Playertracker Issue

Some of you have written in regarding issues with the Player Tracker. We’re aware of the bugs and appreciate the comments. We’ll have a fix out that resolves this before tomorrow’s games, at the latest.




There are no players in my tracker list. However I do seem to get alerts for the players I saved. Unfortunately I also get alerts for players not on my list (maybe from the default list).

This whole thing is brutal – games are many seconds behind – Player tracker doesn’t work at all. You guys had all off season to make sure this works. I’ll try to be patient but sp far this is a joke.

I am not sure what others are getting but mine is very messed up.

It doesnt save any changes. Also, everytime I go in it has a new different my team list that is not mine. The alerts are not mine either.


I can’t edit my player tracker list. There’s no one in it and when I click on “edit” nothing happens.

I’m getting alerts from people not on my list…I’ve saved 3 lists. None have loaded on mosaic.

Every time I update a list, a have to delete a list that isn’t mine.

got it, thanks guys. we’ll be pushing out a fix by tomorrow morning at the latest.

you take MLB extra innings off of my cable and i cant get satellite where im at. please get this working ASAP. i dont mind paying for a product, but i want it to work as promised.

thank you for the updates.

take it easy guys… it is impossible to test these sort of products fully until you have thousands of internet connections trying to access it at the same time.

Ever heard of stress testing an application before charging $120? Looks like someone skipped that step.

also there are endless computer operating system with countless configurations to troubleshoot.

stress testing is fine if you’re talking about a steal beam, streaming software is a whole ‘nother ball game!

Sure, you don’t know how something like this is going to work until you have it in live use. So maybe they could have made it available during spring training instead of waiting until Opening Day to let people download it!

for the love of god, people, take it easy on these programmers. it ain’t an easy job. that said, I would like to not have a limit on rosters. i have mulitiple fantasy baseball teams and I would like to be able to monitor all those players.

my tracker don’t work either i wait for couple of days before i cancel and just gives me players that i don’t even put on there

how do you choose the players you want in your “player tracker”? in mosaic? on the web?

You set up your Player Tracker from within Mosaic. Click the Edit button and it will open up browser window to allow you to edit. Just don’t waste your time yet… it doesn’t work.

this is a freaking JOKE! THANKS BUD SELIG!

Go back to Extra Innings!

In Mosaic you click on My Player Tracker, then click on Edit list. An applet in a browser will appear. Currently, EVERYONE is sharing the same list. That will be fixed soon.

After you edit your players remember to save changes. Then back in the Mosaic click update and you will get your new player tracker list.

Once it’s working guys it’s a very cool feature.

To a previous poster that said its impossible to test all this before release, that is not true. I test software for a living. 98% of isses found here are VERY testable. It shows a lack of planning (likely not from justin who seems to be on top of things, but from overall)

I have emailed you twice and have not received a response in 24 hours as you promised. The Player Tracker doesn’t allow me to set up anything. Today’s April 9. If it was supposed to be fixed on the third, why isn’t it working now? Clicking on the other options doesn’t get a response either. Is the system asleep or what? Where can I get some information on how all the features are supposed to work?

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