New Build Available

Hi all,
There is a new build available that addresses application fixes and additional stability issues we’ve seen. We’ve also introduced functionality that will allow for us to show you all something we’ve been working on that I think you’ll enjoy. Stay tuned – update on this coming first thing in the morning after we’ve had a successful night of testing.



BTW: I’ve got a big pile of email from you, and appreciate you taking the time to write in. You’re not going unheard, just had a busy day focused on the app. I’ll be getting back to those of you who wrote in regarding mosaic issues by tomorrow morning. Thank you for your patience.



    I watched the midday games today with no problem. After going out for the afternoon though, I get home and start up mosaic, it updates, and now I can’t get medium or high quality to work on 6 or 4 game view. It starts buffering but takes FOREVER! Once it eventually does start showing video, it buffers again FOREVER after about 15 seconds. Any idea why this might be? I’m guessing it has something to do with the latest update since I was fine before it.


    I’ve also had this problem, but also, whenever I double click a window to get the one game window, I get redirected to, asking me to purchase…


    Least your update download goes passed 88%. This product is great but isn’t ironic that the benchmark in baseball is a .300 batting average and that is about the average amount of time that this program and service works good. P.S. Don’t tell me to uninstall and re-install cause I have had to do this about 4 times already to get it working and am sick and tired of having to do this. Not to mention what program should you have to do that??? Disgruntled (paid for in full subscription) customer.


    I saw that on my wireless laptop. Turned out to be getting “low” signal strength. I moved it to a better location and things improved. I’ll keep an eye on it, but any chance you were on wireless?


    Sounds like the application hung to me. Might have to force close the Mosaic and try again. Very intermittent issue we are working on.


    @ mosaic

    I’ve been on wireless since day one and never really had any problems. It just started with this last update.


    @ mosaic

    And I meant to mention that my computer is within 2 feet of my router, so I’m getting full signal.


    I think i am having the same problem as
    I just downloaded mosaic today and as I went to high and medium quality it worked for about 2 minutes and then went on buffering for about 20 seconds. My signal is “excellent”. Any idea why this could be happening?


    I am having a problem where if i have it at 6 or 4 games at once the games play but if go to pick just one game nothing playing


    Is there a way to turn off automatic updates? I am currently at a location where I am on a public system and the updates will not allow mosaic to run because of the firewall.


    I have given up trying to watch more than one game (this clearly is not ready for the major leagues MLB should send this down to single A for some grooming). My bandwith is fine ( told me so after my test). Due to the early start times at this point in the season I have been watching archived games. Mosaic not displaying the scores of the games is fantastic. Each game I have watched is of course choppy regardless of the connection speed (essientially we are paying full price for audio feeds only). Just to pile on, the audio and video feeds are not in sync. The idea of the product is great we just need MLB to execute. Do not forget that during the Direct TV issue MLB pounded their chest about MLB.TV. With all of the subscription numbers proudly displayed by MLB during the Direct TV spat, you would think that the service worked similar to other media when in fact, this is sadly not the case.


    I posted early last week on the thread about install problems as i can not load program and get an MLBAppStart.exe error. There were several others with the same error. I had a few communications via email and provided all my msconfig info etc and they didn’t see any errors. I have been waiting patiently now for 4 days since my last email with the following update, Deleted Assignee: Adrian Sasu. I have heard nothing since. This is my file info Project: MLB Mosaic Support
    Issue: Re: MLB Blog Support

    Issue Number: 131

    I would appreciate some furthur corespondence to get this program working.



    how to i access the mosaic site?

    I have subscribed and downloaded but cannot seem to access the mosaic

    thanks for help



    the streams were good today, however there has been A TON of buffering for the evening games on the 6 game highest quality stream. i didn’t have any buffering problems on the single game view w/in mosaic.



    i don’t work for MLB so this may or may not be advised, but if you look in the MLBAppStart.exe.config file. you will see it is getting its updates from

    you could change the MLBAppStart.exe.config file to point to a local file on your machine with the contents of the file that work.

    the downside is you will never get updates, but you will be able to start the application.

    in theory this should work, but i haven’t tested it and it really doesn’t get to the root of your problem. if you can access from work you should be able to get the updates.

    can you access from your web browser?


    We apologize for the confusion. I reopened your ticket. You should have received an email from us.


    I’m not even able to download the new build, it just hangs on the “preparing to download” message. It is unuseable.


    HELP! Everytime I log into the Mosaid app I am presented with a “Mosaic temporarily unavailable” message. This has been ongoing for three days now. I waited on hold to the support center for 1 hour 20 minutes before being disconnected. I have performed multiple troubleshooting methods with no results. Please Help?!?


    4-10-07. In multi-game Mosaic mode, the audio and the video are not in sync. This is the first time this has happened to me, although I have heard others complain about it. Is there any way to correct this?


    Another thing: I have a Macbook running Mac OSX V. 10.4.9. In recent days, my activity monitor showed Mosaic consuming no more than 60% of my CPU. Now it’s up over 90%. Any reason? And there’s also some Java action happening that wasn’t in the activity monitor before. Why?


    Still not having any success watching highlights or top plays on my Mac. I’m running OSX 10.4.9, 1.67 GHz G4 PPC, 512 MB SDRAM… buffering always stops at 48%. Have not been able to get past 48% at all since day 1. Will this issue be fixed in the next build?


    We have seen some slow downloads tonight, not sure what the problem was, but there were many who had no issue. We will defiantly look into it.


    What date/time does your computer say it is? If it is not correct the Mosaic can not get the correct file for the day and will give that message.


    We have seen this but reloading the stream by either selecting a different game or re launching the app will cause it to go away. We cant reproduce it every time but we are looking into the cause.

    What tool are you using to monitor the CPU? The usage will go up depending on what screen/stream/data is being sent received. It will fluctuate, but if you have a tool your using I can look at trying to reproduce it myself.


    What build are you running? “MLB.TV Mosaic – About ..” the latest version is I just saw this issue. I’ll let the team know about it. Expect a fix soon.



    I can’t open any condensed games on my Quick Time player buffers to 15 seconds and then freezes. It c an play full games, but time does not permit me to watch them! I have Mac OS X 10.4.9




    Has there been any fixes on the problem I have playing Mosaic? I have a MAC OSX version 10.4.9, video re-buffers every 10 seconds in the 4/6 viewing screens. Any update yet on this problem?


    When the progress meter is at 88%, it is in the middle of downloading the largest of the update files. When the servers are heavily loaded, this download can take some time. You can check for network activity in XP or Vista by running the command “taskmgr” and clicking on the Networking tab.


    I’ve given up on Mosaic. I’ll give it a try after it appears that all the issues have been worked out. For right now, it just doesn’t well enough to justify the inconvenience of using it. Yes, many of the people with problems are having them as a result of their own hardware issues. I am not, my hardware is fine, and yes, technically the program “runs.” I just don’t think it’s a very good product right now.

    Rather than focus on Mosaic, I would like MLB to focus on a much more straightforward problem — improve the quality of the video. Take care of that much first, and then deal with the bells and whistles. Who cares if people can’t get their player tracker to work correctly if the game you are watches looks terrible.

    So far, I’ve probably watched 7 games or so. Only once, on the second day of the season, did the quality remotely approach “TV quality.” A couple of the games were decent. But others have been terrible. For example, the White Sox and A’s games the past couple days have been HORRIBLE. The 700k stream looks far worse than the 400k stream from the second game of the season.

    Look, Mosaic is a good _idea_, but not a good product. Get it working in time. But for now, just give us some quality video. Once you’ve done that, give us an option for which feed we want to see, so we’re not subjected to some awful homer commentary if we don’t want it.



    I have tried rmcc4444’s suggestions, but it is only acting like a rerouter to the updating page and the same problem occurs


    Can you tell me what IP adress(es) traffic for Mosaic orginates from? I can at least open my router to traffic from these addresses.


    I can’t get medium or high quality to work on 6 or 4 game view. It starts buffering but takes FOREVER! Once it eventually does start showing video, it buffers again FOREVER after about 15 seconds. Any idea why this might be? I’m guessing it has something to do with the latest update since I was fine before it.


    @ Connection issues

    The usual cause is a firewall or virus checking application preventing

    access. If you have windows firewall you can review the following link to allow the

    following applications to the internet The programs that need access are



    and Swarmcast-MLB-TV-Mosaic.exe


    Open Ports:

    Out: TCP on port 1755

    Out: UDP on ports 1755 and 5005

    Most people behind firewalls will end up using TCP streaming. But UDP streaming is

    much more efficient. You can enable UDP streaming by opening up these ports:

    In: UDP between ports 1024 and 5000

    Your Router may have a setting called Universal Plug and Play that allows the peer to peer communication. The default setting for UPnP is disabled. If disabled, the router will

    not allow any device to automatically control the resources, such as port forwarding

    (mapping), of the router.

    Windows Media Player:

    If you’re having trouble watching single game streams on either MLB.TV or within the Mosaic, I’d suggest trying the following:

    1. Open Windows Media Player

    2. Open Options, you should see a network settings tab – select this

    3. You’ll see RTSP/UDP/TCP/HTTP. Try just leaving TCP and HTTP enabled, if it’s still not working, try just HTTP.


    Everything is working fine for me last night and today! My firewall was the biggest problem and I played around with it until I got it to work. Go to program control in your firewall and mark the MLB programs as well as swarmcast as trusted sites, this worked for me!


    The reason I ask about the originating IP address is because I have attempted the fixes mentioned about and it did not correct the issue. Additionally, I am not comfortable opening 4000 UDP ports without specifying specific IP addresses to allow the traffic in from. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


    New to Mosaic – really looking forward to using it.

    Is there a way that I can setup a proxy authication. I work in a large corporate environment and would like to use mosaic at work (during lunch of course).


    Jason, I think what’s driving most of us nuts is that nothing works the same 2 days in a row. For days, I have had ZERO problems, both with Mosaic at 1360kbps and single game viewing at 700kbps. Last night I loaded the new update at about 1am, checked Mosaic out at my regular middle video quality level of 1360kbps, and everything worked perfectly. Now today, I just logged on to Mosaic, no new update was found so I am running with the same Mosaic that worked perfectly at 1am this morning, BUT now I am getting stream errors trying to connect at the middle quality level of 1360kbps, then after 2 or 3 retries to connect, a message box comes up telling me I have encountered a Network Stream error, and to try connecting at a lower quality level (never had to do that in any previous day). I try the lowest quality level after getting the message, and lo and behold, I connect in about 3 seconds at 824kbps. As I stated earlier, up until this problem, I have connected at the middle level of 1360kbps every time without experiencing a problem. This is the sort of thing driving even your loyal users absolutely nuts. Any ideas as to what the problem is today? Thanks


    We’ve seen users with proxies able to connect to the mosaic, it all depends on the network configuration on your site, open ports and things beyond our control. But hopefully you get to watch baseball at work.. er at lunch 😉


    I’ve posted this 2x and have seen other similar posts, but no answer posted or sent to me. It would be nice if the FAQ was updated regularly will all of this information so I didn’t have to search the multiple daily blogs praying for an answer.

    I can install the program fine, but when I go to launch the program, it downloads an update, but then gets stuck on the screen that says ‘loading…’. It is stuck on this screen indefinitely, I have waited for hours, until I close the program. I have installed Directx9.0 and the latest video card drivers.

    I have:

    Windows XP, Version 2002, SP2. A brand new laptop, Lenovo X60s. Intel Core Duo CPU L2400 @ 1.66GHZ

    1GB of RAM

    Mobile Intel 945GM/GU Express Chipset Family 224MB

    Internet connection speed is screaming fast as I work at Cisco.


    My only thought here is that it’s the internet and there are many factors beyond your and my control that can affect your ability to stream high quality video. I dont believe it is unique to MLB, or baseball as I’ve seen youtube video’s play fine one day and lag and stutter the next. You can be assured that we monitor it every day and are making improvements.


    Thanks for the quick answer. I know the net can be a strange place somedays, just puzzling as my connection speed is still showing over 1500 kbps when I test it. By the way, kudos on the update last night that eliminated the swarmcast icon from the task bar. I asked for that change only 2 days ago, and you delivered. Thanks


    OK, I have posted this message a bunch of times and still haven’t gotten an answer to why I have this problem. Customer Service even gave me an e-mail address to write to and still I haven’t gotten a response. i just want to know, Has there been any fixes on the problem I have playing Mosaic? I have a MAC OSX version 10.4.9, video re-buffers every 10 seconds in the 4/6 viewing screens. Any update yet on this problem?


    Can we please get an option to maintain the aspect ratio when going to full screen?? Stretching onto a widescreen looks ridiculous


    I decided to use add/remove to delete Mosaic, and both versions of swarmcast, then downloaded the Mosaic setup and started from scratch, Guess waht? Everything is working perfectly again, connects in about 5 seconds at the middle quality video setting of 1360kbps just as it had been doing for days until about an hour ago, so something with the update I loaded at 1am last night seems to have caused the problem when I logged on about an hour ago. Just thought you might like to know in case others have the same problem today.



    That is not a universal problem, so the fix is most likely going to be on your end. Usually a connection issue. Try the lowest quality level and see if it occurs vs. the medium and high.


    “Hi all,

    There is a new build available that addresses application fixes and additional stability issues we’ve seen. We’ve also introduced functionality that will allow for us to show you all something we’ve been working on that I think you’ll enjoy. Stay tuned – update on this coming first thing in the morning after we’ve had a successful night of testing.”

    Where is this “update”?


    The way it is now is a feature change we made over last year due to just as many requests for it to be ‘true full screen’. We have it down as a feature request to allow you to choose which type of full screen method you want to use.


    Very strange, as streams are the same for me today, ocasional rebuffering but nothing out of the ordinary.


    I was getting some interaction on the “Status Update” thread yesterday, but my last post has gotten no response.

    Using a blog for support is very open to the impression that problems just get dropped when new threads get started. You mentioned to someone else above on this thread that you “reopened” their “ticket”.

    Do I have a ticket? How could I find out the status of said ticket?

    I know there are a lot of people clamoring for support, but you really need a better way of letting people know whether their problem is being worked on or not.


    Hi Justin,
    I asked this question before. Sometimes the sound and picture are synced ok. But, again today I’m watching the A’s Sox game and the sound from the bat/ball is a good 2 seconds behind the video. Then I switch to see Archived Pit/Cards game from this am., and all is perfectly synced, then I flip back to A’s Sox game and it’s bad picture and sound sync. What gives?


    From my records you have been contacted via email by three represenatives. The last represenative has asked for your DXDIAG info, to see what is on your system. I believe your “spam” filter is eating messages from us, as I see at least three emails in the last two days.


    I’m having the exact same situation that mmccarthy3 is having with the sound being behind about 1 to 2 seconds behind in the A’s Sox game. It’s behind in both mosiac and the regular I have never experienced any problem what so ever from the version. Mosiac seems to be hit and miss. Last night, I watched the Indians Angels game in Mosiac and it was perfect until the 8th inning when the video would slow down and then quickly go fast. Why would it work great for the first part of the game and then have problems at the end of the game?



    It’s very helpful to know that my spam filter is eating your e-mails. It would be more helpful to get the e-mails, of course. I did manage to pull one out of the trash, and it looked like it got flagged because the actual sender’s address was different from the claimed sender’s address. I would expect this is a common problem.

    I’m sending an e-mail to with a different address at which I can be contacted. Is it possible that you could resend the earlier e-mails to the new address I provide?


    I ran the mosaic last night and today with no problem. However, this evening it just keeps saying “loading” after I sign in and it does not load. I even tried re-installing and still the same thing happens.


    One java is Swarmcast client, the other is Java is just the executable that uses 0 cpu usage.

    You will find more CPU usage for the higher quality streams


    Everything worked fina all spring. Now I can’t get a game in Mosaic, 400k or 700k. This is not a computer problem on my part. MLB is covering their tracks.

    I tried changing everything and my CPU usage goes to 16% when it freezes and I have a internet connection of over 6 meg plus the correct video card.

    Justin when are the refunds coming, either full season or for the games we are missing ?



    why do you install 2 instances of swarmcast on my computer? at least there are 2 listed in add/remove programs.



    This is an issue with the Swarmcast installer. The issue has been fixed and will be in production in the next day or two.




    i also notice after i close mosaic the swarmcast icon hangs around in my tray until i mouse over it. its not open, its just kinda annoying. is this going to be fixed as well?


    I thought my problems in the past all went away. Tonight, it reappeared during this exact sequence:

    I was logged in Mosaic tonight just as I have been doing in the last several days successfully. Tonight, while watching Mosaic in 6-game mode, I decided to test 800,1200,1960 speeds one-by-one to see if I could discern text from within broadcasted games at the highest level (with my 1st monitor at 1600×1200 resolution and Mosaic maximized, if that helps). Buffering was just fine. I watched each level for about a minute and after I watched the highest quality, *THEN* I decided that the lowest quality would do fine for me, but when I pressed the lowest quality bar,

    It immediately said: “This application requires the an audio card and up to date drivers.” (quoted exactly in that bad English I saw several days ago right before I installed my audio drivers and solving the initial video problems).

    Then Mosaic suddenly stopped displaying any video streams at any level. Alerts are still coming through, it appears.

    What gives? I know I saw somewhere that any more concerns should be addressed by calling in, but I’m deaf so please just email me with any issues/concerns and I’ll reply back to the email. Thanks.



    I emailed Swarmcast on the icon staying in the tray. They said it was due to be corrected soon, and that I could deleted it after I was done using the Mosaic. A new one will be installed after rebooting.

    It’s a swarmcast issue, so I cant say but I hope so.


    Restarting the computer should fix this. We saw this one time today but could not get it to happen again. I’ll try the steps you listed. We are fixing the error message at least.


    I would not recommend uninstalling swarmcast if you want to use the Mosaic. We will receive all updates to swarmcast and roll them out in our update process.


    The lingering tray icon issue has been resolved and will be in production in the next day or two.


    Can you check to see if there is an open ticket for my email address? I have sent an email to Customer Service and Justin Shaffer and Customer Service, but I have not gotten a reply. I did not see any missed emails in my Junk Mail folder.

    Thank you.


    @ Mosaic

    Sorry I didn’t express myself very clearly. The information I recieved was from a John Riske at Swarmcast, who said the following.

    “We do have a bug where the icon in the system tray doesn’t properly clean itself up when the program exits. We suggest the following:

    1. Mouse over the icon and see if it goes away. If not, perform step 2:

    2. Reboot. This will ensure that warmcast is killed. Once Mosaic is started, the newest Swarmcast release will be started and we shouldn’t see this anymore.”


    That does sound a lot better, and yes we auto start swarmcast so if it is running when your not using the mosaic you can shut it down. I’ll see if we can auto close it when we close mosaic for a future release as well.


    Things are fine on the feed but the mosaic is crazy. I am listening to space noises on SF/SD feed, the high quality video is not, and the video is hanging and lagging behind the audio. Is the mosaic feed supposed to be better than the feed, specifically watching one game?


    The single game feeds should be the same as the web feeds. I’m watching the SF/SD game right now and having no problems with audio/video. Some great catches in the game as well it is a good one.

    Try the lower quality setting and then the higher quality setting. We have seen times when they loose sync, but most of the time they stay in sync. You can exit the app, or change games and each time you will reconnect so it is possible it will fix it self.



    Thanks for replying back here. I just restarted my PC. Mosaic is now simply stuck at “Connecting” (rare to see it stuck like this…..) without eventually timing out with the expected error of “unable to reach quality level, try another quality level (or something like that)”.

    Off the point, may be related, but is there any reason Swarmcast must be in the Startup folder (either All Users or my profile)? The Mosaic app seems to do fine loading Swarmcast upon loading up the Mosaic app so I don’t have Swarmcast loaded at Startup (I edited the Start Menu items manually myself).

    I’ll try again tomorrow night and see how things go.


    how do you get a refund? The single game view on the mosaic with the high quality never works right. I was looking for a near to close television broadcast, not a broadcast where it freezes every 30 seconds.

    So how do I go about getting a refund for the season payment? thanks.


    I don’t know if this has been covered already, but I’ve noticed that the video/audio is really behind the live action. I’ve noticed this when watching the same game on ESPN on TV that I had on mosaic. Its alot more than the typical 3 second delay. Why?



    ya, if i mouse over it, it goes away, its more of an annoyance than anything else. glad to know its being fixed.


    a delay is true with any streaming technology. there is really no way of getting around the delay with the technology as it is today. the amount of delay could be improved, but there will always be a delay.



    again, wheres the new build? the same file has been on the website for 3 days?



    @ Refund
    You have to contact MLB for a refund.

    The issue you are having points to a system that has 1. older video card drivers or 2. does not meet the system requirements, or 3. Needs network connection trouble shooting.

    @ Lists

    Sounds like a network connection issue. Have you ensured your computer has UPnP enabled, and no application preventing the mosaic from connecting to the web?

    You are correct you can remove swarmcast from startup menu.

    The delay is based on when you connect to the feed, it has a long way to travel from the ball park to make it to your desktop.



    I would suggest people open the ports on their home router if UPnP isn’t working. UPnP is inherently less secure and more prone to “weird” problems.


    I have watched and waited, hoping to have my problem resolved with mosaic, as many others have complained about it, the sound.

    At first the sound was breaking up, sounding like static, every couple of seconds, plus being about 3 seconds ahead of the video. Now with the latest updates, the sound is about 5 seconds behind the video. This changed with the latest build.

    Now the video runs a few frames normal, then freezes for a couple of frames, runs a couple of frames, freezes, and this goes on and on. This happens on single games and on the 4 and 6 gave views. Also the player seems to take forever to open.

    All this said, the mlb player works fine, video and sound.


    Im using Vista on a brand new computer, nothing really modified about it, and can not get to work at all.

    If I open up the browser for 400k, 700k, or even the radio broadcast – it never starts playing. The window loads and it shows the linescore and all the tabs on the right side, but where the video should be displayed, nothing ever comes up. The controls on the bottom are there, but it just says “ready” and no video ever plays.

    And forget about using the Mosiac. I can’t even get the program to launch. It updates but then gives me an error, usually about me possibly not having DirectX – which I do have. I uninstalled/reinstalled, ran as admin, made sure swarmcast was working (it appears to be), but nothing helps. I’m getting no where with this, but I am getting really pissed off. There is no reason it shouldn’t work, its a brand new computer right out of the box which can easily handle the system requirements.

    I’m really sick of this and ticked off about it, but apparently getting your money back is even harder than getting it to work. If anyone can help me out, I would greatly appreciate it.


    My router seems to be the issue that the single games feeds in Mosaic do not work for me. No matter what I try it will not work, but it works if plug directly into the modem.

    I have been thinking about buying a new router anyway. Can anyone suggest a decent wireless G router that definitely works with Mosaic? Thanks in advance.


    I’m using Mosaic on
    PPC Mac OS 10.4.9

    Intel Mac OS 10.4.9

    Windows XP SP2

    PPC Mac and Windows box, Mosaic updated on launch. Intel Mac Mosaic does not show checking for update and does not update.

    On the Intel Mac I had to delete program and download new install to get update.

    On PPC and Intel Mac I was able to switch to On Demand games. On Windows XPSP2 the program hung every time I attempted and had to End Task each time.

    I don’t see an obvious way on WindowsXPSP2 to check Mosaic version number as I can on Mac.



    Without some tweaking, the browser games dont work using mozilla firefox so if you use internet explorer they will work. (assuming that was ur problem to begin with)



    Thanks for the response. It doesn’t work in either for me. In Firefox the video controls don’t even come up. In Internet Explorer, the controls come up but no video plays – not even the commercial(“It’s a deer”). If I right click in the window, sometimes the words “Error Details” will show up and I can click that. I forget what error it says exactly but it doesn’t show up all the time and when you click it, it takes you to the Windows Media Player site that basically tells you it doesn’t know a solution.


    I didnt see a ticket for you, but sounds like you figured it out. I use a Dlink 624 and it auto configured for the Mosaic when I enabled UPnP, so that’s a good sign. I cant rave about it’s wireless signal range, but it will most likely vary depending on your house setup.

    @ Adam

    Vista is very very very.. did I say Very? picky about user privlages. Make sure you are running everything as an administrator. I just under Vista Ultimate and IE 7.0, I had to allow all pop up’s from MLB’s web site, then a window opened and started playing the game. You might want to ensure your video card driver and sound card driver are vista approved. The Mosaic and Windows Media Player require both to be installed and working to function.



    I didn’t find an obvious way to check the version number on Win XP either, but I did find a way to do it.

    If you do into the my computer >program files> and open the Mosasic folder. Do a right click on the MLBAppStart.exe

    There you will see an extra tab called “summary”. The summary tab offers the version number.



    In the newest version of Mosaic you can check the version # by clicking the preferences button at the top right when Mosaic is running


    @ hogan

    Thanks for that. I had been holding back on reinstalling, as I’ve been running so well. Guess I need to do it..LOL

    Thanks again..:)


    You can check add/remove programs for the version of the setup file, and the preferences tells you the build version.


    Does MLB.COM actually plan to release a version of Mosaic that actually works or will we continue to have to deal with the current non-working system all year? Please just tell me, if it isn’t going to work fine but please someone tell us the truth.


    @ James
    What appears to be your issue with the Mosaic? Based on the number of users using the mosaic daily the Mosaic is working quite well. In almost every case there is something that is wrong on the users system or network configuration. I will be happy to help you work through any issue you are having. I’ll follow up with an email.



    you seem to be in a shrinking minority. i have had few problems the last few days.

    good luck.


    Well, nobody’s bothered to get in touch with me, and I still can’t watch the single player because of the stuttering. The 4/6 only works on medium, and not that great either. I’ve given my computer specs before so I won’t bother doing it now.
    The only reason I’m still subscribing is because of the 700 feed on the browser.

    And I wouldn’t assume because people are using it, they’re happy with it. I’ve been using it, and i ain’t happy.


    @ svertner

    Thanks for filling me in, I guess the printing was so small in the preference tab of the Mosaic that I didn’t see it the version number. Might need stronger glasses…LOL

    No reinstall needed on my end. Running like a top..:)


    Please, what gives here. I have written 2 emails and also posted here. I have not received any emails. I have seen several other posters with the same problem and not once have I seen it responded to. That issue is the sound and video being out of sync.
    Originally the sound was way ahead of the video. Now with the last update, the video is ahead of the sound. This is not a split second thing. I mean the play is being made in the field before the announcer calls the pitch. This problem is on Mosaic only. The mlb player is fine.


    I am still among those having problems. My system has more than twice what the minimum requirements are (2.0 GHZ processor, 1.5GB of RAM, 128MB of video RAM, high speed broadband connection). However, it is a laptop and the video RAM is integrated with the CPU. As a result, running Mosaic increses my CPU usage to 100% and causes skipping of the video and audio and an overall crappy appearance. I have contacted my laptop’s manufacturer and it is not possible to change or upgrade my video card. Mosaic support has told me that the problem is the integrated video card – apparently the Mosaic product does not work on this type of card. If it wasn’t for the fact that the regular mlb player is working great for me at 700k streaming, I would be very annoyed right now. I hope they find a way to get Mosaic to work on my system (and I am willing to bet most of you out there with problems still have the same type of integrated system that I do). In the least, their web site should state that they do not support this type of system.


    Hello. I have two questions. My first is, would it help if I deleted some of my files/apps that are taking up room on my computer? would that make mosaic better? thanks. Also, when are the other two views views going to be available? Thanks. Btw, it is working awesome right now, and thanks a lot.


    That issue varries and can be fixed by reloading the game. At times it’s caused by the PC not able to keep them in sync, or by the broadcast being out of sync. It does happen in the web player, just hot as noticable as you only ever watch one game at a time.

    If you havent gotten an email from anyone just drop me an email with what the problem is and the DXDIAG info from your computer and I’ll get back to you.

    @ Csherwood

    Do you have the SIS/VIA Unicrome IGP video card? That is a somewhat recent card that for some reason does not support Direct X 9. The driver.


    It would help to have as few applications running when you use the Mosaic, but most of the “space” used for the Mosaic is memory, so deleting files wont give you much performance increase. Second, there is no set timeline for those views. Sorry I dont have any more information than that.


    I am very frustrated with MLB.TV right now. It has become entirely unusable for me. I am on a school campus, meaning we have many many T3 connections to this school. I know that bandwidth is not an issue. I have run several bandwidth tests from many different bandwidth test services. I even ran one from a test server on the other side of the country. I know I recieve high enough levels to run Mosiac at full capacity easily. In addition, the computer meets all of the requirements spcified by the website. However, when I try to run the bandwidth test from MLB, even though other bandwidth tests tell me I get 700+KB, MLB tells me I’m only getting 317KB. This makes no sense!

    This being said, it has gotten to the point where I am absolutely unable to watch any baseball games on either Mosaic or the website at either 700k or 400k. The stream is constantly stopping and needing to rebuffer and sometimes the game will only run for about 45 seconds before stopping completely.

    When I am, on rare occasions, lucky enough to be able to watch a game, on Mosaic, the audio will inevitable fall behind the video. So, for instance, the pitcher will pitch, the ball will hit the catcher’s glove and 5 seconds later I will hear the sound of the ball hitting the glove. I can momentarily fix this problem by reconnecting to the stream, but it is a temporary fix at best. Also, the longer I leave the stream on, the further behind the audio gets.

    The audio problem I was willing to live with until MLB got all of the Mosaic bugs delt with, but its now gotten to the point where I have paid $120 for a product I cannot use in any capacity! I don’t want my money back, I want the problems fixed. I am an Angels fan who lives in NY, so my only option to watch the Angels games is online.

    Please, if someone from MLB reads this, do something about the streaming problems! Maybe you guys didn’t expect to have MLB.TV be as popular as it is so you didn’t install enough servers or get enough bandwidth to handle the level of traffic you receive. I dont know these answers, but you guys do.


    Why do you continue to show games in widescreen?
    If I wanted to view a program in widescreen it would be a movie, not a sporting event.



    No. My video card does support Directx9.0. The issue, according to the responses to my ticket, is the fact that I have the “integrated” video card. Other than that, my system is more than twice as powerful as what should be needed.


    Ok, so I did some ranting earlier, but it appears after reinstalling Mosaic its gotten a little better. It still seems to be rebuffering a lot on the 700k stream, but maybe I give my school too much credit when it comes to providing enough bandwidth for me to stream perfectly.

    Nonetheless, I do seem to be having some of the same problems other people are having when it comes to watching archived games. That is, when I try to skip to another part of the game, the audio and video get off sync. This problem seems to have resolved for live games.


    I continue to have the failure to initialize problem:

    “The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135). Click OK to terminate the application.”

    I’m running Windows XP Professional x64 Edition.



    Mosaic doesn’t have any control over that. It all depends on how the games are broadcast. For example, I see the Mets game is widescreen, while KC/BAL and DET/TOR is normal screen. I kinda like the widescreen myself 🙂


    I sent you an e-mail about the task manager screenshots. Perhaps we can find something in there that might give the system enough breathing room to make Mosaic run better.


    Its all about the number of people using the schools internet at any given time. Even a T3 line will suffer when it has to handle too many users at once.



    I’m sorry scarfplate, but MLB Mosaic does not currently support 64 Bit Operating Systems.


    Has anyone else noticed that the 6-game view can fall up to 2 innings behind realtime? The interesting thing is that the scoreboard always stays up to date.



    Are you experiencing this now? If yes, which game in specific, or is it all the games at once?


    Yes I am, the Mets-Phillies games still shows Jamie Moyer pitching even though he has left the game and the Orioles game is at a point when it was 0-0 for the score even though it’s been 1-0 for some time. When I got to single game view, it’s back on real-time. When I switch back to the multi-game view, it’s like I’m going backwards a few innings.


    To better answer your question: Yes, it seems as if it’s all of the games at once. I’ve tried restarting the program as well. The stream is very smooth. It’s just very behind (multi-game only).


    nik62982: Which quality level are you watching the 6/4 game in? Does switching to a different quality level fix the issue?


    Why is the Tampa-Minnesota game not available on the four or six screen mosaic? It keeps showing the pre-game. The game is avaiable on single view. This happens about once a week. Please fix this problem.


    The TB/Minnesota and Wash/ATL games were both in pregame previews during the game. TB/Min still is.


    Justin, I’m using the highest quality level. I just tried using a lower level and the games are virtually real-time. It seems to only be an issue on the highest level. My connection is quick enough to handle it and it take barely anytime to buffer. Can you check it out for yourself? I’m curious if other people are having the same result.



    Have you noticed that the games you can view in the 6/4 game views are about 2 hours behind. Moyer was taken out of the Phillies game 3 innings ago, but when I switch to 6-game view, he’s still pitching.


    Why is the 6/4 game view options like 3 hours behind the actual game feed? See my comment directly above. Moyer was out 3 innings ago, in 6-game view he’s still pitching, the KC-Bal is still 0-0 and the other games are pre-game shows. Yet, if I double-click any of them, I can watch the live game.


    They are ok for me at this time. I have TB 1 MIN 2 in the top of the 8th and KC 1 BAL 1 in the bottom of the 9th.

    What area of the country are you two in?


    re: Games being behind real time.

    We had a glitch with a new network configuration tonight which caused this issue on the 6/4 screens. The issue should be resolved now.



    Is there any chance I will ever get to see the Brewers @ Marlins game from tuesday/wednesday. I understand it got suspended and was played on 2 different days, but it went 13 innings. If it was Red Sox @ Yankess this would probably have been up yesterday, but since we are small market I guess noone cares.



    The condensed version on low quality is working ok, but I’m unable to watch the full version. We will look into it and try to resolve the problem.



    heres my nightly update.

    i wasnt able to get the 4/6 streams working at all for the first time. single game streams worked fine. when trying to connect to 4/6 streams i would get “stream error”. strange.

    i noticed other people posting about the 4/6 games being way behind. i notice this too. sometimes, i’ll be watching a game in 4/6 mode and double click on it to get a bigger view of it and the play is already over. it seems to be a good 30 seconds behind the single game view on average.



    there hasn’t been an update to the product since this blog post was made it seems. the program version is the same in ADD/REMOVE programs and in the application itself as it was 3 days ago.

    whats the scoop?


    I have the buffering problem and the games are unwatchable as they buffer every 30 seconds. I have tried various RTSP/UDP/TCP/HTTP settings to no avail. The problem also occurs when I connect outside of the mosiac using Windows media player but not using Winamp, therefore it is a setting within Windows media player. Any ideas anyone.


    Pac Man??? Your guys are funny?
    I don’t care what you put on during breaks, but some of us use on our big screens. I am worried about burn in with the bright graphics over a long season.

    I put my vote in for Donkey Kong next, if you are taking requests :>

    The 700 streams through the browser last night, for the first time, all looked great.


    Well…Inconsistency seems to be the name of the game.
    After having trouble with mosaic last night, I uninstalled and reinstalled from the newest setup file.

    Now…after the mosaic login screen I get the lovely message “The MLB.TV mosaic service is temporarily unavailable. Please check back soon!”. I’ve tried over and over again but to no avail. Same message. Any ideas?


    I am having an issue that continues to plague me from running this program, although I far exceed the minimum system requirements. When I launch the program, I am greeted with error dialogues that say “Unhandled Exception” in Mosaic as well as one from Microsoft.NET framework.

    I am running Vista and I have uninstalled/reinstalled several times but this issue seems to be prevalent for some reason. Any help would be appreciated.


    @ we released a build today check the preferences Tab, 203 is the latest. 202 was out Wednesday. The Add/Remove programs wont change unless you download a new setup. Which has also changed to version .080.

    Shoot me an email with your DXDIAG maybe there is something else on the system that needs updated. There is also an option in WMP to increase the amount buffered. Tools – Options – Performance You can choose how much data to buffer. Might check these settings.


    That message is due to the MLB Mosaic unable to get the file for the current day. Which means your system time is not correct. Verify the time on your computer is correct. If by chance you live out of the US and are a day ahead, you may need to set the clock back a day. This is an issue we are looking at, so far the problem has been rare.


    Can you send me your DXDIAG output? Is this copy of Vista 32bit or 64bit?


    Jason: RE: Latest update A203
    I saw your notice above that you have released update A203. When I opened Mosaic this morning a few minutes ago, it DID NOT find any new updates, and when I checked my preference tab, it still showed Version A202. Everything was running perfecly in 4/6 screen mode at 1360 kbps. So, in order to force getting the latest update A203 with recent bug fixes, I went to add/remove (Windows XP Media Version) and deleted MLB Mosaic and Swarmcast to start all over again. Downloaded a new setup module (checked and it was Version .080, the newest setup file as you stated above), installed without any problem (one update was found when I opened the new Mosaic for the first time about 10 minutes ago), and Mosaic is playing perfectly in the 4/6 mode at 1360kbps. HOWEVER, when I check the preference tab, the newly installed Mosaic is still showing Version A202, not A203. My date and time are set correctly with the atomic clock in Denver. What happenened to the new update you mention above, A203? I still seem to be running A202 if the version is being correctly shown with the preference tab. Any ideas? Whatever version I am running, it is running perfectly in the 4/6 mode right now at 1360bpps. Thanks for the help.



    I’ve been using this program with no problems since launch but today I am getting an error. I am running Vista but had no problems till today. This is the error.

    See the end of this message for details on invoking

    just-in-time (JIT) debugging instead of this dialog box.

    ************** Exception Text **************

    System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

    at onQ.BroadbandServiceManager.BroadbandServiceManager.InvalidateScreen()

    at onQPlayer.PlayerPanel.WndProc(Message& m)

    at System.Windows.Forms.Control.ControlNativeWindow.OnMessage(Message& m)

    at System.Windows.Forms.Control.ControlNativeWindow.WndProc(Message& m)

    at System.Windows.Forms.NativeWindow.Callback(IntPtr hWnd, Int32 msg, IntPtr wparam, IntPtr lparam)

    ************** Loaded Assemblies **************


    Assembly Version:

    Win32 Version: 2.0.50727.312 (rtmLHS.050727-3100)

    CodeBase: file:///C:/Windows/Microsoft.NET/Framework/v2.0.50727/mscorlib.dll



    Assembly Version: 1.0.2655.24834

    Win32 Version: 1.0.2655.24834

    CodeBase: file:///C:/Windows/MLBAMPlayer.exe



    Assembly Version:

    Win32 Version: 2.0.50727.312 (rtmLHS.050727-3100)

    CodeBase: file:///C:/Windows/assembly/GAC_MSIL/System.Windows.Forms/



    Assembly Version:

    Win32 Version: 2.0.50727.312 (rtmLHS.050727-3100)

    CodeBase: file:///C:/Windows/assembly/GAC_MSIL/System/



    Assembly Version:

    Win32 Version: 2.0.50727.312 (rtmLHS.050727-3100)

    CodeBase: file:///C:/Windows/assembly/GAC_MSIL/System.Drawing/



    Assembly Version: 1.0.2655.24817

    Win32 Version: 1.0.2655.24817

    CodeBase: file:///C:/Windows/onQ.BroadbandServiceManager.DLL



    Assembly Version:

    Win32 Version: 2.0.50727.312 (rtmLHS.050727-3100)

    CodeBase: file:///C:/Windows/assembly/GAC_MSIL/System.Xml/



    Assembly Version:

    Win32 Version:

    CodeBase: file:///C:/Windows/Interop.SIMULATIONMANAGERLib.DLL


    ************** JIT Debugging **************

    To enable just-in-time (JIT) debugging, the .config file for this

    application or computer (machine.config) must have the

    jitDebugging value set in the section.

    The application must also be compiled with debugging


    For example:

    When JIT debugging is enabled, any unhandled exception

    will be sent to the JIT debugger registered on the computer

    rather than be handled by this dialog box.



    Regarding my issue above, I uninstalled the latest Vista update that I installed this morning and Mosaic works fine again. The problem definitely has something to do with Vista’s security features.


    just an update. i tried to get into mosaic just a little bit ago and it gave me an error. “the mosaic got an unanticipated exception while loggin in. index was outside the bounds of the array.” i removed swarmcast and mosaic from my machine and reinstalled. works perfect again. my version is A204. thanks again for all your hard work guys, i am enjoying this and to me it is worth the money i spent.



    Status Update:
    Just logged back into Mosaic, and immediately found an update that was not found when I started all over with a new setup module an hour ago. The version now shows A204, not A203 that you mentioned was new an hour ago. Was there a problem with A203, since I went from 202 directly to 204 just now, and never saw 203 when I downloaded an hour ago after you announced A203 was available?


    Hogan, yes we’ve seen that one to many times. We have a fix, that will be in a new setup file. I’m not sure of the ETA for that file, but uninstalling re-installing does fix it.


    I’ve seen that message once before in my many many installs. Uninstalling and reinstalling will fix it, but we are working to find out what causes it. Sorry you had to run across that one.


    Well I’ll be. New Setup file and new build are out. News to me, but lots of good fixes out there. If your having a problem download the new setup version and latest app build is 204.


    the audio and video sync is terrible, more noticable at the higher connection speed. Also the archived game I tried to watch last night the audio was about 10 seconds behind the video…made for a very poor experience.


    TY, per your instruction, downloaded the new setup version .086, and reinstalled Mosaic from scratch after removing old version A204 and swarmcast from my machine with Add/remove. Everything working perfectly again in 4/6 mode at 1360kbps. When opening new Mosaic Version A204 for the first time, a new update was immesdiately found that installed differently than past updates. It showed 14 new files being installed, one at a time, with each file showing its status as it loaded, just as Windows Update shows when using it to update Windows. A new look for us with this new Mosaic Update. Preference screen shows Version A204, all working ok so far. Thanks


    Blackout question: If my credit card zip code is for Philadelphia but my IP address is in NYC and the street address and phone number I signed up under are in New York City, will I be blacked out from Phillies games? I just waited on hold for an hour and all the guy could tell me is, “You have to wait and see when the games start and then call back.”


    @ Nybill

    Make sure you have the latest version of your video card driver and the Mosaic.


    I believe it goes by IP address first as that is where you are currently connecting to watch the game from.


    Is everyone’s MLB Mosaic still down? I can launch it but I’m getting no video. I’m getting an error message saying I don’t have up to date audio drivers or something that are required to run it. Do I need to reinstall the software?


    Getting very disassapointed here: No reply to my emails or phonecalls(if you don’t get disconnected. Let me guide you in the right direction. Some of MLB website features and Mosaic are not working with Vista 64bit systems…. so stop blaming video cards, memory etc. The CLSID in the error doesn’t exist in the registry(So you can get started right there!!!)And it also has nothing to do with the DirectX Version or drivers!!! MLB might want to add a disclaimer on the MLBTV site about 64bit functionality!!! And if you would like me to help you further, contact me back and I’ll try to put some time aside to help Mosaics helpless Techs.


    Just downloaded and installed the most up to date version of mosaic. (10 minutes ago). The single game view is fantastic at the 700 speed. Great job guys. The bad news is when viewing in the 4 or 6 screen mode, it will only stay buffered at the low quality video. The medium buffers about every 15-20 seconds and the high buffers about every 3-4 seconds. That didn’t happen when I had the “older” versions of mosiac. Any advice. Thanks.


    Can anyone tell me how you get technical support for this product. I used the ‘contact us’ but to no avail, no one responded. Aggravating, as I can’t use mosaic at all since the most recent downloads.


    We do not support 64Bit Operating systems. The Systems requirement page is pretty clear in stating 32bit OS support.


    Network bandwidth will vary as it is “shared”. A new version of swarmcast was released with this build, but I’ve seen no issues on this end. Make sure you video card drivers are up to date, as that alone has solved 80% of the issues users are having with the Mosaic.


    I’ll send you an email.


    Mosaic not working in 4 and 6 screen highest quality modes tonight. Buffers then locks up. Works in low and mid quality.


    Why do I only have problems on the days that updates are released? After this latest update, I’m again unable to watch anything because of it contantly rebuffering. The same thing happened with the update before this one. A day or so later, everything was fine again. Now the process starts all over again. What gives?!


    The high quality streams use more CPU and require more bandwidth, it is possible your system is under stress or the bandwidth is not available. We’ve had some good results with high quality today. For high quality I would recommend at least 1GB of memory and 128MB video card.

    I believe this is all in perception as any change will be an improvement. Perhaps swarmcast can say more as to why things may appear slower. The fixes pushed out improve install problems and Mac archive game viewing.


    This will be the second night in a row I’ve posted this problem. All the games on the six mosaic are behind with the three bar quality. Most 7pm games are still in the pre-game. When you shift to two bars the games catch up. Please fix this problem!!!!! It’s getting frustrating when the same problems show up night after night.


    @ mosaic

    Is it also all in perception that games on high quality setting are currently stuck in the pregame loop 20 minutes after their start times?

    I’m hoping you didn’t understand my last post, otherwise I’m a bit offended by the fact that you think I can’t tell the difference between the program working or the program rebuffering every 15 seconds.


    im using he new build. single game works fine as does the 4/6 modes. however, i cant watch 4/6 mode on high quality w/o it re-buffering every 5-10 seconds. i CAN watch the highest quality on single game mode without a problem.


    @ mosaic
    Your product has really taken a step back tonight. I have had no problems in the past. Can’t watch six game mosaic at best (three bar) quality w/o rebuffering every 10 seconds and it’s way behind.


    @ mosaic

    And also the rebuffering on medium quality just sits on 0%. Everytime it wants to rebuffer, I have to click off medium quality and back on it again to make it work.



    if i click around from game to game eventually the audio and video will lose sync and i have to restart mosaic. this generally happens after i change between 15-20 games in the same session. very aggrivating.


    The Braves-Marlins feed is totally messed up! It’s fixed on the same camera.

    Can someone please look into that.


    Hi guys,

    I’m seeing the same issue on my end with the high quality. I don’t believe it is a Mosaic issue, but we will look into it.



    Will you please be honest with us. I was just on the phone with your support and he told me you sold a crazy amount of subscriptions and the bandwith just isn’t there to support it.

    I was fine all spring and could watch Mosaic and 400k and 700K broadcasts.

    About a week into the season everything went downhill and nothing changed on my end.

    Now I can’t watch anything without if buffering all the time.

    When is MLB going to step up and admit it’s your problem and offer refunds ?

    I requested a refund and he told me they would look at it. You guys are on the verge of a VERY LARGE class action lawsuit.



    I have the Florida/ Brave game on Extra Inning right now and the camera is the same..even though it’s an FSN broadcast. They are doing it on the cheap. from the looks of it.


    Ok, patiently waiting:

    I tried to blog a few messages in the first few days of MLB Mosaic kickoff, however, with no response and what seemed like most having the same problems as myself- I would wait a few days and see if it got fixed. Unfortunately, I still an having difficulty getting the Mosaic to work in the 6-game mode. I have dsl service from Verizon, my pc is only a couple months old running the new Vista OS.

    I have uninstalled and reinstalled the program a few times. I have downloaded the program as an administrator and open it as an administrator. The program loads ok.

    1. In the 6 tv mode highest quality, the frames freeze every 20 seconds, buffers quite slowly, starts again, freezes again, buffers quite slowly.

    2. In the 6 tv mode middle quality, the frames freeze every 40 seconds, buffers slowly, starts again, freezes again, buffers slowly.

    3. In the 6 TV mode low quality, the frames freeze every 10 seconds, buffers quickly, starts again, freezes again, buffers quickly.

    4. In the single TV mode high quality, Freezes intermittently, will move frame to frame. I then switch games and it unfreezes. Then works pretty good with an occasionally freeze.

    5. In MLBTV mode, works with no problem.

    Can you help?

    At work it is great- we have a T1 line and I experince no problems at all.

    Gary P


    @ Mosaic
    I agree with dogredsafe. It seems like you guys are in over your heads. It’s been an hour and the six mosaic game feed is still showing all pre-games and it rebuffers every ten seconds. It’s time to be straight up with us as consumers. Do you guys have the bandwith to handle all the customers? It looks and sounds like you do not.


    I want to know how to turn off the alert, I am have problems with video ever time i get and alert. I find away around by putting a player thats not plying in the alert. Can you work on this problem

    Thank You Sean Brown


    @ Mosaic

    I’m running fine in both the 6/4 and single game modes. No lags or anything. A couple of the video feeds and camera shots are poor, but those are not your problem. Those are what you recieve from the source.

    Update looks good here..:)



    I am having a lot of video stuttering problems in single game view tonight. It’s worse in 400k mode then 700k but both are stuttering a lot.

    It’s not my pc cause I had a 10Mbps account, gig of ram and 128mb video. Mosaic v. 202 worked fine but the new version today is causing a lot of issues and the video quality stuttering nonstop is a big one.


    What video card are you running at home and what is the date of the video driver installed?

    @ Connection issues

    I am seeing some issues off and on with the “medium” quality stream. We’ll look into the cause.


    The easiest thing to do would be to add one player who never plays. If you have any player in your alerts you only get alerts for that player

    I do not know how swarmcast works, but it is possible the latest version is having problems or needs time to work it’s “magic”. I will keep monitoring it.



    Probably shouldn’t be developing the product if you don’t know how it works.

    Need to also stop promising new features when you don’t deliver


    @ mosaic

    Are you also seeing games in 6/4 high quality looping the pregame still? That’s what mine are doing, and even then they rebuffer continuously. Medium quality is resulting in ‘stream error’. I’m left with 6/4 low quality or single game view low and high quality as the only functioning modes. I worked flawlessly before today.


    close the application and restart. Seems your in a bad state. I see live games on my mosaic

    @ adkinsjm

    I am support, I help people.

    Single games are working great. Medium Quality mosaic.. not so great.


    Well, I no live games in 6/4 view. Not an isolated incident. It is a real problem and real solutions need to be worked out, not some statement such as it works for me.

    Anyway, why hasn’t the product team posted anything new in the past few days. A little weak on their part.


    I’ve closed, re-opened, rebooted, uninstalled, reinstalled, all of the above. Each time it’s the same thing…no medium 6/4 at all and looping pregame on 6/4 high. just said he sees the same thing, so it’s not just me.


    Same problem here. Lowest quality 6 game mode all works, medium gives stream error, highest has mostly Pre-games.



    I’ve paid for the MLB.TV product but keep being asked to sign up for the Premium Upgrade, and am not allowed to continue on to watch anything. While it seems interesting I’d rather just use the service I’ve paid for. Anyone else run into this have an answer?



    Ok it’s 10 pm and I’m betting a lot of people are no longer on MLBTV and all of a sudden I can view games. Did my video card and drivers just get upgraded or is this OBVIOUSLY a bandwith issue.

    You posted before single games are working fine, well they were not working at all tonight in even 400K

    Again I had this service all spring and everything worked fine so something changed on your side.


    I am having the same problem as most others. Only pre-game on high quality six/four mosaic. No connection with medium quality. We need real solutions here. This is not an isolated incident. MLB.TV has charged my credit card. It’s time for results and a legitimate fix for these issues. It’s been like this all night.



    Are you able to view games in 400 or 700K on the MLB premium not Mosaic without it locking up ?

    I was fine all spring then about a week ago it went down hill fast. I wasn’t able to watch any games until about 20 minutes ago when I’m sure a lot of people logged off.

    The best I could get is some intermitent pauses watching 6 or 4 games. if I switched to one it just locked up and the same on the 400 or 700K without Mosaic


    Thanks to you guys for stepping up and letting it be known that I’m not the only one with this particular problem since the latest update today. Without us all standing together and commenting when someone brings up an issue that we are all experiencing, everything will be brushed off as an ‘isolated incident’.

    Mosaic, I’m not trying to stir up a stink here. I just didn’t appreciate the comment earlier saying that my problems were ‘all in perception’. The way that sounded, you might as well have said ‘it’s all in your head, you aren’t really seeing a malfunctioning program on your screen’. Maybe you misunderstood me, or maybe I misunderstood you. Whatever the case though, the problems need to be solved. If you will listen to our problems and not brush them off, we are here to help improve this product.


    When I called in tonight I waited 45 minutes for some guy with a cocky attitude to tell me I had to uninstall Media player 11 and go back to 10. I did what he said just to try it and still nothing. Then he said it was my pop up blocker (disabled) and firewall, hello I wouldn’t get anything if it was the firewall.

    Now amazingly at 10pm everything is working perfect. They are over subscribed plain and simple.


    It looks different on the Mac than the PC.

    I am seeing the preview issue on the mosaic and I did say that medium quality was not working. Not sure anything can be done tonight but I’ve let those above me know about the issue.



    something needs to be done about our email addresses showing up in the blog. at least modify the code to make it since posting here, my spam has dramatically increased.

    email harvesting at its finest.




    This isn’t a Mosaic issue but it needs to be addressed BIG TIME. I’ve been clammoring on here about the commercial screens not disappearing when the game is being played sometimes.

    Tonight, 8th inning, 2 men on, 2out for the Phillies, Houston brings in relief pitcher and it goes to commercial. Commercial in progress screen was up REALLY LONG. When it returned the game was in the 9th inning.

    I missed what could have been the biggest part of the game because of this nonsense.

    Please, everyone speak up to get rid of the Commercial in Progress screens. If I miss another part of a game, I’m gonna go off the deep end.


    I agree, not everyone wants their email address out there. We are working on a another solution that might be put into place here soon to support everyone better.


    I’m having a problem with the second quality stream function. Low works fine, but looks like garbage. High loads up, but will not buffer after the initial buffer. I’ve chalked that up to my broadband not being up to snuff maybe? So the second option would seem to be my perfect fit….only everytime I choose it it says “Loading error” and doesn’t not even prompt once. Please help.


    Ok got word that they know what the problem is and are working on it

    “I’m looking into it now.



    One issue I’ve been tracking is that on my XP machine with lots of RAM, DirectX 9 and a 10 Mbps connection I get the CPU maxed out every 30 seconds or so (I’ve git it timed) which causes the video to slow down and speed up to catch up. It’s not the app itself because it doesn’t happen during commercial breaks, just during a game.



    I can’t access Mosaic today. I’m getting a message from Mosaic that says I need an audio card with up to date drivers. Well, I have all of that. I can watch and listen to games using the regular viewer. I’ve used Mosaic without a problem since day one. Anyone else experience this problem?


    @ mosaic

    I appreciate the update. I’m looking forward to being able to utilize the program to it’s full potential again!


    Check that, now it is happening during the break as well. It must be the app doing it.



    I never had as many problems as tonight. This new build *****!! Buffers every 3-4 seconds or doesn’t even do anything at all. Last night was good, this afternoon was good but tonight is bad, really bad!!!!


    @ Mosaic

    As Hogan mentioned in an earlier entry this evening. The timing on the commerical ad is out of whack..either that or Texas is only allowed 2 outs in an inning…LOL

    Is this part of the problem they found or a different one?


    It’s not the new build everyone. We lost a server out there, and it caused the problems

    In any regard it’s fixed now.


    I’ll look into coming out of commercials to late, but this is not the Mosaic, it is the same for the browser.

    If your having an issue tonight you may email me. I’ll do my best to get back to you.

    If you can include your DXDIAG info

    – Click on [Start]

    – Click on [Run]

    – In the [Run] line type “DXDIAG” (no quotes).

    – A DirectX dialog window will open.

    – On that dialog will be a “Save all information as” button.

    – Click that button and save the information as: .txt to the Desktop

    – Reply to this email and attach the file you just saved to the desktop



    I know the commercials aren’t a Mosaic issue. I just couldn’t get through on the customerservice phone number so I had to vent. I also hoped that maybe you guys would bring it to the attention of the right ppl.

    It’s really frustrating when you watch a game then miss the most important plays cause the Commercial In Progress screen stayed up.This happened last year a lot and I notice once a day a game is late coming back but tonight I was super peeved cause I missed a crucial part of the game.


    Two or three days ago Mosaic was working great for me, after the early season glitches. Last two nights it’s extremly choppy, constantly buffering, audio consistently breaks up. Help!!!


    Not that it’s any consolation, but on demand has “top plays, highlights and condensed game” as well as the full game.



    Thanks for the help. But like you said, top plays, highlights, condensed game aren’t any real consolation when ya know the outcome.


    Thanks for the update, I know there is a condensed version but I’m not a fan of it.

    Thanks, Rab


    I have had Mosaic for about a week. I am getting horribly choppy video and audio! Seems to have gotten worse AFTER my “trial” was over. As of right now I’m glad I only bought one month. I am on a MacBook Pro 2 GHz Intel Core Duo, 2 GB RAM. MLB Bandwidth Test shows 2838 kbps. On Wireless with max signal. Mosaic Ver What gives??? The A’s and Yanks are tied 4-4 in the 9th and I’m screwed! Plus my Fantast team is like 3-29 with 2 singles and 1 double. So I’m having a bad night and I’m pissed with this service! This was supposed to compensate for no DirecTV? What is the deal? Is it a technical issues with my system? Or just a crappy overall program from MLB. Help!!!



    More fuel for the fire. The Commercial in Progress screen remained up during the start of the 10th inning of the Yankees-Athletics game. I, along with whoever else was watching, missed the first out of the 10th before the game came back on.

    Someone has to be made aware that customers are missing parts of games due to this. I know others are upset cause I’ve read it on other posts in these blogs.



    Nice find. I will be reporting a problem if I keep missing parts of games due to a Commercial in Progress screen showing instead of the game.


    I also was watching the Yankees-A’s game and missed the first out of the 10th inning. Why can’t MLB.TV go back to how it was where you get to watch the commercials. I personally like the commercials on the YES network. It is a lot more entertaining than watching Pac Man every single time. At the very least you guys need to step it up as far as paying attention and coming back to games on time. Don’t let it happen again. Also, Mosaic still doesn’t work well for me even though my system meets every single one of the requirements. I like how you guys describe it as ‘next-gen’ software. Nobody told me when I signed up that you had to have a top of the line computer for the program to work efficiently. As of now Mosaic is garbage. Not very user/customer-friendly. The 700K streams from are nice though


    I’m not sure who controls the commercials. It’s part of the feed and the Mosaic just displays what it gets. I will relay your frustration and I agree it’s not fun to miss out on the action.


    If aanyone is out there from Chicago, they will know it is not uncommon at all to miss out on Fox broadcasts. WGN is not like that, but FOX is. This happens a lot because they feel the need to get their **** commericals in. Nights and weekends especially. I don’t know it how it is in other areas.


    @ hogan_disciple

    I’m with you. I cannot stand the Commercial In Progress ****. More times than not, it takes us back to the game late. Give rid of the stupid packman/pong ****. Let us watch the games, commercials and all!!! This is the single most frustrating thing for me.

    This should not even be an issue!


    I hate the Commercial in Progress screen also. Please relay that the majority would just prefer the channels adverts, or better still, the one stationary camera at the stadium



    ***!!!! Commercial in Progress screen up to long again. Mets game returns from commercial and there is a runner on base with second batter of the inning at the plate. This is getting ridiculous.


    I’m with you. I cannot stand the Commercial In Progress ****. More times than not, it takes us back to the game late. Give rid of the stupid packman/pong ****. Let us watch the games, commercials and all!!! This is the single most frustrating thing for me.

    also im agree with that,delete the stupid pacman screen during the commercial,i miss many many times the first pitch at te return when the inning begin is very frustrating.

    if the problem will not result next week i cancel my membership wake up im pay $135 can money to saw the mlb tv premium this year,im stay in quebec at 6 hours of toronto and i have a blackout game really really frustrated

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