Player Tracker Issues

For anyone still having trouble with player tracker, i understand and appreciate the frustration with putting in a roster, and not having it appear. as of yesterday afternoon, we believe we’ve resolved this. In simple terms, there was an issue on the website when we popped up the window, that caused it to cache some of the data, and essentially potentially edit another person’s roster – hence the missing players.
To guarantee this is resolved, though it should be cleared from all of the caches today, please force refresh the popup window once it opens (control F5 on the pc, click refresh on the mac), and this should then have you editing your own roster.

To double check that this is working for you, before putting in your whole roster, you can try and add one or two players, then save the roster and close the browser window. If you then click update in player tracker in mosaic, and you dont see the players you added, please write in here on this thread, and we’ll get in touch with you directly.





    I would just like to say that this whole situation is messed up. These problems should have been dealt with before the season started.

    You guys should extend the 5 day trail to something like 30 days or reduce the price of the service.


    monday hold time 1hour
    tuesday hold time 3 hours

    wednesday hold time tbd

    holding justins neck…priceless


    I’ve been on hold for nearly an hour as my credit card company called to inform me this morning that MLB has been charging $1 to my account each time I’ve logged into the system. NICE job of buisness planning. So a word to the wise don’t beleive the statement…

    “Due to blackout restrictions, if you are not yet an MLB.TV subscriber, you will be required to log in to each game with a valid major credit card for address verification. In such a case, a temporary $1.00 authorization hold will be placed on your credit card. This $1.00 hold will expire, and you will not be charged for accessing a free webcast.”



    I am getting the Mosaic screens (6,4,1), and the audio, but no video in any screen. Also I am not able to insert players in Player Tracker. Help Please, my roto starst Friday and I want all working.



    @ Greg.steiner

    That has nothing to do with MLB.TV Mosaic ?

    @ Eaze

    We talked today, sorry you did not get through the normal way.


    Ralph, I’ll email you Ralph, sounds like a video related problem at least. I’ll ask for more info and we can go from there.


    Hey I liked the Pong.. it was soo soothing.. 😉


    Any chance that in the future the Player Tracker feature could be modified so you can load three different rosters separately, i.e. three different fantasy teams?

    Overall, I’m very pleased with the progress so far. Thanks for continuing to work to get all the bugs fixed.


    SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME, for the third straight day i’m looking for some advice about what to do because when i click on “edit list” NOTHING happens.


    I love the player tracker feature; I’m already addicted. Are there plans to expand the roster limits (I have 2 35-man fantasy teams and would love to track all my players)?


    Is there any way to disable the alerts at the bottom altogether? I’m not really inclined to use Player Tracker, and having alerts for every batter in every game becomes distracting.


    I’m having an issue with the alerts….I keep getting repetitive alerts…how many times does it have to tell me that Ramirez is on first, Ramirez is on first….just let me know when he gets to a new base.

    Also, 4 and 6 game views don’t work at all…1 game is fine.


    Player tracker is working for me this afternoon…still a question if the roster will be there tomorrow.

    jtannenwald, you could just load up one obscure player and you only get alerts for that one player when he bats.


    Player Tracker problem… I load my players in just fine on the popup screen. Then back to Mosaic, click “Update” and I’ve been hanging on “Loading Player Tracker data” for half an hour here.


    I’m also having trouble with the player tracker feature. I enter the players fine on the popup screen and refresh the page. But when I go back into mosaic and click on update, it says “Loading Player Tracker Data” forever.


    I have a Mac, and on the bottom of the webpage where I can edit my team, it says there is an error loading the page. When i look at the error, it says that one of the 18 links aren’t working, which is the problem. It says that its loading player tracker data for hours


    I have a MAC, and in the mosaic i’m watching the A’s/Mariners game, i get an alert on one of my players. Well it turns out that the player was not at bat and was not on any base, and wasn’t pitching. It alerted me because at the bottom it said that my player was on base, while that players team was on the field not at bat.


    Is there a way to watch the game “Highlights” in Mosaic?

    If there isnt, I sure hope they added soon!


    I have some questions

    Which is better to get.

    A. MLB Premium even if you don’t use the MLB Mosaic? $ 19.95

    B. Or is MLBTV better to get? $14.95

    1. What is the differents in 400K 700K video?

    Is 400k better then 700k or is 700k better then 400k?

    Would it be a good idea to turn off Antvirus software before you watch games.

    Thanks again,

    Robert Birmingham


    I can’t add any players to the Player Tracker!!!

    I click the ‘My Player Tracker’ tab.

    Click ‘Edit List’


    I tried hitting F5 to refresh the screen but it does nothing.

    If I don’t get this feature resolved before my trial period is up on Monday, I’ll probably just cancel my account all together.

    Your prompt response will be greatly appreciated.



    Player tracker is working great. Love to follow my teams. Is there any thought to adding stats onto the tracker? That would really be cool. Open the tab and see what your guys are doing for the game.


    I still cannot add players to the Player Tracker. Nothing happens when I click EDIT LIST… Please help me resolve.


    Every time I add players to the player tracker, it works until the next time I start Mosaic, or possibly the next build. Then all my players are lost. This has happened four or five times now over the past week. I thought this problem was fixed last week?


    Like the previous poster, I continue to have to reload my lineup with each time Mosaic loads. Would it have anything to do with my cache or cookie deletion with IE?

    LOVE everything else about it, works great and definitely appreciate the blog and updates.


    I am having issues with the player traker. i edit the roster and all my player are shown, however, when update the roster none of the players are shown on the player tracker. please help. i’m on a mac.


    I cannot add players to the Player Tracker. Nothing happens when I click EDIT LIST… Please help me resolve. Thanks!

  25. sgtrob-91

    I’m am having difficulty with changing the players on my player tracker from last year. When I click on the edit button, nothing happens. How can I change these players?

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