Mac users on new build

We’ve seen another audio issue with the new build. As we’re working around the clock to clean things up quickly, occasionally these slip through. If you’re launching the app on a mac, and you don’t hear audio immediately, please just click on the volume to change the level, and then click back to the level you’d like and it should come in. We’ll have this resolved by tomorrow morning at the latest.




    I am using a Mac and cannot add players to My Player Tracker. I can add the names to the roster and save the changes, but when I click update on the tracker, it does nothing but tell me it is loading. How can I get this to work?


    I am having trouble with the audio it fades in and out. I have cable so there is enough power. using xp


    I have a mac and I am having the same problems with the Player Tracker. I can add the names to the roster and save the changes, but when I click update on the tracker, it does nothing but tell me it is loading. I also have some kind of streaming error all of the time and then I have to reopen the game and it buffers a while and it finally comes back on and its a commercial. Just wondering if your working on this?


    I am a PC user running Vista Ultimate and have the following issues. I have a 8 MB/s down speed with my ISP. Through testing it is verified at aroudn 7800 kb/s. Through this site it claims I have approximately 3000 kb/s speeds to the site. When running mosaic in the 6 game mode I get a 1360 kb/s connection, however when I switch to a single game mode it gets a stream error and fails every single time. Please help!



    when will the new windows build be posted? the one that was supposed to be new is identical to the one posted yesterday?


    You guy’s ****. The video is jumping. sound quality is terrible guy’s give it up. I have the higest broadband you can have and a fresh video card. pooooooor


    Adrian, did you get my email & attachment last night? If not, let me know and I’ll send it again.




    Why am I getting the blue MLB screen when I put the LA Dodger-San Francisco game in either the four screen or six screen mosaic. The game comes up if I put in the single screen. The same problem occurred last night with the Angels-A’s game. I sent an e-mail last night but got no response.


    I have for 3 days straight gotten mosaic service unavailable. I’m not sure why this is happening. The service is obviously working for other users. I have uninstalled and reinstalled with the lastest update and it doesn’t appear to have made a difference. Can someone please let me know what the problem is.
    I also know that I purchased the premium package even though there is no way to see you subscription.


    System Preferences…



    You can Add/Delete/Change firewall setting there.



    Yes, if you are behind a router/ firewall then the ports on that device would need to be opened.



    Thanks for the help with the pregame loop issue. other than that, i have to tell you, everythings been working fine.


    Is there anyway the builds can be numbered (ie: mlbxxx-0.2415.dmg) like in real software development, so we can know when to download the latest & greatest?? I’m lost here.

    Are having problems with the software updater? The intent of the automatic updater is to avoid users having a worry about our build #’s, etc. If you think the updater isn’t working for you can you send us details?



    My wife has an iMac running OS-X 10.3.9 and the installation won’t. It wants us to upgrade to 10.4. That ain’t free! Is there a work-around?


    Mosaic crashes on startup on my PowerMac G5 (latest everything, dual-2.5 GHz, 4 GB RAM) even with the latest build, but works fine on the MacBook Pro. Has anyone else seen this?


    Mosaic uses advanced Mac OS features that are available on only version 10.4 and newer. So in your case you would need to upgrade your OS.



    If you could post any details on the crash (logs, error messages) that would be a big help (or email to . We have tested on Macs close to your configuration.



    Can someone ‘splain EXACTLY what opening up the ports on a wireless router means? I’m on a Mac and I’ve had reasonable success with Mosaic BUT I’ve had issues with maintaining a signal and the video quality has been subpar. I would like to try and trouble shoot this router ports issue (my hardware and software meets all the stated MLB.TV requirements).

    I accessed my router settings last night but I was not clear on what the settings should be. Please advise.


    What brand/model of router are you using? We can try to help walk you through the process.



    When the audio starts lagging behind the video then during the commercial rebuffer it. It ***** but you won’t miss the middle of an at bat. Thanks for fixing the player tracker so quickly!


    Again, I’m using a MAC OSX version 10.4.9. I have DSL, I tested my speed plenty of times, before I signed on for the premium pkg and after all these issues. My bandwith speed is 1544.89 last I tested. It’s just very frustrating that I can’t get an answer to the problems I have using Mosaic, neither through these threads, nor by e-mail, nor by phone. Againn, every time I’m in the 6 and 4 viewing screens in Mosaic the video re-buffers every ten seconds. But, when I’m in the single view in Mosaic, it plays fine. Just want to know, why is this happening?

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