New Build Yesterday: A209

Hi all,
I apologize for the late update on the new build for you all. Yesterday mid-day, we released A209, which contains the following updates:

-Line score related bug fixes
-Always on top mode update for PC version
-Archive video bug fixes (scrub issues on PC at end of game & displaying archive available too early)
-Postponed game updates
-Updates for media services/login services

Thank you again for all of the time you’re putting in. By the numbers, it appears that the app is extremely engaging for those that are using it. Please continue to either email in to the mosaic team or post issues here, and we’ll be addressing them as they come up.

In addition, we’re working on getting the support forum up to aggregate recommendations and solutions to issues so that you don’t all have to go searching through the blog.





    Since the update yesterday I have found the video stutters for 3-4 seconds about every 45-seconds. I closed all other programs to make sure my pc wasn’t overloaded with stuff and the problem continued.

    It got to the point where mosaic was unusable so I went to the web-player last night. Anyone else finding this? or have some possible fixes?


    Justin: I spoke too soon yesterday after up-date A209 when I said it cleared up the streaming in the mid and high quality levels in mosaic 4 & 6 portals. I just tried to log on and got streaming errors except in the low quality level. Is this problem being addressed?


    2 issues:
    – the automatic update has never worked on my Mac box (although it does work on my XP machine); and,

    – as much as I find that the video quality is now pretty darn good, I still have periodic streaming issues, either losing the stream or the audio becoming maddingly unsynched.

    Anyway, I feel that the service has greatly improved and I hope that the progress continue.


    Same **** as the last build. I have Vista and the new build only works in a mini-mode. When I expand it to full size, it stops working. I guess I’ll have to download the whole thing again.


    @ Jthompson
    What do you mean Scrunched up? Do you have an ATI or TNT 32MB video card?

    @ Rogerbangert

    You most likely had one day with little network traffic and then another day with heavy traffic. The streams are being streamed at the same speed every day. There is no control on our end about how much bandwidth is shared on your network. This is why you will have some days better than others.

    @ Bkligerman

    I’d grab a new install for the Mosaic for your Mac. It has been updated in every release. If it’s not updating I would suggest looking at applications installed/running that may be preventing it from accessing the internet.

    @ bmfc1

    Mini mode? That is fixed with a uninstall reinstall. I did not see this behavior when my Vista systems updated from 208 to 209. It only occurred on some systems from 206 to 208.


    Mosaic: I’ve been taking the bandwidth test frequently and and always get a reading between 8000 kbps and 17000 kbps. Isn’t this adequate enough to handle any network traffic?


    All bandwidth tests are different and really do not provide a real good idea of network traffic from one sample.

    Please check out

    They have speed tests for all over the united states, they also have tools to help you speed up your connection. And a lot of good information about the internet and different types of networks.

    There is quite a difference between copying one file from server A to server B than a continuous stream of file A to server B at 700kpbs. The bandwidth test are just pushing one file as fast as it can, not trying to keep pushing the same file at a constant speed. So it’s not really apples to apples.


    I’d just like to say that I’m really enjoying the daily research-why-Mosaic-doesn’t-work-on-my-Vista-machine-today game I get to play after every patch/update I do. I’m sure it has to be more fun than actually watching the games on Mosaic would be, but how would I know that when I spend the free time I have trying to get Mosaic to work and then don’t have time to watch the games on the occasions I do get it working again.

    This is getting really annoying. Do your developers not have Vista boxes to test these patches on, or are you just in such a hurry to get one fix out that you don’t worry about the things you break each time?

    Yes, I’ve tried uninstalling and re-installing, since that fixed it under Vista recently, but that’s not going to help much when you don’t update the build available for download from what I had previously.

    This time I have been getting some .Net error message and then it crashes completely out, but I’m just getting tired of tracking the errors at this point to give you all the details.

    Honestly, this looks like it will be a great product when it works right and all the features are there, but I really feel it is unfair to have to pay $20 a month for the privilege of being a beta-tester for a product.


    Everyone has frustration with different problems with the mosaic feature, but the bottom line is you can always go to the single game at and click on the 700k listed under the multimedis guide and enjoy your favorite team. The $20 a month is not preventing most of us from enjoying baseball. At some point, Justin and the other engineers will figure it out. Meanwhile, I’m going to enjoy the games and hope all bugs are eventually worked out.


    My current issue is that when I start up Mosaic it opens in a smaller window and appears to be working, but if you maximize the window the screen goes totally black. Suggestions?


    And now when I close out and try to reopen Mosaic, it simply says that there is an Application Error and it won’t open at all. I’m working on a Windows Vista system. Any suggestions would be most appreciated.


    So what about that marlins game form 4/10 that I was promised “coming soon”? Is that a lost cause or what?


    Also I would tend to agree with rogerbanger that we can always watch the single games, but nonetheless the other poster has a point. We paid for Mosaic and we are now more than three weeks into the season and there are still constant problems. I hope these can be addressed soon. Thanks!


    Okay, I did an uninstall/reinstall and things seem to be working now. Hopefully that will continue.


    Honestly, you guys need to do much more work on the Mac version, and much less on the P.C. I have both, the P.C is much better than Mac (even tho the Mac is a better comp.) Just fix it.


    Fellow Mosaic users: if you’ve been trying for weeks to get your mosaic to work as advertised and it still doesn’t,face it, it’s not going to. They have plenty of reasons to tell you why it won’t work on your machine, the catch all being internet traffic. You can’t fight internet traffic people. You either have too much of it or you don’t.
    For me, each new build produces no improvement — freezing and sync problems persist in single game mode, can’t get any better than level 2 streaming on the 4/6 and even then the picture quality is no better than last year’s. All specs are met here, but that doesn’t matter. We’re tired of this and they’re tired of it too, you can tell in some of their posts.If it weren’t for the 700 stream on the web, i’d have cancelled Mosaic. I still might actually. Just have to see if I can live with the 400 stream.

    In the meantime, we fought the good fight, but it just isn’t working. It’s over. Let’s surrender.



    Right now as I sit here, the MLB Bandwidth test shows me at 4113 Kbps. I have a top of the line MacBook Pro with more than enough RAM 2GB and video 256MB.

    I don’t have ANY problems with the program. The only problem I have is with certain games that continually buffer and are unwatchable! I don’t get it! At the same time one game may be perfectly fine, but switch to a different game and its horrible. I have to believe this is on YOUR end! Am I wrong?? Help me!


    It was an oversight on my part with that Vista upgrade issue as it only occurred when you had a specific older version installed then upgraded via the update. The fix a simple reinstall resolves the issue.

    Vista came out about a month before the Mosaic as an official release and had a lot of ‘new ways’ to do things. I believe we did really well in supporting Vista.

    The Mac version is just as solid as the PC version. If you have specific area’s that you feel are lacking please send me an email detailing them and I will look into it.

    If you are having a problem on the mosaic with a specific stream, can you please try the same game via the Web stream. They should be the same, and if they are not let me know about it. In most cases the problem is on the user end, but we are not immune to error but can only help when given good information about the problem.



    For example, right now I can watch Texas at Toronto, no problem. If I switch to Baltimore at Cleveland. Unwatchable freezing and buffering. Current bandwidth down to 1093 Kbps (lower than earlier but well within your reccomended specs)

    I have tried to compare Web Streams to my Mosaic Streams, they are always the same. I am using LOWEST quality of video. By all rights (bandwidth, computer etc.) I should have flawless performance and be a wildly satisfied customer, but I’m not. I love the idea of this program, but it is not delivering.



    Hey, I just read your post on bandwidth tests… I am assuming the guy was taking the MLB Bandwith test. NOWHERE on that bandwidth test page do I see anything saying “your mileage may vary” or links to Broadband or the like. I am sure most people, like myself, took the MLB Bandwidth test to see if we could run Mosaic/ With a positive result we subsquently bought the package.

    C’mon MLB, just give us fans the straight scoop. I’d like to get some answers to see if I want to continue this service. Believe me, I REALLY want to, but give me some assurance that I’m not wasting my money!!


    Why, oh why, with all these new builds, must we STILL put up with Mosaic telling us it has been inactive, and asking if we would like to continue. Is there some valuable reason why this must be a feature? Many of us are quite capable of multi-tasking with Mosaic in the background.


    I have an ibook G4. The video is still really choppy on single game streams. I almost always watch Red Sox games. I think it may be a server issue. The regular 700K stream from the website (not Mosaic) usually runs better. Unfortunately, is is not as flexible with screen sizing as Mosaic (without buying Quicktime Pro). I feel there should be a $99 Premium subscription for those of us who want 700K single streams, but aren’t able to use Mosaic, and are stuck watching the 700K web feed. Or should both feeds run the same? Don’t get me wrong, the regular 700K isn’t flawless either. They both usually skip some every 4-5 seconds. Even Pac-man has a little speed jump every 4-5 seconds.


    Oh my dear Mr. Phewall. You are obviously new here. You are barking at the moon, dear man. Yes, we all love the idea of Mosaic but as we have learned, an idea is one thing; reality is another.
    You are right. They never said a thing about internet traffic and how it would kill off a lot of Mosaic’s streams. On the other hand, if you are a yankee fan — as I am — it is actually a relief to watch their game in a blurry mess that is the 4/6 stream. So let me say this to the mosaic team. Thank you. My blood pressure could not have handled a clear picture tonight.


    Yep, takemymoney… While it works fairly well for me, we were snookered initially in the numerous claims on Mosaic’s [’s] original advertisements. They won’t get my money next year.


    Ah yes, their initial claims. Laughable, it’s true. If they weren’t laughable — and I put this sentence in for you mosaic workers who read all these posts, but only respond to those you fee like responding to — why would we be on build 9007, or whatever it is? But hey, we were younger in March, desperate for baseball, and much more impressionable.
    Sing it Pete Townsend: “Won’t Get Fooled Agaaaaaaaaaain!!!”

    All together now people!



    Thanks for at least being a sounding board so I don’t feel like a completely insane voice in the wilderness. I am however a dyed in the wool Yankee hater! ha ha I usually watch the A’s in single game but like to follow my fantasy players in various games in the AL. The A’s games normally play fine, but anything in Cleveland, KC, Detroit all s_ck!

    I want some answers from MLB on what the deal is… Is Mosaic some Web 2.0 app trying to be run on Web 1.0 infrastructure? Is the problem with MLB having inadequate hardware to serve their customers? Is the problem my local ISP? Is the problem some nebulous and generic “network traffic” in the vast reaches of the WWW? What gives??? I want some answers or at least some explanation!


    I am here for all my disillusioned children, my dear Mr. Phewall. And I’m afraid you will never get any answers to your questions. They do not answer what they do not like. And, anyway, it’s all your fault. Don’t you know that?
    By the way, I admire the A’s fortitude. And I always thought Zito was overrated.


    hey all you people complaining over and over and over and over again about how your system should be running it fine…

    check your firewall maybe? i know that there were 1 or 2 people who were complaining since day 1 until a few builds ago when they realized it was a firewall problem.


    Firewall! Pure genius!! Why didn’t I think of that? Yes, all works perfectly now. I have seen the light. Except that it doesn’t. But hey, thank the Lord for the wisdom of jyaltma.


    Bandwidth speed:
    Your speed test says I am capable of 4275.

    6 screen mode plays at 1960; howver as soon as I switch to one game only mode it drops to 682. Why can’t I watch single game mode at 1960?

    This should produce a much better image.


    Just wondering if and when we’ll be able to choose audio feeds to each game? Also, you should really put the inning of each game up somewhere.


    Have any of you checked your systems with any other live sports streams? I did, as Comcast here(Chicago) offers free NHL Hockey. I was watching that, and really saw the same issues I see with Mosaic. Minor stopping and occasional skipping. So I called my cable company and asked about it. They told me that at certain times, especially early evening, with the amount of PC’s running in my house, there is no way to get a constant feed rate at all times.

    Just wondering if anyone else checked their systems with other sports feed?

    Also, I’ve been on vacation, and was not pleased to find out that in Iowa, where there are no pro BB teams they have 6 teams including my Cubs blacked out. You can’t watch anyone there..LOL Thank goodness for audio..:)


    hi, glad to have “always on top” function in the new release, but I can’t find the button to turn it on.
    How can I make MOSAIC “always on top”?


    Why is there a small version of the commercial break in progress screen showing on the left of my game screen? Its obscuring a large part of the game screen, most annoying.


    My Mosaic is back to not working again. I try to open it and I get a series of “unhandled exceptions” that prevent Mosaic from operating. Any suggestions?


    I have to agree with Seekra@hotmail. This is a waste of time and money. Where is the refund line? I do not have time to continually troubleshoot errors. I want my money back please….


    I hear many people complaining about Mosaic and asking for refunds, but I’m not quite sure that they understand that the extra money is mainly for the premium package which gives you better quality video at 700k as opposed to 400k. That’s why I originally signed up for the premium package. The mosaic feature was a nice bonus and it would be great if it worked perfectly. For me, it’s a case of the 2 second audio delay, which I can live with until it gets fixed. When the delay bothers me too much, I just switch to the 700k stream at The money is worth it to me. I do like the mosaic feature and will look forward someday for it to perform perfectly.


    I’m quite happy with the Premium package myself and don’t feel that the cost is that high at all. The bugs that are being worked on, are par for the course when your dealing with streaming video, from what my cable company tells me. Every computer will react differently, with some easier to setup then others.


    I have a wishlist item for Mosaic: Since it’s part of the Premium band subscription it would be cool if, when you went to the single game window; it played at the 700bps rate rather than the 400 one it seems to on my system. Otherwise it looks great on my 8mbps link here in London UK. Otherwise I just look forward to the 1 big, 2 small layout on the Coming Soon section, this is really an awesome product and I’m really happy that my favourite North American sport is also the most forward-thinking in allowing me to catch the games I would otherwise miss.


    When I maximize the window, the actual application doesn’t maximize, so the windows are still smaller than they should be. Any ideas on what could be wrong? Thanks


    So what about that marlins game form 4/10 that I was promised “coming soon”? Is that a lost cause or what?


    After i close down the program i have to reinstall everytime. Bc after i close and the restart i get the following msssg:
    Couldn’t read TVScript Application from C:\ProgramData\MLB TV\Mosaic\TVScriptApp\mlb_broadband_ondemand_2007_qcb:

    Error HRESULT E_Fail has been terminated from a call to a COM component

    Now what the heck does that mean??? and how do i fix it


    I am extremely disappointed with the inferior customer support. I have repeatedly posted my issues to no avail. I run Mosaic on a Macbook, and I can’t make it through half an inning without the screen freezing, going black, and and indication of a “Stream Error: Retrying” I have been an MLB subscriber for 2 years now. If I don’t get any help, I will promptly call my credit company and un-authorize any payment from my card, in addition to placing a call to the BBB on the grounds of EXTREMELY false advertising.


    With the last 2 versions, I keep getting kicked out of mosaic..saying that there is no internet connection.

    I have a 5mbs connection. I can open 4 seperate 700kbs games through the browser and watch them crystal clear, but I cannot watch one game on the mosaic.

    It is not my internet connection, not my neighbourhood, it is the mosaic. This never happened until the last 2 releases and I didn’t hear anyone else here complain about it until then. Can you please look into it…..and please don’t tell me to upgrade my video card, I don’t care about the 4/6 screen.


    Apologies if this has been asked previously.

    Why does Mosaic (Swarmcast) add the startup item to Windows c:\prorgram files\swarmcast\swarmcast.exe ?

    Clearly this file is necessary while Mosaic is running, but each time there is a build update I have to remove this startup file with msconfig from Windows startup.

    Is there a place within the Mosiac program to uncheck or unselect “start with Windows”? If not why?

    Aside from that the service is awesome



    yeah, what good is sending you my DXDIAG if you cant even give me a response outside the “we are processing your request” email within a 2 week period?

    It’s a month into the season and still 0 answers, you people should be extremely disappointed with yourselves, as you are not only beginning to lose a customer, but also a loyal fan.


    Wanted to post something positive and offer up what worked for me. I had been able to use Mosaic on my work computer but could not get it to work properly at home. I have a newer computer (2 years old) with plenty of bandwidth and memory. The program would load and I had audio but no video. I was able to watch single games from the regular premium site, but nothing on Mosaic. I noticed in the specs that the video card had to be compatible with Direct X 9.0c. I have an Nvidia GE Force 4 video card. I unintstalled the existing drivers and downloaded the most current drivers available from their website which stated they are compatible with Direct X 9.0. Viola! I fired it back up and Mosaic works like a charm. For you computer novices like me, this could be a fix for you. I was getting frustrated like many of you, but it was worth the various fixes I tried to get the program to work. Mosaic is great and now I’ll enjoy the season that much more.



    Anybody Home? I have made several posts and I have not seen a response…. Mosaic? Are you out there?


    I’ve been getting the following error: “Application Open Failed. Couldn’t read TVScript Application from C:\ProgramData\MLB TV Mosaic\TVScriptApp\mlb_broadband_ondemand_2007.qcb: Error HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call to a COM component.” I have downloaded the latest version and it works fine the first time. But next time I start the Mosaic application, this error pops up. I have uninstalled/re-installed multiple times but without fail, this error pops up when I go to view games in Mosaic subesequently.

    Please let me know how I can resolve this.


    Hey Mosaic,

    I’m still here. I am now watching Texas@Toronto no problem whatsoever. I try to watch Baltimore@Detroit and its completely unwatchable (buffering/stream errors) either with Mosaic or the Web. WHY??? Obviously I have enough bandwidth to watch one stream, the program works fine, so the other stream must have some problem on YOUR end. If I am wrong please let me know! If not, what are you doing about it? And why wasn’t there some kind of disclaimer about the performance of your system BEFORE I spent the $$$. I’m not being unreasonable, I just want to know the straight dope.


    Am I missing something? When I am in the 4 and 6 screen mode i hear no sound. Shouldn’t you be able to hear the sound of the currently highlighted game? I have to open a game up to hear the sound!


    Dear Mosaic,

    I stand corrected. There IS a disclaimer.

    (The Services are subject to transmission limitations of the Internet and, as applicable, wireless carriers, including, but not limited to, video and/or audio dropouts, rebuffering or loss of connection.)

    Unfortunately, this disclaimer is BURIED on page 7 of the 12 page service agreement. Why don’t they have the decency to put it somewhere where it might actually inform prospective customers, like on the Bandwidth Test page?

    I know you are a tech guy, so my question is not really in your area, but what is the deal on the technical side? Am I just screwed? Should I just cancel? Is there any hope that this “internet transmission” problem will get better in the future? Help me out man.


    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE fix the single game stream!! Very frustrating! The o’s game is constanly freezing. My computers on a fios connection…it should have NO problems…




    “…problem I have is with certain games that continually buffer and are unwatchable! I don’t get it! At the same time one game may be perfectly fine, but switch to a different game and its horrible. I have to believe this is on YOUR end! Am I wrong?? Help me!”

    phewall…get comfortable, this is a problem they don’t even address! I have the same crappy problem as do a lot of people out there, but Justin and the rest of the Mosaic “so called techs” either are not addressing it, or don’t know how to address it.


    Ok I just got this mosaic thing yesterday. It worked pretty good but had a little buffering problems every now and then with the 4 screen view. But the most annoying thing of all was that the little baseball diamond under the screens where updating before it was happening on the TV screen. For Example Ramirez was at bat, bases loaded, 2 outs, score 2 – 1. Before his at bat I was watching was over the little diamond underneath showed no runners on and the score was still 2 – 1. Obviously I knew he got out before it actually happened. Very Very annoying for me to know what happens before I see it happening. It’s like knowing how a movie ends before you watch it, what’s the point of watching it? Can this please be fixed?


    hey justin, espn has been catching tons of grief from mlb for the messed up fantasy product. i think the kinks in mosaic need to be worked on just as much. i ask for only one thing. please e-mail all sucscribers when the product finally works. that said, i get goosebumps every time the **** thing loads up. a really cool concept. on a personal note now, i live in israel, so it’s a shame my favorate teams (mets and yankees) can’t be viewed because i paid with my ny-based american credit card. please respond, and take care -pete


    anyone else noticing games slowing down then speeding up real fast to catch up with the new build? i rarely had this problem before but its happening if i have firefox open tracking my fantasy team and mosaic.

    of course, there are other little things open in the background but nothing new since the previous build??


    help…i only can watch in the lowest video quality..the higher 2 all i get is an error…2nd…why are the alerts minutes behind actual action?


    Another day of free beta testing for Mosaic…

    Mid and (cough cough) high resolution don’t work today – nothing but stream errors.

    No quality improvements made in a month that I can tell, when trying to watch 4 or 6 games at once.

    And as always, anything negative is just ignored.


    (I know, I know, you ignore criticism…way to treat your customers!)



    Ok I tried wathching the 4 screen display again last night and once again those little diamonds in between the team names, under the screen updated before the action I was watching. I mean come on, just get rid of the diamonds if they are gonna update a minute before the action I am watching. There really is no sense in me watching it. I might as well just go to and watch the scoreboard ticker.


    Heh, I noticed something today. For a while now I haven’t been able to use Mosaic at work, I’m assuming due to a network issue. The app loads but the buffering is just too severe.

    So I closed Mosaic and just moved on.

    Then I ran a ping test on and noticed that it was very slow — I went into task manager and noticed that swarmcast was still running. Once I killed swarmcast my computer response time was much better. Perhaps there’s something that can be done to Swarmcast so that it doesn’t destroy my bandwidth even when Mosaic isn’t running…

    Reply from bytes=32 time=73ms TTL=52

    Reply from bytes=32 time=65ms TTL=52

    Reply from bytes=32 time=69ms TTL=52

    Reply from bytes=32 time=92ms TTL=52

    Reply from bytes=32 time=85ms TTL=52

    Reply from bytes=32 time=82ms TTL=52

    Reply from bytes=32 time=64ms TTL=52

    Reply from bytes=32 time=23ms TTL=52 *** Killing Swarmcast here

    Reply from bytes=32 time=12ms TTL=52

    Reply from bytes=32 time=11ms TTL=52

    Reply from bytes=32 time=12ms TTL=52

    Reply from bytes=32 time=12ms TTL=52

    Reply from bytes=32 time=12ms TTL=52

    Reply from bytes=32 time=12ms TTL=52


    Today’s Pit/Cub game is not on the Mosaic. The Game shown is yesterday’s game which was rained out in the seven’th inning. They completed this game at the start of today’s game. Today’s game is on right now. It is on MLB-TV and MLB-TV Premium but not on the Mosaic.


    FIX IT!!!!!
    I can not f###ing stand seeing what has happened before it happened on the screen. This is the third time I am writing about this and it is extemely annoying. Watching the Mets, Marlins game and Reyes is at third with Beltran up, score 2 – 1. As a pitcher catcher meeting was going on, the little diamond under the screen showed a runner at first and the score 3 – 1. So I kind of got the hint Beltran hit a rbi single. Then 2 pitchs later guess what….he did. Now I know there is other problems like the buffering and little screen freezes every now and then, but this is by far the most annoying to me. Can you just get rid of the fu@@ing diamond.


    You can not watch the fu@@ing diamonds by clicking on Box Scores instead of Game Status.


    swyman18, would you mind telling me how to click on box scores instead of game status. I can’t find whatever your talking about on the 4 screen display.


    I just signed up and on my macbookpro, when I switch to a single game on mosaic, I lose the sound. When I go back to the 4×4 page the sound comes back.



    My apologies, I thought you were referring to watching a single game. I just try not to pay attention to the diamonds in mosaic mode. I imagine it’s just an issue of the video/audio feed being delayed by 10 seconds or so from the Gameday updates. You’re right, probably not much they can do other than get rid of them.


    I am not ignoring issues in fact I’ve been very busy helping the people who have done as the post said and emailed me with the problem they are having and details about their computer.

    If you are having a issue with the mosaic we have opened up a direct email for you and the response time has been very good. Posting on the blog I do not get information about your system, what steps you are taking to get the problem, and I can not get direct feedback from you.

    We will have a forum up very soon that will help.

    Regarding the Diamond updating before the video shows the play. As another user posted, this is just due to the fact that the games on the Mosaic have to be rendered together and thus a delay is produced. I have watched many a game and had the updates be perfect. Yet another game will be ahead or way behind. I have notified the developers about this issue, but there is no easy solution, as it does not always happen this way. If you are interested in watching a single game where the data updates are closer to the video, click into the game.

    All other issues just email me.

    Thank you!


    Posted by:

    I’ve been getting the following error: “Application Open Failed. Couldn’t read TVScript Application from C:\ProgramData\MLB TV Mosaic\TVScriptApp\mlb_broadband_ondemand_2007.qcb: Error HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call to a COM component.”

    This error occurs under Vista because you are not running as an Administrator.

    After the application is installed Right click on the desktop Icon and select “Properties”

    Then select the Advanced button

    Select the Run As administrator

    Select ok


    Single game streams are 400k 700k the larger streams are for the mosaic only. Sorry if that was not clear.


    Strait dope, is do as others have done, contact your cable provider check other sites with streaming live content. In most cases it’s not specific to the Mosaic, actually in every case so far.


    Swarmcast is necessary for the Medium and High quality 6 & 4 game views.


    I hope we can get a feature selection for true full screen and Aspect ratio, but no time line for that feature yet.


    You should hear sound on the 4 & 6 screen games. Email me your DXDIAG or just email me and I’ll tell you how do get that file to me.


    Just so you dont feel left out.. hi, were you the fellow with the 8MB video card who was having video buffering issues? Seriously though if you have an issue you want help with I’m here.


    Lots of room for more features in the fantasy aspect of the Mosaic. Thanks for the feedback.


    Dual monitors? I have noticed that with a few tabs open Fire Fox will eat up more system memory than the Mosaic.


    That would be due to swarmcast not running or not being allowed access to the internet.


    Seems like a lost cause, since I do not see it on the website the mosaic will not be able to play it either.


    Email me with your DXDIAG, but in the mean time reinstall your video card driver. I found that a Windows Update that Vista did messed with the C++ redistributable and messed with some video cards. A reinstall of my driver fixed it.


    If you click onto the higher quality stream and then come back it will remember you left at 700k and attempt to reconnect at that speed the next time you enter a single game.


    Vista users who are getting crashes. A recent Windows update caused some issues with video card drivers. Please reinstall your video card driver if you are having the Mosaic crash error ending 800703e6



    My dear Mr. Mosaic.

    What do you mean by video card? Do you mean, like, a Blockbuster Card?


    bostoncybersox (at), thanks for taking the time to report the
    behavior you’ve described above in Swarmcast. We’ve never seen anything like that before, but we’re taking it very seriously — we’re a company that’s all about making online video delivery amazing, not making network connections worse.

    I’m contacting you by email to work through this and I’ll make sure anything we figure out gets reported back to this blog in case any else ever sees the same thing.

    Thanks, RB @ Swarmcast Support




    rvn…I am resigned to the fact that I will get Charlie Chaplin video and lousy video and I can see as much as I can to see which I’ve accepted…. As for the product…it’s like a low budget movie but you have to deal with it. I emailed stuff a month ago and never got a response. I’ll hang with it and hope this thing gets it act together….I’m done complaining because no one gives a sheet,,,,



    Having a super fast PC is not really required. And Vista surely isn’t. What you need is one that is within the required specifications. Your message here, does not offer the techs anything to go by in order to help.

    I’ve checked other pro sports online feed recently such as hockey, and found the same issues that I have with Mosaic. Buffering is often a problem with traffic from your cable company, rather then the source of the feed.

    This is what my cable company explained to me. I have Comcast. You might want to chat with your ISP as well.


    I continue to have problems with single screen game. I can get the 6 games or 4 games…but when I want to connect to a single game no matter which video quality..there is no picture…help please



    The Yankees-Rangers game says Archived game available at bottom of game in six-game view and when I click to watch it, it brings me to the first game today. Why is there always problems with double-headers, suspended games, etc..


    ok Im fed up this is by far the bigest piece of garbage Ive ever used NEVER works as advertised 1 stream will work others are hoarked Goodbye!


    I need help! I just purchased the MLB.TV premium subscription and am having problems. I’m only trying to view single games. The 700k, 400k, and even radio streams will only play for about 10 to 15 seconds the most before buffering again. And it takes about 10 seconds to buffer before it will come back, many times longer. Sometimes it doesn’t even come back, it just stops and I have to close and reopen again. I’ve changed some settings in WMP from some comments I’ve read through already. I did that bandwidth test which said my speed was 6075kbps. I don’t have any other programs at all running while I’m watching. Please help or I’ll have to cancel this!


    As, the sweet smell of a newby discovering what we all know. I love the smell of a newby in the morning. It smells like . . . vindication!


    @hogan – hey buddy good to see you on the board again!

    i had the same problem last night re: the yankees’ 2nd game. is it a case of somebody being asleep at the switch? i was pretty livid about having to settle for a 6 game view of game 2 (and a stripe across the screen to limit it even further)…but luckily i’d been out for 5 pale ales at the pub earlier. lol

    did they respond to this issue at all?



    Why on earth wouldn’t you watch the second Yankee game via the web? It’s more reliable and the picture is a lot better than anything Mosaic has.Must’ve been the 5 pale ales.


    Andy you only sent me part of your DXDIAG, and I did reply to you.

    @ Doubleheaders and archive games. I’ll look into that one. I can suggest that you use “on demand” to watch each game for now.


    I posted the following on April 23, when Mosaic hadn’t been working for 3 days. I tried uninstalling/reinstalling. After a few desultory emails, and sending the DXDIAG, I haven’t heard anything useful. It now hasn’t worked for 2 weeks.

    Worked pretty well up until about 3 days ago, then whenever I tried to run the program no updates would come in, it would show loading and cycle for about 10 seconds, and then display the following error message:

    The MLB.TV Mosaic got an unanticipated exception while loggin in. Padding is invalid and cannot be removed.

    I then click OK and the program closes. Help!

    Posted by: | April 23, 2007 09:11 PM

    I really want to use this and want to like it, but unless it gets fixed soon I’m going to have to cancel and sign up for the cable package. Can anybody help, soon?


    Ahhhh, fresh meat. Mr. Blum sir? A word of obvious advice: sign up for the cable package.



    First the good news – I uninstalled both swarmcast and Mosaic, then re-installed them, and I can watch 6 games at once again.

    Now for the bad news – the quality continues to be much worse than what you advertise in the Demo.

    Now then, my computer is state-of-the-art, my DSL is high-speed, etc., etc.

    So it’s not my computer.




    I signed in for the first time is a few weeks hoping that you have fixed some of these glitches. Now the games come up but smaller (4 inches by 4 inches) and I can’t control them (meaning I can’t click on games, change the number of games, control anything). When I maximize the screen, all I get is black. No controls, no games, no volume. I restarted my computer just to be sure. Nope, nada. ***? I would subscribe to cable but mine doesn’t offer it. POS. Oh, now I get an error that says “Unhandled exception has occurred in your appplicatoin. If you click continue, the applicaton will ignore this error and attempt to continue. If you click Quit, the applicatoin will close immediately. Attempted to read or write protected memory. THis is often an indication that other memory is corrupt”. ***?


    PLEASE lose the “Mosaic has been inactive, would you like to continue” warning. it’s unnecessary and infuriating, and when it happens during an archived game, it restarts the game from the beginning.

    any news for us on whether a future build might rid us of this annoying feature?

    everything else rules! thanks!


    Everything is blacked out because Fox has exclusive rights on the broadcasting of baseball on Saturdays prior to 7PM.

    I understand that baseball’s primary interest is the TV contract money and not my money, but it sure would be nice if they could amend their Saturday Sox contract so that games are only blacked out when they start at the same time as the Fox game. Fox isn’t broadcasting until 3:55PM today, so it would be nice if they let us watch one of the two 1PM games while we waited for the 4PM games to come on the air.

    It’s a minor issue, but one that MLB should address…


    I know this isn’t the place for this, BUT who do I complain to for games that are blacked out yet are not on TV? This keeps happening to me for my Cubs’ games, which is the whole reason I bought this thing in the first place.


    Well the last few days the Mosaic has been working great for me. I watch the single games on the highest video quality and have had less problems every day. The other night I watched the 4 game screen and the diamonds were actually updating a second or two after the play on the screen. That was great. Now I just have one question. When will we be getting the options screen options that say “coming soon”? Anyway I hope it just keeps getting better, it seems to be the case so far. Love the player tracker.


    Mosaic..I didn’t get any email from you…just 25 or so from telling me about my subscription and what I owe them. I checked every day.


    I’m experiencing a 3 second delay between the video and audio. This has been the case in each release and in both high and low quality video modes. Is this issue going to be addressed?


    Ted Silva: I’ve had the same problem right from the beginning of this year. I understand that Mosaic is in the process of up-dating all of their media players and working on timing problems. Let’s hope the problem gets solved soon. It is annoying to hear the sound out of sync with the video.


    Have had this programsince the first day of the season and it has never worked…MLB.TV works great when i watch single games but Mosaic is not working, all the tv screens are black, no sound/video has ever been heard/seen by me…how can i fix the problem, someone please help



    The Dodgers-Braves game is not playing. Instead, when I click on the Dodgers-Braves game, it shows the stats for the game but the video is simply a preview of KC-Detroit.


    “The Dodgers-Braves game is not playing. Instead, when I click on the Dodgers-Braves game, it shows the stats for the game but the video is simply a preview of KC-Detroit.”

    I saw that. There’s a rain delay graphic, but I’ve got the game on TBS, and it’s a beautiful, sunny day.


    When I try to watch an archived game I get the following error:

    Network Stream error

    and a box pops up saying “Unable to connect. Try a different quality level”

    I’ve tried the lowest quality level and nothing works.

    Please help!


    Is anyone else noticing that the audio is no synced up with the video on the six-game view?

    It seems that the audio is a couple of seconds ahead.


    I use a MacBook Pro and was doing fine. Took the recent update via automatic download/software update and now – can no longer see picture(s) on any screen



    I have a question about the Saturday blacking out. Why did you black out games that weren’t on fox in any region?????? There were 3 games on fox that should have been blacked out so why black out the cubs nats or the cards astros games if there not even on fox?????


    I can get audio on all Mosaic but no video. Any suggestions appreciated.


    What happened to my account?!?!
    I paid for the Annual MLB.TV PREMIUM package and then, in the middle of today’s Giants x Mets game they cancelled it???

    Now everytime I try to connect using my account they say I have to pay for it again?!?!********!!! I’m sick of having problems with MLB.TV!!!!! I just wanna know what happened!!!!


    Hmm it seems like my credit card has expired… but the thing is, I bought the annual package… Do they charge you monthly? Even when you buy it annualy?

    My credit card expired on March/07… and we’re well into May… Why would they let me use MLB.TV the whole month of April and some days of May?

    May someone help me out? Thanks.


    Sorry for the triple-post guys. This post above is the same guy as guga_mlb just on a friend’s account.



    Where is everyone? Either everbody’s problems have been solved, or your giving up on Mosaic. It would be good if we heard from someone with an up-date or current status of the mosaic feature. I’m going to stick it out and hope for the best. By the way, Here’s something you may try if you get an unhandled exception error when you try to access mosaic. Whenever I get this error, I immediately restart the computer and then right click the curser and click run administrator and I gain access. So far it has worked every time. Hope this helps someone having the same problem. Meanwhile, keep the faith. Maybe we’ll hear from Justin soon.


    Okay, I’ve brought this up before, but what possible reason does Mosaic have for caring whether I’ve changed games recently? This is easily the dumbest service possible. If I want to watch the same **** game for longer than 20 minutes, THEN LET ME! Good lord. Please reprimand the ***** who thought the inactivity popup would be a crowd pleaser. Oh, and LET ME WATCH THE FREAKIN’ GAME. I PAID FOR THE SUBSCRIPTION, QUIT TELLING ME HOW TO USE IT!!!


    And for the record, so I don’t get banned or something, the asterisked word was not vulgar. It was m-o-r-o-n.


    Slightly off-topic, but it needs to be stated. When games are being played at Wrigley Field, please do not go to “Pac-Man” in the middle of the 7th inning until AFTER “Take Me Out To The Ball Game” is played. The guys at the switch have botched this at least 3-4 times already this year, including tonight.


    I can only view Mosaic in the lowest quality and it is super fuzzy/pixealted. I completed a speed test and it came back at 10711kb.

    Is there something I need to do to fix this?


    Just downloaded new update A210 at 5:30pm, Wed, CDT. Can you please tell us what to look for in the new release as far as fixes, improvements, etc. It downloaded fine, and is playing fine also at middle video quality level. Thanks


    I want to thank the blog owners of this blog for providing our e-mail addresses for spammers and phishers. Since my initial comment on this blog 3 weeks ago, my present e-mail address [here] has been grabbed. This indicates the non-professional makeup of of this organization. However, I should have known better.


    my favortie team is the cleveland indians and I’m kind of frustrated I can’t see my home team on and the mosaic because of the blackout and my zip code being blacked out. Is their any way to fix it in order to see my hometown teams games?


    Please tell us who can talk to about the stupid blackout rules. I’ve emailed mlb about it and no response. If major league baseball really cared about its and fans and not just their money they would do something about this.


    yeah, really, what gives? says hte game is being broadcast on SNY and there is no way that that is nationally broadcast so why is it blacked out? and again, yeah, it was listed in the weekly email so ???????


    A few weeks ago, a 1:10 Mets home start was on even though it wasn’t on EI. Today, neither is on.


    Fox has their games at 3 eastern but MLB, giving into anybody that throws them money, allows a Saturday blackout from 1 to 7.


    Fantastic! MLB is streaming a classical concert for Mother’s Day! That’s exactly why I have I can’t see my team this afternoon but I’m thrilled that I can see a concert. Way to go MLB!!!


    Interesting how the 1:00 Saturday games weren’t blacked out during the free trial period in April. Seems like a way of tricking potential subscribers into thinking they would be able to see those games all season. Now that the trial’s over, those games are blacked out.


    Where can we actually be heard about our blackout complaints, anyone know? Cause it seems like they aren’t responding to us at all. Being a cubs fan in Los Angeles I bought MLB.TV to watch all their games. Yet time and time again their games are being blocked because Fox is showing them some where else in the country. If I recall correctly I was told I could watch “all your teams out of market games” but I guess they left out the part where they black out games shown in other places . . . . . Seriously what gives?


    WHY ARE THESE GAMES BLACKED OUT??? There are 3 games on fox that should be blacked out so why the heck are the other ones blacked out? THERE IS NO REASON FOR THIS


    I keep getting a stream error. not an equipment or internet issue. is mosiac working for all of you?


    I’m having the same problem as bwdunbar, in addition I’m being told I need to have an audio card and updated drivers. My puter is pretty new, I keep all my drivers up to date, and on top of that up until this latest update (this evening – haven’t logged on in a couple of days) I have never,ever had a problem, and I’ve been a subscriber longer than this sentence has run on.



    Can anyone help me stop the player tracker? Ever since the latest update, I can’t turn it off. I even tried putting one (rarely used) player on my roster, but the player tracker keeps posting info about EVERY PLAYER THAT EXISTS. Can someone help me?


    I have the same problem as mgmpbd right now. The player tracker is ignoring the guys I have selected and it’s showing every single player. This really rather annoying.



    I have two simple questions.

    1. What is being done to improve the quality of the high-speed streams, so that they are more “tv-like?”

    2. What is being done about the problem with streams lagging behind results displayed by both the little red dots for men on base, and the scoreboard below the video showing changes before we get to see them happen?



    Please get rid of the “inactive” function. I run mosaic all day while working, and it keeps cutting the games off . Just because Im not clicking buttons doesn’t mean Im not watching. And could we please get some way to get rid of the organ music at the commercial breaks. It is driving me crazy. I would prefer silence that I dont have to mute myself while working.
    All else is working fine on the intel mac.



    To all those who complain about blackouts:

    Fox has exclusivity on Saturday afternoons. That means usually any game in the afternoon that starts before 7pm Eastern gets blacked out. There are some exception for early games.

    Please stop whining on the board about it, because this isn’t the right forum for it.


    Can anyone at Mosaic tell me when you think the other 2 portals will be available? I’d rather watch 1 main game and 1 or 2 others at the same time. These two portals I think would be more appealing than the 4 or 6 game portals. Are there other people who feel the same way? Please comment and let Mosaic know your preference.


    Info for all users:
    On Monday, 5/14, I tried to log into Mosaic at noon, CDT. I have been using Mosaic Version A210 since it became available without any problem, even used it late last night ok. Today when I tried to login, I got an error telling me I needed to update my Directx drivers (whatever that is). I went to, and reloaded the drivers, a BIG 59 mb file taking 13 minutes to download. Still got the same error when I tried to run Mosaic after downloading the new Directx drivers (Dec 06 Version), so I went to add/delete in the XP control panel and deleted both Mosaic and Swarmcast, and redownloaded the Mosaic application from scratch. This time I got Error 0 during the installation process, telling me I needed to update my video card–NO WAY!!!! Mosaic had been working perfectly as well as late last night for me using Version A210 and my currently installed video card. So, I next rebooted my pc, a late model Dell XPS Model 400, and tried to rerun the Mosaic installation icon I had previously saved on my desktop, and guess what happened???? Everything loaded just fine, an update was found having 14 files, and within 2 minutes Mosaic Version A210 was once again running perfectly on my pc. So, Mosaic team, what gives??? It is obvious to me that from what I just experienced, the problems most people are having is not with their pc’s, but with Mosaic itself. It is simply not a stable product yet, and should not be advertised as such.


    First off, let me say I have not used the mosiac for a couple weeks because of time constraints and the problems with the mosiac. I logged in tonight and still cannot use anything but the lowest quality video. And video seems to cut out occasionally. I have not taken time to read all the post since, so I do not know if I need to uninstall and re-install the newest version. I assume that the “checking for updates” take care of this. Can someone help?


    ricktopher: You haven’t missed much. There was a new version 210 that was up-dated recently. Check to see in your preferences in the upper right hand corner to see whether you have the newest version. The mid and high quality level video worked for 1 day after the up-date, but I’m only getting streaming in the low level right now. I’m sure Mosaic is also aware since they haven’t issued any statement since April 27. Hang in there. They will figure it out eventually. By the way, are you getting a 2 second delay in the audio in the single game live mosaic?


    @ adkinsjm

    If this isn’t the right forum to complain about blackouts then tell us where it is.

    I’ve emailed MLB and FOX several times with no response. I just have to laugh when I watch a game and the announcer tells you if you’re out of town you can log on to and watch your team play.


    Ah, yes. The inactivity popup just made an appearance. Of course, I had just changed games less than ten minutes before. It’s a GREAT feature, guys.

    Hey, how about a popup every half inning, just to make sure everyone is watching the game they really want to watch? Because apparently we’re just too stupid to navigate to the correct game.

    I think is really missing an opportunity to add completely worthless features to mosaic. Come on, guys. Screw up my viewing some more. It’s not like I’m paying for this or anything.


    I too would very much like to see the other two “coming soon” views, or at the very least an ETA on when we should be seeing them.



    Seriously, Love it. I think it’s great and it works without a hitch for me every time. It’s not supernatural so I don’t know what everyone else’s issues are. I would still love to see audio options in place and it looks like that is the works. Being a developer, a project like that seems very difficult.

    You guys are doing great. I LOVE Mosaic and keep up the great work. We know you are working hard and we appreciate it.

    If only we could get rid of these blackout restrictions. For paying a hefty subscription fee, we really should be able to watch every game. I’d even pay a little extra to watch blacked out games…though we shouldn’t have to. Blackouts and packman between innings aside, you have a winner and those of us who just like to watch baseball, no matter what team appreciate it.

    How can we protest the blackout restrictions? I say, no one pays a subscription next year until the blackout agreement is lifted. Who’s with me!?


    Maybe ask these guys to use a little more common sense when it comes to the development of Mosaic. The bad features are obvious! How long do we have to harp about the negatives? It’s so close to being an amazing application!!!! Keep trying.


    Last evening was perhaps the worst yet. I have been quite pleased until then, but the Detroit-Boston game was unwatchable. The picture buffered every to minutes.

    However, the Dodgers-Cardinals game was fine.

    Is it just a question of MLB not having the server capacity? Nothing changed on my end between 9 and 10, but why was one stream demonstrably better than the other?

    I, too, appreciate the work has done, but a paid product should not have the inconsistency I witnessed last night.

    In addition, why has there been a three-week absence of posts from on this blog? Has nothing occurred?

    I hope tonight goes better.


    I keep getting the (error 0) respond what does that mean, I checked my card and it should be compatible with the mosaic… help???


    I don’t get any video! This new update screwed my Mosaic! Can we go back to something that works?



    Hi I get an error that says ‘content unavailable’ for every game (even ones that aren’t blacked out). the only channel that works is the


    I have a new laptop dualcore2 1.73 and a 512mb nvidia geforce 7600 graffic card 2 gigs of ram. Vista Primium Home. I experimented with the settings in Media Player, turns out things worked well with only the last item checked HTTP. This solved all my problems with the 400k stream on watching with mlb. I tried downloading mosaic but it informed me something was not installed properly so I canceled the download and did not try in on my Vista Machine. I cannot still watch the 700 k stream without in stopping to buffer every now and then. My laptop is wireless at at the other end of the house from the router, when checking the speed of the bandwith with the link you provide mine says 650kb so I assume my high speed internet is not fast enough. I also noticed when my son is online at the same time my 400k stream also buffers, doesn’t happen when I am online alone though so I assume my dsl isn’t fast enough, they say its 100mps I think. I downloaded mosaic on an xp machine with a athlon 3500 processor 256 ati graffic card checked only the last two network setting boxes http being the last. stream worked at 400 k fine 700 k buffered once in a while, downloaded mosaic and it installed without any errors as happened on the vista machine, mosaic worked well at 400 k although the vidio is half as good as the 400 on mlb, choppy and buffers at 700k or the higher setting vidio freezet sound keeps going though. I find watching the 400 streams on mlb watchable at medium screen size. I do not enjoy the buffering at 700k. Again 400k works well only when I am online myself if my son is online on another computer the dsl I have apparently doesn’t keep up if another computer is on the same


    Overall, Mosaic is pretty sweet. I push audio and video from my 8800GTS and RealtekHD to my HT and HDTV @ 720p. During the course of a game, I get the annoying Time Out No activity, Hit OK button. By the time I make it back to my PC, I end up having to relaunch the application. Is there a better solution? In addtion, I get an average of 5-6 video/audio “freezes” which require re-establishing the feed to the game I’m watching. If any additional info required, I’ll be happy to provide. Thanks & Go Red Sox!, TTx


    I have a mac and any mlb site I go the page continues to refresh and I can not click anything on the site I am on, and I can not get to any of the games for audio. the error message that comes up is jcarousel/:no width/height set for items. This will cause an infinite loop. Aborting…. How can this be fixed?


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