Credit Card Authentication for Blackout

Hi all,
We’ve had some reports, and have confirmed that a few of you may have had issues with multiple credit card auths for purposes of address verification, possibly as a result of some of the early issues we had with the form. We’re working on identifying you all now, though if you’re having repeated issues with Credit Card authentication, i’d very much appreciate you reaching out to me via email at Please, if you are having other problems, there are appropriate threads here on the blog – and i’d very much appreciate you commenting here and the team will get back to you asap.

To put you somewhat at ease, we’re not actually charging your cards, we do whats called an auth, which essentially holds $1 per transaction, so that we can check your address. The money is released back to you within a few days.

We can fix the problem on a per account basis and make sure it doesnt happen again, so if you’re having trouble or have noticed this activity (its definitely NOT happening to all of you), again please reach out to me via email and we’ll get you sorted out immediately.



    I tried to download Mosaic and it says “the remote name could not be resolved ‘’ What do I do? I had Mosaic last year same pc no changes. I paid for the premium package. Help!!!!


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    I have the Mosaic but I can only watch 1 game at a time? I see where the six games are supposed to be but I can only see a game if I click on one?


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    Are yall still getting rid of the pong during commercials? thanks for all the ahrd work you are doing. I am a Mac user and love it.


    I would like to know something about the whole blackout thing. What if I travel out of state? Is there a way I can watch my teams games? Seems like a big reason people would get this is to watch their home team while on the road. Thanks.


    Blackouts are based on the location of your computer. I’m hearing a lot of you say your ‘home’ Team is blacked out for you even when they are playing out of state.

    Is this the case? I do not believe you should be blacked out in that instance.

  8. Justin

    gsanders – the pong video is still therre, but we changed the annoying noise – its just crowd noise now.

    bat9th – while on the road and out of the blackout area, you’ll be able to watch your teams games. more detail on blackout can be found here:

    bsgold – if you’re in new york, you’re still in the mets area i believe. try putting your zipcode into the form in the link above.


    @ Snakekk017

    That sounds like a video type of issue, at the least. I’ll drop you an email and start trouble shooting it with you.


    I’m one of the lucky few that can see video in each screen view and quality setting (most of the time). Considering that, I know there are people with far worse problems than I’m having. I hope you all get the help you need in order to start watching baseball!

    Justin (or anyone that can answer), I have a few questions…

    1. Is there going to be a fix for the fact that the video in 6 game view is a couple minutes behind the player alerts and score? It’s irritating to see the results before the video!

    2. Is the current video quality in 6 game view as good as we’ll be getting? I have it set to the highest quality and can’t even make out who a player is or the on-screen score bar. I didn’t expect high-def, but this is a bit ridiculous! The audio isn’t even in sync.

    3. Below each game screen on the 6 game view there is the score/inning. Is it possible that balls/strikes/outs could be implemented into this same area? If the video quality is going to remain so poor that I can’t make out this info within the broadcast, it would be useful to have it underneath.

    To Justin and the rest of the individuals working on the many issues of Mosaic, I appreciate your efforts. Although I feel like many others here in that the issues should’ve been resolved before the season, I believe good progress is being made. I wasn’t even able to use Mosaic on Monday, but I’ve noticed improvement each day since. I thank you for that and hope the trend continues!


    @ Daryanjr

    The speed of the updates for base runners and score, will improve.

    I believe the rest of your comments are more suggestions, and they are welcome. Justin has said we will have a method in place soon to gather your feedback.

    There are many reasons the issues you are seeing now where not fixed before opening day, but lets focus on getting better each day from here on out.


    @ Mosaic

    Not to sound rude, but besides my comment regarding implementing balls/strikes/outs below each game in 6 game view, I didn’t make suggestions. I asked questions. You answered one, which I appreciate, but you did not acknowledge the other. Is the current 6 game view video quality, when set to the maximum quality setting, as good as we will be getting, and will the audio eventually be synced properly? If these things are to improve, what kind of timeframe are we looking at?


    Those things are out of my control, but I believe they are improving daily. I can read some of the graphics displayed on the games, in medium quality it just depends on how large they display it. My impression is the mosaic is to give you an over view of a game and if you wanted to read the on screen graphics you would have to click into a game.
    I do believe the desire is to make it possible to have a larger single game view with out clicking into a game. Thus the “coming soon” buttons. Which would address your other question/suggestion.


    On Monday, the A’s played on the road, in Seattle, and the game was not blacked out. They have been blacked out the last two days, still playing in Seattle. Any reason for the switch? Thanks for any help.


    Like mentioned above. When the home team is on the road are games suppose to be blacked out? My Mariners are in Clevland on Friday and the game is not shown on tv here in Seattle. Will I be able to watch it on mlbtv? Thanks



    I’m having an issue with Baltimore Orioles and Washington Nationals games. These games are broadcast on the MASN network (all 162 games), but in my area (zip 22903) we do not get this channel on Comcast. I called to confirm this, and they lied to me saying the games would take over the CSPAN channel–I tuned at gametime and it was still boring old politicians, and I was furious that they lied to me. But I am also blacked out on MLB.TV despite the games not being broadcast on television in this area. Is there any way you could lift the blackout restriction on my account for these two teams? I haven’t been able to watch a single game of theirs and it is the only reason I’m subscribed. I already sent an email to cancel my account, but if you can fix this I will gladly remain a subscriber.


    Although, I am not an expert on blackouts restrictions, it is my understanding that your home team will be blacked out in your area, no matter where they play, when the local station has the choice to broadcast but doesnt. Please correct me if I am wrong, but for me with Extra Innings last year, not one A’s or Giants game broadcast no matter where they played. But for most like me, I dont care what game I watch cause I love baseball so much.


    It would seem that, by the number of queries regarding the blackout procedure, an official answer would be forthcoming. If the Mosaic folks are confused about this, how about us? I say again, last year we were able to see our local team’s away games unless they were blacked out nationally. Sure we all like baseball, else we wouldn’t have subscribed. But the major factor in subscribing is to see at least some of our local team’s games. If has hidden the rules, we’ll just have to get a Senator involved, such as Kerry.


    Secondly, many of us travel on business all over the country. we are away, then, from our local team’s zip code area. We paid to be able to see our home team, let’s say Oakland, while we are in Chicago ro Boston. We paid good money for this service and has picked up hundreds of millions of dollars in subscriptions. Let’s get this squared away.



    Last year met’s and yankees were only blacked out when they played at home. Did MLB change the policy?


    Funny, I live in the Phillies blackout area, yet get Phillies games (no need, I can watch regular cable for them). Yet, ALL the Yankee games have been blacked out.

    Just great.


    They need to be conistant about the whole blackout thing. I want to know what specifies a blackout for the mlb. In the Nfl it is only home games that are not sold out. I would like to be able to watch my team on the road when its a early game and my local networks decide not to show it.


    I’ve had enough of this mess! Don’t you guys EVER test your software before you start charging for it? I refuse to provide credit card information repeatedly. NOW JUST GIVE ME A REFUND! MLB had no problem with retrieval of my credit card information when I responded to an email to upgrade my service.

    Can’t get through to customer service, so far your “brief delay” is over 45 minutes.

    AND,turn down the volume on the damm pong.




    Worse insult for you ..YOU YANKEE FANS!!!!!


    i’m here in washington DC. My home zip code is boston, MA, and yes – my red sox game in toronto is blacked out. I’ve been on “brief delay” for 40 minutes. ***?


    I live in the Detroit area. Last season I was able to jump past the blackout of the Tiger game with a few strokes of the F5 key at the very beginning of most games on the single game screen. This year that little trick hasn’t worked for me. Like alot of you I ordered the premium package becuase I enjoy watching baseball, but mostly to watch the home team while I’m at the job. I am in a situation at work where there is no cable or satellite, which most of the game are broadcast on. I think they should give us the entire league to watch no matter where you live. I only makes sense to offer subscribers their local teams games.


    I live 11 hours from oakland and i have yet to see an a’s game , this is what i got this for ; to see the a’s i guess i ma going to have to cancel this service….

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