Streaming Issues this evening

Hi all,
In the interest of resolving the streaming issues some of you are seeing this evening, for those that are having trouble streaming, would you mind posting the following in this thread:

– OS version
– location
– connection type (dsl, cable,etc.)
– the types of problems you’re having (and which streams – 4/6 game or single game) in as much detail as you might have time to write in

any feedback you can provide would be much appreciated. This is not a mosaic only issue apparently, as we’ve had reports here that some of you are having trouble on the single game streams (which are the same MLB.TV streams we all watch on




XP Professional
Atlanta, Ga


Streams freeze from time to time, and they “slideshow” for a few minutes before unfreezing again. Very annoying. Happening with all 3 quality levels in Mosaic.

republicanshill – is it happening on the single game streams (when you double click on a game) as well? how do the games play on the website outside of the mosaic?

A couple times this evening I’ve switched from single to 6 game view and I got 1 mlb news channel taking up all 6 screens. Switched back to single game view and it won’t shake the mlb news. I do get the audio of the game I want to watch, just can’t watch it.

its happening in the single game streams. Earlier tonight i was watching the stream on the Mets-Cards game on the website outside of Mosaic and it froze a few times, but unstuck rather quickly and worked fairly smoothly.

XP Media and Professional
Burke, VA

Cox Cable

After log in I get “Service is temp. unavailable. Please try back later”

XP Home SP2
Puerto la Cruz, Venezuela

DSL 1024 kbps

The multiple-game view keeps on buffering and is never stable. Always try to keep it on the lowest video quality available. I have also lots of buffering with the 700k premium stream even if it’s on the single-game view or directly on the browser. 400k works fine though

maiacona – that shouldnt be happening now, mind trying a reboot?

rafael – mind trying the mid-quality on the multi game view? that uses a different streaming technology, and i’d be curious to hear if that works any better right now for you. thanks.

Windows XP
Farmington, Utah

Comcast Cable

Only getting audio feeds of games so far… Can’t get any video to show up… How do I resolve this? Let me know… Thanks!

k_herrnan – mind posting some details about your machine/connection/etc.?

robastle – have you tried in the browser – are things working ok there for you?

Freezes every 15 seconds or so. XP, Verizon DSL,wireless laptop, Washington is my location, selecting lower video quality does not help. Buffering rate bounces all over the place. Stream error message. Single game mode now seems to be working better. I switched to 6 game mode and the mosic shut down.

Justin – I’ll try that out tomorrow and I’ll let you know.

Seems to be working better now for some reason. hasn’t frozen up in Mid-quality for like 10 minutes. Is it because people are dropping off the streams as we approach midnight on the east coast?

Dell dual core with 2 gb ram
nvidia geforce 7300 le I think it’s a 256 mb card

with cox cable modem

I have xp and tme warner road runner digital. On mosiac my sound is cutting in and out so bad that I can’t understand it. It is doing that on all screens. Help!

I have a macbook pro with mac OSX, I have flash, and windows media player, and I have an intel chip. When I am in any multi view screen there is alot of chopy pausing. However, the biggest problem is I keep seeing the same videos on a loop. The scores update on the top, but the same plays keep going over and over again. When I switch to single game view I see the live video though.

– Windows XP – Home SP2
– Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

– Cable Modem (8Mbps)

– Problems:

1. Audio and video desynchronizing from time to time. Some times the video will just run as if it were being fast fowarded and the audio just stay at the same speed, generating that delay.

2. It buffers a lot when watching the six panel on the medium and high video qualities (and just 2 games are on, with Baseball Channel also) and the quality is not even that good. And it runs kinda slow (mainly when watching on the highest quality).

Other than that, I think the issues are pretty much gone. Player tracker did save my players, even after closing and re-opening the application.

On i computer, I get can’t read setup when trying to download and install mosaic. On other computers, I get the scoreboard splitting the upper screens of the mosaic

Cable – MLB bandwidth running at 6500 kbps right now.
Windows XP pro

South Dakota

Everything (low and high) is constantly rebuffering (single game).

If I go over to and pick up a game on the regular windows media type player it is working fine.

Windows XP Media
Mankato, MN

Charter Cable through a laptop

My only real problem is that it buffers way too much. If I go through single game in 400K it works pretty well, but anything involving Mosaic or the single game 700 is very tough to watch. Audio is good and rarely breaks up. Only other thing is that sometimes in Mosaic if I try to switch between the 6 window or the single window, it freezes up.

Justin, thanks a lot for all that you’re doing, it’s clear you’re working your tail off.

Hi, I was trying to watch the Angels Rangers live feed. The adio was coming in ok but the video was extremely choppy, more like a slide show than video.

Windows XP SP2

Chandler, AZ

Cox Cable (tested on your site 5889 kbps)

this is great, thank you all for the feedback. We may be reaching out to some of you personally to ask some additional questions – anything you can do is much appreciated.

Running XP Media Center
Comcast cable bandwidth around 3000kbps

Boston, MA

I can see 4 and 6 games fine but when I select single game view it never shows. Just says connecting constantly. I can watch single games not using Mosaic. Baseball Channel won’t work in single view either. I’ve tried both quality settings.

All of the games on my computer seem to move in slow motion. I have windows xp and comcast high speed cable internet. Is there something I need to download?

I just purchased this and have no sound or video. I do have the player and game trackers updating information but nothing else. How do I fix this?

I am running cable on microsift xp in Phila. area. Streaming is not working well at 4 or 6 game. I am also having a problem with one game at a higher video quality

OS: Windows Vista 32-bit
Cable modem 4567kb connection

Location: Virginia

The only thing that worked for me today was the mosaic 6 game with audio hiccups. I could not get a single game view to work for any game, it would just say connecting in the corner and nothing would happen. I tried watching a single 700kb version on and that also would not even try to connect it would just say stopped in the bottom right. And the 700 kb version from was working yesterday and during spring training for me. hope that info helps, and i hope you guys can get this working for me asap. thanks.

just an update, i can now see the texas game through’s 700k version, dont know why it wouldnt work earlier.

I had problems on Vista Home Premium. When it didn’t work I tried a different system running Windows XP SP2, which also didn’t work.

I’m in the Portland, Oregon area. I’ve got cable internet connection. The “statistics” dialogue reports my bandwidth as “>3500” (sometimes as low as ~2300).

I had problems watching the Baltimore-Minnesota game live in any single game format. I tried both quality levels in Mosaic. I also tried 400k and 700k in the browser mode. The best I got was one image and audio feed (statistics reported it was streaming at 32Kbps).

Once the archive posted, I tried again. I still couldn’t get the 700K to work (buffering problems after about 30 seconds), but the 400K archive is working just fine.

The browser mode, while not giving me live video, did give me the score (growl) so some of the suspense is lost.

Windows XP SP2

Cable (MLB Bandwidth Test: 1765kbps)

I’ve no problems watching all the games on, but I can’t get Mosaic running. No matter what window mode I’m using, the screens remain blank and the “Network stream error” pops up. I checked my firewall, but that can’t be the problem because all of Mosaic’s applications (MLBAMPlayer, MLBAppStart, swarmacast, swarmcast-MLB-TV-Mosaic) aren’t blocked.

Does anybody have a clue what might be the problem?


Window XP
DSL Modem 3MB


The 6/4 game view seems like they were moving in slow motion, with the audio cutting in and out.

It was like that with the mosaic for me last year as well, so it might be my set up.

Single game feeds cut in buffered every 5 or so minutes.

Off topic, any chance we will have the option to change the brightness/contrast on the feeds. This was the main reason I didn’t use the mosaic last year.

Finally, I second whoever suggested piping in the audio feed on the commercials.

Windows XP SP2
ADSL 3.5Mb

London, UK

Im unable to watch the Cardinal Mets Condensed Game of Tues April 2nd. Says there’s a streaming error and that its retrying, then says unable to connect, try a different quality level. Same for all quality levels.

Other than that, its a great program.

Stream Error

Windows XP Home – SP2

Cable Connection

Warrenton, Oregon

I get Stream Error on all levels. 6 Game, 4 Game and Single Game…Unable to watch both live or Archived games.

Please assist when you can.


Dublin Ireland

I get a stream error when i try to watch 6 or 4 games on the 2nd or 3rd quality level

I got a connection error when i tried to make the Mets game the only game on my screen during the late innings. the 6 and 4 game views both generally worked fine, just cut out and refreshed a few times at inopportune moments 🙂

XP Home
Opt Online

Cable modem through Cablevision

Trenton, NJ

I can never access single games through Mosaic, and also can rarely get 700k feeds to work through … I could late last night near midnight EST.

4 or 6 games work fine in Mosaic on any video quality, but the single game will never load on any video quality … just hangs and says ‘connecting’ or occassionaly ‘network stream error’

XP Home Sp2
Bari, Italy

LAN (6 Mbps)

I have no problem at all when I try to access the streams (400 and 700K) on the website.

When I use the mosaic, the streams keep freezing all the time. There is no additional buffering, they just keep getting stuck and unstuck constantly. This happens in the single game view as well (in the mosaic), regardless of the quality of the stream.

In fact, when I’m in the mosaic, I have this problem regardless of the settings. Testing repeatedly I’ve seen that the only time I don’t have the problem is when I’m in low-quality 6-game view. In all other cases (different quality, single game view, etc) I always have it. Which is strange, because I have problems with 400k streams in the mosaic but not with 700k streams on the website…

XP Pro SP2
Columbia, South Carolina

RR Cable 5mbs

I still get the “stream error” messages with NO audio or video in any mode in Mosaic, eventually leading to “Network Stream error.”

I got an email from one of the developers saying that it could be an authentication problem of some sort, and that one of the updates would fix it, but no luck. I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled a few times. I’ve bypassed both my router and my firewall, again with no luck. I can use the embedded player on at 700kbps with no problem, but Mosaic refuses to work for me. As a note, I used Mosaic successfully all last year.

Thank you.

I don’t notice much a difference from yesterday. Single game works nice but 700k vid quality is still pixelated i.e. you can barely read the “Detroit” in the banner at the top of the Tigers game. The 4/6 screen has to rebuffer constantly on the high vid quality, causing it to fall serverly behind. The low and medium qualites aren’t even worth watching.

Was just watching the Toronto game and it was working well on high and low stream (single game). About 10 after (about when the next game started) it went to rebuffering and choppy consistently. The other game is the same way.
The regular MLB single game viewer is working fine.


When I stream the game detroit-toronto directly from the web site, it stutters every minute or so, sometimes it even stalls (both 400k and 700k). Unfortunately, I cannot install mosaic on my computer…

I did not have this problem during spring traing.

I have since three and never had that much of a problem, altough I live in germany.


6000mbit broadband

Vista 64-bit

I continually get network stream error. followed by unable to connect try a different quality level every time i enter the mosaic for all about of screens. i cant even get into buffering stage or even watch baseball channel tv. I am in Ames Iowa. I had no problems Monday. Worked perfectly now experiencing problems. Was unable to watch any games yesterdat

I am having streaming problems since the start of spring training at all speeds. The system keeps buffering. I get frozen picture while the sound continues. I am running Vista Ultimate. I also must say I still cannot download Mosaic. I feel like charging this back on my credit card.

I’m having issues with streaming as well. The game would be fine for a few minuits then it would goto “slide shows” while the audio had no problem.

I was watching the Detroit & Toronto game in single view 400 format. I’m running Win 2000 with cable broadband.

Live games seem to be fine but the highlights get to 49% buffered and then just stop. This is on a mac,dsl and from the UK. Same with the website, though this is just blank video. I would boot into windows via bootcamp but this seems a lot more unstable than the mac version of mosaic.

Actually i take that back, the website works – but takes ages to connect and download. Moasic still gets stuck at 49%


Mosiac is working great–you guys did a great job! I am wondering if we will be able to get these games in HD at some point?

Thanks again,


hi please help me i get all the player updates and updates in scores but dont get video feed im updated with all requirements some 1 email me that can help

my email is

I’m having the same problem that swileran has. I have a MAC OSX version 10.4.9, I have flash, and windows media player. When I am in any multi view screen there is a lot of chopy pausing. However, the biggest problem is I keep seeing the same videos on a loop. The scores update on the top, but the same plays keep going over and over again. When I switch to single game view I see the live video though. Also, when I try to watch archive games on mosaic on 6 and 4, i just get a blue screen that says MLB.TV. Does anybody have the answer to this? If you do please reply, thanks.

I am useing IE7 & verizon dsl on a sony vaio pc.The problem is a constant studdering.I must call by 5:00pmEDT on april 5th to cancel without my credit card being charged.Have not been able to watch a game yet.Is this also on the non mosaic $89 version?Or is that one fine? Thank you Jon

I am on a mac and with cable connection the video is not very good quality, picture keeps stopping and starting, audio stops and starts, takes for ever to switch between games. For example, if I have a player on my tracking list and get an alert, by the time I switch to that game, the at bat is already over. That works well. This has so many bugs I can’t believe it cost $120. And when are the other format going to be available, the four game with one large, and three games with one large. Graphic says [coming soon], seems like this is also something that should have been available already for the high price. Hopefully some of these problems will be solved before my five day trial is up.

Windows XP
Madison WI


I can get Mosaic but I cannot get a single game through any platform.

Every time I click on a game to view I get streaming error and then it trys to connect and never does. Same when I try to view a game straight from in any format.

This problem has gone on for the first 3 days.

What am I doing wrong or is it a problem on your end???


Constant freezing of video while it buffers again – Mosaic is worse but also happens in single game. Running Windows XP on an HP pavillion. 1000+ kps DSL with a 256 mb G-force 6600 video card. Lansing, Michigan.

– Windows XP Media
– Tampa, FL

– Verizon FiOS (15 down/5 up)

– I can only get it to work with the video quality set on the first bar. I am getting 828 K bits/sec. When I have 6 games up, the pictures will all freeze every now and then (sound keeps going). Takes 10-15 secs to load when switching from 6 games to 1 and back. When watching 6 games, the quality of the video is blurry. I did the Bandwidth test and it came out to 1766. The video quality looks nothing like the sample preview I watched before signing up for the trial. Thank you.

I put wrong number for bandwidth test. It tested at 7266, not 1566.

cant get any streaming unless go to 400k single game .Windows xp with cable modem

Mosaic opens but video never starts no matter how many screens I try to view. I have no problems with single games at
-windows xp

-brighthouse cable 15down/5up

-wireless laptop

Mosaic works perfectly on my laptop but get stream error everytime on my desktop. I can watch single games on
-windows xp

-comcast cable

-Hattiesburg, Mississippi

I know this is a few days late but I just signed up the other day. Thanks.

I want to purcahse and i have a gift card…

can i use a gift card to purchase

– OS version
Vista Home Premium 32-bit SP2
– location
Portland, OR
– connection type (dsl, cable,etc.)
Comcast 16MB
– the types of problems you’re having (and which streams – 4/6 game or single game) in as much detail as you might have time to write in
Frequent freezing for several seconds at a time. Will happen several times a minute, then not happen for a few minutes, then start again. It happens in IE and Firefox. I have a dual monitor setup and put the game on my 2nd monitor (a TV) while I continue using the computer on the main monitor. Sometimes I’ll be using the internet but it’s always low bandwidth sites.

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