New Build Available

Hi all,
We have another new build for you all, addressing the following:

-Mac Audio fixes – we’re hoping this has cleared the issues from yesterday up, as well as the slowdown on audio switch issue.
-Multiple quality levels for on-demand playback
-Speeding up login on the PC
-Mosaic daily refresh process hanging some of you up is cleaned up
-Box score fixes
-Game status fixes
-Debugging/troubleshooting error messages added for sound card/driver related issues

I have a long list of emails from many of you to reply to, which I’m working through now. Apologize if i’ve been a bit slow to get back to some of you – but if you email about a mosaic related issue, i will get back to you. Again though, your best bet for a quick reply is via commenting here. We’re working on a few other ideas to consolidate feedback and issues, that will be a bit easier to track than the blog.

Thanks again for your comments and feedback. We’re all committed to getting this working for all of you. Anecdotally, traffic on the mosaic is looking quite good, and it appears that more and more of you are getting used to the app and spending more time on it, which is good to see.




    Justin, please help. I downloaded Mosaic last night and it is not working. I did the speed test and it came back at 999 kbps.


    Every time I have tried to launch Mosaic this whole week, it says that it is temporaily unavailable and that I should check back soon.

    I have an Acer Aspire which has a gig of ram, OS is XP serive pack 2, 2GHZ AMD processor, Cable High speed.

    What’s the deal with this?


    Still having Video mixer renderer problems and still nobody has contacted me about how to fix it.


    We all would appreciate a better method to get feedback on issues. My issue is the blackout issue. When I subscribed, the following information was NOT provided on the MLB subscription web site: “Local Live Blackout: ALL LIVE MLB.TV games will be blacked out in each applicable Club’s home television territory (except for certain home television territories for which may offer in-market subscription services) or in Japan.” If I had known that I would not have subscribed. This is a change from last year so we get less for more money. Thanks You won’t get my subscription in 2008 unless this is fixed satisfactorily. If there’s an attorney on this blog, we may address this via a class action sueing.


    When starting the mosaic i get a pop up stating that video mixing renderer is needed (VMR9) it states that i need to check my settings and make sure that hardware accelerater is on its highest position. I have done this. i have downloaded latest windows media,directX 9,Net framework 2.0,removed and reloaded the mosaic,checked firewalls. I have even had a cpu geek run through my system and make sure everything needed for this program was there and installed properly. The mosaic will come up everything is there and player watch list box scores and it is all running live. but i cannot get a picture or sound. very frustrated.
    cause this seems like a great product….if i can get it to work.




    I think this new build actually may have triggered my first probelm. I was having buffering issues all last night on all speeds. It would play for 10-15 seconds then buffer for close to minute.

    I seemed to be ok on the low video quality, but prior to last night, I had no problems on the “medium” quality, and very few on the “high”.

  7. Justin

    @frank, we’ll get in touch with you directly – it sounds like you have an old build that isnt properly updating. do you mind giving a re-install a try?

    @revmrf- I’m sorry the blackout details werent made clear to you in the subscription process – though we have links for you to enter your zipcode and check on the pages. if you’re seeing behaviour in the app thats inconsistent with this, we’ll certainly address it, but unfortunately changing blackout rules is a few levels above my pay grade.


    I seem to have a not so typical problem. Mosaic works pretty well for me, audio/video/single game mode. But I get NO audio when watching a single game from the website. Video is fantastic even full screen.

    I’ve tried Firefox, IE, updated my sound drivers, rolled back from MediaPlayer 11 to 10. I get sound watching highlights on the main page, and in Mosaic, but NO SOUND when I choose to watch a game/highlights/condensed/anything in the media player. Works fine on my work computer running seemingly the same tools.

    Media Player 10

    All updates, plug-ins

    SoundBlaster Live! Driver

    Please help. This would be perfect if I could hear anything.


    Hey Justin,

    Quick question… how can I check and make sure that I have the most up-to-date version of Mosaic? I’m on an Intel Mac and at version I don’t see a page where I can check what build you’re on now.


    Having Video mixer renderer problems like some other people have posted the last several days and haven’t seen any responses as to whether it is being addressed. I have tried everything I can think of. Are you working on it??? Thanks.


    Averatec Laptop
    Windows XP, Windows Media Player 10, latest build (third re-install) Verizon FIOS 15mB feed – Speed tests 4.5 mB.

    My Mosaic multigame display is compressed into the top half of the screen. (1024×760 display).

    The six game images are in the right position on the screen, but all the black stuff and the black TV frames and all the legends and radio buttons are compressed into the top half and overlaying on the six underlying game tv images. Its like two different pictures are being sent – the six game images, filling out the full screen and in the right place, and a picture of all the black stuff and what comes with it, compressed vertically into a half screen which is then superimposed on the six game images.

    Since the six TV images are in the correct place on the screen and in true proportion, it can not be something in my video drivers or my screen settings. It has to be something in the format that is being sent. Help.

    Also, even with my FIOS 15 mbytes feed, my images are all jerky and the audio broken and it is constantly re-buffering. Help here too.


    My player updated itself today (4/7) and when I run it, I get a popup from both the player and Framwork saying “Unhandled exception has occured in your application. If you click continue, the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue. If you click quit, the application will close immediately. I click continue and I just get a black screen on the player. Please help!


    Just logged on Mosiac at 1pm CST, and the new update installed fine. Yesterday I was able to run at the middle video level with no problem. I have a T1 DSL connection running at a steady 1500 KBPS. Today after the new update loaded, if I try and run at the middle video level, it buffers up to 5% complete, then just sits there forever, never going any higher than 5% complete. If I switch to the lowest video level, it connects, and starts playing within 5 seconds every time, nbut the PQ is very degraded as might be expected. Looks like the new update has caused some kind of problem not allowing me to run at the middle video level anymore. Any ideas?


    Is there a reason why the commercials are taken out and instead there is this soundless pong screensaver?



    A note about the “Game Status” option when watching the game in single-game mode.

    The status is often ahead of the video. Watchin the Brewers game and the count in the Game Status is 3-1 but before I get to watch four pitches. Any way to sync up the status with the video?


    I’m still having constant buffering problems on 4 and 6 game views. It was working pretty well on Wednesday night on the medium picture, but now it’s rebuffering at all of the settings.

    Also up until last night I was able to view the Mosaic, and MLB.TV at the same time, so I could basically watch two games at once, but during the late games last night, I would have constant buffering while doing this.

    Anyone else having better luck with this?


    Jason and Others (RE: Commercials)

    Last night I watched the Angels-Oakland game on MLB.TV. I was surprised when the commercials were all shown between innings, not that annoying no MLB pong screen. For clarification, are commercials shown when the broadcast originates from a NON FSN station as the broadcast did last night (the game was telecast and shown on MLB.TV from local LA outlet Channel 13, KCOP TV, not FSN West as most Angel telecasts are)?


    Justin, etc:
    Any update on the response to my email where I sent (as requested) a copy of my dxdiag file?


    Not sure what you did, but suddenly I am able to connect on the middle video level, but strangely, the third level doesn’t seem to be available to select on my screen at all. The lowest video level is now showing 400KBPS, not the 885 it was showing 15 minutes ago, and the middle level which would buffer constantly 15 minutes ago (showed 1360 KBPS when it would work for a few seconds) is now connecting at about 665 KBPS. You obviously are working on the problem, as it has changed completely from 15 minutes ago.


    For what it’s worth:
    Medium video quality on the 4/6 is passable, but not much more. I’m sure your goal is for this to get better.

    High video quality on the 4/6 is still unwatchable. Jerky and constant buffering.

    I have a 128mb video card

    1 gig of ram

    Just thought i’d let ya know.


    I have uninstalled, reinstalled, changed permissions, disabled UAC launched installer as administrator, launched program as administrator, checked firewall and I still get the following error

    Couldn’t read TVScript Application from C:\ProgramData\MLB TV Mosaic\TVScriptApp\mlb_broadband_ondemand_2007.qcb:

    Error HRESULT E_FAIL has been Returned from a call to a COM component.

    I’m getting very fustrated. Are there any other setings to change??

    Is anyone else getting this error? What information do you need from me

    Running Vista ultimate


    Mosaic worked fine last night, but today when I tried to launch it, and it finds an update, it stops at about 75% and I get an unhandled exception, error # 800703e6.
    It says what faied is the retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID. I try to launch over and over with the same result. Thanks, Pete Z


    New symptoms–The buffering problem at middle video quality level has returned with same symptoms as an hour ago before it started working for a few minutes, but at connect rates of 400KBPS for lowest level, and 625 at the middle level about 15 minutes ago. Now it is acting like it did an hour ago when I first noticed a problem after the new update was loaded. It always connects and plays within 5 seconds at the lowest video quality level at about 828 KBPS. If I try to connect at the middle video quality level, which worked fine at 1360 kbps before loading the new update, Mosaic connects ok, but SLOWLY buffers up to about 12%, then suddenly begins playing ok for about 20 seconds, then repeats the entire process of slowly buffering up to 12%, connecting and playing at 1360KBPS for 20 seconds, then repeating the buffering cycle, over and over until I finally switch back to the lowest setting which runs without a problem. Until I loaded the latest update an hour or so ago, everything ran perfectly at 1360KBPS at the middle video quality setting. Hope this info helps find the new problem witgh the new release.


    Not sure what to say, but this constant buffering and reconnecting is making me think I’ve wasted money. I cannot get a game to run for more than 3-5 minutes. Worked great last year but not this year. Maybe shold be called MLB


    New symptom for me as well. It’s happened twice today where, after I’ve been using Mosaic for a long time, the program completely locks up but the game I am watching keeps playing.

    By locking up I mean that nothing I click on works. I can’t switch between games, stats, change views, etc. The only thing I can do is minimize the program and close it.


    Just checked the middle video quality, and it is working perfectly again!!! Whatever you guys did this afternoon, has once again fixed the problem. Connects fine at the middle video quality, buffers up to 100% in about 6-7 seconds, then plays perfectly at 1360KBPS for as long as I leave it on—completely fixed from the problem noted above all afternoon at the middle video quality level. Thanks 🙂


    Ok, so im back.. Last night i finally got mosaic working, the problem was the router was blocking certain ports that mlb needed open for me to be able to get the streams in single game view, well later that night my computer crashed, which never happened before then, and i had to reboot to a previous windows when before the crash, ok fine I did that checked my router settings the same ports will still open, but now mosaic was nt working in single game view again. I’ve been on the phone with my customer support for my router and they werent getting me anywhere, just going over the same steps and still couldnt get mosaic to work. Mosaic works fine when my cable modem is directly hooked up to my PC.

    SO my question is, does anyone know any wireless routers that are compatable with mosaic, and preferably Xbox 360, because I also use it for that. Im tired of sitting on the phone with some guy in India trying to tell my how to open and close ports, and all this other ****. I’d rather just go out buy a new router that will allow mosaic to access the ports it needs, and save me from all this grief. any input would be much appreciated, you can email me or leave a message on here. The router im currently using is a Linksys wireless G Model: wrt54g… so im thinking of staying away from linksys and getting a different brand.


    So, two days have gone by since I received the first (and last) e-mail with any indication. No further replies, nothing changed with new builds. Apparently I even received an e-mail telling me I have nobody assigned at my case.
    Can anybody please reply? The stutter is really awful.


    After the last build in the multi-game screens it keeps on buffering every 30secs to 2 minutes on any setting. On Wednesday night everything was fine on the highest quality setting. Hoplefully there will be a fix for this issue.


    Hello All @ MLB.

    I have to appreciate all the work going on trying to make Mosaic work. But for a whole bunch of us it just doesn’t, yet. I’ve had virtually the same unfotunate status since my five day trail started on Thursday. As rene144 put it, I have nothing but “stutter”, no matter whether it is in 1-4-6 mode. Everything moves in second long, maybe two at most, seqments, then freezes for several seconds, over and over. I’ve updated my DirectX, tried all your updates, then this afternoon deleted and re-installed Mosaic, all to no avail whatsover. The buttons on the Mosiac, the drag & drop, the running updates at the bottom of the page all are fine. I simply can’t watch any games. With only two days left on the trial, it is looking like I’ll have to cancel my subscription, as the Premium service has no value to me like this. High, medium or low makes no difference. The MLB bandwidth tester shows me at about 3575 kbs, though it buffers between 100 to 1900. It stays connected pretty well, but the performance just isn’t there. I do have a Linksys ModelBEFW11S4 V2 Wireless Router, with UPnP enabled, AMD Athlon Processor with 1.00GHz, 512 MB of RAM

    I see from reading other posts that many fans have Mosaic working well. I’ve got less than 48 hours for that to happen here. Thanks for any help you can provide. systems now running quite well.


    Fixed audio problem with MLB premium! My problem: NO audio with Media Player 11. Mosaic was fine (except for horrible 3 sec delay).Attempted rollback to WMP 10. No good. Called support, sent me two emails. One was “rollback to 10” (thanks), the other was reconfigure MP. Neither worked. Well there is something they left out of the “reconfigure steps” and it solved my problem, so if anyone has a similar problem try this:

    1. Open Media Player (11)

    2. Tools, Options.

    3. DVD Tab. Advanced checkbox.

    4. Click the dropdown next to Output.

    5. Choose 1/0 mono.

    6. Apply, Ok, Ok. Done.

    Seems as though for me, Media Player wasn’t passing through the mono audio stream. Now it is. Hope this helps someone!


    Hello Again,
    I wrote a couple hours ago. Checked my system requirements, and realized that while the Premium description page list says Media Player 9+ is acceptable, I nevertheless updated from 9 to 11. It seemed to help. Now, albeit with only one screen at a time available to play, the sound is working much better, but still with a few pauses, and the video, in medium, is behaving a bit more consistently. It is still moving in lurches, but not nearly as bad as only a couple hours ago. And it will go periods completely smoothly. Here’s hoping things continue to smooth out, epsecially with multiple feeds, cuz I love this Mosiac player! Keep up the good work. Thank you.


    I know we had to download Swarmcast as part of the initial install. Why does Swarmcast automatically start up when my computer starts up and leave an icon in my taskbar? At times I have to open task manager to close it down and sometimes it shows Swarmcast running twice. Is there any way to fix this. I feel that Swarmcast shouldn’t be running if Mosaic isn’t running. Anyone?


    I noticed the same thing about Swarmcast, it is in my startup menu, so I have started deleting the shortcut there and the icon in the task bar too after I shutdown Mosaic. It doesn’t hurt anything to do this. Mosaic will load just fine the next time you want to run it, unfortunately, each time you run it, it again puts a shortcut to Swarmcast in your startup file, and you need to delete it each time you close Mosaic down in both places, the taskbar icon and the startup file, or else when you reboot your pc for any reason, Mosaic will once again startup and place an icon in your taskbar even though you haven’t opened it to view a game. NOTE TO JASON: Since it doesn’t seem to affect the way Mosaic operates, please remove the icon from the taskbar when we close Mosaic, and DO NOT put the shortcut for Mosaic in the startup file each time Mosaic opens as it is not functionally needed there. Most of us have alot already in our taskbars and startup files, so anything that isn’t absolutely needed there to run should not be there until needed. Thanks–Mosaic is running GREAT for me this EASTER MORNING, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, EACH DAY IT IS GETTING BETTER!!!


    happy easter,




    I am also getting the “Unhandled Exception” error. I am on a fully updated Vista Business machine. I’d really like to watch Lincecum. Wheres the fix?

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