We recently posted a new build to fix pre-game feed issues with the single game feeds. if you’re having trouble getting into any of the games tonight while pre-game – please close and re-open the mosaic app and it will download the new version.



The sound quality in the small mosaic windows can use some work.. and the picture quality in the mini windows and single could use alot of work too. Thanks. Oh, when in the multi screen it pauses and has to buffer frequently.

having trouble connecting…this has been an issue with all of the games pretty much. i have an outstanding internet connection so it is not that. I think that the overall quality can be improved.

Whether in multi screen or single game mode, the player needs to buffer nearly every at bat. That’s no way to watch a game. Just wondering if anyone else is having this type of problem. And Justin, is this something you guys are working on correcting?

Tons of errors on the mosaic single view. The multi window action is quite behind the actual big screen. There is a big gap in time.

Multi screen is buffering all the time. This may require some work

the high quality isn’t connecting for me. only can watch it in low. what is the bandwithh on low?

also, a lot of times the sound is off…for example, there will be a crack of the bat, then 5 seconds later the batter will swing and make contact.

The mosaic interface itself doesnt look very crisp or clear, even on my top notch rig I have here at home. On top of that, even when im getting 700k quality, it still isnt very watchable. /Sigh At least I only paid for one month

at least some of you can get single game in mosaic. mine simply won’t connect, but it does connect in multiy window, whatever.

i sometimes have the 1.5 mb and its awesome, but its very rare and other times its alright in the 700k. but we paid for what we thought we were getting, so it should be fine with in a week.

Hopefully the audio is being worked on? Because watching a game gets annoying when not only is it buffering constantly unless I watch on low quality, but the crowd sounds like metal rattling.

I don’t know where the appropriate forum for blackouts is but this is starting to seem ridiculous.

I live in Eastern Iowa, yet it appears the closest market I can see is a toss-up between Colorado and Cincinnati.

In other words, I cannot see (so far) the Brewers, Chi Sox, Twins, Cardinals or my beloved Royals.

We don’t get Royals games here unless they are nationally televised (read: once a year) or when they are playing in Chicago.

So I am just supposed to become a Padres fan?

Please for the love of god! let us show the Ads! not a freakin screen saver every half-inning!

i hope the lack of support on these boards is because they are finding solutions to the 100’s of problems that have been told.

At least I can say it is working like a charm now, except for the LOTS of buffering when you are on the multi-screen view. But when you watch a single game it’s amazing. I’ll try the player tracker a bit more so I can review it.

Quick question/comment: on the Mac version of Mosaic (not sure if this happens in the Windows version — haven’t tried it), when you move a game to full-screen mode on a widescreen display, the picture is stretched to fill the screen. Any chance of changing the behavior to respect the aspect ration of the game (i.e., 4:3)?

Love the product — thanks for all the hard work, and especially thanks for a Mac version.

Getting a network stream error now every time, it worked for about 5 minutes beautifully, but ever since I zoomed in on the astros game and then zoomed back to the 4-screen view, I’ve been getting network stream errors

This is for the MLB Staff that is working the MLB TV Mosaic.

I think the teams needs to get with the program here because this program not doing it’s job.

1. The bugs should have been work out before taking this gold. You all know better then this.

2. For the Video what are you guys doing come on I could have gotten most of the problem fix by now. Let’s do a better job here.

3. I hate to say this but if this keeps up I might have to say those to get words that Mr Trump says on the NBC Show he his.

Your very Best Friend

I still can only view mosiac 6 games, and not a single game view. and if i try to watch the mets 700kb version through mlb.com website, it doesnt load up it just says stopped. Im starting to think i should have only payed for a month instead of the whole season, please get this stuff figured out guys.

kittenkins – which quality level are you on in the 4 game view?

kcoleman – its on the list, we’re working on it.

constant buffering is very annoying, makes it virtually unwatchable. this should probably been tried in preseason to work out some of the problems before launching. I’ll echo another comment that seems pretty common here, I wish I’d only paid for a month because this is just not worth it as is

Justin- I would just like to know if there is any time frame as to when you think the whole mosaic program can at optimum performance.

The first time it worked, it was in the lowest quality and now it doesn’t matter which quality I use, none of the feeds work in the 4 or 6 screen, but it does work fine in the single game view, even at 700

I know complaining isn’t helping but honestly, how are you supposed to watch a game w/this? Fine the multi screen thing is cool and all but what about just watching one game. You can’t understanding anything the announcers are saying because its so choppy w/audio and video.

Give me a break MLB – if you want to run a monopoly w/broadcasting games, at least offer the fans something that you can actually enjoy watching a game instead of this ****. Extra Innings never says “Network Stream Error”.

I am not even able to connect to the games tonight. It tells me to try a different quality level on every game and quality level.

Also, the player tracker alerts which were working well before don’t appear to be working right now. It was telling me Chris Capuano was pitching for the Brewers, not it isn’t, but it was still notifying me about players in the Astros/Pirates game.

Now the player tracker is updating properly. Was that me or was that MLB?

All-in-all, this seems to be working ok for me now. It took a good 10 minutes or so before everything started running smoothly – a lot of buffering up until then.

When I switch from multi to single screen and vice versa, there’s a lot of lag, but if I stick with one or the other, I’m generally ok on the “middle” picture quality.

Ditto the comments on “Pong” and the poor quality audio.

Lousy video using just the single screen in Mosaic at the lowest speed. Good audio though, except I can get that for what, $15?
You guys need to do some kind of good-will gesture, because there are no excuses left for this. Bugs? O.K. fine. Let’s say my money has bugs too, and can’t be redeemed in full. Sorry ’bout that, boys.

Really, the arrogance is astonishing. Not Justin who is working his butt off, but of the institution. Then again, as an executive VP Justin must have made some terrible calls along the road to where we are today.

Justin, keep up the good work. No matter what you do, not everyone will be happy. It is working fine for me and I have no complaints. I do have one question. There are 6 games being played, but only 5 are being shown + MLB.TV. Can the Arz vs Col game be displayed? Is it configurable to choose which games to view.

bucsfan – you can actually drag and drop the icons from the top of the screen onto the individual TVs in the 6 screen view – give it a try.

Thanks Justin. That’s really cool. Exactly what I was looking for. Keep up the good work.

The constant buffering using any of the quality measures in mosaic is unwatchable. I agree with others that say the single game is good, but mosaic is pretty bad.

I can get the 4/6 view to work now, but only at the poorest video quality.

Yes – Kudos to Justin. My beef is with MLB. They claim this is supposed to be close to tv quality. Well it is NOT even close even on the high quality stream in mosaic. The reason is to fit the 4 games in the mosaic each one is still a very small picture and you cannot even read the name on the back of the pitchers jersey.

In single game feed this is not even close to tv quality either. MLB needs to stop saying this is close to TV quality. My Extra Innings package on Cable was MUCH clearer than this period!!!

why do i have 3 bars and no problems in mosiac with 6 games and i click on a game and only two bars and nothing but “stream error,retrying”. it makes no sense and i have gotten no answers from their “support” team

Okay, the only thing that works for me is the 400 K single game mode, other than that it does nothing but buffer and break up. I too have gotten no answers from the support team

Don’t know if this is feasible, but it might be nice to have the 4 screen option resize to larger screens if you minimize the Player Tracker.

It might be a nice alternative to leaving the big empty space when minimized.


the sound within mosaic is going to sound a little metallic. mosaic is designed to give you an good overview of whats going around the league. if you want to watch a game in the best quality, do it directly from the web.

i know they said they are working in improving the video and audio quality in mosaic but the reality is they are pushing alot of video/audio down the pipe and are trying to keep it at a level that is manageable but not too much to where it constantly buffers.


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