SF Game

We just resolved the issue with the SF Game in single game view. if you’re still struggling with it, please close and reopen the mosaic and it should be working for you.



My video is continuing to pass every second. Audio flows fine but the video pauses and then jumps to the current live shot. Any idea what is causing this? I have a T-1 connection so I don’t think it is a buffering issue.

To clarify my first post – my video is “pausing” not “passing.” I am also streaming the low quality 400K stream. Windows XP.

How do you open the Mosaic? I am getting the 700K feed but do not know how to get into Mosaic mode? Thanks for the help.

what happened to the real commercials? this pong thing is killing me


does this happen only in mosaic or when you try it from the web as well?

If you guys are going to continue to put that annoying pong on during commercials, don’t forget to return to the game. 2nd inning of this game and you return to 0-1 count. Last year I missed full innings because of the nonsense. I was relieved yesterday when I saw commercials cause I thought I might not have to deal with missed innings this year

only happening in the mosiac version. watching a pure clean stream utilizing the web version now.

Coming in ok with those same issues as above but not bad improvements overall Justin. Good job gang. Hanker

Also its good you blackout those ads–dont need them lol

Not sure if this is the same issue you dealt with or something different, but when I move from single game view of SF/SD to a multiple game view, the SF/SD video restarts from the very beginning of the broadcast. I’ve closed and re-opened Mosaic a few times now.

And yeah, the pong thing (or at least the noise it makes) is awful.

i want real commercials please

tom petty last year was terrible

pong this year

who comes up with these in between inning things?

Am I the only one that thinks this does not look like tv quality? In the mosaic or 700 stream single from mlb.com.

the quality is disapointing

Why can’t I get the 700K stream in the Mosaic view? Is that just me, or is anyone able to get it?

3rd inning and you’re late returning to the game again. Really! F – OFF with the annoying pong and let us see the games we are paying to see.

mlb.tv folks,

why does the game always come back late from the commercial breaks? it is annoying!

I am still having problems with audio and video not synching up in single game view. They start off even, but the video is playing faster than the audio – very annoying.

How do I turn this **** pong noise OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I get nothing. Stream error in Mosaic. Black screen in single game view. I live in VA so it isn’t blacked out. This *****.

I am getting nothing but audio, i have restarted mosiac 4 times what is going on.

hi justin and crew.
good job, very good job.

Here in europe we can see MLB in mosaic now.

And now, please, setup the middle and high quality for 4/6 videos

thanks, bay

I can only watch the SF-SD game in the mosaic. It does not come through in single game format. Also, I don’t get any sound. Any ideas?

Get rid of that pong, its so 1980s. Cant you just show the telecast in full with adverts?

My video pauses constantly in the 700K format, the 400 is fine, but obviously I would like to know why this is. Also, I am unable to watch the SD/SF game in mosaic mode, only single.

I keep getting “Network Stream Error” in single game view and no sound on the Mosaic. What’s the deal?

sorry but the “GAME STATUS” box that i see on the right, show the balls the strikes and outs before the video.
can i optimize the time of both?

the audio is late too.
in order i see: the result of the pitch, the pitch/bat, the sound of the bat. orrible

The audio is not working for the SF game only in Mosaic view. If I switch to the single game, the volume works fine. I have both a PC and a MAC at home, and I have tried in on both computers with the same issue.

No picture, no sound. Other
than that it’s fine.

Also, I live in Minnesota and the Twins/Orioles game is listed as blacked out, which is fine. But the Brewers/Dodgers game is also listed as blacked out, which is wrong.

This ***** ! Also, they won’t even answer their phones ! What a great set up ! No sound, no picture ! I’m loving it !

audio is at least 3 seconds behind video. shut down and restarted multiple times. shut down all applications on my computer. still not running right. never had any problems streaming any video on my comp before. thanks to MLB for screwing all In Demand Extra Innings people over…great job

This is terrible … and we paid $119 for this? Unbelieveable!

finally i could pass through the super bug of the year “address verification” screen.

I can see on bad video quality the SF game.. even Im getting AUDIO !!.. (gasp!) shocking!!!

But now when I try to go to the one game screen.. it shows me ANOTHER error message (I should remark that this time the error message is displaying in COLOR.. which is a HUGE improve)… anyways.. the message says… ” Unfortunately, we were unable to verify your location for purposes of ensuring regional blackouts of MLB games. Please login to MLB.TV on the MLB.com site in order to complete the verification process, and then return the mosaic.”

WOW.!!! how dumb can be this system?? Certainly I did not type anything info on the initial “address verification” screen, because when I do, it doesnt recognize the info and keeps asking me the same info. BUT.. and this is the clever part of this.. when I click “CANCEL” IT LET ME GO THROUGH !!!!.. wow! thats a very helpful “address verification” screen.

Anyways, as a good MLB customer, I follow the instructions that Mosaic gave me. I click on the green MLB.com buttom and goes to the website.. but this is funny… SHOCKING !! I am already logged in MLB.com… so.. somewhere on the actual codes of the Mosaic software… its not communicating with MLB.com website… once again.. SHOCKING !!!!

either way… Im still having the “address verification” bug and Im watching in a tiny screen with bad quality a SF game, or I would rather say “Im listening” the SF game on my computer..

and btw.. if you really care about MLB’s fans, PLEASE!!! disable at least the SOUND for that silly Pong screen saver during commercials.


pong *****

Mosiac view works now, but when I click on the individual game it just shows connecting in the top and nothing happens.

Turn the sound off the pong thing!! Or get some real commericals!!


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