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Those of you still having trouble with the player tracker – please force refresh the popup window where you pick the players – control-F5 on windows, and this should clear it up.
Functionally, you should pop up the window and it will prompt you to login (or if you are already logged in in the mosaic, just be sure you’re using the same account in the browser as you are in the mosaic). Once logged in, add your players – make sure you see them on the right hand side, and then at the bottom of the window make sure you click on Save. Then close the window, and click the update button in mosaic and you should see your players.





    cha ching.. i’m going to wait until i read others get this working before i try again. 🙂



    what happends when you try it in a different browser? for example if you are using internet explorer, try it in firefox.


    i thought this “player tracker” would at least provide stats below their names?

    I am very dissapointed in MLB. This $119 package is a waste. Thats what happens I guess when there are no options to follow the games except Direct TV. I would not be here if Cox Cable didnt lose the contract. Extortion? Monopoly? Something like that.



    interesting. what version of firefox are you using? i didnt have a problem last night making my list. of course, it didn’t work, but i was able to click away like it was working.


    I’m in agreement about this player tracker thing. What good does it do if it doesn’t actually track stats? I’m also a VERY Angry and VERY dissapointed long time subscriber to the package and I don’t have Direct Tv and now have to go with this. I’m still amazed that MLB would do this and someday, someone will have to explain to me how is it that this will be worth more $$ to MLB then letting all of the cable people get the package!


    I seem to be stuck with my player list from last year. I’ve been out several times to update the list, and I can’t get the new players to load instead.


    hey justin (or anyone),
    i can’t get anything to happen when i click on the “edit” button and therefore can’t select my players. any ideas? that f5 thing didn’t work either


    is there any way to upload my players from the website as opposed to the mosaic interface. someone please help me if you’ve dealt with this.


    I had an odd issue with player tracker.

    When I hit refresh I saw someone else’s roster. I hit refresh again and saw a blank screen. At any rate, thought I should share. Probably a cookie issue and the refresh seemed to take care of it.

    You can’t track stats with this? That takes away some of the appeal IMHO.


    You all should stop hating. Everything that is new has bugs in the system. They will be remedied. Stats will be integrated. It’s only natural. That’s what updates are for. Have faith in the money-grubbing folks at MLBTV. It’s way too early to be passing judgements. Hey, it’s still cheaper than Extra Innings & you get ability to watch at work if you can.

    P.S. Mets rule.


    true. given the progress from yesterday to today, i’d say we’re in good hands. i’d be happy as a pig in **** if i could upload my fantasy roster. someone please help me. nothing happens when i click “edit list”


    Should you be able to get your players stats as you look at your player tracker update?

    If not – then it would be quite usefull to get their stats for the night within the Player Tracker.



    I can get my players on the roster side, then hit save roster, then I try to hit update in the mosiac and nothing happens.


    how do I get rid of the alerts? I have no players on my roster yet I seem to still be getting a ton of those alerts.


    I would prefer that the player tracker functionality to add/remove players should be built into Mosaic. At the very least, it should perform an automatic login. No need to login twice to Mosaic and Player Tracker.


    I’m still having problems with the player tracker. I tried the refresh think in the popup window and it still did not work. When I clicked update in mosaic nothing happened. In the popup window I am also sometimes getting other player’s rosters and I have to re-enter my roster each time. Any suggestions?


    Just installed Mosaic, I can’t get the player tracker to work.
    OS: windows vista home premium


    I can get the edit list window to pop up, and I can enter 30 players and save the list. However when I hit “update” on the Mosaic screen it says I have no players on my list. When I hit “edit list” again a random group of players pops up (which I still can’t load into Mosaic). Any suggestions?


    Player tracker – still nothing (after reading this blog info).

    – Mac OS X (current)

    – mosiac working and fine

    – click to update tracker for players

    – pops up a browser window (safari) NOT ASKED TO LOG IN)

    – select some players to track

    – save.

    – back to mosaic. UPDATE

    – no players selected message appears in the window.

    tried in other browser (firefox, current) – same thing.



    refreshed the small player browser window….

    – prompted to log in

    – picked my players (leaving window open)

    – mosaic–> update

    – players appeared

    – closed browser window

    – wrote this note.

    – more coffee.

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