Installation Issues

UPDATE: For those of you having the setup initialization failed error,it appears to be due to a bad file cached on our Akamai CDN. We’ve had them clear it out, and they should have the correct file cached now to serve to you. Please remove the first setup.exe app you downloaded, and download another from the Mosaic page here

Hi all,

For those of you still having trouble getting Mosaic installed who are on the blog, <b>please post a reply here with the issues you’re having (and ideally, with the OS / version / and basic machine config)</b>, and we’ll be addressing the issues immediately and getting in touch with some of you to follow-up. Most of you we should be able to resolve today, to the extent that we have any issues with the installer that havent shown up in our testing that we can identify this afternoon, we’ll be rolling a fix for late tonight/early tomorrow morning which should address the remainder of the problems. Again, thanks for your patience and patronage.





“error reading setup initialization file”

I get that when I try to open the setup.exe file.

Thank you very much for isolating this issue in hopes of resolving it quickly.

The problem I’m having seems to be one that A LOT of people are having.

After downloading the install file for Mosaic, it doesn’t open. Instead it has the following error message:

“Error reading setup initialization file”

Ditto, same problem. Doesn’t matter if I do run or save, Firefox or Explorer. Running Vista Ultimate.

“error reading setupinitialization file”

If this is the kind of trouble I’ll be running into after dishing out $120 for the whole season, I want a refund.

“error reading setup initialization file”

Running Vista, I get the same thing.

Thanks for the hard work (Genuine)

Same problem…I too have tried to run or save, firefox and explorer. Running xp. File size = 11.5 MB (12,091,392 bytes)

I’m getting exactly the same error (Error reading setup initialization file) on 3 different PCs. Definitely need mosaic to work to continue my subscription.

amish and jayfenton – what os are you running on?

“error reading setup initialization file” here as well.

I am also wondering where I can check my subscription status? I’m pretty sure I upgraded to Premium but where can I go to be certain?

I have the same problem as the others “Error reading setup initialization file”

I am also having a problem. I just downloaded Mosaic for Win XP Pro and it installed OK, but now when I launch the program it says “Update found” and it seems to download the update and install but then says “There was an error when trying to start the target application: Unable to find application.” and then Mosaic quits.

Everytime I launch Mosaic it goes back into the same update found/download error loop.


running on XP

I have the same problem as the others “Error reading setup initialization file”

I’m getting the same “error reading setup initialization file” problem on windows XP, firefox

I am having the same problem…”Error reading setup initialization file.”

Hi, i’m an international customer. After i log in the mosaic, an address verification form pops up, i fill it with all the proper information and it keeps poping up empty, if i cancel, it says , “unable to verify address, please try later” .

Huh?, thanks for any help you can give

I’m on XP

“error reading setup initialization file” upon setup.exe execution.

Running Windows XP Pro. Tried both running and saving file in both IE and Firefox. File size is 11.5MB.

I have the same problem as the others “Error reading setup initialization file”

Running XP Pro Service Pack 2

tried explorer and Firefox

I have the full setup file (12.7mb) Shall I post a yousendit link?

Try that and see if we can install from that.

Appears to be a truncation of the downloaded PC file, or a false EOF bit that ends the download prematurely.

cwgraffix- give it a shot

would that work?

Come on Justin, you just kiddin, aren’t you.

Nearly everybody can’t get a picture on every screens in Mosaic except BTV. On that fact you have to concentrate first on this problem.***** … For what did I pay?

ok another 5 min until it is uploaded.


i’m pretty sure theyre working on all problems simultaneously.

if anything though, it seems like this install issue could be a very quick fix

same “error reading setup initilazation file” on a dell laptop with xp.

thanks cw

I don’t think that they do that because of a post of justin in an another thread here … He wrote their: “Now that the streaming seems to working well, we’re turning our attention to those of you having trouble with installs”…. that made me scared.

I just tried a new d/l and am now (after 2 hours) getting the 12.8 mb version

To all those who are asking what they paid for or about refunds, just be patient… mosaic worked fine last year, and i’m sure they’ll get it working again. Trust me, it’s worth it.

I am getting a “error reading setup initialization file” every time I try to run the setup file (by opening the program, or directly “running” the download.) I am using an HP laptop with XP SP2.

Getting the same “error reading setup initialization file” message. Running Windows XP SP2 on a Dell Inspiron laptop – 2.16 GHz and 2 GB of RAM.

Unlike others, my question is about video quality. I’ve noticed other users posting that the quality is not what is promised.

Bandwidth monitors I’m using are recording 320-350 kb/s, which is not an improvement over the standard Is this intentional to make sure that everyone can connect, or is this the picture that we will be receiving all year?

ok so I don’t get sued by MLB for distributing files, send me a quick email and I will reply with the yousendit link to the working install.

i’m still just getting the 11.5mb file

The Current PC install file is not vaild, a new install file will be put up shortly. Thanks

you guys are correct, im working now to get a new installer up and get the cache servers cleared out. For some reason Akamai stopped serving the correct install, and started serving a partial file. we should have it resolved shortly. in the meantime cw – if you want to put the yousendit link here, please feel free.

I get the same error message everyone else is receiving.

This *****!!!

Just got a real file from


got it, same issue.

I have the “error reading setup initialization file” problem, and I have tried Explorer and Firefox and it still doesn’t work. I run XP and was really looking forward to this and I have already missed the Yanks game…PLEASE FIX NOW.

Go bud go (justin)!!!!

the “error reading setup initialization file” problem is because you downloaded the partial file. The full version should be 12,75mb which I got about 12 hours ago. see the yousendit link above (it should update itself to the current fix)

tried the yousendit link, and got the same issue.

alright, i just tried a download again and akamai looks to be returning the right file now. please go ahead and try and get a new setup.exe and try it again. sorry for the inconvenience guys – we cache using Akamai to provide better service for you all, but occasionally they get behind and we have errors like this.

ok now it asks me what program to open it with? and i dont kknow. help

Thanks cw…the usendit link worked for me. I’m still pessamistic though…we’ll see if I run into anything new.

I’ve been able to get Mosaic to work – although the video quality is horrible even at the highest quality setting. Another issue is that your scores below the video windows update before the action in the game. I’m watching the Phillies/Braves game and it shows that the score is tied 10 minutes before the video gets to that point in the game. This is a great concept but you really need to improve it.

need to add the file extension .exe. then it will open. IT WORKS!!

the dodgers are getting spanked…hehehe

i get the same error, this *****, its my only day off this week and i cant get the games i want

Im running vista home and still have same problem–regarding error issue

I’ve tried uninstalling and using CW’s version of the installer, but I continue to have the same problem where the update says it can’t find the file and quits.

Any status from MLB on this issue?

yes, just updated the post. please try and get it again from us. thanks, justin

The correct version btw is ~13.2 megabytes.

and what about the people with the credit card verification problems ?????

my installer should only fix the “error reading setup initialization file” problem (due to an incomplete file download which MLB should have fixed now). Version updating issues, video streaming, cc verification and player list problems apparently are still being fixed by MLB.

It kept resaving what was locally cached on my drive. So I instead right-clicked on the link “Download PC” (which btw does not have its corresponding link positioned properly in Firefox) and downloaded it fresh by selecting “Save Link As.”

Now it’s installing.

working on the credit card issue now.

ah sorry justin, was looking at the virtual disk space… yes the correct file should be 13,368,979 bytes

Now it says I need to be a Premium subscriber to view it. I asked for my subscription to be upgraded when it renewed recently but received no verification. When I open a game with I only get the option to renew monthly when I am certain I subscribed for the whole year. All other pages let me subscribe to Premium for only the full price and not the upgrade! Can someone please tell me how I can check the current status of my subscription and how to upgrade to Premium on a yearly package!


Any hope for mine–still same here yet.

I can download the setup file, and even install the program, but I can’t open up the MLBAppStart file. A popup window saying “MLBAppStart.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience” come up. I have uninstalled and re-installed the program a couple times with no success.

how long does the net framework 2.0 take to download, its been about 4 min now and still no progress, my interntet connection is great?

denver… what was you issue?

net framework took me a good 8-10 minutes to complete downloading + installation. Its big be patient.

for those who arent yet premium subscribers, if you log into the product on the site you’ll be prompted to upgrade if you try the 700k streams. you can get to them on the multimedia guide here:

I was able to install ok. Now I’m being asked to verify my address and credit card info. The form doesn’t look secure. Is this legit?

Was on earlier on mine justin before that bad file came up—now still having the same int. file error even when I resigned on and its off my puter(otherwords- startin fresh) vista home here with best internet feed speed.



The Premium upgrade is giving me a total for the month to month package. I am on a yearly package.




I just re-downloaded Mosaic for Win XP Pro and it installed OK, but it still says “Update found” when I launch Mosaic and it seems to download the update and install but then says “There was an error when trying to start the target application: Unable to find application.” and then Mosaic quits.

Everytime I launch Mosaic it goes back into the same update found/download error loop.


I got the Mosaic setup file to run, but everytime it gets to the DirectX part it says that I do not have DirectX 9.0 installed on the system. I downloaded DirectX from Microsoft and installed it and Mosaic still does not work.

Any suggestions?

tsliwka – if you’re getting the setup installion failed error, you need to redownload the setup.exe


credit card issue still unsolved ??



setup.exe? Where from?

After launching locates and downloads update runs and ge the following error

Couldn’t read TVScript Application from C:\ProgramData\MLB TV Mosaic\TVScriptApp\mlb_broadband_ondemand_2007.qcb:

Error HRESULT E_FAIL has been Returned from a call to a COM component.

running vista ultimate program installs to C:\programdata by default is there a way to change the default to c:\program files??

try clearing your browser cache before accessing the download page for future versions of the setup app.

agray – please try and get the latest version of the driver for your video card. that should clear it up.

jdortsch – the form is secure, we’ll clarify that in the next release.


some of us do not have the same credit card as when we purchased premium (it was a gift from my wife, however she has had her purse snatched since). I cannot enter that info. Can’t simply logging in with our MLB accounts verify our location?

Well I got the file to install ok, but now the program is having issues. Upon opening it, the game screens are all black and then about a minute into just sitting there, it crashes with this note:

“MLBAMPlayer.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.”

As cwgraffix said, clearing your browser cache is critical if you’re still having problems downloading the newly-updated file. If you don’t clear the cache, the browser thinks that you’re downloading the same file that has already been cached and will simply place a new icon on your desktop (or whereever).


Keep getting the following error message: VMR capabilities are required. Have checked settings and all appears in order.

I still have the same credit card but this does not make any difference. t keeps asking for my credit card details.

Is the credit card verification problem only bothering International users? I’m in Canada and I can’t watch anything on Mosaic at all and it usually crashes within a few minutes of fiddling with it.

Link on the site worked for me now, but I can’t get the 6 screen preview up, only single games.

hi, i cant access, to my mlb. premium tv. (ive a MAC computer and Im in CARACAS VENEZUELA,) it requests address verification form, and I putt all mi info, and when I click OK, the address verification form appears again, I HAVE DONE IT SEVERAL TIMES,

please help me

Well, I got it up and running!!!

But, I promise it isn’t worth the effort, and certaintly not worth the extra $30. What a clunky horrible app.

I am not just watching single games, just like last year. I assume that is what I will continue to do, if this app runs this poorly.

NOT WORTH THE EXTRA MONEY! Stick to the single game feeds (which are the greatest thing to ever happen to the internet!!)

Yeah finally gotton the set exe I used hanker (mid name spinoff) and gotton thru. Now not getting pix but everything else in details–6 screens still not working


when watching mosaic and i have the scores across the top, could you put the inning next to the score somewhere, and but a small ball next to the team whos batting or something similar..

i finally got it to download properly, now im having troubles when it checks for udates, im pretty sure the pop up blocker is off as well as the firewall, is there something im doing wrong?

got the baseball channel on yeah making pogress

I’ve installed twice and that’s the only time I can get a prompt to launch Mosaic. Say I just log in to the internet and then to, ready to use Mosaic…how do I launch it?

If you click on the Mosaic links, it’s the marketing page trying to sell it to you. I already bought it. I’m not sure where the link is to MLB.TV either, but can get it started through the scoreboard and clicking “video” but there’s got to be a better way?

After launching the Mosaic, I keep receiving a network streaming error when it tries to connect. Even when I adjust the quality to the lowest setting, it will not connect.


you launch mosaic as a windows application.. go to START –> ALL PROGRAMS –> MLB.TV MOSAIC –> MLB.TV MOSAIC

it wont update, it comes up w/ the error, “binary stream 0 does not contain a valid binary hearder, possible causes are invalid stream or objectn version changed between serealization and deserealizatoin” I dont know how to fix it, i might just give up

rmcc4444: Thanks…makes sense.

Is my game pix problem your end justin or mine? got the channel workin and all scores etc not those 6 pixs. Thanks

I think its odd that you require users to re-enter personal and credit card data on an non-secure forum in order to view your Mosaic. This information was provided to MLB.TV via a secure connection originally… And it will NOT be submitted again via your NON-SECURE FORM. Anybody who has submitted their data via this method should know that they could be at risk of identity theft…. And by the way, your Mosaic doesn’t work.

system meets or exceeds requirements for pc.

Shut the program down for a bit and came back it was working fine other than occasional buffering problems, the pgm self updated and now only get blue screen with on it. baseball channel works.

Happens on both 4 and 6 screen.

the form was unencrypted? jesus christ, this is a disaster..

I’m sorry, but this is really a sad display by MLB. If you are going to start a blog to communicate with users about problems make sure you keep it current. The last time we heard from Justin was more than 90 minutes ago.

I first reported a problem with Mosaic about 5 hours ago and so far there has been no attempt to address the problem and there has been no communication to me, either via this blog or my e-mail address, about how I might address this problem.

I would think that after all of us were told the solution to Extra Innings In Demand being removed was to have us all come over to MLB.TV that there would be an all out blitz to make sure we are taken care of.

Unfortunately MLB has a government granted monopoly, so our only recourse if we want to watch these games is to be patient while they work their “magic”

Sorry MLB, but this is just another blemish on a pretty ugly media launch to 2007.

*******could someone from please comment on the form i sent being un-encrypted?**************

i was able to watch games up until about 30 minutes ago, now i cant watch ****.

if you are going to take away extra innings from cable you better make sure your alternative WORKS!

keep me updated and i wont get too aggrivated, but leaving us hanging is ridiculous..

I have downloaded and installed MLB Mosaic for the first time today. When I try to start it up, I get the following error in a window with the title Unable to initialize application: “It could be that you need to update your DirectX drivers”. I run Windows XP Pro SP2.

I re-installed Direct X 9.0c and Windows Media Player 10, but that didn?t help. I also have re-booted my PC multiple times.

Any ideas???


Gary Belleville

still getting errors with install

I am so angry right now I took today off from work for nothing. Thanks MLB. No one is even filling us in with whats going on with the problem

Unable to initialize application error. “It could be that you need to update your DirectX drivers…Exception: retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {2A7F1E4B-1724-487C-9419-F24F01CAA644} failed to the the following error: 80040154.”

Vista 64-bit

Geforce 8800 GTX

I was able to successfully install but it will not run. When I click the icon, I get an error message saying “The application failed to initialize properly”

I am behind a proxy, but Mosaic won’t allow me to enter credentials for proxy auth… so I can’t even get past the update screen… any workaround?

no there isnt

Still getting “error reading setup initialization file” even after removing old cache file and trying the newly corrected one. Windows XP, HP Pavilion dv5215us Entertainment Notebook PC.

well getting choppy version in those 6 pixs but seems i see its being worked on–hope be even better for tonites oakland game.

I, too am getting the “unable to initialize” due to
Exception from HResult: Ox8876086C

You may need to update DirectX drivers.

I did update drivers. I did reinstall as suggested.

XPPro service pack 2 running through Parallels on an Intel MacBookPro.

I know I can use the Mac side which works well but wanted to do a comparison.

I am running on Windows XP and I am still getting the “error reading setup initialization file.”

OS: Vista Ultimate 32bit

Error 1.

1st error when running (even run as admin) – Retrieving com – 2A7F1E4B-1724-9419-F24F01CAA644 – details: System.BadImageFormatException: Retrieving COM class factory for component at onQ.BroadbandServiceManager.BroadbandServiceMAnager.Initialize(Panel Disp…)

Error 2: Application has failed to start MSVCP71.dll was not found. I copied the dll from elsewhere to system32 and got past this error.

Error 3: Continuous prompt for name, address, credit card, etc.

Error 4: No streaming video Never did see any game.

OS: Vista 32 bit

Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {2A7F1E4B-1724-487C-9419-F24F01CAA644} failed due to the following error: 800703e6.

This error has to do with the SimulationManager.dll.

The update stops with this error every time.

OS: Vista Home Premium

I’m getting the exact same message as buddybru above. Tried several re-downloads and triple-verified I have all the correct software.

As for the wait times on response, I sent an email to regarding my account two days ago and still have received no response.

Did anyone read the fine print? Are we too late for refunds?

Mosaic will not launch, and I’m getting the following message: “Unable to initialize” due to
“Exception from HResult: Ox8876086C

You may need to update DirectX drivers.”

I have Microsoft XP. I have checked for driver updates, and I have the latest, but Mosaic still will not work. What’s going on????

having problems because of dierct x.

Hey guys so if you had the Initialization error yesterday and you downloaded via firefox you need to clear out all your private data before redownloading the setup.exe.

I think firefox caches the download so even if you delete it off the desktop firefox will use it when you hit download again. Of course this gives you the bad file.

After deleting the file and then clearing cookies/download history/cache/etc… the install downloaded again, which you can see because it takes a few seconds rather then immediately finishing. Now it loads fine

I’m still getting the initialization error. I have Windows XP, I cleared the cache, downloaded another setup and it still doesn’t work.

I have the same issue as reported by gtorres:

Mosaic will not launch, and I’m getting the following message: “Unable to initialize” due to

“Exception from HResult: Ox8876086C

You may need to update DirectX drivers.”

I have Microsoft XP. I have checked for driver updates, and I have the latest, but Mosaic still will not work. What’s going on????

Posted by: gtorres120375

I updated DirectX to the latest version, still no luck. I’m running XP Home, SP2, Pentium 4 2.4 Ghz, 1.5 GB memory.

Same problem as Mickeyzi
Exception from

HRESULT: 0x8876086C

SP2 and latest DirectX installed.

I have the same error message as above after loading directx, clearing the cache, and doing the other things suggested. This is absolutely disgraceful. I am utterly disgusted.

The question is what happens first MLB.TV Mosaic works properly or Bud Selig has a semi-intelligent thought? I guess good ‘ol Bud has DirecTV so he does not have to worry about loading a corrupt file that is unable to work. My bad for thinking that this was something that might actually work as advertised by MLB. Jokes on me. Ha-ha.

Is everyone else still hitting this DirectX problem?

Having problems with DirectX drivers. I re-installed everything MLB told me to and it’s still not working. What a joke!

Everything seemed to install fine, however when I try to start the application it freezes up my whole computer and never starts up. I left it sit for 1 hour and it still didn’t load.

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