Thank you

I thought I’d just take a moment and thank you all for spending so much time on here, and giving the team as much feedback as you have. Your continued participation is invaluable in helping us work through these issues.
As a serious baseball fan myself, I understand all of your frustration, and appreciate the time you all have invested in the game and in our products.

I’ll have another note for you all early tomorrow regarding the open issues we’ll be addressing from a bug/functionality perspective in our next release before games tomorrow, as well as an update on streaming. We’ll be working through the night here on getting the streaming into a more reliable state for you all.

In the meantime, anything you all can do to provide comments in the appropriate threads and keep things somewhat organized and productive will help us address issues more quickly. That said, if you want to vent, this is a good thread for it.

Thanks again,



Around 10pm Central, all the video feeds stopped coming though I’m still getting player tracker alerts and scoring updates. Is this happening to anyone else? That being said, I was really enjoying my first Mosaic night before it happened.

the single game worked fine a little slow though six and 4 game only worked on low video,the middle video would buffer every minute or so and the high lever buffered every 10 to 20 seconds but it is alot better than last night the player tracker worked fine for me.

ps good job but lets get it better people won’t have the pateince but good job

I am already angry about the whole Directv exclusive deal, so hopefully this will work out. Not bad so far.

BIG Tahnk you to YOU first Justin. That’s a heck of a job your doing out there. Over here in Germany I paid way more money for other stuff and didn’t get any comparable support YOU are giving everbody here in such short time. Aprecciating the great job your doing and of course the thing MOSAIC is or will be soon only with through hard work and dedication.

P.S.: Mouse lagging issues are gone due to graphics driver update.

I have a couple of suggestions: When I watch a single game, all of the other games are listed on the top of the page. Instead of just listing the scores of the games in progress, why not list the final scores of the other games, too?
Also, is it possible to not break away from programming and show the commercials in between innings? If not, is it possible to just get rid of the sound from that really annoying pong screen saver?

I just purchased this tonight and I don’t have the video or sound either. I still get the player tracking and score updates but nothing else. Any ideas on how I can fix this?

No, Thank you Justin for giving us all the information on whats going on here. This is so much better than being on hold on the phone with customer service.Everything is working fine for me tonight and once the streaming is getting better I’ll be happy. Thanks again Justin!!

this whole thing is a joke. you take the games off cable and your defense is that fans can get games on mlbtv–so that’s what i did. i ordered this thing because it promised tv quality games. and it simply does not work. i’m searching hi and low looking for a way to contact someone there, but all there is is a blog that no one seems to respond to. (i posted my problem–which was echoed by others–ages ago.) reading all the other posts, apparently you can make this work if you’ve got an advanced degree from cal tech. alas, i got a liberal arts degree.

perhaps bud selig will take his $14.5 million salary and buy himself a clue. this is not how you treat your most dedicated fans. i hope john kerry keeps fighting the good fight and MLB gets stripped of its antitrust exemption.

that said, none of this is directed at justin, who is not in an enviable position. thanks for keeping us in the loop.

i have audio but no picture whats wrong.wrote e-mails no answer.anybody have a clue


when watching a game i like the scores across the top, however, it would be that much better if you could show what inning the game is in and show which team is up to bat.

as for my problems, i had 0 problems using the web and very few problems using mosaic. there was a couple times one game would take up the entire 4 tv matrix, however, i restarted the app and it seemed to fix itself.

thanks for keeping the communication lines open..

Oh, MLB, you disappoint once again. You think if you limit peoples choices and anger more than 1/2 of your hardcore ‘Extra Innings’ purchasing fan base by selling rights to a *******’ satallite company, you would have all of the tires kicked on this thing before the season. TRASH. ITS TRASH. Can you sync the *******’ audio? It seems to change every ‘pong’ break. Can’t watch on high quality in the 4/6 tv mode. Whatever. You forced me to buy this trash because you had to line your pockets a bit more. I hope the plane crashes carrying all the MLB brass on their way to sign another exclusivity contract that unjustly screws the majority of their loyal fanbase. In a world where sports should be looking to provide spectacular audio and HD to their fan, MLB makes me sit in my basement and watch baseball on my crappy 15 inch monitor. Keep it up, idiots.


Am I the only one with a working Mosaic? Had trouble the first night and just deleted everything I downloaded the first time. Did a new download last night and was watching games in no time. The picture was not the best in the 6 screen mode but in the single game it was perfect. So just keep trying guys and you all get it to work.

Justin, Thanks for admitting there are bugs and working hard to address everyone’s issues.
1. Still having streaming issues with Mosaic on all screen formats

Windows XP, DSL, So. Illinois-1 hr. east of St. Louis. Bandwidth test shows 900+ kbps. The best I have ever seen on a game is 682 kbps, usually its around 400. Streaming error on both the desktop and wireless notebook.

2. When selecting an archived game why are we forced to watch commentary. I want to see the game, not Seth Everett.

3. On updates, they download but then I get an error message that the application can’t install. That perhaps the DirectX driver needs updated. I did a complete uninstall and re-installed the DirectX driver from the Microsoft link in the FAQ’s. Still receiving the same error message. Any suggestions?



no, im working fine. you arent going to see people posting because its working though. generally, people will only come here to complain, which is justified.

Thank You for silencing the Pong, THANK YOU

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