Response to Early Issues

Hi all,
thanks for the commentary so far. We’ll be pushing another build of the application (those who have already installed will self-update when they start the application again, after the build is live) before games today to clean up some of the issues we’ve seen so far. I’ll put more detailed release notes up in a bit as well.

Regarding issues reported so far:

Vista: We’re still working on ensuring that we’re able to support Vista well (with both the Mosaic and our web based media player). Some of the new security components have caused some trouble for some of our applications. However, if you run the app as an administrator (right click, run as administrator), you should be able to get it working. We expect to have this cleaned up in the next few days.

Swarmcast: Some of you have asked about swarmcast. Its a new technology we’re working with that is letting us do much higher quality streams within the mosaics. It needs both internet access and to be running while the mosaic is. I’ll be putting up a more detailed post on it specifically today, but for now you can take a look at for more detail.

Random Crashes: We’ve seen a few scenarios that are reproducible that cause application crashes on mac and pc that we are cleaning up, though we’ve all been watching video for days on end now via the mosaic – so it does run stably in most cases. We’re actively addressing these as we see them, so please let us know by writing in here if you’re able to reproduce one consistently. Thank you for your patience while we address these.

CC Verification/International Users: As MLB.TV Mosaic is just another way to watch MLB.TV, the data used is the same as what we do in the browser. Please confirm you’re able to watch 700k streams with your premium subscription on MLB.TV in the web browser today, and let us know if any of you are still having trouble after validating this in the browser. We cache your location and some verification data, so we don’t have to ask you every time – this is interchangeable on our infrastructure between the Mosaic and MLB.TV in the browser.

Thanks again for the commentary and your patience. Here’s to a successful and happy opening day for the majority of you, and for those that are having trouble, we’re working around the clock to make your experience as good as possible in short order.




Thanks for trying to quickly fix everything before everything really gets going, but:
I’m from Europe and this CC verification window still pops up everytime I start the application. Even though, moments before, I logged in on the website and was able to watch the premium stream of the A’s – Giants game. So this should not be the problem…

Also, the streaming of the A’s – Giants game doesn’t really work in the application – but I guess that might be, because it isn’t a game from the season? I’ll wait and see what happens today.

Anyway, I hope that somehow this CC verification window goes away or that it at least works properly without this verification working.

Also, the player tracker doesn’t seem to work…clicking update doesn’t add anything to the list in the application…and saving the list in the browser doesn’t really save it, next time it’s gone again and some random players are in there.

But that might not be ready either.

OK, that was enough feedback for now, if you have any questions please ask here or e-mail me.

Also the 700k stream of the A’s – Giants game was only marginally better than the 350k stream (if that). Was it still using preseason compression?

I have a severe mouse cusor lagging problem, while I’m using MOSAIC on Win XP. It’s almost impossible to navigate trough the application, as the cursor is hoping from on place to another. Other similar used applications as Firefox e.g. work fine…

Lots of early issues I can find on XP… the screen with just one game isn’t working at all.. it won’t connect to the video. Also, player tracker doesn’t work… or I must be doing something wrong?

I have no problem to watch baseball games with my premium subscription on MLB.TV in the web browser. However the address verfication in my Mosaic software never work out, pls help!! i am in Hong Kong, Asia

Running Vista 64bit and I install, update and then get an error saying “unable to inirialize application” asking me to update my directx driver. I’m pretty sure Vista come with the latest version.

We’re working on the international issues, thanks for the additional feedback.

The 700k streams for regular season should be looking much much better than the 350k streams. Check today and let us know what you think.

We’re rolling out a fix for the player tracker issues before games start today.

Brad – we’re working on 64bit support, but will require some additional testing. It has been confirmed to work on 32 bit vista though.

Hi, thanks for trying to solve this problem. I’m based in the UK and am having the same problems as some of the other people that have already made comments. Can watch the A’s-Giants game in 700k without a problem in the web browser, but when using the Mosaic the credit card verification window pops up continually and the application doesn’t go any further no matter how many times I enter the information. I’m using the Mac version of the software.

Thanks in advance for any help that you casn provide, and if you need any more information from me then feel free to email.

I have an additional question if you can answer Justin… why does swarmcast always seem to be running in the background even when the mosaic’s closed? If I clear the process, then the next time I run mosaic, the program doesn’t work because swarmcast isn’t there.

I’m also having the Player Tracker issue… It does not save my list, and every time I try to edit, it seems to show an entirely different list of players saved to it.

OK, great, didn’t see you were updating it… Thanks for the response Justin!

Thanks for that update.
I’m having trouble with the VMR(Video Mixing Renderer).

Mosaic gives an error that the VMR is not enabled but im sure it is! (Video Mixing Renderer(VMR9) capabilities are required)

I think because of that the resolution of Mosaic is that low, I think 800×600 or lower and i can’t watching a video.

Can you help me fixing that problem?

My System:

Windows XP SP2, 1,8 Ghz AMD Turion, 1024 MB RAM and 128 MB graphic card, 6MB DSL,

DirectX 9.0c, Media Player 11, and .NET Framework 3.0 installed.

Thanks a lot.

I keep getting the address Verfication form when i try to use Mosaic. I give my details but i still can’t get it to work.I’m in Ireland

Unable to connect through proxy. Proxy requires authentication but fails instead of prompting for credentials as the MLB.TV from the website does. Any word on proxy support for mosaic??

I enter the CC information a few times, finally get the window to go away, and it gets stuck on “Loading…” I left the application running all night and it never loaded. I restarted the application and it still isn’t loading. Thoughts? Thanks! (Mac Version)

shawn, we’ll have to add support for proxies with authentication, give us a day or two and we’ll have it in. it will work through normal http proxies.

ewhalie – please wait until the 1pm games, give it a try in the browser, confirm that works, then come back to the mosaic and restart it.

Running on Vista, if I switch resolutions while Mosaic is running it crashes. If I have downloaded an update before this crash, it appears to need to re-download the update.

Might I suggest that if you had made Mosaic available during spring training you’d have been able to catch more of these issues before Opening Day?

Is there a way to install Mosaic without having adminsitrator rights on the computer? I am trying to install it on my work laptop, but they don’t give us admin rights on the machines and it gave me an error message.



Hey I’m trying to install Mosaic, and everything goes fine until it tries to download Swarmcast. I have all of my network security programs disabled (including Windows Firewall). The progress bar is stuck on the fourth bar, and I have tried multiple times downloading and installing! Please, someone help!

Maybe this is not the place to post this, but I will give it a shot…I can’t even get past the setup phase. When I click on the setup file, I keep getting an “Error reading setup initialization file” every time I try to run it…I am using XP and I have already restarted my computer twice. I don’t know where to turn now. Any Help would be appreciated.

Nevermind, I fixed it. I just had to wait a really long time.

NO offense MLB, but I’ve tried to install this on two PC’s today and can’t get past initialization. Did 4/2 just kind of sneak up on people? Great way to treat folks, especially those like me who were quite happy with extra innings on in demand, but can’t switch to DirecTV (no dish angle) and are now stuck with this splendid user experience. I guess my reward for being a loyal fan of the product is to get hosed no matter which way I try to turn.

I’m having the same problem as y2kvidkid (and joe, although I’m a lot more zen about it). Any ideas why we can’t read the setup file?

Count me as a third one with the “Error reading setup initialization file” issue. I downloaded the app this morning, so maybe it’s a build issue. Sure would like to get this thing going by 1 ET!

By the way, I’m not crazy about having my email address in the clear on these posts – a spammer’s harvesting paradise!

Also getting the “Error reading setup initialization file”

Games are starting soon!

I keep having to enter my address and credit card info but it won’t work. Whats up???

First off your site really has quality issues. I can not believe how many links take me to out-of-date information. Secondly, given this is my only alternative for following the sport I love because of the awful DirecTV contract, I guess I am stuck with you. I just spent 10 mins selecting my players for the Mosaic player tracker, but they do not show up. What am I supposed to do now?

Jongable, you should enjoy anything you get out of Mosaic, because you were able to install it. This morning that qualifies as total success.

Can’t get Mosaic to install—Big Shocker..I knew MLB wouldn’t be ready for Opening Day.

I double-click to run “Setup.exe” and I get “Error reading setup initialization file”

So MLB, any thoughts??

I’m getting the Credit Card address verification issue also. I’m in Ireland.



It’s game time. Now your regular MLB TV page is down – no access to anything. I know I’m not being constructive – I’m whining, actually – but you folks are unbelievable.

When I run Setup.exe I get “Error reading setup initialization file” like a bunch of people who have posted here. A large pain…

One more for: Error reading setup initialization file.
Any help would be appreciated.

Running vista.

I can’t get the darn thing to install either, the oft-commented “Error reading setup initialization file”.

Has there been any progress on this issue at all?

I cant get my address verified. I type it in just as “Printed on my credit card statement” and it asks me to input my info again. I love sending my credit card information over the internet needlessly multiple times. Thanks

Same problem here. I types my credit card number so many times I know it from memory now.

Same problem as many people. Living in Scotland, can watch MLBTV Premium through the site, but can’t get past the verification page on Mosaic. Help would be greatly appreciated!!!!!

Same here as 2 above . When will this be fixed

Doesn’t seem Mosaic is any more ready for production this year than last year!

Duesseldorf, Germany


MacBook Pro with 2GHz Intel Core Duo running MacOS 10.4.9.


Mosaic Application lauches, credit card verfication shows up, I fill in, click “okay, same screen appears.

Yes, I get both the streams 400k and 700k okay and without verification troubles.


Customer Service – say, what? – phone is on overload. I am told to hold on, system kicks me.

Hey, MLB.TV get your act together!

On a Mac OS X 10.4.8, 1.42 GHz, everything installs and opens fine but the “LOADING…” screen freezes and sits forever.

Is this a proxy issue maybe?

Or other issue?

And, yes, it’d be nice if our email addresses were blanked out after the first 4 or 5 characters. Or just use our log-in names instead.


I also can’t open MLB Mosaic. It gives me the firewall error even though I don’t have a firewall active, and I connected directly into my cable modem. Did anyone have this problem and find a solution?

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