Update/Priorities for Today

Hi all, quick update for you. Sorry we’ve been a bit off the air, needed to focus more on some specifics of some of the technical issues we’re working through. We’re getting a lot done, and had quite a night of work on making all of the high quality streaming work better for you all, as well as working throuogh application and install issues. Anyways, for today, we’re focused on the following:
– Those of you who are still having installation trouble, if you haven’t already – please scroll down, read the install issues thread, and post a reply with your details per the instructions there. The team will be live on that thread and will be doing our best to provide responses to problems there.

– Those of you having video/audio playback issues: I’ll post some more tips and tricks for dealing with some of the bugs we’ve identified in order to have a better experience here in the short term while we tick them off of the bug list.

— If video comes up in the 6/4 game views on the PC and Mac, and is playing but you don’t hear audio, look to see where the audio is focused, indicated by the yellow bars around the video, and click in a different game once to change the audio focus. You should see the yellow indicator move, and hear audio from that feed. then click back to the feed you want to watch, and you should have audio. We’re hoping to have this bug resolved today.

— If you launch the player on the PC and see just black, or frozen video, give it 15 or 20 seconds. We’re having some stream startup related issues, and are working through them. It will start up, it just takes a few minutes. We know this isn’t a great experience, and will have it resolved.

— If your video and audio are always stuttering badly or not playing at all (stream error all the time, never seeing buffering, etc.) this is probably a local install/video driver/connectivity issue. We’d like to hear from you and get in touch. Please send in the details of your install on the Audio/Video thread i’ll put up in a sec.

For the other video playback issues: please see the thread below, and post in the appropriate thread with your details – this will help us resolve these faster.

Today, our developers are split between working through all of the audio/video playback issues we’ve seen reported, fixing more application bugs (making sure player tracker is working well, cleaning up game specific stats feeds, etc.), and addressing the stability and installation issues that some of you have reported. We’ll provide more updates for you throughout the day, and will have a build out before games start today that will address more of these, and another later this evening.

Thank you again for your patronage and support, we’re working to get baseball to all of you as quickly as possible.




Good Morning,

Justin please e-mail me at robertbirmingham@roadrunner.com

I am having some issue with the software and I can give you all the detail info that you all need.

Please drop me a e-mail at robertbirmingham@roadrunner.com

or 330-554-2933

You may have been having fun but be assured we , the paying customers, are not enjoying this.

I had a computer person here last night who walked me through all your alleged fixes and they still do not work. He said that after you strip away the technobabble and gibberish it boils down to the fact that the system was never properly tested. Remember, it was not until after Opening Day they we were even told about swarmcast.

HP Pavilion Media Center TV m7490n Desktop PC – Product Specifications


Base processor

PentiumD 940 (P) DC 3.2 GHz

800 MHz front side bus

Socket 775


Intel 945P


Manufacturer: Asus

Motherboard Name: P5LP-LE

HP/Compaq motherboard name: Emery-UL8E


Component Attributes

Memory Installed 2 GB (2 x 1 GB)

Maximum allowed 4 GB* (4 x 1 GB)

*Actual available memory may be less

Speed supported PC2-4200 MB/sec

Type 240 pin, DDR2 SDRAM

DIMM slots Four

Open DIMM slots Two

Hard drive

500 GB (2 x 250) SATA

7200 rpm

16X DVD(+/-)R/RW RAM (+/-)R DL LightScribe drive

Must use Double-Layer media discs in order to take advantage of the DL technology

Must use LightScribe-enabled media discs and supporting software in order to take advantage of the LightScribe technology

Port type Quantity


DVD-R DL Write Once 4X

DVD+R DL Write Once 8X

DVD+R Write Once 16X

DVD+RW Rewritable 8X

DVD-R Write Once 16X

DVD-RW Rewritable 6X

DVD ROM Read 16X

CD-R Write Once 40X

CD-RW Rewritable 32X

CD-ROM Read 40X


Maximum speed: 16X


56K bps data/fax modem


Wireless LAN 802.11 b/g

Video Graphics

GeForce 7300LE

64 MB DDR memory

I/O Ports: VGA, Composite, S-Video


TV tuner card with FM tuner


Integrated High Definition audio

Realtek ALC 882 chipset

Supports up to 8 audio channels

Dolby Pro Logic II compatible

Network (LAN)

Integrated 10/100 Base-T networking interface

Memory card reader

Supports the following cards:

Compact Flash I

Compact Flash II


Memory Stick

Memory Stick Pro


Secure Digital (SD)

Micro Drive

XD Picture Card (xd = extreme digital)

External I/O ports

I/O ports on the front panel

Port type Quantity

9-in-1 (4 slot) One

1394 One


Headphone One

Microphone One

Audio L-R One

S-video in One

Composite video in One

I/O ports on the back panel

Port type Quantity

PS2 (keyboard, mouse) Two (one each)

Parallel One

USB Four

1394 One


Audio (side speaker out, rear speaker out, center speaker out, line-in, line-out, microphone) One each

Hi everytime I first load up Mosaic it says the video quality is to high, and I have to reduce it to the lowest setting, but than after 10 min I can increase the video quality to max, just wondering if this is an issue that is being worked on or a problem on my end.

I am still having the issue with the unable to initialize error. I have read all the threads I have seen pertaining to it, but still no dice. When I finally am able to get in there I can shudder to think about the video problems. My two cents: Fix the initialization error first. I can’t even get into the thing. At least the people with video probs can get into it.

The constant buffering in the multi screen mode is still a significant and irritating problem. I am using a Sony Vaio laptop, Penitium 4, 3.2ghz, 512 Ram, cable modem running with bandwidth well over 2500 kbps. All drivers, including ATI Radeon, are up to date.

now nothing works in mosiac. last night the 6 window wold come up but when i clicked on a game it would just say stream error.

today, nothing on any scren. just says connecting

System Manufacturer: Acer

System Model: Aspire 5610


Processor: Genuine Intel(R) CPU T2060 @ 1.60GHz (2 CPUs), ~1.6GHz

Memory: 1014MB RAM

Page File: 744MB used, 1537MB available

Windows Dir: C:\Windows

DirectX Version: DirectX 10

edit… i am running vista home premium. no choice.

am having the same problem! As soon as I sign in it is still wanting me to provide all my information to verify my blackout area. After I hit cancel I can get to the six screens and can watch the games. If I click on one game to watch that game it kicks me out and tells me to update my billing information at mlb.com which I have already done! Is anyone else having this problem?

i didn’t think it could get worse. god am i dumb. now no games, instead of unwatchable jumbled six screen.

Just a comment:
It would nice to know whether a blackout is national or local. I’ve been assuming that most away games from one’s zip code restriction will not be blacked out [same as it was last year.] Am I correct?

Why on earth are you guys choosing to split your source code base between .NET and Java?

Why not develop against a single source code base and deploy across multiple platforms using a high quality C++ toolkit like Qt from Trolltech.com.

This is what Google uses for their cross-platform applications such as Google Earth.

You could still use your Windows WMV streams, but deploy one code base to Windows, Mac and Linux.

Take it easy on your customers and provide a single executable with no external dependencies such as .NET or Java for all your platforms.

Give me a ring if you want to know more.

Hi Justin! First, thanks for the support. I’m satisfied with the player tracker and stuff but as soon as I open up a single game the stream will only run on 682kbps although I got a fast internet connection and there are no other applications running besides it. On the multi-game screen it says something around 1200-1300kbps though.

heres the main problem for me, it installs fine, loads fine, shows the games and has audio but it re buffers every few seconds and the audio will have the crack of a bat then 3 seconds later you see the fielder making the play and you miss the play becuase its not a smooth stream.

Ok, now I am annoyed. Not pissed off yet, but getting there. This is about Player Tracker. Last night I spent a good 30 minutes creating my list and saving and updating it. Now, today, my list is gone. Where did it go? I don’t know. Do I want to recreate my list? I really don’t want to. Am I annoyed? You bet your ***. I am a patient guy, but c’mon, “save & update” should mean just that.

well, back to my original problem of no single game view, and pong is still here.

I’m enjoying the app. Is there a method of getting rid of the ALERT function?

I can’t get Mosaic to work at all. When I attempt to log in it tells me that Mosaic cannot connect to the Internet, and that there’s probably a firewall issue – so I disabled my firewall, and got the same message. Here’s my details:

Win XP SP2

Pentium III 1.5g

ZoneAlarm Firewall

Comcast cable modem

The annoying thing is, Mosaic worked fine last year on this same machine with the same setup, but this year, not so much. Any assistance you can provide would be great – if you email me, I can send you screenshots of the error message as well…

And by the way, has MLBAM considered adding extra call center staffing at the beginning of the season? I’ve called twice in an effort to resolve this, and both times I’ve been on hold for 30+ minutes before giving up.

what can i do to stop the stuttering audio? do i just need more memory? i am running 1024 mb.


Unfortunately, I don’t have the time nor the computer expertise needed to begin to try and sort through and utilize all the various directions for fixes dealing with patches, video cards, etc. that you’ve posted.

Needless to say, if I’m paying $120 and we’re now into the 4th day of the season, I shouldn’t have to. Sorry Justin, I know you and your team are doing everything you can, but I have to agree with those who have commented that this is a mess that should never have happened in the first place.

In any case, I’ve got a relatively new Mac and I was able to load and open Mosaic so those issues don’t appear to be of concern.

What I do know is that the continuing buffering/stream quality and interruption problems I’m experiencing are just like those I experience when I can’t watch a viral video because it’s posted on overloaded servers.

So, one question is, will you be doing anything about the servers not being adequate to handle the product? And if you are certain it’s not your servers what will MLB do to create fixes for those of us who can’t so we can enjoy the streaming quality that was advertised?

Additionally, I also have the same question as revmrt which is, will my local team’s away games be blacked out? Big problem if that’s the case.

Would be great to know about both of these issues ASAP because my 5 day trial period is ending soon and this info will likely make or break the deal.


I haven’t even tried Mosaic yet and it seems like I would just be even more fristrated than I am now. Last night I tried to watch the Mets-Cards game and the longest I went without the screen freezing was about 4 minutes. Then once it started again it would just jump from one still shot to another for several minutes.

I watched many hours of the NCAA tournaent online this year and never had one problem. How come mlb.tv can’t seem to get it right?

Unlike others I suppose, I am not in a trial period, I sent you all my money in early March and have already bought into this, knowing that all local teams away and home games would not be able to be viewed by me. Also, know that if it is a Sat Fox, Sun ESPN game it is nationally blacked out, but I didnt sign up for weblog support and an unreasonable wait time on the phone. I also didnt expect to change settings on various applications. Sounds like Justin will have to deal with each of us on an indivisual basis. Thanks Eventually I would think that your testing pool of users would get a credit back on their payments as we have been helping you with your testing.

Just wanted to pipe in that it’s working great for me. Sure, it’s not perfect, but I can hear all audio, see all the games, etc. Great job.

I realize the frustration of others who can’t get it to work, but if you give MLB some time to get all the kinks straightened out, this really has the potential to be quite cool.


Guys, I understand that launching a new product is difficult, and I know you are working hard. But you need to start yelling over to the MLB Executives that the time has come for a public apology about this. We are into Day 4 of the Regular Season and the MLB.tv experience is continuing to degrade.

Today I can’t get any of the streams to launch in either Mosaic or directly via the Web at any quality level.

The MLB site is simply not ready to handle the demands in a post-Cable TV world. It happens. Where are the official apologies? Where is the action plan for how this will be addressed?

MLBAM is considered at the forefront of the major sport leagues and the digital frontier, it’s time to step up to the plate and act like they deserve that reputation.

When Mosaic and the Web have worked I’ve enjoyed them, but I’m not going to remember that enjoyment if I have to keep coaxing the video to actually see anything.

Yes, I agree with everyone. Im watching the Tigers right now and the stream is just horrible. Stopping and starting many times.

And dont even get me started on the 6 view streams. Just unacceptable.

I hope everything gets worked out soon, as I know there are many more people frustrated with the streaming that arent posting comments here.

hold time monday 1 hour
hold time tuesday 3 hours

hold time wed too be determined

holding justins neck priceless

There is a problem with Multi Screen monitors. When I open the Mosaic it opens on my 2nd monitor. NOT my default.

Very classy, eaze *sigh*

I continue to receive a “MLBAMPlayer.exe has encountered an problem and needs to close” error every time I launch. Have not seen anything on this addressed or been contacted by anyone. I have no quirky software running that should be interefering; disabled all extraneous programs, still same result.

I hope a clear reminder on how to cancel before the end of the free 5-day trial will be posted. I have an aversion to paying for a product that simply does not work for me.

the streams are awful.mlb is alot better why is that?the 6 screens i can hardly see it at all.they dont answer e-mails or be on hold for hours and never get anybody.this is not what i paid for.when i click on single game it only goes up to 2nd quailty.

I’ve been on hold for nearly an hour as my credit card company called to inform me this morning that MLB has been charging $1 to my account each time I’ve logged into the system. NICE job of buisness planning. So a word to the wise don’t beleive the statement…

“Due to blackout restrictions, if you are not yet an MLB.TV subscriber, you will be required to log in to each game with a valid major credit card for address verification. In such a case, a temporary $1.00 authorization hold will be placed on your credit card. This $1.00 hold will expire, and you will not be charged for accessing a free webcast.”

I am just wondering when the additional screen options will be available? the ones with the one large game, and two or three small screens on the right. Thank you.

What’s up with the video quality on the single games? 700-ish is running about 25% of the time …

getting a “MLB.TV mosaic is temporarily unavailable” when trying to load..over and over and over..never did come on… what can i do?

This is by far the worst product ever put out by MLB. You should be ashamed and refund everyone their subscription fee until you fix the problems.

It was obviously not tested under realistic loads (the capacity of your server banks and connection pipe are vastly undersized) and the product is full of horrible bugs.

You introduced this product last year with very poor results and had the entire offseason to fix it. You failed miserably.

@ gfg02:

try rebooting your computer and trying again.

another annoying piece of mosaic/player tracker. it lets you know what happens before you see it. for example, the nats won on a walk off hit, the score below the video on 6 game view changed 7-6 nats a good minute before dmitri young hit the ball. talk about ruining suspense. the player tracker also told me ryan zimmerman moved up to third, pretty much ruining the ending as well, long before i got the chance to see it happen. not to mention having to wait while it buffers frequently. certainly a disappointing launch for mosaic, and hopefully not the experience i’ll have for the rest of the year.

Ridiculous, sometimes it works for a while, then it just stops. When it does work, the buffering is far too frequent. It just doesn’t seem able to sustain any consistency.

“Guys, I understand that launching a new product is difficult, and I know you are working hard. But you need to start yelling over to the MLB Executives that the time has come for a public apology about this. We are into Day 4 of the Regular Season and the MLB.tv experience is continuing to degrade.”

i agree with that. i feel sorry for the guys on the front line for taking this beating when it was the executives who put them under the gun like this.

Question/comment about blackouts. I understand all the issues and fine. But the subscription fee paid for also includes Gameday Audio which is not blacked out. Could there be a way of pulling this into Mosaic. Example: I’m in Chicago…keeping an eye on several games, the White Sox game is blacked out OK. But couldn’t highlighting that square just not show me any video but bring in the Gameday Audio?

Speaking of blackouts, I dont know about anyone else but I’m unable to watch some games I should be seeing. I live in MN, but I’m getting blacked out of the Milwaukee games, which is incorrect.

please e-mail me with the answer, right now on the single game viewing, is the highest quality option 700k (two bars) or is that 1.5? if not, when is the 1.5 going to come? Hate to be annoying, but the product said that the 1.5 would be ready opening day. if anyone else has the answer, please either post here, or email me. thanks.

Hey all, I’m going to start emailing you all one at a time, so hang in there.

Lets keep a positive attitude. A lot of work

ok thanks. u guys are doing a fine job, don’t worrie.

I’ll be looking forward to the email. Thanks!

Sorry my last post got cut short. A lot of work went into this product, it’s not perfect, but with all your help we can make it better. Thanks for your patience


That is a new one for me. Just change the stream, it is possible depending on network traffic that higher streams are not going to work as well as the lower streams. At least you have options this year 😉 I’ll keep an eye out for this one see if I can repoduce it.

Hang in there CREW!!! I have faith in you guys/gals. Mines been running ok with some buffering but not bad here at least-still can improve in which it will. Thanks hanker.

i’ll be waiting, just like for the last 4 hours.

still havn’t gotten a response…it’ll only take 30 seconds.

nothing but stream errors now. worked last night (multiy window) worked earlier (multiy window), it never worked in single game.

for the last hour it is nothing but but stream error. try different quality level. just ****. not one person has tried to help me. ihave emailed and called all day the last two days and have been on this stupid web blog too. no help.

I’d like to know first, WHY are the Bay Area teams blacked out in Eugene, Oregon? We don’t get FSN Bay Area, and it’s a 10 hour DRIVE to either ballpark! Is it some sick joke? This is the third year MLB.TV has been like this. ****, even the Mariners are a six hour drive from Eugene, but I can understand them being blacked out due to us getting FSN Northwest.

Second, how do I change my billing information? I went to the FAQ and there was a question for this, but no answer… some FAQ.

Third, under the “Live Game” tab, of the single game view, the “Game Status” doesn’t display strikes, balls, or outs ? I assume it’s supposed to since it shows the area for them.

Here is a simple one???
After signing out of MLB I lose my internet connection and have to reboot to get it back. Any thoughts?

going on 5 hours without one human response.

i don’t blame this justin guy running this blog but something has to give here. this is a total sham.

here’s an idea. how bout you guys help the people who have actually paid for the year and are your customers get the product they paid for instead of treating them like guinea pigs.

@ mblakeslee@sbcglobal.net

We have made suggestions around the whole Alert system. I would expect some improvments in that area sometime down the line.

Emails are going out guys/gals.

Regarding Blackouts
Visit http://mlb.mlb.com/mlb/subscriptions/premium.jsp?c_id=mlb

Read the section down below the Subscription about how blackouts work.

The only trouble I am having is on the 4 and 6 game viewer I get no audio. I have tried switching the focus and still nothing. If I change the view to one game I get audio again. My player tracker list functions, but sometimes informs me after the player’s at bat. The live scoring box score is delayed also and they appear to be related. The live box score also doesn’t always show the correct team’s lineup when I focus on a game.

Win XP SP2

ASUS A8N32-SLI Deluxe motherboard with built on Audio

Two drivers listed in device manager:

Legacy Audio Driver

Realtek AC’97 Audio Driver

AMD Athlon 64 2.2 Ghz

2GB Corsair Matched Memory

so the migration of non DirectTV EI guys to out here was as underanticipated as Selig’s estimation of our numbers.

not your fault Justin, but if I want to watch jello mold of the Rangers (you know, where they move if you shake the tray) I’d head up to a church bake sale in Arlington.

I bought this against my better judgement because the quality was so choppy last year. But I thought MLB was lookin out for the consumer and was offering an alternative to us non DirecTv guys.

Paying to beta test = le bleh

Hi Justin,

I was playing Mosaic just fine earlier today on the high quality setting (on the 4 and 6 game viewer).

Now every time I try and load the medium or high quality on the 4 and 6 game viewer, it says there is a Network Stream Error. Also – medium quality on the single game viewer works just fine.

I’m running Windows XP, Windows Media Player 10, I have a cable internet connection from Cox, and I’m in San Diego.

You can write me at wtm38@cox.net.

Any ideas?



I have a laptop that has a widescreen monitor. When I choose within mosaic to make the video “full screen” it stretches the video to fit on the whole widescreen. I would prefer to have the full screen with bars on the left and right so that the screen and people in the game are the right proportions. Is there any plan to change the full screen so it stays the right dimensions?


My Mosaic is saying “temporary unavailable, please check back soon”. I check back every few minutes with no success. What do I do?

after mosaic update & installed I now get a message saying ” MLBAppstart.exe has stopped working and windows will close the program”.
mosaic will now start up & don’t know what to do next.

please help I am missing my games.

I am seeing the same streaming issues that others are reporting. It seems that as I reduce the amount of games from 6 to 4 to 1, the amount of interruptions reduce as well, but even with 1, I get constant interruption with both audio and video.
–Windows XP

–SiS 760x video card with updated driver

–Cable modem

MLB premium games without Mosaic work great.

Updating my post from earlier. I am getting audio in the Mets vs Cardinals game in both 4 and 6 format. It doesn’t matter what position the game is in, but every single other game gets no audio. Maybe this will point to the audio problem. Another thing I have noticed is some feeds do not have layovers for the station which is fine, but adding the score to your caption that has base runners and inning would be nice.

everytime I try to load the mosaic it says it’s “unable to initialize application, exception from HRESULT: 0x8876086c.” Please advise me what to do.

Mosaic installed w/o a problem. However, every attempt to download a game leads to a “streaming error, try another quality” which doesn’t work at any quality level selected. This has got to be the most frustrating program I have dealt with.

First, it’s ridiculous that we’re using the comments section of a blog for technical support.

In any case, attempting to use anything but the lowest quality stream on Mosaic results in a network stream error. The low quality stream offers what is essentially a slide show, with individual video frames updating approximately once every ten seconds.

Attempting to view a single game at 700k gives the same slideshow problem, though accessing the exact same stream directly through the MLB.com site works perfectly.

I am running a Pentium 4 3.0GHz, XP Media Canter, 1 GB RAM, 256MB Nvidia 7600GS with the latest driver, DX9.0c, onboard Realtek HD sound, Windows Media Player 11, and a cable modem with 3.0 Mbps (the MLB provided speed test rates it at 4196 kbps). Any assistance would be appreciated.

I am not able to connect higher than the first level of the video quality on Mosaic. When I try to go higher I get “stream error retrying”. I have a Athlon 64 3500+ 2.21 ghz processor with 1.00 Gb of ram. I have an Nvidia 6600gt video card with 128meg ram. I have Comcast as my ISP. My bandwidth is well above the minimum.Mosaic is playing at 828k/sec. I am in Baltimore. Sound quality is excellent. I would think that I can get better video quality.

Agree with other posts. MLB needs to publically apologize and refund anyone who purchased MLB.TV premium. Clearly this site wasn’t ready for the beginning of the season and therefore shouldn’t have been offered. First no deal with Comcast, the far and away leader in cable subscribers, and now this!! Let’s get some answers MLB.

I knew this would happen. I sign up for mlb.tv yesterday and today they announce a deal with inDemand. I guess I’m out some $ but I am very happy I’ll be able to watch the games on my TV.

I am still having initialization problems. Am running Windows XP Pro. Already have Direct X 9.0 Can’t even get into Mosaic.
Need some help figuring this out.

Justin, thanks for all your work, but it’s time to start issuing full refunds. The program is no where near where it was advertised to be.

Anybody have any luck getting one yet?

Also, what’s the deal with showing our email addresses? Can’t wait for all the spam to roll in from this.

OK I posted earlier about initialization problems but tonite when I got home from work I downloaded again and low and behold it worked..
I’m wondering why this product couldn’t have been tested say, 2 weeks ago during the exhibition season…also the picture quality to be honest is about the same as last year…no better yet. We’ll see how this develops over time…show the commercials, don’t miss any action when returning from Pong if you insist upon Pong…but no sound please…let see you inprove this thing over the next few weeks. how about giving us 15 minutes after the game for a postgame show and then turn it off…For now I’ll live with the lousy quality

Every time I try and launch Mosiac, It says that the Mosaic service is temporarily unavailable. And that I should check back soon. Is anyone else getting this?

I have 1 gig ram, 2.0 ghz AMD processor, OS is Windows XP,and Cable modem. I am located in Missouri. Come on MLB, help me out here. There really isn’t anything else to do here in Missouri.

So, looks like I’m not alone having some proms here.

I got the mosaic 6-screen to function but am experiencing a lag between audio and vieo in all modes.

Second, buffering has been a problem. Stalls, reloads and other interruptions of stream are occurring with much higher than tolerable frequency.

Next, the ‘Alert’ feature is not properly synched to the action on the screens. Notice of action happens before seeing it on the video feed – this really, REALLY *****.

Next, I called 4 times for phone support in the weeks after ordering the premium package in early March and was met with uniformly useless service. I imagine trying that option now would be akin to shopping on Christmas Eve.

Next, I’m a little fuzzy on blackouts. I live 12 miles south of DC and am being blacked out of Nats games (no surprise) as well as Orioles games? A DOUBLE blackout situation. Please advise.

Next… you know what? I barely have any confidence that the above issues will be sufficiently addressed, so a further recitation of my litany of tech errors would be fruitless.

How ’bout you try to get this product functioning as advertised or I will be forced to cancel my subscription, demand a full refund and watch my games of choice using an elaborate system of carrier pigeons.

Thanks for your time.

Bob, I’m having the same problem you have where in the 6 and 4 screen mode the video keeps re-buffering every ten seconds, very annoying. Also, last night i had the problem where the Alert wasn’t synched to the action on the screen. Have you gotten any updates on fixing the problem? Let me know, thanks.

I want my hard earned $119 back in full do the fact that your product does not work. I waited on the phone for over 2 hours and all that your associate tried to fix the problem did not work so I have paid for a bogous product. I will tell all my MLB fans not to by your product. I believe that with all the money you get that you would put out a product that worked.

please help me the mosiac doesn’t work at all for me. i have a brand new computer that i bought just so that i would be assured that your product would work for me on opening day, and as fate would have it i not only wasted 120 dollars on this mosiac, i also wasted over a thousand on a computer that as it turns out, i didn’t need when my gateway would have showed me the errors just fine. im really and truly disapointed. i should have spent my money on direct tv, because at least then i would be able to watch games at a true tv quality. my bandwith reads at 3112 on your test so i shouldn’t be having bandwith errors when i am on the mosiac. it will keep saying that, then it will tell me to try at a different quality, so i do that and the same thing over and over and over again. you should have had all this stuff worked out before the season started and not be making the program up on the fly. that is ridiculous, how do you think your cable errr. statellite subscribers (wouldn’t want the average person to be able to watch all the games on regular cable) would feel if their picture was buffering every 12 seconds or when they changed the channel the game refused to come up and it told them to turn down the brightness. that would not work… so i expect an email by tomorrow morning explaing what i need to do, or better yet i expect it will be working. i dont want my money back, i want to product i paid for.

The Seattle vs Cleveland game currently being played has no video or audio.


Dear Sir,
So I decide to purchase the monthly package of MLB TV to get the Braves games for the next month. There’s four channels that carry the Braves and I don’t get one of them.

So I sign up and am then told all ATL games are blacked out where I live. The MLB reps tell me about the ‘confidence level’ (never heard of that before) on my computer being to low to override the black out. So they can over-ride it if they want to? What’s the point of having games blacked out if you can override it?

Question: Is there something I can do to raise the confidence level on my computer? and what exactly is it? I’ve never heard of that before.

I appreciate your help and thank you for your time.
Bart Gaston

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