April 2007

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to you all.
Here are a few tips that have come up that via the threads that have come up and hopefully will help some of you still having trouble.

-if you cant get the player tracker edit window to pop up by clicking “Edit List”, you can go here: http://www.mlb.com/mlb/fantasy/player_tracker/y2007/roster_management.jsp

just make sure you’re logged in with the same user you use to login to mosaic.

-Some users have had some luck tuning TCP parameters on your machine. Here’s a link to a tutorial and application that has helped: http://www.dslreports.com/faq/578

-There isnt a way (yet) to select different audio feeds, but the plumbing is in place in the application, and we do know how neat it would be to listen to alternate audio for a game – so stay tuned.

-For clarification, “virtual” midnight in MLB is 11am eastern time, from the perspective of the site. This means that everything rolls over to the next day at 11am eastern. I got a few emails early this morning asking about why todays games weren’t in the mosaic – this is why.

Hope you all have a great easter if you’re celebrating, or enjoy the weekend otherwise. I’m working today on getting back to those that I or our tech team haven’t gotten to yet who have emailed today, and the team is focused on additional bug fixes and stability increases, as well as updates to the application.



Clarification on Archived Games

Hi all,
Some of you seem to be having trouble playing archived games, so i thought I’d spend a few minutes on the archive functionality in the mosaic. Once you’re in archived view watching the single game, there is a scrub bar at the bottom left corner of the window. By clicking and dragging this over to the right, you can advance the point in the video where you’re playing back. In addition, some of you have noticed that the linescore actually has links in it. We’ll be adding clickable linescore functionality shortly, so please check back here for an update.



Feature Requests

Hi all,As we continue to release bugfixes and improve the stability of the product for those of you that are having trouble, we’d also very much like to hear from you all as to what you’d like to see in the product next. Please feel free to post comments here regarding features and functionality you’d like to see in future releases.

National blackouts today

Some of you may be wondering why you’re seeing so many games blacked out today, so i thought i would put up a quick note to explain. Due to FOX’s deal with MLB, they own national rights to saturday day games up through 7pm and then we’re un-blacked out. We know theyre not all available to you via the FOX broadcasts in your various local markets and I understand it’s frustrating (as a MLB.TV fan i share your frustration, i was looking forward to watching the cubs today on Mosaic in the office while i answer your emails).
For future reference, this happens on saturdays until the post-season, and the other national blackout that will affect you on MLB.TV is the ESPN sunday night game (on some occasions they take two Sunday night games) at 8:05 PM.

Also – this is the same with the Extra Innings product – no difference from any other way you would watch baseball out of market. In addition, Gameday Audio (which you have as MLB.TV Premium subscribers) is not blacked out, so you all can listen to the games online, if you’re not able to watch them.



New Build Available

Hi all,
We have another new build for you all, addressing the following:

-Mac Audio fixes – we’re hoping this has cleared the issues from yesterday up, as well as the slowdown on audio switch issue.
-Multiple quality levels for on-demand playback
-Speeding up login on the PC
-Mosaic daily refresh process hanging some of you up is cleaned up
-Box score fixes
-Game status fixes
-Debugging/troubleshooting error messages added for sound card/driver related issues

I have a long list of emails from many of you to reply to, which I’m working through now. Apologize if i’ve been a bit slow to get back to some of you – but if you email about a mosaic related issue, i will get back to you. Again though, your best bet for a quick reply is via commenting here. We’re working on a few other ideas to consolidate feedback and issues, that will be a bit easier to track than the blog.

Thanks again for your comments and feedback. We’re all committed to getting this working for all of you. Anecdotally, traffic on the mosaic is looking quite good, and it appears that more and more of you are getting used to the app and spending more time on it, which is good to see.


Mac users on new build

We’ve seen another audio issue with the new build. As we’re working around the clock to clean things up quickly, occasionally these slip through. If you’re launching the app on a mac, and you don’t hear audio immediately, please just click on the volume to change the level, and then click back to the level you’d like and it should come in. We’ll have this resolved by tomorrow morning at the latest.


Some Tips for You

Hi all,
In our troubleshooting, we’ve come across a few things that have been getting people a bit tripped up it seems.

First, if you used to use Windows Media Player on an Intel based Mac, and you’ve now installed the mosaic, you know that Flip4Mac is a requirement to run the Mac based Mosaic. If you’d still like to use windows media player in the browser to play games off the site, instead of in the mosaic, you should go into system preferences, click on Flip4Mac, go to the Plugin tab, and uncheck the first option that Enables Flip4Mac for Internet content.

Second, we’ve received reports from users that UPnP support on home routers/firewalls has been causing our next-gen streaming software (swarmcast) to act up. To clarify, swarmcast will communicate with other swarmcast clients locally (if you’re on the same home network, and running 2 or 3 copies of Mosaic, the computers will more efficiently use upstream bandwidth – by combining forces to pull down the stream they are watching). However, this feature is currently disabled in the short term, and we’ll be doing more testing on it before we turn it on wholesale. It was however enabled in some of our early releases, and so some of you might want to try and going to your configuration for your home router, and enabling UPnP support.

Hope these help, we’ll be adding more as we find things that those of you whom are still having trouble have in common.

Thanks again,


New Build Available

UPDATE: If you’re on a mac and on the new build, and having newfound audio trouble, we’re terribly sorry for the inconvenience and will have it resolved by tomorrow morning at the latest. In the meantime, a workaround is to change the volume level, then change it back to where you want it, and you should be fine.
Hi all,

We just released a new build, which should address the following:

– Additional Blackout/Credit Card Verification screen related fixes
– Fixed a number of Vista related issues
– PC and Mac Audio not playing on startup – this should be resolved
– Audio Freezing on Mac when changing focus
– Mac clock stops running
– Vista Install
– Clickable Linescores

Going Forward, we’re continuing to focus on the following (as well as triaging install issues on a one-on-one basis):

– Blackout issues
– Video Quality Enhancements
– PC Version video startup on high quality streams stays black before video comes in for ~10 seconds
– Video scrubbing
– Continued audio/video playback issues
– Other bug fixes across the app

For those of you still having trouble, if the self-updater doesn’t seem to be working, i’ll ask that you uninstall and reinstall. I know that this is a pain, but in reviewing our logs it appears that a number of you are still running quite old versions of the client and as we’re fixing bugs causing the problems you’re noting, you should be using the latest build. We’re continuing to refine our self-update process to make this as seamless as possible, and promise that you won’t have to reinstall often. If things are running well for you without a reinstall, then go right ahead and continue.

Again, the whole team here thanks you all for taking the time to come and provide feedback and comment. We have a team of engineers going through the threads here and responding, and while I apologize i’ve been off the air here a bit more than usual in the past 24 hours, please trust that I’m not going to rest until we’ve identified all of your problems, and either resolved them, or given you suggestions about upgrading your machine and network connection. The whole team has been working days and nights, and will continue through the weekend to make sure we’re addressing issues as efficiently and quickly as we can.

To that end, I’ve also been getting a lot of mail from you all, which i appreciate, and I’m doing my best to respond to as quickly as possible. However, if you could limit your questions to Mosaic specific issues, and when i see repeated questions, I’ll blog about answers to them, it will help me actually prioritize and keep the team working on fixing bugs in the software.

Thanks again,

Justin Shaffer

Install Related Issue

Hi all,
we’ve found that the XP and Vista ‘Can not find file or Can not read file” errors may be caused by the setting in the install to “Launch The Mosaic”. This screen at the end of the install allows you to run the mosaic, but the files are stored in the temp folder and not the install directory. You should not select this option in the install, but instead close the install and run the Mosaic from the desktop Icon.

If you’re having this issue please uninstall, and a reinstall should fix the issue. We should have a fix available shortly.



New Build Available

Hi all,
We just recently posted a new build for today, so if you’re already running the mosaic please close and re-open. Especially if you’re having rebuffering issues on the 4/6 game streams, this should help you significantly. If you have install troubles, id suggest trying a reboot, though this won’t always be the case. This build addresses the changes i mentioned in my post last night we’d be fixing overnight, and should clean a bunch of things up for today.

Btw, for mac users only: if you’re not getting the update, please just redownload the image and drag it over to your application folder.

Thank you all again for your patronage, we’re looking forward to a more successful day for those of you who were having buffering issues. Everyone still struggling with the install, we’ll be working through all of you today.