Ping pong audio

I’ll pass on all of your feedback regarding the pong audio in the commercials as well. I tend to agree.


Do you know if MiLB will be posting their MiLB.TV packages any time soon? The season starts in two days and I cannot get a response from anyone about it.

It’s about time

Justin… It’s really annoying. Please get rid of it. It gets REAL old after about the 2nd commercial break. 😦

I love having the volume all the way up listening to the game when all of a sudden, PONG! Get rid of it please!

this is worse than the Tom Petty song we had to listen to over and over again last season

i’m trying guys 😉 not my team unfortunately.

Oh come on guys…..ANYTHING is better than listening to that Tom Petty garbage from last season!! (nothing against Tom – I like his music) =o)

I grew up with pong so I guess it doesn’t annoy me

why aren’t they just show us the commercials OTA ?

“I love having the volume all the way up listening to the game when all of a sudden, PONG! Get rid of it please!”

Exactly what I came here to say! I have to get up every 1/2 inning to turn the volume down and then 40 seconds later to turn it back up.

Thats 36 times per game 😦

put on audio from the baseball channel. i’ll agree that the ping pong thing is pretty bad.

Pong is worse than Tom Petty, Hawaiian music over silly texts and Tommy Lasorda combined…

Fun instead would be to leave camara and sound open, as it happened in the past… best without the commentators knowing. 🙂

Man Im a cool guy–BUT this pong is driving me batty!!! Good Dl Justin. Hanker

I agree. I changed games because I thought it was the particular feed, only to find pong on every game. My head is about to explode.

The pong audio is extremely annoying… Thanks Justin for letting us vent here

I agree that the Pong sound is very annoying. Why not, indeed, air the commercials from that feed?

Also, what is the policy regarding MLB.TV’s televising postgame shows? This seemed uneven last night; some games’ feeds stayed with the postgame, while others cut off immediately after the last out.

I would greatly prefer to see the whole postgame, as I would prefer to see the out-of-market commercials.

No Pong, Petty or any other “filler” audio.

Can we at least get it to keep score?

Please drop that scream-inducing pong segment in the commercial breaks. Day 2 of your service and I may have to drop it for fear of losing my sanity!

this is off topic but i was wondering when the next 2 screens will be availible? thanks.

drop the pong,

Oh. My. God. Get rid of that annoying “Pong” sound between innings. I couldn’t stand that sound in the ’70s and I still can’t stand it. Keep the camera behind homeplate on-screen and an crowd mic on. That’ll give the “ball park” feeling we love so much.

Otherwise…great product guys!

Please! make the pong thing go away… please!

Oh my God all of yous are a bunch whinny babies!! Complaining about a pingpong sound during commercials, change the audio to another game. DANG

i have no idea how “pong” made it into the product. im happy with the progress, but come on, did was anyone even consulted about this or this some developers toy project?


That pong idea has to be the worst idea from MLB since contraction!

And for those of you that say just change the game, I say, I’m paying a ton of money for this, so I shouldn’t have to.

Get rid of it! Please!

Please eliminate the noise of the Pong during commercials. Or at least a preference that allows us to turn it off.

This pong thing is awful. just show the local commericals.

i’ve missed some of a game i was watching because i turned the volume down to avoid that pong noise then forgot to ATL-TAB back over to my screen when the game came back on.

its not like a tv where its a seperate device. i have one screen and the pong *****. its a minor issue, however, its **** annoying.

How about just posting the score of the current game and the next three batters due up?

Would that be so bad?

I agree that the Pong noises are awful, but I’d prefer that over commercials any day. Please cut out the commercials – it’s why many of us don’t have televisions in the first place!

Here’s a novel idea: silence.

The pong noise is awful, I vote for silence

Wow. The only thing more annoying than this pong interlude is the poor quality of the video streams. Here’s an idea: In single-game mode, give us the ability to prioritize games so that when one game goes to a commercial, another game comes on. If that game is in a commercial break, go to the next one in queue. When the original game comes on, revert back to it. If MLB.TV is going to sell commercials – and I read somewhere they are – that’s fine. But the pong thing is outrageously annoying and it should not have taken complaints to figure that out.

El sonido del ping-pong es muy molesto, preferira ver los comerciales. Por favor quitenlo.
Saludos desde Guadalajara, Mxico.

For the love of all that is good and holy, please lose the pong interlude.

Turn off pong. (Whose idea was that, anyway? Shame on you.)

another vote to eliminate the ‘pong.’

I also vote for silence. And no MLB.TV logo. We already paid for the service. Why must you continue to shove your brand down our throats?

hate pong… die pong!!!

NO PONG….PLEASE. I like the idea of listening to baseballchannel audio during breaks.


Why can’t we watch the regional commercials? That would be MUCH better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Flash the Scores while your is on a commerical! The Audio could be the Baseball Channel Audio!! NO PONG!!!


Whats the reason for not being able to get the commercials from the regular broadcast? Last year there we got the odd few commercials, the year before we got most of them. Is there a reason for this?

Nice to see the pong gone… and nice to hear the “crowd noise” in its place. There is a clip of a crowd with some polka oktoberfest music which may get a bit annoying in the future.

Thank you to the MLB gods for removing the pong.

How about, instead of a silent pong on the screen during commercials, you leave the high behind home plate camera on and we could see what happens during those breaks?

Can i get sound in the Mosaic when showing 6 games at the same time? Only when im dubbleclick on one game and it comes up to full size i get the sound…

Tommy in Sweden

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