64-Bit Support

Hi All,

Just a quick note which may not have been clear. We don’t currently support 64 bit (vista or otherwise), only 32. We’ll be working on getting a 64 bit version working, but i dont have a specific timeline on it yet. We know many of you with higher end machines are moving to 64 bit, and appreciate the extra horsepower, and will address it asap.




  1. tsliwka@verizon.net

    i am running 64 bit vista. can i reduce this to 32 via settings and please help get this fixed asap thanks


  2. denverhank@comcast.net

    oh oh mine is an 64 bit!!!!!! Ok I will try to temporary reduce to 32 and see how that works–man no wonder thx Justin

  3. bostoncybersox@yahoo.com

    Before you guys go to bed, can you maybe check and see why all of my streams – either through Mosaic or direct thru MLB are now down.

    Happy Opening Day Bud!

  4. denverhank@comcast.net

    Oh lordy Im back==heres my puter===Dell dim.C521 AMD Athlon 64×2 Dual Core processor 1022 MB ram
    32 Bit operating system===hope that helps

  5. denverhank@comcast.net

    Im no puter geek— but I have notice changes tryin be made and I really hope I have better luck for games on tues.

  6. mark.tait@ensequence.com

    The problem is not 64 Bit Processors the problem is 64 Bit Operating systems. Which require most applications be designed for 64bit. So summary 64bit Processor = good, 64bit OS = no support just yet

    no eta

  7. Justin

    mark tait is in fact correct – thats the issue. I’m not sure off hand how to downgrade the 64 bit version of windows vista, but we’ll look into it and if there is a solution without a reinstall (which might be the only answer), we’ll let you know here.

  8. rmcc4444@gmail.com

    if you are an end user and dont have a specific need to run 64 bit operating system that you know of, stick with the 32 bit version. sure, 64 bit is going to be a little faster (and a bit more secure), but have fun running a somewhat faster version of MS paint because thats about all you’ll be able to run.

    64 bit applications are still a year+ off from touching the mainstream.

  9. rdale@skywatch.org

    YOU CANNOT DOWNGRADE VISTA OR XP!!! The only way to “downgrade” is to reformat your harddrive and install a new version of XP or Vista 32-bit.

    My guess is that people are confusing the IE issue – you can run 32-bit Internet Explorer (which you have to do in order to access MLB’s site) but that won’t help Mosaic issues.

  10. threechamps@rcn.com

    Tester? Where was the notice that you couldn’t use mosaic with a 64 bit OS? Nowhere I can remember reading.

    When you talk about working on a solution – is that hours? Days? Next year? Not for nothing, but I paid for premium specifically for mosaic.

  11. ktroland1@yahoo.com

    I also payed extra for this feature and am now out of luck having Vista Ultimate (64-bit). How long do I have to wait?

  12. jbarnard@gmail.com

    It would be nice if the installation failed, instead of just giving an obscure error message the first time I try to run the application.

  13. tjc43@hotmail.com

    I’m am a 3D graphics designer…so yeah…64bit is a must. By the way, video is one of the aspects that 64 bit improves more than anything. MLB should not only have a 64 bit version but a multi-threaded 64 bit version. If you can truly watch 6 games, 64 bit plus muliticore support would boost performance dramatically.

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