Video Quality and a hint from the comments

Apparently if you’re using ffdshow, its negatively affecting playback frame rates within the mosaic. So, if you’re using it, please turn it off and you should see better frame rates. Thanks to rmcc4444 and mko for the hint!
Regarding Video quality for this evening – again, if you’re having trouble with the middle or high, please try the low quality on the mosaic stream. This should work identically to the single game streaming, though because we’re actually streaming 16 games at once, the quality will not look as good in the 6 game view. For the high quality streams, switch to the single game view.




what is ffdshow?

Single Game streaming is not working for me….I get a network error when I try and switch to a single game. It is only working in 4 game viewing mode. Any suggestions?

mosaic isn’t working for me at all. I am having to watch the Padres game not using mosaic.

giannette, it looks like we introduced an issue with that – just wait until you see the game in live mode and it will be working for you. sorry about that, we’ll clean that up.

I’m having an issue where Mosaic is taking up 40%-50% of my CPU. I have a pretty high end machine, but with mosaic open, I really can’t do anything else since it chunks everything.

My system specs are :

Dell Procision PWS670

(2) Intel Xeon 2.80GHz


Windows XP Pro, SP 2

ATI FireGL V7100

WMP 11

Dual monitors (if the monitors matter, it’s an apple 30″ and a Dell 20″ flat)

Watching single game through the web browser does work without any issues.

If you need any other info from me, feel free to contact me via email. I’d love to get this worked through, as this is the machine I’ll be watching most games on. On the flip side, it works fine on my much more underpowered laptop.

Yes Dual Monitors matter. It is a known limitation that if you place the Player on the “non-main” monitor system performance slows way down. The Mosaic needs to be run on the primary monitor.

I’ve tried it in both monitors and it doesn’t help.

thanks Justin…I just tried it again and I still get streaming errors…I will keep trying. Another stupid question….any reason why I can’t get audio??? My audio works fine when I view the game via MLB player?

single game should be working now.

just tried it again…working fine. Audio and Video. Thanks again!

How do you turn ffdshow off?

one possible way
1. Click Start

2. Click “All Programs” (or just Programs, depending on the version of Windows, whether they’re using “classic,” etc.)

3. Go to the ffdshow folder.

4. Click “Audio decoder configuration.”

5. In the left hand pane, click “Info & debug.” This is the second entry in the list.

6. In the right hand pane, near the bottom, find a check box labeled “Don’t use ffdshow in:”

7. Check that box, and in the text box underneath (it lights up when you check the check box), add “mlbplayer.exe” (don’t include the quotes). If there is already something in that box, put a semi-colon ( ; ) after what’s already there, and oblivion.exe after that. Do NOT use spaces, since ffdshow will think that’s part of the filename. A valid entry would be “explorer.exe;mlbplayer.exe” (without quotes


not everyone has ffdshow installed. if you dont see it in your programs list you dont have it installed.

My picture keeps skipping from frame to frame and its not that clear. I can hear it fine but the picture quality is not that good. I’m very disappointed with the Mosaic. I don’t think I will be keeping this if it doesn’t improve. Does anyone know how do I can fix this problem?

I, too, am having the same problem with skipping as stevespaz992 and I agree totally – I will not be keeping this – I can see the game better the “old” way. It appears I do not have the ffdshow installed as I do not see it in “Programs” – when I try to improve the video quality I get the message “stream error – retrying” then “unable to connect try a different quality level” – please let us know of a fix – I’d like to keep Mosaic but right now am very disappointed.

An update Justin:

My prior comment was based on single game view. I now am in 4game view am having better luck (mostly). The picture quality is better which is now streaming at 1360k but in the five minutes I’ve been in it’s gone back to “buffering” three times. It went into “buffering” when I started this post and after almost three solid minutes it’s only at 71%……

Every good thing has it’s kinks to work out – so keep pluggin’ along guys!! oh and FYI….I like the commercial break with the pong sound and baseball – cool!!

I have a MAC and I read in the requirements that you can view the games on the Windows Media Player. I downloaded the Windows Media Player, but everytime I click on a game to watch it, the game always comes up in the Baseball Video Player. Does anyone know how to make it so I can watch the games in my Windows Media Player. Cause the Baseball Video Player on the PC allows you to watch it in full view, the Baseball Video Player for the MAC doesn’t allow the full view option. Also, I’ved used the FLIP4MAC and watched games on QUICKTIME, but when you watch the game on QUICKTIME the video has a strobe effect where every few seconds it skips frames. Any suggestions on how to fix these two problems i’m having? thanks.

Can anyone please tell me why all i can get are streaming errors. I have tried all three levels and on single game. I can get a picture on MLB but not Mosaic.

I’m having a couple problems,I get a good connection, 650k and mosaic keeps buffering down to 32K. With that the video skips, The sound is high on some games and low on others. That pong is a nusance also how about an option to mute the pong. Appreciate any comments on these issues. Thanks.

I can’t change to better quality in 4 or 6 game view. Any suggestions?

This is not even tv quality as advertised. When I previewed the mosiac, it looked crystal clear but now when we are live its horrific. I adjusted the quality but it gets delayed then fastforwards real quick. This plain out ***** and I hate MLB for taking Extra innings from me!

I agree the preview was absolutely crystal clear and watching live games is much much worse even if the highest quality stream is working smoothly (which it rarely does)

I just watched the Andromeda Strain through the Netflix Video Player and it played great as if I was watching my TV. When i watch these games, the video is poor as if I was viewing with cloudy vision. Why are the two players so different. Also, I agree with a previous post in that my machine really bogs down when this app is running. The slowness reminds me of my old computer that bogged down easily. I am spoiled now. Will the video improve or is this the best it will be?

The Quality in medium or full screen is NOT TV quality like advertised…Its fuzzy and not sharp painfull to watch on my laptop, much worse when I connected to my 32 inch TV

So far this *****, and i will be canceling my subscription unless i see somthing change in a hurry.

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