Update and some tips

Good news on pong. We’re ditching it for tomorrow’s games, and forever.
A few suggestions to help mitigate some of the issues you all have been having.

-If a stream hangs, an easy way to force the app to immediately try and reconnect is to change the quality level by clicking on another level up on the top right, and then click back to the level you’re trying to watch.

-you can easily customize the 6 game mosaic and 4 game mosaic views: just drag and drop the icons from the top of the screen for each game, onto the window you want it to play in.

-the preferences link in the top right lets you set whether or not you want to see scores for completed games. we put this in to not “give away” the score for games that are over, if you’re coming back to watch the archive.

-The team drop down is a great way to switch games, as is dragging and dropping as mentioned above.

Thanks again for all of the feedback.




That is good news, the pong was a really bad Idea. Glad to see that go!! Thanks!!

Thanks on the pong. Overall, Mosaic is great I think. I’ve had no huge problems and have been pleased with the service on the first two days.

I can’t expect everything to run perfectly smooth on opening day or the first few weeks for that matter but I’m getting to watch the games, issues are being addressed and stuff is getting fixed. I know it’s been a hectic 48 hours but lettin ya know I appreciate the service and as this is my third year with MLB.tv, it keeps getting better and I am greatful for that.

Once you have downlaoded Mosaci, how in the **** do you activate it or turn it on? There is NO instruction in this cumbersome process!!!

I get the audio but no pitcure what do i need to do


I’m getting the same “directx” error as others. I paid $120 for this, where’s the support????

the developer of the pong idea deserves a pay cut or maybe just a few days off to get his mind working again. 🙂

I installed it yesterday and never connected..I tried it right now and it connected but the player is messed up, its like pushed in together by upside and downside….can there be any solution to this?

Hello…I’ll try to make some sense…When I get into mosaic..it seems like everything is pushed up a bit on the screen, for example..the bottom line that has the teams that are playing is on top of my bottom 3 screens..the top line that has the teams that are playing is in the middle of my top 3 screens(blocking view, in full screen as well)…another example…if I click and drag a game into a screen, I have to click a bit under where the button actually is…this I have to do for anything that I click on….”pushed up?” hope this made some sense, and hope you have an answer…I meet all the system requirements, I have cox cable, windows xp..phoenix az….thanks guys!

Yea! No more pong!!!

none of the archived games work for me. i can get highlights but no games. seriously, this is ridiculous.

im having the smae problem jacob…but at least for me its improving…this is the first time it connected even tho the qualoty looks like **** and like u said…the bottom is pushed up

martin…nice to know i’m not the only one…it’s odd…how has it improved for you, did you do something to change it?

no i didnt do anything…it improved just by actually connecting…yesterday and all day today all the screens were blank but not i actually got the blue screens with the mlb.tv logo and baseball channel at the lower right, but its just like the bottom is pushed up

This just *****. On regular 400k/700k streams all I get is a blue screen and logo MLB.TV and on Mosaic I get STREAM ERROR try another quality error.

I am on MAC with 10mbps internet, why cant i view any archived game?

You know what I hate more than pong? Being forced to deal with stuff like this simply because MLB felt the need to sell out its fans for the quick buck.

A quick note: The ninth inning runs are always missing from the linescore…so you can’t click on it to watch it!

What is this COM error that is showing up when I try to enter on this mornin–are you updating? Or are you taking it down for repair issues?

Is the COM error showing up on other puters this mornin?

OK heres what it reads===Retrieving the COM factory for components with CLSID failed due to the following error- 800703e6. What shall I do just ignore it and wait for your adjustments or what? Thanks Justin–it worked good last nite and thanks for removing the pong. lol Hanker


Any clue is to whats going on? Getting some updates but still showing the error too. Thanks hanker


Hank, suggest you try a reboot – let me know if its still giving you the same problem.

Ok justin I will reboot whole system and let you know thanks. Hanker

Whizz man your smart!!! Ok got thru ok it seems to be doing the buffering act again but getting things back. lol that did it. Hank thanks amillion any thing else let me know.

thanks for the update.

yep–probadly was hanging chache on my side in which does occasionally. Just dont want lose you guys. Also just noticed picture is getting clearer too.

Justin et al — Getting the error message “The MLB.TV Mosaic got an unanticipated exception while logging in. Access to the path C:\WINDOWS\TVScriptApp\MLB.000 is denied.”

When I navigated to that path, there was no such file.

Also, would be great for MLB to provide an option to hide our addresses from the spambots when we post on this blog.

Thoughts after a couple days of use:

– Mosaic is obviously a work in progress — something I think is unacceptable. This thing couple have been tested during spring training. At the very least, people should have been allowed to download it before the 2nd, and at least make sure it installs properly, and in time, as it appears many people are having issues even getting it to install and run.

– The video on the 3rd was much improved from the 2nd. Still not “TV quality”, but approaching it. The 400 kps stream wouldn’t be something I could watch much of, though. Also, the stream last night not only looked better, but had less breaks/pauses or altogether drops.

– Despite a lot of people posting questions about it, I have yet to see a good answer of how to get the audio to work in 4 or 6 game mode in Mosaic.

– I would like an answer of when the other Mosaic “templates” will be available. I’d like to have 1 large game, and 1 or 2 smaller ones on the side, and being able to select the audio of whichever game I watch, and to be able to switch between each game’s audio easily.

I tried calling “customer service” at 9:00am EST and it is now currently 10:17am. According to the site you have 5 trial days, but if I can’t figure out the Mosiac DirectX problem by Friday I have a feeling I will be on hold for hours to cancel.

Are there any plans on helping us out since the product is clearly not working correctly to give an extension on the trail period? If not, what process should we take in order to do so (email/call).

Dane – you can apparently cancel by e-mailing cs-rightguard@website.mlb.com

Mosaic – Hopefully I can have this problem resolved by Friday, but I’m slowly losing hope each hour I stay on hold.

I appreciate your help and good luck to all out there who are still having problems!

I guess I was lucky?…download of mosaic went ok, opens ok, fantasy player tool operated ok also.
Only problem, on opening day, watching a game, sound was fine but video was jumpy, regardless of quality setting. I switched to regular mlb.tv and it was working fine. Is there a solution for the jump in the video?

ltdan… i totally agree. the phone line holding is absolutely RIDICULOUS. this is some of the absolute worst customer service i’ve ever experienced and really, honestly, one of the worst product buying experiences i’ve ever had. i’m blacked out from orioles/nats games in an area that doesn’t even broadcast them. i will charge back anything placed on my credit card to make sure no one sees a dime from me for this ****.

sorry that was directed at dane

Good morning Mr. Justin
I have to give you a public THANKS YOU to you and your team for all the work you guys are doing.

Last nite, I could finally use the Mosaic plataform and I should say that overall works well. Just some interesting points to mention:

1) the quality of the video on the 6 games panel wasnt all good. I was using the low quality setup, the medium did show the games but no audio, and the high quality didnt work at all. But I guess its coming soon with all the fix you guys are doing.

2) The quality of the video on the single game screen was very good, not all 100% TV quality but I would rather say like a 75%.

3) I experience some issues with the audio. Everytime when I start mosaic, even though I could see the 6 games showing, initially dont get audio. What I had to do is click or select a second game and the audio comes on. For some reason the audio on the default game that Mosaic opens at the beginning, it does not play audio, but when I change to any second game, the sounds starts to play.

4) The player tracker workes perfectly for me. I just wonder if the number of players could be incresed substantially so we can include in there most of the key players that we have on our Fantasy Baseball teams. I think right now there is a limit of just 15 players.

5) finally, the bug of the year, the famous “address verification” screen did not show up when I launched the Mosaic, nor during all the time I was watching the games. THX a lot for that

Im looking forward to see the games for tonite.

Thx again

i bet they have about 3 people on their **** support line

Honestly, I’ a little surprised at all of the trouble (and venom – which seems completely unnecessary). I’m by no means a “tech-savvy” guy, but I got the thing installed on both my desktop home computer and laptop work computer and after a few minutes of buffering, it works fine on my broadband & T1 lines respectively (when I logon to the netowrk from work, I can’t stream it, but I chalk that up to the firewall – no big deal).

I will say that I think the audio in the 4/6 window leaves a little to be desired (it’s much better when listening to a single game in a big window), and the “tv quality” is a stretch, but otherwise I like it.

Anyone else have a problem watching archived games? I’m trying to watch yesterday’s Giants/Pads game, and I’m about 20 minutes in, and it’s just been stupid MLB pregame commentary. I can’t seem to skip ahead to the actual game.

natron- can you understand where people are coming from that they can’t get a hold of ANYONE personally to help them with their issues? that’s the biggest gripe i believe. we are paying good money for this service and are not being adequately supported. has anyone actually gotten through on the phone support number?

@ eitelberg

underneatht the screen where the video plays, there is a small cursor that advance while the file runs. You can drag it to your right and you can advance the actual game. I did it yesterday and works.

good luck to you

jprato – In regards to the Player Tracker, there’s a limit of 30 players… I’ve currently got it set with 21 and it works great.

Justin, Thanks for admitting there are bugs and working hard to address everyone’s issues.
1. Still having streaming issues with Mosaic on all screen formats

Windows XP, DSL, So. Illinois-1 hr. east of St. Louis. Bandwidth test shows 900+ kbps. The best I have ever seen on a game is 682 kbps, usually its around 400 or less. Streaming error on both the desktop and wireless notebook.

2. When selecting an archived game why are we forced to watch mlb.com commentary. I want to see the game, not Seth Everett.

3. On updates, they download but then I get an error message that the application can’t install; that perhaps the DirectX driver needs updated. I did a complete uninstall and re-installed the DirectX driver from the Microsoft link in the FAQ’s. Still receiving the same error message. Any suggestions?

As Beta testers, we should receive the first 30 days free, not just the first 5 days.


@ natron
thats weird.. I have only 15 and I tried to included a few more and didnt take them. I might try again tho. Although I still consider that the limit should be incresed way more.

Some Issues I Have.

Windows XP Media Center

2 Gigs Ram

Dothan 1.86ghz Processor

Go 6800 DX9


Some fairly annoying issues.

At times when I launch Mosaic I cannot press any buttons its almost as if the app is hidden behind and invisible wall. If I bring it to the front by clicking on the taskbar designation for mosaic it makes the top bar blue, rather then grey, but still I cannot press any of the buttons. At times the hand will stay on the screen no matter what. I have to kill the task to get out of it.

Still not pulling my players that I’ve entered for player tracker.

Full screen doesn’t seem to run full screen. Seems to hang off the edge a bit. This may be because I’m using a widescreen laptop directed onto an HDTV 16:9. However, Full screen from the normal, non mosaic feeds, works perfectly fine.

Feed errors. Once I get it streaming it seems to work well even at the highest stream.

I think the “Project” for Mosaic is very cool but man oh man its buggy at the moment. I paid 19.99 for the 700k truthfully and not for mosaic so I’m not upset that much. However, it needs some tweaking.

Its generally unusable at times and at other times very cumbersome.

Good luck getting it up.


IT Professional


email me. let’s see if i can help you out. i dont work for MLB but might be able to get you going.

Finally got the Mosaic to work with the player tracker – Looks like alot of tweaking still needed – Alot of connection drops and retry’s – Video quality is satisfactory – Looking forward to having everything going tonight – Lets see – the only drawback is the streaming cannot penetrate firewalls set up through my work PC – oh well I guess I have to work and not watch TV all day


“Lets see – the only drawback is the streaming cannot penetrate firewalls set up through my work PC – oh well I guess I have to work and not watch TV all day”

this is by no means a scientific answer, but it works for me.

Once I download the MOSAIC how do I get it to turn on? Am I totally missing something. Please help!

On Opening Day I got to the Mosaic breifly then it clicked off, I have not been able to get it back since then. What am I not doing? Or what am I doing wrong?


It’s still there in the Marlins-Nats feed. please o please get rid of it.

It makes me wanna jump out the window..

jltkg – it should be in an icon in your start menu.

regarding pong, it will apparently be taken out as of the next commercial break. our video guys send their apologies.

The pong is gone!! Thanks J!!!!!

you’re welcome!

Why am I getting alerts when I have no players listed in my player tracking? How do I get rid of the alerts/

I actually did get through to cusotmer service on Monday am. I think my wait time was 1 hour. My issue had to do with some settings that needed to be set on Windows Media Player. I also at that time had issues with Mosaic. Couldnt read setup file. With a new download that has since been corrected, and I loaded Mosaic. I still am having problems with the stutter on game feeds. Like others I am not able to view games on my work computer, but I too believe that has to do with firewall. I would agree that if we paid 119.95, we should be getting good Customer Service without 1 hr wait times. I also believe like others that we should not be beta testing during reg season, that should have taken place during Spring Training. FYI, I had none of these problems during the Spring. uhhh!! Justin any personal attention to my ststststuttering would be appreciated. I am not savvy enough to know about my video card.

I have a question . . . when you load Mosaic for the first time, it asks me for your address and credit card information again. This looks suspicious to me and I just wanted to confirm that it is a legitimate pop-up window put in by MLB or if I have some sort of spyware problem.



When you meant the Pong is gone is it only the sound? why can’t we see the commercials themselves?



I think Justin should stop worrying about bugs for a moment, and look into getting a restraining order against Eaze@bellsouth

So basically all that seems to have been accomplished today was getting rid of the PONG?!?!?!?? Haven’t seen anything recently written about VMR errors.

The 700k single-game streams have been choppy all day. And Mosaic buffers middle and high quality interminably. Isn’t this obviously a server issue? As in: you don’t have the streaming capacity to handle the load? Quite apart from the minor software glitches (player tracker not working, e.g.), isn’t that what MLB.com should be focusing on? Obtaining more capacity for all the new customers they have this year, owing to the DirecTV deal? This is extremely frustrating. Did MLB.com really not see this coming? What did they think would happen when they sent all the cable-customer subscribers of MLB Exta Innings to the Web for their out-of-market games?

Suggestion. I would like to see an option to turn the updates off. Or at least not show on the TV screen but on the bottem. Any batter change or anything the ALERT shows on the screen. It get annoying. Other than that so far I love the new Mosaic. Thanks for a great product.

I can only see one game?What the ****?????

I’d like to know what’s up with the stream interruptions that make you press “OK” if you have been connected to Mosaic for a while? Let’s make that go away. If I’m logged on to Mosaic, it’s because I want to be. Keep me connected. I’ll close the application if I want to log off. Don’t make me click to stay connected, as then I miss two or three more minutes of action on my cable modem while the stream rebuffers.

i just loaded mosiac, and it seems to be working. however, i can only watch on the lowest video setting. i have verizon fios internet which is supposed to be really fast, so why can’t i load the higher quality videos?

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, MLB has reached an agreement with InDemand to keep the games on cable! Whoo-hoo!


God bless you John Kerry!!!! I’ll be turning this thing off for the last time tonight and go back to watching baseball, get this revolutionary idea, ON MY TV! Still, the MLB can be pleased that they ******** me out of $20 for this service. I truly feel sorry for the people who bought this for the entire year already. Shame on you MLB, and shame on you Tom Gordon, for blowing your first of many saves this year for my hopeless Phils.

Is there a way to watch “Highlights” or a “Condensed Game” in Mosaic?

If there isnt, there should be!

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