Install Related Issue

Hi all,
we’ve found that the XP and Vista ‘Can not find file or Can not read file” errors may be caused by the setting in the install to “Launch The Mosaic”. This screen at the end of the install allows you to run the mosaic, but the files are stored in the temp folder and not the install directory. You should not select this option in the install, but instead close the install and run the Mosaic from the desktop Icon.

If you’re having this issue please uninstall, and a reinstall should fix the issue. We should have a fix available shortly.





    Tried to reinstall and got the same error message. Waste of time as all you can do is make up “fixes” that do not work.
    I will dispute my credit card bill as I did not get what was promised and MLB misrepresented itself by not mentioning these issues under “system requirements” before taking our money.

    It will take me under two minutes to file a dispute but much more time on your end. Maybe when the bean counters see the charge backs they will do something as all baseball cares about is the money.


    I have instaled the mosaic and I do not even get pictures is this because im in england ive tried everything to get pictures and get nothing



    I can install the program fine, but when I go to launch the program, it downloads an update, but then gets stuck on the screen that says ‘loading…’. It is stuck on this screen indefinitely until I close the program. I have installed Directx9.0 and the latest video card drivers.
    I have:

    Windows XP, Version 2002, SP2. A brand new laptop, Lenovo X60s. Intel Core Duo CPU L2400 @ 1.66GHZ

    1GB of RAM

    Mobile Intel 945GM/GU Express Chipset Family 224MB

    Internet connection speed is screaming fast as I work at Cisco.


    This is a post unrelated to this post but I’ve noticed that when you fullscreen the video, it fits itself to the monitor and doesn’t maintain the aspect ratio. I have a widescreen monitor and the picture becomes very stretched when I go to full screen. Can this be addressed?


    @ ggrapman
    If you install a video card driver you may be able to get the Mosaic to work. As we’ve told you in email. Your system memory is also way below the requirements which I see everywhere on MLB’s site.


    I’ll send you an email, see what we can figure out


    It may appear hung on the loading… but unless it actually closes leave it open.


    There is some debate as to what users want. This version does not maintain aspect ratio, and there are no plans to change that. You can double click the title bar in single game mode that will maintain aspect ratio, and go full screen, but not true full screen.


    I am having troubles installing Mosaic. I get through the entire install process, then when I go to launch I get an error that reads:
    MLBAppStart.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close

    I don’t have a firewall running—so what could the problem be?


    i also am going to file a dispute. i paid 120 bucks so i could watch 6 games on opening day and beyond. here we are 6 days into the season and it still doesnt work. is ridulous. nice job of foresight on your part only allowing us to download it on april 2. refund for everyone in my opinion, not that mlb cares if we get to watch the games. they just want money.


    @ Tsliwka

    Audo/Video in sync just fine for me, on multiple PC’s

    Are you sure you system is up to spec?


    my pc works fine just bought a laptop yesterday and i want to watch some games please help me mosaic


    It may appear hung on the loading… but unless it actually closes leave it open.”

    Hi, Thanks for the help, but unfortunately it says ‘Loading…’ indefinitely. I can leave it on all day, and it will never get past saying ‘Loading…’. It seems like it should be doing something, but it never finishes loading.

    In the upper left it says MLB.TV Mosiac, in the middle of the screen it says ‘Loading…’, bottom right says That’s all I get.


    Mosaic ppl,

    I find the audio begins in sync but it sometimes gets out of sync with the audio always getting ahead of the picture. It usually only happens when I am browsing the web on my other monitor as the picture will stutter during loading of webpages while audio continues to flow and it ends up with audio and video not matching


    I have the same audio/video sunching problems as hogan. It is fine if I only run Mosaic, but if I open another browser window, the video slows and gets out of sync.


    Since MLB and On demand has reached an agreement, is there any way I can get my money back? Maybe I should give this a few more days, since I thought and still think this is an awesome idea but I dont think its ready yet. I know was probably rushed because MLB didnt have a deal with regular tv, but its obvious its not ready yet for a lot of reasons. Hopefully you guys can fix the problems soon. By the way, Justin whoever you are, you are doing a wonderful job under difficult circumstances


    Constant buffering in 4/6 and single view on all quality settings. I have a 2 month old laptop and 6 month old Desktop.
    6megs of bandwidth.

    I can not even watch one game.


    Although I have not had installation problems, and have been able to watch games, I have stability problems on my Mac (crashed x2 already tonight), the same audio synch problems as everybody else, and the video buffer doesn’t work well.

    But I am VERY disappointed in the video quality, it has not been as advertised. And although I am patient, I did not pay for a work in progress.

    I hope this gets fixed soon,I live in Europe and have no other option if I want to see baseball. BTW, I too, have a brand new computer, and an excellent internet connection, so I’m pretty sure this is not the problem.


    I installed the entire system and the computer gave me no option to run the mosaic. Perhaps you guys should have an icon on the MLB.TV website which allows you to open the feature from a predetermined spot, just like the regular MLB.TV game menu. The only option I have is to go back to the MLB Mosaic page, which is essentially an advertisement. The blog is very unhelpful, as there is no ‘Launch site’ for the Mosaic to run… One has to be a computer genius to figure out where to access the feature. This should be way easier. Very frustrating. I paid 20 bucks to get my fantasy baseball content and all the games running simultaneously, but it is like pulling teeth to even get it to launch. Instead, I could have spent 10 bucks to watch one game at a time with no hassle whatsoever. Very disappointing.

  17. Justin

    scott, once you’ve installed the mosaic, it should appear both on your desktop and in your start menu, if you’re on a windows machine.


    Those of you contacting me about No single game. One thing I am seeing is that you all have A LOT of applications running. Try closing some down to free up memory and processor cycles.

    The Player uses around 150MB and the more “other” programs you have running the more likely you are to have poor performance.


    It is very easy to confuse the Web portion of MLB from the Application portion of MLB.TV Mosaic. One uses your web browser the other installs like an office application.

    In the future it may be possible to provide a link to launch the Mosaic from the web (if it’s installed) Would you all find that feature useful?


    Mosaic downloaded an update when I started it, and then puked. It will not start at all. I uninstalled/reinstalled, cleaned the registry with RegCure, but no luck.

    You can view the dump at:

    Guys….I’m a patient man and I work in software development so I know every implementation has it’s bugs. But there’s a limit. I’m not at my limit yet, and I think it is fair to give you a chance to get it right, but it’s time to get your act together. Thanks,



    Installation & Viewing of Mosaic have been smooth for me so far. The only issue that irks me is blackout logic.I live in zip 18624 which blackouts 4 teams; Yankees, Phillies,Pirates and Mets in contrast to my brother’s zip 19380 which blackouts only 1 team; Phillies. My home zip is 102 miles from Yankee Stadium, 101 miles from the Phils CB Park and about 250 miles from where the Pirates play. Please explain why it is necessary to have me blacked out of 8 teams when the Yankees, Phillies, Mets, and Pirates are live on Mosaic.


    Why am I getting the “temporarily unavailable try again soon” message when I’m trying to get on? I haven’t been able to watch a thing yet. What’s going on? It makes it sound as if the problem is with MLB not my system. I need help……..


    I am getting blacked out of the Yankees-Devil Rays game because of “live local blackout restrictions”. I am getting this error in both Mosaic and MLB.TV. My zip is 33025 and when I enter my zip into the field to check blackout restrictions it lists the Marlins (correctly) as the only team I should be blacked out for. Why is this happening??????


    Still not able to watch a single complete archived game. keeps replaying the pregame shows on a loop. it’s not the 6 am next day issue either because i can’t even watch a game from monday.


    Hi My mosaic was working fine.(Picture and streaming is better on website player though)Until today that is!It buffers at a verrrrry slow pace.About 1% a minute!!!!No picture, nothing.Like I said it was working before today. Bandwidth is about 2.5MBPS






    I responded to your e-mail about 1 hour ago. I can re-send it if you have not received it. Was this in regards to 64 Bit Vista or a different issue?



    i live in 70809 which is baton rouge, la. the local games we get are the houston astros. for some reason you also black out the texas rangers games. rangers games dont come on tv here unless its a national game.

    can you look into this asap as im a former bostonian living in baton rouge, la and the red sox play the rangers this weekend. please either fix this or clarify why this is.



    No joy. Per your suggestion, I updated the video driver which makes no difference. Constant rebuffering on 4 or 6 game window. Won’t connect at all to in a single game window. Constant ‘stream error’ or ‘can not connect error’.

    All this was while there were NO other applications running. Tested speed at speakeasy was 2261kbs.

    I have to believe the problem is still on your side since the premium feed MLB TV feed is rock solid.

    What now?


    @ Swarmcast Rep

    After not having many issues until the last few hours, I’m starting to be unable to connect. I haven’t changed anything though, so I’m not sure why this is. After rebooting my system and opening/closing Mosaic several times though, I think I’m seeing a trend develop. Maybe you can tell me if there is anything to this…

    When I was having success earlier in the day, Swarmcast was not running upon the initial startup of my system (I checked this in task manager). Only once I initialized Mosaic was Swarmcast automatically started and the icon placed in my system tray.

    Now, however, Swarmcast is loading at the initial startup of my system, but without the icon in my system tray. I can just see it running in the task manager. When this happens, I open Mosaic and the Swarmcast icon never appears in my system tray. Mosaic remains stuck on ‘connecting’ or ‘stream error’ at that point.

    The problem is that the Swarmcast icon keeps being placed in start->Startup automatically, causing it to start on system startup. When Mosaic was working for me, this wasn’t happening. It was being started automatically when I opened Mosaic. Now though, it seems that Mosaic is only starting Swarmcast up automatically about half the time.

    If none of this makes sense and you need more clarification, drop me an email. If you know what I can do to fix the problem, I’d appreciate it.



    you can go to START — RUN, then type “msconfig” .. go to the STARTUP tab and uncheck “Swarmcast” and restart your computer.

    see if that sheds any new light.

    after you are done troubleshooting make sure you re-check it.


    Why am I getting the “temporarily unavailable try again soon” message when I’m trying to get on? I haven’t been able to watch a thing yet. What’s going on? It makes it sound as if the problem is with MLB not my system. I need help……..



    I’ve sent you an e-mail to see if there is anything on your system that could prevent Mosaic from working properly.

    – Adrian


    It seems pretty certain that there is something to the Swarmcast situation I just mentioned above.

    I uninstalled Mosaic and Swarmcast, reinstalled, restarted my system…

    Upon the restart, Swarmcast was started automatically. I opened Mosaic…it just sat on ‘connecting’ and did nothing. I then closed Mosaic, closed Swarmcast, ran msconfig and disabled Swarmcast upon startup. I restarted my system, opened Mosaic, Swarmcast started automatically, and I connected with no problem.

    The problem with this, however, is that it seems Swarmcast doesn’t always start automatically after I open Mosaic. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. When it doesn’t, it results in ‘connecting’ and ‘stream error’.


    daryanjr: Thanks for this detailed feedback, we’re looking into this immediately.

    -Justin C.


    this reminds me of online video games. you take our money before product is fully tested. shame on you!




    Milestone madness is made for MLB.TV, where you can toggle from one simultaneous game to another — and the fun is just out of hand with Mosaic (part of the MLB.TV Premium service), according to those who have been spending all week drag-and-dropping thumbs of in-progress games into the main screen area so that it switches to the other feed right in front of your eyes.


    Companies have an ethical and financial obligation to ensure (ahead of time) that their products will work for the target market to whom they choose to sell. MLB has failed in the contract they made with us to deliver the MOSAIC service. It does NOT work in applications that meet the system requirements MLB established.

    MLB’s product launch process is a sick joke. We should not pay to be beta testers of badly developed software. To say that MLB couldn’t have anticipated these problems is foolish. The very same problems existed last year with this product. MLB had many months to fix the bugs and test the product. MLB obviously chose not to make this investment. Instead it placed the heavy burden of solving the problems on backs of its paying customers.

    We have paid a premium price for a service that is not being delivered with any reasonble level of quality and seems to have little chance of success.

    I have spent the last 30 years in product managment, marketing, and sales of mission-critical advanced sofware to industry. Had my compnay ever put its customers through this painful experience, we would have been hung, sued, and eventually bankrupt.

    MLB, because it is a monopoly, apparantly gets a free pass.

    That’s wrong and shameful.


    Baseball’s back, and MLB.TV has it all
    Season’s start brings exciting new ways to watch the action………………………………………………..not….true


    —– Original Message —–
    From: MLB Mosaic


    Sent: Wednesday, April 04, 2007 3:34 PM

    Subject: Intel Driver*%20XP%20Professional&lang=eng


    So even the latest driver says it only supports Direct X 9.0c

    What video card to get really depends on your budget and what your using it for. What you must have for the MLB.TV Mosaic is 64MB of memory and Direct X 9 support.


    This is a nice card for 50$

    Do let me know if the Dirver upgrade works though.

    Thank you,



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    Subject: Fw: MLB Mosaic Support: Re: Intel Driver ISSUE=123 PROJ=45

    Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2007 10:43:12 -0400

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    From: MLB Mosaic


    Sent: Friday, April 06, 2007 8:10 AM

    Subject: MLB Mosaic Support: Re: Intel Driver ISSUE=123 PROJ=45

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    Notification of Issue Change

    The following changes have been made to this Issue: Changed Status to Open, Appended a Description, Incoming mail: From:; To:

    Project: MLB Mosaic Support

    Issue: Re: Intel Driver

    Issue Number: 123

    Status: Open Date: 04/06/2007

    Time: 05:10:04 Creation Date: 04/05/2007

    Creation Time: 14:43:06 Created By:

    Click here to view Issue in Browser


    Entered on 04/06/2007 at 05:10:04 by

    what the **** is this ****,this does nothing to help me…how about a REAL PERSON

    Entered on 04/05/2007 at 14:43:06 by

    the driver update was an older version of what is already on the computer,i can’t keep spending money to get your product to work,just want my money back now…120 dollars and i will watch on tv where there are stats etc…been with you multiple years would think the product would have improved but i am very disappointed,ty you for calling and trying but i give up

    —– Original Message —–

    From: MLB Mosaic


    Sent: Wednesday, April 04, 2007 3:34 PM

    Subject: Intel Driver*%20XP%20Professional&lang=eng


    So even the latest driver says it only supports Direct X 9.0c

    What video card to get really depends on your budget and what your using it for. What you must have for the MLB.TV Mosaic is 64MB of memory and Direct X 9 support.


    This is a nice card for 50$

    Do let me know if the Dirver upgrade works though.

    Thank you,


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    Current Assignees: Adrian Sasu


    the above computer generated customer service was as useful as your eternal hold on the phone…..ARE YOU GETTING THE POINT ANDY


    @ Eaze
    Emailing Justin will not get you a refund.

    I am not sure why you are so vocal and upset when you?re trying to run the latest in video streaming technology on a video card that does not support Direct X 9. The issue is not with the Mosaic it is with your video card.

    We have helped many people resolve their issue I am sorry we could not resolve yours as it was a hardware issue on your end.

    Regarding blackouts. There have been other reports of situations like this and we are looking into it.

    You should know that your IP address and physical address play a part in locating where you are in the world. This all has to do with national black out regulations.


    done drinking your coffee
    we know your not on the phone helping customers

    justin stated he would change the language on your ad to say must have a card that supports 9.0

    why hasn’t this been done

    do you really expect the average customer to know if they have the newest cards that according to shane are the only ones that support 9.0?

    why don’t you answer the phones?

    we are all on hold


    64 yes
    9.0 support no

    so all you unhappy customers run out and buy new cards for 50 dollars


    I just started the free trial of premium yesterday and I had a couple of comments/questions.

    A little background, I am an IT professional, so I have knowledge of what could cause issues with applications accessing the Internet. I have a relatively new PC that exceeds the required specs for running the app. I have a 6 Mbps cable connection that consistently measures over 5000 kbps on the bandwidth test.

    Overall I am not impressed because the Mosaic barely worked. Every once in a while a games would load in the multi-screen view, but more often than not, it would constantly say connecting or buffering. I was never able to get an individual game to play in Mosaic, but it would play through the web browser. I also find it irritating that I must manually exit Swarmcast after exiting the Mosaic. I do not like having unnecessary programs running in the system tray.

    I am I the only person that is annoyed by the fact that there are commercials before the game plays and banner ads on web browser when viewing a game? I could understand advertisements if the product was free, but I do not expect advertisements in a premium product.

    The one game I watched last night was the Yankees/Devil Rays 700K stream. The video quality was nowhere near the quality of the 700K preview on the product information page. That was disappointing.

    Another odd issue that I have with Mosaic is that there is always what I assume to be a frame rate counter in the top right hand corner of the Mosaic window. It is small, but an annoyance nonetheless. Has anyone else experienced this?

    I checked my credit card online and my account has already been charged the $1.00 verification/credit hold in addition to the $19.95 fee minutes after I signed up. It was my understanding that the monthly fee would not be charged until the 5 day trial completed.

    Those are my two cents. I am willing to give the benefit of the doubt. Maybe the playback issues were temporary and will be corrected. If the video playback and quality issues are corrected before my trial is complete, I may continue. I had high expectations for this product and so far I have been highly disappointed.



    Processor: 1Ghz Pentium

    System RAM: 512 MB

    Video RAM: 64 MB VRAM

    Hard Disk: 100 MB

    Broadband Connection: 768 Kbps






    I sent in an email and have posted here about audio problems I am having on mid and high quality feeds in both single game and 4/6 view. Still no response. can you let me know if/how to fix the problem?


    What is the version of DirectX that we should have on our machines for MOSAIC to work?

    I have 9.0c. Is this correct?

    It is (according to Microsoft) the latest version.


    The version of DX needs to be 9.0c and everyone can have that installed on their systems without a problem.

    However, the Video Card in your system must support DX9

    If the Video Card does NOT support DX9 then it cannot use DX9 specific features, which MLB Mosaic needs in order to function properly.

    – Adrian


    why isn’t this info about what the card has to support right up front with the requirements?


    would it be too much to ask for just a refund of my money? i appreciate the help but im ready to move on from refund please? thank you. someone let me know if you can help me out.


    firstly-i agree with eaze@bellsouth etc really shouldn’t have to be computer geek to understand what is needed-system clearly set up by people who understand computers to a quite sad degree but no good for rest of us-i’ve given up on mosaic it’s just no good-but 700k feed is good so will stick with that-a few points-can we have something more entertaining than a baseball bouncing around the screen i.e. commercials or mlb tv or something and some feeds don’t have tv graphics eg score or balls/strike count or team lineups, kind of ruins it i think to have to guess the count


    where does it say in your info below that the card has to support dx9?

    if one has dx9 downloaded and a 64mb card from the info below wouldn’t they assume they met the requirement.don’t you get it,we are not computer people,before monday i had no idea that a video card had to support dx9,i found this out from shane,it’s a shame that you keep portraying as the customers fault

    4. What are the requirements to run the MLB.TV Mosaic?



    Processor: 1Ghz Power PC

    System RAM: 512 MB

    Video RAM: 64 MB VRAM

    Hard Disk: 100 MB

    Broadband Connection: 768 Kbps


    Java 1.5 Release 4 Flip4 Mac 2.1 OS 10.4.5 +



    Processor: 1Ghz Pentium

    System RAM: 512 MB

    Video RAM: 64 MB VRAM

    Hard Disk: 100 MB

    Broadband Connection: 768 Kbps


    DirectX 9.0c

    .Net 1.1, .Net 2.0

    Windows Media Player 9+

    OS: Windows 2000, Windows XP (Home, Pro, Media Center), Windows Vista (Business, Ultimate


    It is not very simple to determine if a Video Card is DX9 compatible or not, at least not for the average PC user. The location of this information is completely out of our control and is usually located on the video card manufacturer’s website or in a specifications document.

    When we take a look at your system specifications we go out and track down this information and let you know if the video card in your PC is the problem or if it is something else.

    The most recent video card drivers will resolve many video related issues and we try to track those down as well and provide you with a link.

    – Adrian


    once again why is this not listed in plain english for normal non computer people

    for example:







    For the purposes of fairness.
    I downloaded and purchased mosaic yesterday and have had no problems (except my Red Sox are already down 2-0 this afternoon). My only question is:

    When I double click the icon, it searches for updates everytime and says it finds one to download. I know you are making changes often, but it does this even if I open, close and re-open.

    My problem is it takes a couple minutes to search for updates and open the mosaic. Can I expect this all the time, or will I eventually be able to double click and have the problem just open.

    Thank you for this really fun and addictive way to watch MLB and follow my fantasy team!


    Requiring Direct X 9.0c implies that your video card support Direct X 9.0c as it and your sound card are what utilize the software.

    There are less expensive cards out there, the one I recomended was one that will last a year or so as it has 256MB of video memory.


    the update process is something we do every time, and there will be an update later today. They will become less frequent, and the update check itself should not last more than 10 seconds (if there is no update).

    Good to hear your enjoying the Mosaic.


    I still have not gotten any response about the skipping audio on mid and high quality 4/6 and non-synched audio on high quality single game view. I am starting to get the feeling that only those people that post here demanding a refund like eaze are getting responses while those of us that simply ask our questions nicely and calmly are getting ignored. PLEASE HELP! Once again, I have more than sufficient bandwidth, am running an AMD Turion 64 2.0GHz processor and have an ATI Radeon Xpress 1100.


    “once again why is this not listed in plain english for normal non computer people


    Would you have known what that meant before this issue arose?

    Most non-technical users do not know what Direct X 9 Compatible means. We will work on a better solution. Perhaps we can check the video card before we install, or have you run a little program to test your system before you download.

    I’m sorry it wasnt clear.


    Once again:

    All 4/6 Mosaic streams will not connect or offer what is essentially a slide show, with individual video frames updating approximately once every ten seconds.

    Attempting to view a single game at 700k gives the same slideshow problem, though accessing the exact same stream directly through the site works perfectly.

    I am running a Pentium 4 3.0GHz, XP Media Canter, 1 GB RAM, 256MB Nvidia 7600GS with the latest driver (93.71), DX9.0c, onboard Realtek HD sound, Windows Media Player 11, and a cable modem with 3.0 Mbps (the MLB provided speed test rates it at 4318 kbps).

    I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling. I have tried removing Swarmcast from my startup items as daryanjr suggested. I have closed every non-essential application while using the program. Any advice or feedback is appreciated.


    This is becoming a joke. No audio or video today. No comment from MLBTV. You can’t take peoples money and treat them in this uncaring way. I don’t expect a reply from you people. I think I will dispute my credit card payment as I did not get what I paid for.


    Yea I’m seeing some issues with the Mosaic stream right now. Swarmcast is needed for medium and high quality streams. If it’s not running, then those streams will not work. So I do not recomend removing it if you want to watch the Mosaic.

    Single game is working right now, but Just buffering and black on the mosaic.


    I have downloaded the softwawre, but when I click on the icon to open it I get a message that reads: It could be that you need to update your DirectX drivers. I have done that and I have also installed it without clicking on the Launch option and I still get this message. Why is this happening? And how can I fix it?


    Hi Justin,
    Good job on what you and your crew have been fixing..I only have 2 things… 1) can we PLEASE have the sound in-sync with the picture?? 2) your boxscore doesn’t seem to want to slide up and down in a decent manner. I don’t have alot of interrupted streaming, and/but can always go for better clarity(more mbps on stream). oh 2 1/2) on the top screen where it has active games, previewed games, and blackout games, with the score? Can we have the starting times in the boxes of the upcoming games?? that would help.

    Again, good job on the fixes. Please respond




    Since MLB does not answer e-mails, I will post my issue here. When I double click on the descltop icon, I get a black screen with a huge diagonal “loading…” message. This never goes away and the browser never opens.

    Going to need more information from you. I’ll shoot you an email.

    @ mmccarthy3

    Sound sync is good on my end. But I’ll continue to look at it.

    If you drag a game onto the mosaic it gives you the time it starts right there.


    Sounds like a video issue, but I’ll email you for more information.


    @ Justin C.

    Has there been anything discovered with regard to the Swarmcast topic I brought up last night? I’m still able to produce the same results today…

    Swarmcast running before I start Mosaic = ‘connecting’ or ‘stream error’

    Swarmcast disabled at startup, starting Mosaic, Swarmcast starting automatically and showing up in the system tray = no problems


    Skaus, something that I forgot to mention before. When I open the Mosaic, it searches for updates and installs them. It’s not until it’s finished updating that I get the DirectX error message.


    My mosaic hasn’t worked since day 1. This is my 4th year as an subscriber and may be my last if I have to keep paying for a product that does not work. Let me know what information you need in order to solve my problem.


    Requiring Direct X 9.0c implies that your video card support Direct X 9.0c as it and your sound card are what utilize the software.




    Let me clarify – I have had this problem since I first installed the software. It isn’t just today – it has never worked. Never.

    I did not “remove” Swarmcast, which still launches along with the Mosaic application.

    I will follow the instructions in the latest post and uninstall/reinstall AGAIN.


    i am able to download the mosaic application but the program never finishes launching. it gets to the point of downloading the updates but then i get this error message.


    how do i fix the mosasic program?


    Just wondering if MLB mosaic works with Win XP PRO 64 bit edition. System requirements list MS .Net 2.0 as a requirement which can’t be downloaded on Win XP 64. When lauching program I get an application error stating apllication failed to initialize(0xc0000135)


    @Direct x issues
    We need to check to see what video card you have and what driver version you are running.

    Can you please do the following

    – Click on [Start]

    – Click on [Run]

    – In the [Run] line type “DXDIAG” (no quotes).

    – A DirectX dialog window will open.

    – On that dialog will be a “Save all information as” button.

    – Click that button and save the information as: .txt to the Desktop

    – Send me the attachment. Once we get the file we will be able to see where the problem lies.



    Do you have a router? Have you tried bypassing the router and connecting directly to your Cable / DSL modem. Let us know if that scenario applies and if it made any difference.


    daryanjr: Did you by any chance also install Swarmcast from our web site?

    There is currently a problem where the version on our web site, is an older, stable version that is not in sync with the version distributed in Mosaic, so we do not recommend that Mosaic users install Swarmcast from our web site.

    If you do have another version installed, you may need to uninstall both Swarmcast and Mosaic and reinstall.

    Otherwise, we are looking into some issues related to Mosaic/Swarmcast startup and should have either a workaround or update soon.

    -Justin C.


    @ Justin C.

    The only Swarmcast I have is what was installed during the Mosaic installation. It does appear, however, that two versions are installed within the Swarmcast folder…one seems to be simply Swarmcast, the other Swarmcast MLB.

    The latest Mosaic update from today placed Swarmcast back in my startup folder and things have been working fine. The only thing I notice is that sometimes, with swarmcast already running, when I open Mosaic it places an additional Swarmcast icon in my system tray. It’s like Mosaic tries to open Swarmcast again even though it’s already running.

    For the record, I would ideally prefer that Swarmcast open and close with Mosaic. I don’t care to have it start when I start my system, nor do I want to close it everytime I exit Mosaic. I understand there are greater issues to deal with though…just a little something for future consideration.


    This morning Mosaic ran its updates and now i can not get logged in. Never had this problem before, worked fine yesterday. The error message reads:

    The MLB.TV Mosaic got an unanticipated exception while loggin in. Padding is invalid and cannot be removed.

    I havent had this issue or any issue with Mosaic up until this morning.



    I have uninstalled, reinstalled, changed permissions, disabled UAC launched installer as administrator, launched program as administrator, checked firewall and I still get the following error

    Couldn’t read TVScript Application from C:\ProgramData\MLB TV Mosaic\TVScriptApp\mlb_broadband_ondemand_2007.qcb:

    Error HRESULT E_FAIL has been Returned from a call to a COM component.

    I’m getting very fustrated. Are there any other setings to change??

    Running Vista ultimate


    The irony of this situation is almost comical. Who does the application actually work for? Those of us with high powered 64 bit systems that should easily run the application can’t because the programmers seem to be completely incapable of performing a simple recompile of the application, and then there are those people who’s machines can’t run the application due to lack of power…so uhh the application requirements are somewhere around: (requirements > mediocore && requirements < powerful)


    I’m not so computer savvy, but it seems I’m having problems with my video card. It’s a SIS 630/730 which is apparently very old, I’ve gone to their site to try to update it but that doesn’t seem to do anything. As of now, when I try to start up mlbtv I get the following message:
    Exception: Exception from HRRESULT: 0x8876086c

    Do I need to purchase a new card? If so, how do I do that? Or is there a way for me to download what I need?


    When I try to install Mosaic it says “This program is blocked due to compatability issues.” I am running Vista Home and already have Windows Media Player 11 installed.
    Please help.



    Like some above, I am not getting any picture, just audio. I’ve tried reinstalling Mosaic, reinstalling Direct X, and reinstalling the net framework thing, and it still doesn’t work.

    I’d like a refund, as I’ve had this for about 3 days now, and it doesn’t work; plus, with the deal just struck with On Demand, I’d prefer to just watch on TV and not deal with these technical issues. Please email me, thanks, as I’d prefer to do this amicably and not just tell my credit card to block the charge.


    I am having the same issue someone please reply with the resolve to this issue.

    i am able to download the mosaic application but the program never finishes launching. it gets to the point of downloading the updates but then i get this error message.



    how do i fix the mosasic program?

    Posted by: | April 6, 2007 05:01 PM

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