Mosaic Update

Here’s the update for today. We’ve rolled out a few changes that will address the login issues that some of you have seen. We appreciate all of your comments and feedback, and are working individually with a number of you on more specific issues. We’ll have another update later today.



  1. massbrewer

    Still getting the “Temporarily Unavailable” message as of 2:00 PM Eastern Wednesday — is this still down for all?


    This is going on three days so far with no broadcast. I have waited up to twenty five minutes on hold for customer service, without getting through to anyone.
    How can you be so unprepared for the opening of the season? You certainly had no problem processing my payment.
    When can we really expect to be able to use the services we have paid for?


    stream error, retrying…

    Getting this error on both my PC and Mac while trying to run mosaic.


    I keep getting a Silverlight error message code 2203 runtime error using 1.2mb, which I paid for. Uninstalled both programs, reinstalled in correct order, still same issue. (Vista using Firefox and IE7). Cancelling subscription if this is not fixed this week and asking for refund.


    I have tried to log on to Mosaic no fewer than 12 times since Monday – I can only get the screen that reads: “The MLB.TV Mosaic service is temporarily unavailable. Please check back soon!” At this point, I am almost wishing for a login or a silverlight error message.

    Seriously, what gives here?


    I’m having the same problem. Do I need to do download the Mosaic again for this year? I had it last year.

  7. skiddys

    Getting the message that you are sorry that you cannot validate my information for checking my blackout status. My service worked great yesterday most of the day, but today it seems to be down again. I have a bad feeling this is going to be a problem all year and would like to know if I should go ahead and cancel my subscription? I was told that I would be contacted about issue after calling MLB.TV yesterday morning. I guess I should expect that call anytime now. Right? Please help!

  8. skiddys

    I have three games blacked out and usually only have one. I usually only have Cardinal games blacked out, but today I have both Chicago games and the St. Louis game blacked out. Is this right? If so then, I am cancelling immediately because I am no where near the Chicago area! Thanks for your help.


    The service has not worked for me at all this week. I have followed all the configuration and troubleshooting instructions without any success, and have tried it from more than one computer. There were no issues with it the last two seasons, but so far this season it has been useless. Please immediately refund my subscription or contact me directly with a solution. Thank you.


    It’s Sunday, April 6th and the priemium package I signed up for does not work. (Can’t get the 1.2m For better quality), the 6 games within the picture doesn’t work I have no idea how to even find out how you get it. I can only get the game when I punch up 800 mlb and then that’s on a much smaller screen and the streaming quality isn’t very good in fact last year seemed better!!!! Very frustrated and ready to pull the plug and get my money back. CAN SOMEONE “PLEASE” HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!


    Why is there never, ever a response to people on this thread or others who can’t get the 1.2M feed? How about a “yeah, yeah… we’re working on it” or “you all can go screw yourselves”… something like that would be nice.


    Okay, this is really regarding in general. I live in Oklahoma. I bought the package so I could watch Yankees games. I have been repeatedly “blacked out” because somehow is reading that I am in New York. From Oklahoma. Really? I’ve tried to get help all season from the “customer service” department at and have been anything but successful. I’ve tried to call and can never get through. The few times I have I have been hung up on. I’ve sent emails and have received no resolution. I have even asked to get a refund as I can’t watch the games I was told I would be able to and was told that I was outside the “30 day window”. This is the worst customer service I have ever seen and have been unable to get any resolution or even talk to anyone that remotely ACTS like they care. At this point I’m just going to tell everyone I can not to get this package and to make other arrangements to watch games. I’m going to see what other blogs I can put this on and then contact the Better Business Bureau. Good luck baseball fans!


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