Changes Today

In preparation for todays changes that should address most of the issues we saw yesterday, we’re taking down the front end of the mosaic – it’ll announce itself as temporarily unavailable while we make some infrastructure changes behind the scenes. Don’t worry – it will be back well before game time today – we’d just rather not have you guys having sub-optimal experiences with it while we deploy our new code. Normally, this isnt required, and it won’t be a regular thing.
In the meantime, you can access MLB.TV Premium Archives on the Multimedia Guide in the browser here.




Please for the love of god get rid of the CC Verification Form!

“Don’t worry – it will be back well before game time today ”

Does anyone else laugh when they read this line??? You guys had 5 months to get Mosaic up and running and work out all the kinds (ever heard of Beta testing??), yet you clearly failed..

cw – thats what we’re working on, amongst other things. You can see my post from last night that addresses everything we’re fixing today.

Many people are just complaining and badmouthing everything – I think that a few days of problems are OK when everything is working fine afterwards. The “normal streaming” without Mosaic is working fine anyway, so why complain? In my opinion Mosaic is just a bonus (although we did pay for it I guess, hehe).

Anyway, so many people are having problems with this CC verification…I hope you finally sort that out and get rid of it or something.

The main problem, I guess, is, that almost all non-US cards do not support this kind of address verification. So it doesn’t work…the web player luckily does not ask for that information, because that wouldn’t work either. (I already had that happen a few times – it asked for it, and of course it didn’t work. A few minutes later it was back to normal and the verification form didn’t pop up again in the web player.)

I also think that this form denies many users a working Mosaic-application…I for myself couldn’t get anything working so far: Not even the single game feed (which I would mostly use) was working (it would write “Connecting…” for a second and then NOTHING – empty field.

And the is not working either…the audio is fine but I get a picture like every 10 seconds.

So, I hope, that all of this is connected to the CC verification thingy and goes away when you fix that.

Otherwise you’ll be hearing more reports shortly πŸ˜‰

Thanks for trying to get it working and actually RESPONDING to users problems. That’s worth a lot.

Good luck and a good day.

I agree with mko, as an American living in Austria, it is not so easy to call the support line and wait on hold for an operator who probably is too far removed from the tech side of things to help. This blog has been great and a big cheers to Justin for relaying info as best as possible directly to the customers. If they can perfect one issue a day then this whole mess should be sorted by the end of the week. It is after all a long season and the web player seems to be working fine for now.

“The main problem, I guess, is that almost all non-US cards do not support this kind of address verification. So it doesn’t work…”

As a non-US card holder can I loudly echo these sentiments and also point out that the webplayer, as alluded to by the same poster, asked for address verification as well so I couldn’t watch any baseball last night.


Where in the webplayer did it ask you for address verification? I am in Austria and was only asked it in Mosaic, but not the webplayer. Did you watch any of the spring training games?

“Many people are just complaining and badmouthing everything – I think that a few days of problems are OK when everything is working fine afterwards.”

You are free to feel that way. However, I totally and completely disagree.

1) MLB has had 5 months to get Mosaic up and running without any kinks. Yet they clearly were not ready for numerous issues. Look, no one expects Mosaic to work perfectly 100% of the timem without any errors–nothing in life is perfect, but to not even be able to install the program on the day it is supposed to be ready is just ridiculous!

2) There was no mention of the Player Tracker not working until later in the day. I spent 15 minutes putting in all my players to find out that the things was messed up and my results were not saved.

3) Numerous people weren’t able to install/run the application because somehow a bad version of the file was appearing on MLB servers for download. That’s not simply a “problem” That’s a total and complete failure. That’s different from having streaming issues or not being able to watch the games at the highest quality. You paid for something to start using it on April 2 and you can’t because MLB is too incompetent to realize they have the wrong file on the server.

I was asked for address (and CC!) verification in the webplayer (worked) and in Mosaic (didn’t work) as well.

Justin, good luck with getting rid of all the bugs. I’m looking forward to the final version.

btw, I had no idea so many people from Austria (or living here) were interested in watching baseball online. Coole Sache!

I hope you guys get this working.
Here is the rub for me: I couldn?t get it to work at all most of yesterday evening due to stream errors whatever that is. When I did get it to work, the full screen of a given game has the menu bar across the middle of the picture.

Stepping back this is doubly irritating as I am one of the people who MLB has chosen to alienate due to no EI package on cable anymore. The web stream is offered as a substitute, with mosaic as one of the cool features that somehow makes MLBs decision Ok.

The regular stream is decent at 700K, but not close to cable quality and as far as I am concerned mosaic doesn?t work at all.

MLB does it again.

I feel for you dev guys, I?ve been in software development and when a product has as many issues as yours does at go-live it can only be described as a disaster, let?s be honest here.

Perhaps some better pilots during spring training would have helped you out. But the product, as delivered on go-live was not production quality.

Forgive me if this has been answered. I’m ready to buy an expensive new laptop to watch MLB TV. But it comes with VISTA HOME PREMIUM. Does Mosiac run on this OS (I notice you only list Vista Business and Ultimate, though I’m not sure what the difference is re: Mosiac). Thank you.


I think there is only 2 from Austria (at least on this blog) and that would be us. But I am from SF only working in Vienna so that makes sense. However there seems to be a growing underground interest in MLB in Austria due to kids growing up through the internationallyy school system, playing it in school and having their parents get interested as well.

Good mornin all!!! Hope changes do us good today. Good luck guys. Hanker

Any chances of getting MLB.TV viewable on a PDA / Palm? Due to the amount of Flash content, it won’t load in either TV or radio… There used to be a small application that would link to the video and radio broadcasts, but MLB pursued legal action against the author so he took it down.

wah wah wah wah wah. everyone that is crying, i suggest you cancel your subscription so the patient ones who understand the world doesnt revolve around themselves can have your bandwidth.

unfortunately there wasn’t a beta opening day to stress test the environment. relax and help the team get things going or get your money back so we don’t have to deal w/ your ********.


“but to not even be able to install the program on the day it is supposed to be ready is just ridiculous!”

it installed fine for me..

“I spent 15 minutes putting in all my players to find out that the things was messed up and my results were not saved.”

you spent more than 15 minutes writting this blog entry. surely you can find another 15 minutes once this all gets fixed.

“Numerous people weren’t able to install/run the application because somehow a bad version of the file was appearing on MLB servers for download. That’s not simply a “problem” That’s a total and complete failure.”

and numerous people were able to.

johnsilva – as long as it is the32bit vista, it should work – though we’ve had some install and permission issues with running on vista. Those outliers will get cleared up in the next few days.

rdale – i’ll ping the wireless guys here and try to get them to get their own blog going πŸ˜‰

I installed Mosaic yesterday… and it didnt work, i’ve seen all the complaints about it and these guys are right, not to have something ready like this in the date your guys promised is really guys are suppose to be MLB! well never mind that… in mosaic,it stays on connecting forever on blank screens…not even the single game screen works.. does anyone have that vmr9 thing popping up in the beggining?

martin, if you’re getting a VMR error, you wont be able to play back any video, as the error message tells you. You’ll need to update your video card drivers to a newer version, and if that doesnt work, you may need a newer video card. We’ve only seen this happen on older cards that are not within our system requirements specs.

Ten minutes til gametime and it still isn’t working

I’m having a weird problem. I haven’t been able to download Mosaic because every time I click on the link its dead. I tried downloading in firefox and IE. Seeing that no one else was having this problem I thought it was just my computuer. So I tried setting up a proxy in firefox and the download worked. However, after installing Mosaic, the program tells me it cannot connect to the internet because my firewall is blocking it. I’ve disabled all my firewalls, and still get the same message. Any ideas as to what’s going on? I am running WinXP Pro SP2 and directly connect via a cable modem. I use PC-cillin 06 for my firewall/antivirus.

My bad…no afternoon games today

Hello. Basically I live in the UK and mine last night just didnt work a tall. It kept asking me for my credit Card details. I put them in & it didnt work. Long! Any one else have these problems?


Yep, the problem seems to be that our UK credit cards do not support this address verification system. I just hope that care enough about their international users to make sure our specific problem is solved by tonight.

@ Dean,

Thanks for that mate. I had a proper stress about it!

Also are the 1.5MB Versions running? And are they really like TV quality? If so! Good!

I live in the UK and had just a few small problems getting everything working last night. I am unable to get anything working in Firefox, both Mac and PC. I was able to run Mosaic on my Media Center PC last night with just a few periodic application errors (mainly when I would double-click on a game box before the streams had loaded). I did have to do the CC Verification once, but it seemed to work ok (I used a Lloyds TSB debit card). I tried Mosaic this morning on my Mac and it loaded fine, so I am hopeful that I can use it tonight to watch my Padres.

Oh, also, the requirements for the Mac version of Mosaic say a 1GHz Power PC processor – is that true? I have a 24″ iMac (with a 2.16 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo) and it still worked. Is it a Universal Binary? And if no, why not?

the vmr error keeps popping up at the beginning i have all the proper software i e the windows xp the directx 9.0 the net 2.0 so what s the deal? and don t tell me my video card is causing the error this hp/pc is only two years old and i have all the proper updates the mlbtv and extra innings disaster continues

pmac – sorry, thats baseline – we need to update. it works great on the intel macs – i have it running on a 20″ imac on my desk and on my macbook pro.

hi justin, is the mosaic fix CCV update ready? when i try to start my mosiac it says update found, preparing to download, but it never starts the download…
should we wait a bit more?

also are the 700k links working properly today? casue yesterday i got the CCV problem with them to while the 400k links where working fine without asking for the CCV

when I try to download I get Error 1335 The cabinet file ‘DATA1.CAB’ required for this installation is corrupt and cannot be used. ……Any suggestions?
I am running Windows XP

Hi Justin,
Just 2 questions: 1) is minor- maybe not mosaic related.. If I’m watching a game in 700kbts, and have gameday on, and switch to another game via the gameday screen at bottom that says “watch” that sends me to game ok, but the streaming appears to go automatically to the low quality 400kbts. I can only get the 700kbts by going to multimedia screen and clicking 700kbts icon. thats a hassle. any comment on that would be appreciated.

2) I’m confused- as I read your replies yesterday to the bandwith problem, I understood you to say or mean that for the moment we can only get 400kbs and 700kbs in mosaic, but in the NEAR future we will be able to get “each” of the games in mosaic in 1.2, 1.5 mbts. I hope so because even tho 700kbts is better then last year; it is NOT tv quality.

Please respond.

Btw, I feel for ya, having to go thru that nightmarish day yesterday; but between me and you, this really should have been all fixed up during spring training. I guess even the “IT” people need spring training.



mmccarthy, to point 1: we know, we’re working on some UI changes for the web based client to make that easier.

to point 2: the mosaic product is as follows for video quality: 400k and 700k streams for single games, and 700k/1.2mbit/1.8mbit for the mosaic view. We hope to move to even higher quality single game streams, but want to get the high quality streaming working on the mosaic feeds first. its a new technology that doesnt work quite like traditional streaming. We’ve been developing it for two years, and we tested with small audience volumes last year during the season. Once we get that sorted out, we should be able to do even higher quality single game streams.

Check out the 700ks live tonight, they should look better from last night, as we’re using our higher quality direct ballpark feeds tonight for the most part. We’ll also be introducing some new encoding technology shortly that will make them look even better.

For the first time Mosaic works. No CCV Window again, All Screens have a picture (Blue screen with MLB Sign) … πŸ™‚

Should I install SwarmCast? I see its icon running in the System Tray. When I click “Whats This” it takes me to a download screen.


I don’t know if you are still updating this but now I can’t get past the CCV window. I know all my information is correct and unlike yesterday it won’t allow me to just hit ok and by pass the screen. Any ideas?

thanks Justin… keep looking to improve the product, and I and probably others will be’s potentially a great product.

hi guys i just got one question when i boot my mosaic up it works fine but just one thing. When it has all the games for tonight in those t.v screens the 3 games on top have the screen overlapping onto the other 3 games on the bottem and then it has the 3 t.vs on the bottem that are ok what is the problem here thanks guys

I second that mawi1984, right now it’s looking good. I even got the baseballchannel working. So a HINT to ALL USERS: If you’re only getting a frame rate of 0.3 on a stream you have to DISABLE FFDSHOW for WMV! No idea why it doesn’t work with ffdshow, but that’s the way it is. Maybe, Justin, you can take a look at that in the future?

BTW, the player tracker still does not work correctly. Although Mosaic does now show status messages (like getting player data…), it doesn’t add any players and there are always random players in my list.

But looks like progress to me so far…thanks guys.

And to

MLB.TV Mosaic automatically installs Swarmcast, that’s why you have the icon in your systray in the first place…

Please, please, tell me that the direct ballpark feed will include the on screen graphics. Last year was awful without them.

Can you let me know if the screen with 1 large feed with the 2 beside it. Or the 2 games side by side are really going to be “coming soon”

6 games are too many for me. Those 2 screens will make mosaic the perfect app for me.

I just wanna say that the Mosaic is working well right now for me. Last night I said I was a little skeptical about the fixes for today, and I have to admit Justin and the guys there are doing a heck of a job trying to fix the problems.

I’m getting all the screens blue, with the MLB.TV logo cause there is no game on right now, and the Baseball Channel is also working.

But I still have a problem. I tried switching the Video Quality to the Maximum and it gave me a “stream error”. Went back to the Medium and everything worked smoothly again.

Any word on that?

I’ll keep on testing till the game time.

Can’t wait to watch the Giants today at 4:35.


First off, this blog is definitely a step in the right direction for I had the same problems with credit card verification last night but was able to at least get the Mosaic screen to load when I tried today. After that, more of the same non-functionality. I tried to watch last night’s Sox v Tribe game and get nothing but the blue screen with the MLB logo. I got bored watching that after about 10 minutes! I’m on a Mac, though, so I’ve come to expect this kind of thing from
I work for a Very Large Online Media Company and if we ever launched a product that failed so miserably people would definitely be fired. And I don’t mean you Justin. But your boss and your boss’ boss should consider themselves lucky if they are still employed today.


Any update on Player Tracker? It’s still not working right.

I second what java_cgi_hunter says, please keep the on-screen graphics

roger @ ridley and others

You have to remember, You could still watched the games flawlessly through the multimedia player.

I was furious that the mosaic didnt’ work, but I did not miss one pitch of any game i wanted to watch.

I will wait a few days for the mosaic to work and in the meantime I will spend my time watching baseball games on

I have a similar problem to tcastellano4, when the mosiac loads it seems to squish everything together in the top half of the player, the 6 screens overlap themselves and the menu bar at the bottom stays in the center of the screen even if I change to a different view. Also, none of the clickable buttons on the mosiac line up with the mouse cursor, i.e. I have to position the cursor 1 inch lower to click the correct link. Any help here would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Yeah, put the on screen overlay back. Last year was horrible to watch the game and if you wanted to know the score you had to open gameday.

One problem, that was in last year’s mosaic also:

The audio and the video desynchronize all the time!!

Please fix this.

I feel like watching in the Mosaic is much better, because it doesn’t buffer like when watching in the Browser, but this desynchronization is making it a bad experience.

No 700k stream available on single game archives for Bostons game last night .. works fine on the Web Browser in Mosaic just says the stream doesn’t exist.

The player tracker function still isn’t working. I uploaded my team, it appeared briefly, and then it disappeared, and when I went to “update list” again, it said that I didn’t have any players on my roster.

Is it safe to install the software again. Is everything working?



Mosaic seems to be working fine but the video quality level is only 400k. Are you planning to fix this?

I can load Mosaic today (hurray!) but I can’t get it to connect, even the single frame for BaseballChannel, “Network Stream error” is all I’m getting. Hellllppppp!

Hey fefo8879.
I think the default video quality is 400k.

To change it, look at the top right corner of the software.

You can see: help, video quality, volume and preferences.

Just change the video quality there, and it will change to 682 kbps.

Well-Im seeing fruits of the changes–got the giant feeD!!! Think your guys are on track. Congrads and Thx!!! Hanker

“Check out the 700ks live tonight, they should look better from last night, as we’re using our higher quality direct ballpark feeds tonight for the most part. We’ll also be introducing some new encoding technology shortly that will make them look even better.”



“So a HINT to ALL USERS: If you’re only getting a frame rate of 0.3 on a stream you have to DISABLE FFDSHOW for WMV! No idea why it doesn’t work with ffdshow, but that’s the way it is. Maybe, Justin, you can take a look at that in the future?”

could you please clarify this?

i never thought i’d read so many people happy to get “blue screens”.. πŸ™‚

Lol-think they were testing it–at least saw Kipe and Kupe!!!! SEEMS to be buffering some but think should be lessening now for me. At least its coming on Yeah MLB!!!! Thanks Hanker
I had a problem where the stream audio was fine, but the video was only playing at 0.3fps. It was definitely not a buffering issue, as the data was flowing fine.

So I just thought maybe it was a codec issue, as Mosaic uses the normal system codecs for playback.

I have ffdshow set to play back ALL of the codecs it can and apparently this was the problem.

To deactivate ffdshow for wmv (if it is even enabled by default, which I don’t think btw…), just go into the ffdshow settings and set the wmv entries to “disabled”.


THANKS! i do have it installed i’m just not sure what its enabled for. i’ll check when i get home.

Justin, I get an error on launch about a firewall, but there is no MLBAMPlayer.exe file on my computer to permit access. I get the same error when the firewall is off.


Okay, I got one that no one has seemed to touch on… The blackout issue… I am from Philadelphia, love the phillies, and it just so happens my billing address is there too… But I live in Pittsburgh now for school. Do you only track the backout stuff by the billing address. If I travel to say Phoenix, AZ for vacation with my laptop, am I going to be blacked out from a Phillies game out there too?? In theory, I should be blacked out from Pittsburgh games when I’m here, AZ games when I’m there, and Philly games when I’m home… right?? Comments please!!

The player tracker button continues not to work, and the video only goes for a few minutes (either single screen or multi screen) before it has to buffer, which takes a long time.

Would it be possible to extend the 5-day trial period any longer than that? It does not seem fair to only give us five days to decide on putting down $120, if the product is so full of defects at this early stage. I have confidence you guys can fix these bugs, but I’d rather wait until then to put the full amount of money down, because I still don’t know how good this product will be.

Good work guys. But any idea when the TV streams will be done?

Thanks in advance!

I’ll echo some other complaints, Why was beta testing not done before dumping this out on opening day when there is obviously going to be a lot of stress on the system anyway? Plus putting the wrong file up on the server to start with is unbelieveable(how basic can you get? putting up a file for SUBSCRIBERS to download and you can’t put the right one up)
This is hardly a replacement for MLB’s greedy selling ExtraInnings rights away from cable, I was hoping it might be but apparently it’s not going to be. video is nowhere near TV quality and constant buffering is horrible.

As far as the comment about cancelling and getting a refund, I hope if these problems can’t be properly worked out relatively quickly that refunds are an option!

I’m very disappointed with MLB, selling out cable subscribers and that’s what it was, a sellout on the ExtraInnnings package. Dedicated baseball fans abandoned for pure greed! you can’t tell me that the exclusive deal was that important, it sure doesn’t generate much goodwill. And then to dump a system that is nowhere near ready for primetime as a substitute. VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!

Unbelievable, I click on a game to watch it, and i get the same annoying window from yesterday asking me to fill in my address and credit card information. Then, I click on another game again and it says, error contact customer service. What’s going on?

wow this is realy neat win it works thanks for fixing it.

I cant view any of the games on the mosaic for some reason. Says it cant connect to the game try another quality. Only problem is that none of the qualities work and neither does the formats

when you guys click on the 700K, do you still get that window to enter your address and credit card information?










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