you can get Kipe and Kupe on (Giants)as well as old cap man–Milt and betty (behind homeplate) on— I be all set for the season–lol. Hanker.

And I even let you white me out if you chose too!!! ha ha. Really guys I really appreicate your hard work today and I will hang with you folks all the way for a great year together. I trust it will get there in short order. I believe it be so. Thanks again–Hanker.

I have audio in Mosaic for the live feeds, but I have no video feed. Just a black screen instead. Any clues?

Justin & Crew,
Keep up the good work. Single game views worked great all day, and the amount of time it spent minimized through the day due to the boss stopping by the office made any stream issue seem like a walk in the (ball)park.

Looking forward to a better day tomorrow. Progress not Perfection (yet).

as usual the link to email is down and the phone line says wait wait wait but if you re tired of waiting email customer service haha! what a joke mlb mosaic video is! i want my money back now!!!

so, the first day has gone by and i’ve had a day to decompress. my red sox lost and that was ****. mosasic was a nightmare and that ****.

but, i took a step back and thought about it all. we owe the MLB team here a ‘thank you’. you are probably asking yourself, wait.. we should thank THEM? yes, you should. the product did have its fair share of bugs, however, how many companies do you know would have kept a blog of running issues, responded to our issues and gave us hourly updates? i can tell you, not many. ****, its the first day. there is no amount of server/network stress testing you can do that will prepare for a launch like this. lets get over ourselves for a few days, keep giving our positive feedback and make this a great product so i won’t have to worry about ******* MLB extra innings anymore.

PS: no, i dont work for MLB in any way.

i suggest giving everyone there money back that wants it. more bandwidth for me.

****, i’ll start the signup form..

rmcc4444, I agree with you.

Red Sox lost, that *****, Mosaic not working, that *****, but was working great, and I was able to follow the Red Sox.

As I am from Canada, this service is the only means for me to follow my Red Sox every day of the season.

Thank you MLB team, for giving me this oppertunity, and I know that the issues with Mosaic will be sorted out soon.

I’m with you rmcc…

The less people trying to access the servers, the more bandwidth!

Run that Idea past Justin and see if he agrees.

On two machines now (at work and at home) on launching Mosaic I get a WinForms unhandled exception dialog box with this error: “Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {2A7F1E4B-1724-487C-9419-F24F01CAA644} failed due to the following error: 800703e6.” (This HRESULT represents “Invalid access to memory location.”) After I see the error box, the application crashes.

Both machines are running 32-bit Vista. One is a laptop, and one is a desktop.

Honestly, I don’t know what is the problem now. I have entered my information correctly several times and an error message appears telling me that it cannot verified my billing address. I’m for Puerto Rico and I have not been able to enjoy what I paid for.

On a mac running OS X most everything works fine. However I can’t watch more than one archived game at a time in Mosaic. Once I click off of a streaming game I lose it. Can I expect this to be fixed in the future? Hope so.

I can’t get passed the ‘intallation complete, please install security and updates’ page. the link doesnt work. also i dont have a desktop icon, so i dont know where to open Mosaic. i have yet to open and run Mosaic.

This is what I get…

System meets all requirements & is already set up the way the message states. I can watch the games individually in both 400k & 700k. All software (XP, WMP & DirecX) has been updated to newest version. Still nothing.

After today’s update, my XP SP2 box is crashing with a, ” Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID
{2A7F1E4B-1724-487C-9419-F24F01CAA644} failed due to the following

error: 800703e6″

My Vista box is just fine provided I run it from the Administrator account.

What’s going on here and what’s the solution?

I agree with rmcc4444 about our thanking for working hard to correct its faults, of which there are many. I have been a subscriber for three years and despite all the inadequacies, we have seen progress and improvement. I take Justin at his word that they are trying to get it right.

It still keeps popping up the verify address screen over and over and over and over!!!!!!!!!

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